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Book Review: 何其有幸嫁给你

Hello ladies and gentleman, I am back with another blog entry in tow. This time round it will be a Chinese book review titled 何其有幸嫁给你. The novel was written by author 兜里小糖. There will be a total of 292 chapters, each with an estimate of 17 pages. This book belongs to the category of romance, elite family and time travel. 😊

The novel started off with how the main female character named Gu Man Man died after giving birth to a baby. She was being killed purposely by the doctor and her husband Xu Dong Shen by bleeding to death. The next minute she opened her eyes, she was back in time to her 18-year-old birthday party. According to her memory of her past life, she will openly declare to marrying DS and it will lead to her death at the end. Therefore, she wanted to change her own fate, she declared to marrying a powerful and charming elite named Mu Leng Qian instead. MM wanted to seek revenge on all those that lead to her death in her previous life. Therefore, the best choice will be choosing LQ as her husband. 😊

The shocking news to everybody was LQ agreed to marry MM. Because when MM was a child she did saved LQ’s life once. It leads to LQ keeping a close eye on her since then. He will never reject any of MM’s request. The couple went straight to register their marriage and arranged for a honeymoon overseas. DS was shocked at this bomb being thrown his way. He actually wanted to marry MM and get his hands on her father’s company, which he succeeded in MM’s previous life. Since he failed to marry MM, he acted as a victim to gained the audiences’ sympathy. :/

The story continued with how DS went back to his apartment and met with his lover named Xue Li whom also happens to be MM’s best friend back in those days. The two decided to hatch a new plot to get MM to divorce with LQ in order for them to get their hands on MM’s asset. Meanwhile on the other hand, LQ doted on MM and brought her home to his family. During the family gathering, MM realised that LQ’s family consists of a huge number of members whom all held their own secrets. But the couple ignored all sorts of sarcasm and slowly develop a dependency on each other. 😊

LQ is a smart young man whom happens to attract lots of ladies’ attraction. At first it manages to cause some disturbance to the couple’s marriage life, but after some time MM gained confidence in their relationship and nothing would ever be managed to keep the couple apart. XL and DS tried different ways and methods to get MM to divorce or have misunderstanding on LQ but both failed numerous times. Instead MM & LQ managed to cause a drift between XL and DS as revenge. 😉

After numerous failed attempts of causing chaos, it struck a chord on LQ and he started his full plan of revenge against XL and DS. Firstly he plot on XL and made her landed in jail while DS break up with XL and tried to seek a place to hide. Next LQ uses his means to unveiled to the public that DS is gay and visited gay clubs to openly have sexual interaction. It causes huge embarrassment to DS and causes him to lose his cool. When he tried to get MM into a dangerous situation again, LQ went mad and uses his power to put DS in jail. But after putting him in jail, LQ make sure DS will not have a good time in there. 😊

Meanwhile MM and LQ realised they will be parents soon. MM was pregnant with a baby boy. The family was excited and looking forward to this baby to join in their crowd. MM managed to have a safe and secure pregnancy period with the company of LQ and his team of friends. Soon after MM managed to give birth to a healthy and cute baby boy whom was disliked by LQ. The reason for his dislike on the baby was hilarious because LQ felt that MM love the baby more than him. He even went as far as to forcing MM to promise that she will always put LQ as first priority. 😉

As the baby boy named Xiao Bao grew up, he became as smart as LQ and even seek revenge against LQ for snatching away his pretty mummy. XB would always complained to MM that LQ hit him or scold him. It would always cause MM to feel both funny and her love for the two boys would increase immensely. The story ended with how the family of three lead a happily ever after life together. It was a sweet story from start to ending, with how LQ love MM to no end. He would always respect MM’s decision and never say no to her any request. 😊

I would give this story a sweet rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. I love the romance between LQ and MM, not to mention the unbreakable friendship between LQ and his brothers and group of best friends. I love the story which includes XB, he is such a cheeky little boy whom also happens to be really smart. He would always be able to get the readers to giggle or literally laugh out loud. Basically, the whole story is interesting and managed to captivate the readers. The troubles always come to the couple and yet LQ would always have his ways to overcome them perfectly. 😉

For those whom would love to read the full story, go ahead and google for the title 何其有幸嫁给你 written by author 兜里小糖. Hope you people will enjoy reading my book review and in turn managed to make you have the heart to read the full story. 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: Descendants Of The Sun

Hello everyone, I am back with another blog update. Today’s blog entry will be a drama review on a popular korean drama back in year 2016. The title will be Descendants Of The Sun. 😉

The drama belongs to the category of romance and action. The main characters will be Song Joong Ki playing the role of Captain Yoo Si Jin, Song Hye Kyo acting as Kang Mo Yeon, Jin Goo playing Master Sergeant Seo Dae Young and last but not least will be Kim Ji Won acting as First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Ju. 😉

There will be a total of 16 episodes. Each episodes will consists of around 60 minutes of drama and action. The drama actually started off with how SJ and DY caught a thief whom stole DY’s cellphone. Both guys managed to tracked down the thief in a hospital and met MY for the very first time. 😉

There was chemistry between SJ and MY at first sight. The army decided to send SJ and DY overseas to keep peace at Urk. Meanwhile MY was being sent to Urk as a volunteer as revenge after rejecting to bed her hospital chairman. It was fated that SJ and MY met again in Urk. 😉

They went theough life and death while at Urk. Through the process and different type of events, their heart got closer to each other. MY did struggled before finally giving her whole heart to SJ. The couple went through earthquake, viral diseases and gun shooting together. 😉

Meanwhile on the other hand, MJ followed DY’s footsteps and came to Urk to find him. She uses her own ways to make him understand and admit her love for him. After much hesitation, DY accepted MJ’s love and they have some sweet moments together. 😉

When the team finished their mission and volunteering at Urk, they all head back to Korea. Both couples had a few double dates before SJ and DY were being summoned to go on another mission overseas. This time it will estimated takes around three months, therefore the men said their goodbyes to their lady before heading for their mission. :/

During the end of their mission, SJ and DY was being shot and held captive. The army thought the two men was dead and could not locate their bodies. Both MY and MJ was devastated when they heard the news. It was another year before MY headed to another third world country for volunteering and met SJ. 😉

She was glad and relieved that SJ is alive and standing infront of her. SJ did his round of explaination why it took him such a long time before getting back into the arms of MY. Finally after much listening to his explaination, MY decided to forgive him and accepted his love. 😉

While DY tracked down MJ and hugged her lovingly before expressing his love for her all over again. The drama ended with how both the couple got together and live a happily ever after life. 😉

Personally I will give this drama a high rating of 5 out of 5 stars. After watching it, I finally understand what the hype was about back in year 2016. Anyway it took me around one week to finish watching this memorizing drama that was filled with love, action and adventure!! 😉

I love the sweet romance and interaction between SJ and MY, along with DY and MJ! Not to mention Dr Song Sang Hyun, whenever he shows up there will definitely be laughter! He definitely held the important role of lightning any stressful situations. 😉

For those of you whom have yet to watch this exciting drama, go ahead and google for KissAsians and search for Descendants Of The Sun. Hope you people enjoy watching this drama as much as I did. Hope you like my drama review too. 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: The Taking

Hello everybody, I am back with another book review in tow. This time round it will be an English novel titled The Taking. There will be a total of 35 chapters, each with a range of 30 to 50 pages. This novel was written by an author named LoveScripter. This book belongs to the category of fantasy, werewolf, comedy and romance. 😊

The story actually started off with how the female main character named Celeste went to stayed with her granny named Diana along with her family. Diana kept repeating that there is a legend in the town stating that every quarter century during an eclipse, a beast will come out from the forest and seek for his bride. The process will be called The Taking. Celeste, her siblings named Charlotte and Trent along with their mother named Tracy all do not believed in Diana’s little story. 😉

But during the night of eclipse this year, Celeste was being chosen as the bride of the beast whom happened to be the werewolf future alpha named Greyson. She was being brought back to inside the forest against her will. Her family was worried about her safety as they could not locate her any place in town. She simply vanished over the course of a night of sleep. They went to seek help from the local police sergeant named Leo whom happened to be Greyson’s right hand man which also can be known as beta. 😉

Leo pretended to help search for Celeste while all the while he knew about her actual location. Meanwhile on the other hand, Celeste was upset with Greyson for kidnapping her and bringing her to this unknown place, away from her family. She wanted to go back to Diana’s house, which Greyson strongly disapproved of. He even went as far as to sleeping in the same room as her and forbidding her from leaving out of his range of sight. 😉

The couple managed to develop romantical feelings for each other while bickering non-stop. They managed to spend most of their waking moments together, unless Greyson was being summoned by his dad to do werewolf work. Throughout the days, Celeste felt that Greyson seriously take good care of her and will abide to most of her wishes. It wasn’t until a rogue (a werewolf which do not belongs to any pack) came into the territory and kidnapped Celeste that the she finally regretted not confessing her love to Greyson sooner. ☹

While Greyson uses his ways and means to track down the rogue and Celeste, she was fighting for her life while the rogue tried to drowned her. Luckily, she was being rescued in time. Together the group fight against the rogue named Remington whom also happens to be Celeste’s grandfather. He went crazy when the alpha of his generation forbid him of his beta position, he left the pack and gain power to seek revenge against Greyson and his father. ☹

After a long fight with all parties involved being exhausted, gain a few scars and shed some blood, Celeste finally plucked up the courage to pick up the gun with silver bullet. After some hesitation on her part, she finally pulls the trigger and shoot Remington. The rest was easy action, Greyson and a few other wolves held Remington captive. After forcing whatever relevant information out of him, they ended his pathetic life. 😉

The story ended with how Celeste finally agreed to marry Greyson after going through so much near-death experience with him. They finally confirmed their feelings for each other. The most comedy comes from Diana, whenever she appeared in the story the laughter and snicker will follows suit. It was a total enjoyment while reading this captivating and interesting story. 😊

Personally, I will give a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I hated the part when they drag out the fight with Remington, it seems too draggy for my liking. Just pulls the trigger at the start and plant a silver bullet into where the sun doesn’t shine to end all the useless fight. Simple as one, two and three. Anyway, not to mention that Tracy seems to be too much of an obstacle in the relationship between Greyson and Celeste. Luckily, in the end she came back to her senses and approved of the couple’s relationship. 😉

For those of you whom would love to read the full story for yourselves, go ahead and google or search in Wattpad for the title of this novel: The Taking written by LoveScripter. Hope you will enjoy the story as much as I did. One thing I am sure, you will definitely love having a granny like Diana. 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: The Miller’s Daughter

Hi everybody, hope you people are having a great week. Today’s blog update will be a book review on a English novel titled The Miller’s Daughter which I have just finish reading this morning. I spend around 4 days to finish reading this captivating and totally exciting book. 😊

The awesome author of this novel will be AE_Kirk. This book belongs to the category of horror, paranormal and mystery. There will be 19 chapters in this mesmerizing book. Each chapter will have an estimate of 40 pages. This is actually the second book with Rick Thane being the main character. The first book was titled The Cursed Hill which I did a book review on 10/06/2018. 😊

The story actually started off with how Rick’s wife named Penny managed to secure a deal with the local TV channel and will be having her own paranormal program. She decided to get Rick to follow her and her new team of ghost hunter to the Lumley Castle located in Durham for two weeks. At first Rick was very against the idea of tagging along as their spiritual therapist. But after mulling over the idea for some time he decided to go along with his lovely wife’s wishes. 😊

Upon reaching the castle, the couple was being arrange to stay in a room filled with the most paranormal activities in the castle. This room even have a name called “The Red Room”. In the room while the couple was relaxing, there was an icy hand that push Penny from the bed, causing her to roll onto the floor. While Penny drifted to sleep again, Rick held a conversation with a spirit dressed in black. The spirit warned Rick to leave the castle with Penny quickly and never to come back. :/

Rick being a stubborn individual, refuses the warning and made the spirit vanished in anger. Next came another spirit this time round it was a stable boy to the Lumley’s family. His name was Edwin whom also tried to get Rick to bring Penny away from this castle. Of course, he too failed in his plan to get rid of the couple. Another powerful spirit named Amy was angry at the couple for trying to revealed a secret she kept close to heart. She started her series of revenge against them. ☹

Amy threw all Penny’s jewellery around the room and trashed all of her recording equipment. While Penny was having a shower, Amy made the water boiling hot and Penny was scalded so badly that landed her in the local hospital. While she stays in the hospital overnight, Rick returned to the Red Room and tried to teach Amy a lesson. Instead, he found another spirit named Eleanor Lumley. Eleanor lead Rick to a well near the castle and shown him the events that leads to her death. ☹

Rick was horrified at way how Eleanor died and knew part of the reason why she could not be at peace in this castle. When Rick came back to consciousness, he went to visit Penny in the hospital and was informed that the ghost hunting team will arrived the next day at the castle. The team of consists of Rufus, Dannie, Chris and Sandra. Being a parapsychologist, Sandra managed to piss off Rick at their first encounter with her arrogant and smug manners. ☹

While the team started to wander around the castle to captured videos and recordings of the spirits, Chris was nearly being possessed by one evil spirits. Luckily Rick managed to save him in the nick of time, Chris was scared out of his wits. The story continued with how Edwin the stable boy shows Rick the night of his death, he wanted to know the reason for this death. After witnessing the whole event, Rick told Edwin that he saw a black shadow scaring the horses which leads to Edwin’s death. ☹

When Rick and Penny went back to their room to rest for the night, they were literally met with a living nightmare. The events of the living nightmare scared the living daylights out of both Rick and Penny. After the living nightmare ended, the couple went in search of the rest of the team members and found out that Sarah was missing. The couple came to a conclusion that Sarah was the one casting the living nightmare on them. ☹

Meanwhile, they continue their search for Sarah in the castle. While searching, the group was met with Amy whom was angry that they have yet to leave the castle alone. Amy proceeded to attacked the group by breaking glass windows and screaming that she will kill all of them since they did not take up the nice offer of leaving this place. Another spirit named Elizabeth whom happens to be the mother of Amy came into the room and bring Rick away. :/

Elizabeth lead Rick to her memory on the events that leads to her death. In Elizabeth’s memory, Rick found out that Elizabeth and Lowis fell in love with each other but Lowis was being despised by Elizabeth’s family. But the two decided to stick together regardless of Elizabeth’s family anger towards them. Soon, the family found out that Elizabeth was pregnant with Lowis children. Ignoring the protest from her family, Elizabeth went to live with Lowis and later gave birth to a pair of girls. 😊

When Rick came back to reality from Elizabeth’s memory, he went straight to find his wife and her team. A nameless spirit came upon Rick and lead him to an important clue. The clue was tons of marriage and death certificates, all which included or related with the surname Lumley. While the couple tried to find out the link with all these papers, they heard a blood curling scream. When they rushed to the staffroom where the scream emerged from they saw a very disturbing scene. ☹

Rick saw the remains of Sarah left in the staffroom in a very horrible way. While Rick was comforting Samantha (a staff of the hotel whom witness the body of Sarah), Penny came to inform that she found some important clues between the relationship of those papers. Sarah was related to Mary and Penny suspected that it was Lowis that killed Amy instead of her grandfather. At this point of time, Amy came to grabbed Rick and tried to chocked him. ☹

Luckily, Elizabeth came to Rick’s rescue and out of a sudden Rick was having a vision on Amy’s death. Lowis and his girls did not have any happiness after Elizabeth died and her body was being taken back to the manor or castle by her father. Which left Lowis with the pair of girls, Lowis was devastated that his lovely wife has died and turn to the comfort of alcohol to drown his sorrow. Whenever he was drunk, he would beat up Amy and Mary would stand a side and watch this whole outburst without emotion. ☹

One day while drunk, Lowis hit Amy so hard that she went unconscious. Mary took it upon herself to burn Amy, half way through Amy regained her consciousness and ran away from her demon of a twin sister. While escaping, she came upon her grandfather whom was on a horse. He accidentally ran Amy over and the horse stomp on Amy’s head which lead to her death. It was supposed to remain as a secret and Lowis took the blame that he killed his own daughter. ☹

Meanwhile Mary continue passing on generations, until the line reach Sarah and maybe fate bought her to this castle where she ended her time in life. Elizabeth came to Rick and told him that he must find Sarah as she will be able to share important information with him. The couple went to find Sarah’s spirit, but found Samantha’s spirit instead. Only then did they know that Samantha was killed for knowing too much information about the Lumley’s secret. ☹

Samantha tricked the couple into the cellar where the demon awaits to kill them. But luckily there were saved by Dannie and a protection charm was drawn to ward off the demon from them. Rick decided to head off to search for Sarah all by himself, he left Penny with the care of the team of ghost hunters. He found Sarah together with Amy, Sarah encouraged Rick to do therapy with Amy so that she could leave the castle and be in peace. Rick speak to Amy and encouraged her with his kind words. After some time, Amy let go of her anger with Mary and everyone else. 😊

She saw Elizabeth standing near her and ran into her arms happily. Together the two of them vanished and went into the white door of happiness cater for spirits. The rest of the spirits in the castle appeared and thanked Rick for his help and proceed to the white door. The story ended with how Rick and Penny finish their assignment with flying colours. Yet Samantha’s spirit decided to latched onto Rick and follow the couple back to their home. Just the mention of it got Penny mad. I guess the readers will need to read the next book to find out about this love triangle. 😉

I love reading the horror books of this awesome author named AE_Kirk. Her books never failed to captured my full attention and got me hooked since the first page. Therefore, personally I will give this wonderful book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. For those of you whom would love to read the full story for yourselves, go ahead and google or download Wattpad and search for the title The Miller’s Daughter. Hope you all enjoy the book too. 😀



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Movie Review: Incredibles 2

Hello beautiful and handsome, I am back with another blog update. Today’s blog post will be a movie review on an animation blockbuster titled Incredibles 2!! 😉

This movie belongs to the genre of animation, comedy, superhero, adventure and action. The duration will be 2 hours and 5 minutes. Seriously speaking, this will be one of the must watch film in year 2018!!! 😉

The film started off with how the Incredibles partner with Frozone to save the city from harm’s way. Even though they managed to save all the citizen from dying, they failed to prevent the city from turning to ruins by the villian’s weapon. Not to mention they let the villian escaped too. 😦

The government decided to keep all superheros grounded. They became illegal to the population of the city. Which makes the Incredibles lost their job. They even moved to a motel to get through life. :/

But not for long, Frozone introduced the Incredibles to a business man named Winston whom strongly believed that superheros can save the world from all villians. He promised them to make the government unbanned superheros in the city. 😉

First of all, he wanted Elastic Girl to be his star model in his plan. After much discussion between Helen and Bob, Helen decided to go ahead with this once in a life time opportunity. While Bob promised to support Violet, Dash and Jack Jack in their daily affairs. 😉

While Elastic Girl make a great comeback in the city with all her fantastic work of stopping villians from their evil plot, Bob is home trying to get through each day peacefully. First of all, he got to understand the emotion of Violet from her crush on her school mate named Tony. 😉

Next, Bob got to help Dash with his maths homework. Finally, Bob got to put Jack Jack to sleep. But all hell broke loose when Bob realises that Jack Jack have a combination of super powers. It was a total enjoyment watching how Jack Jack surprises the Incredibles with his super power. 😉

Anyway, when Elastic Girl found out that the sister of Winston was a evil villian out to get all superheros to become her puppet. She tried to put a stop but was being forced to wear a pair of goggle which turn her into the sister’s puppet straightaway. 😦

Winston’s sister called Mr Incredibles to save Elastic Girl. When Bob arrived he was forced to wear the goggle too. He turned into a puppet without another thought. Meanwhile on the other hand, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack fend off those puppet that came to get them from Winston’s sister order. 😉

They decided to get to where their parents are and save the day. After much work on all three children, they managed to throw off their parent’s goggles. When their parents regained their own conscious, together the Incredibles combined forces with all the other superheros and put Winston’s sister behind the bars. 😉

The movie ended with how the Incredibles lead a happy life by continue beating all the villians to pulp. Not to mention that Violet scored a movie date with Tony. 😉

I love watching this movie. I have been waiting ages since the first Incredible movie back in those days. Finally Incredible 2 is out now in the cinema. I have to give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!! 😉

I seriously love all the part when Jack Jack was screened!! It was a total surprise when Jack Jack protrayed the appearance of Edna and swept her off her feet. Edna totally love Jack Jack after seeing the little tricks he put up for her. 😉

Not to mention the battle between Jack Jack and the badger that tried to steal food from his rubbish chute. It was totally hilarious how the badger loses almost instantly yet did not want to give up on the fight against Jack Jack!! 😉

Anyway for those of you whom have yet to watch this movie, it is a must to watch it. Totally adorable and exciting to watch for the whole two hours!! Hope you people love my movie review and enjoy the movie as much as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: The Doctor On Call

Hello ladies and gentleman, this will be the third blog update for this week. Today’s blog post will be a book review on a novel which I have just finish reading only this morning. The title of this English novel is called The Doctor On Call. 😊

There will be a total of 19 chapters. Each chapter with a range of 35 to 45 pages. This novel belongs to the category of romance and fiction. You can search the novel by looking for its author named xxLissaMaexx. The story will have tags like doctor, romance, couple and relationship. 😊

The story first started off with how the female main character named Nyla Grove is a young lady at the age of 19 whom moved from her old home in Alabama to the city area to earn a living as a medical assistant. On her first day at work, she met the hell of a boss named Leo Pryce. There were chemistry exchanged between the two at first sight, after a much needed confrontation, Nyla managed to prove her worth to Leo and got the job. 😊

When the day ended without a hitch from Nyla, Leo was surprised and it so happens that both of them got caught in the elevator together. Leo started to got close to Nyla and they exchange a few kisses, when things just started to get heated the elevator resumes working normally. They separated themselves quickly and head home after agreeing with each other that this was a mistake. :/

The days went by peacefully until Leo decided that he could no longer hold back his attractions for Nyla. He went up to Nyla and kiss her senseless before asking her to be his full-time fling because he do not do relationships, he just want casual sex with Nyla. Nyla rejected him at first. But she also felt the pull towards him, after giving it much thought, Nyla cave in to Leo. 😊

They started their casual sex relationship without any promises to each other. As the days flew by, Leo wanted Nyla to himself, period. Therefore, he asked Nyla to be his girlfriend which she agreed happily. But the happiness did not last long, as Leo’s ex-girlfriend came between them and announced she was pregnant with Leo’s baby. Nyla broke up with Leo on the spot as she witnessed him kissing his ex-girlfriend named Bonnie. ☹

While Nyla was recovering from her split with Leo, a good friend and colleague named Bennett came into the picture and wanted to bring her out on a date to forget about all her unhappiness. After much consideration, Nyla agreed and got all pretty to attend Bennett’s date. The two got close and comfortable with each other, before anything more could happen between the two of them, hell broke loose. As all of them were working in a hospital, therefore a crazy drugged patient came into the hospital and started firing gunshots one after another. ☹

Bennett managed to bring around 10 patients to safety before got a shot to his chest, when Nyla found him he was literally on his last breath. After some heart touching words exchanged between the two, Bennett died on Nyla’s lap. It got Nyla heartbroken all over again, this time worse than before. When Leo found them, he was cool headed and got hold of the whole situation. From then on, he took it upon himself to take care of Nyla. :/

It took him some time before Nyla started to open up to him. The two decided to start from being friends. They use their friendship as a façade to their real intention. After a period of decision making, Nyla decided to patch things back up with Leo. On the other hand, Leo found out that the baby was not his, he confronted Bonnie and she left him immediately as her lies were not bought by him. 😊

The story ended with how Nyla and Leo got together for good. Nyla continue to enjoy her work as a medical assistant while Leo continue to be the arrogant jerk while at work. After work, he would enjoy bossing Nyla around the house. 😊

It took me nearly a week to finally finish reading this cute little romance. Although I have to admit that I got a bit teary eye at the part when Bennett died on Nyla. Personally, I will give this novel a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Simply because I hate the character of Leo and he was a real jerk towards Nyla. The rest of the story was great, if only Bennett survived and Nyla choses him over Leo then it would be perfect. 😊

Anyway for those of you whom would love to read the full story for yourselves, go ahead and google for The Doctor On Call. Otherwise you can download Wattpad and search for the story too. Hope you people enjoy reading this great novel. 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: I Want To Be A Star

Hello everybody!! I am back again, this time round this blog update will be a drama review on an original Toggle serial named I Want To Be A Star. 😉

There will be a total of 12 episodes. Each episode will be an estimate of 23 minutes. This short drama belongs to the category of musical, acting, drama, romance and comedy. 😉

The main character named Di Long (played by actor Shawn Pow) is the son of Da Tian (played by Chow Chor Meng). DT is a successful part time actor whom also have his own business to sub contract part timers for serial drama. 😉

DT accepted one drama contract, from there he forced DL to be a part timer actor in the drama serial to earn his own pocket money. The other part timer actors includes Gao Mei (played by Ya Hui), Mei Yi (played by Hong Ling), Edgar (played by Dennis Chew) and a few others. 😉

Together the group slowly bonded their friendship as they film the drama as extra characters. As the drama films on, Edgar realised his feelings for GM and decided to make a confession on the day of her birthday with the help of DL and MY. 😉

Meanwhile DL and MY managed to express their romantical feelings to each other. After much consideration on MY’s part, the two decided to become an official item. 😉

MY even become braver and reach out for the position of singing the theme song for the drama. While everything is going on as per usual, Edgar felt excited and nervous in facing GM. 😉

When everything was set in place, Edgar make his love confession to GM in one go. GM rejected his confession because she lack of confidence due to his wealthy status. Edgar went to speak to her in private and share his feelings to her again. He promised her that he is willing to become her best friend until GM managed to find her true love. 😉

After much consideration, GM decided to accept Edgar’s love. They become another official item in the group of part timer actors. The drama ended with how Edgar sponsered the group of part timers as main characters in a movie. 😉

Everyone have their own happy endings. The moral value of this drama should be never give up on your own dreams. Of course, at times when you need to face reality and know your position, you have to do it. But once you overcome all the obstacles reality throws at you, you will become the brightest star of them all. You will shine brighter than the diamond!! 😉

Personally I would give this drama a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. I enjoy watching this drama quite alot. It always manages to force a chuckle out of me. I just wish there would be more comedy parts being added into it. 😉

Not to mention that the some extras character in the drama was seriously getting on my nerves. She was a nobody in reality, yet in the drama she was an A lister, whom acting skills seriously should be sent back to the acting academy for futhur lessons. :/

Anyway, for those of you whom would love to watch this cute little drama for yourselves, go ahead and google for Toggle. From there you can search for the title of this drama named I Want To Be A Star. 😉


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