Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Dear Mom,

Here’s a bouqet of carnation for my lovely mommy!! 

Happy mother’s day to you, thanks for all the love you shower on me from day 1 I arrive into this world! 

Thanks for all the hard work you put into making this family a warm and loving household! 💋💋💋

You are my best mom!! 

You just makes me wow!! 💐💐💐

Your Cute Daughter,

BookwormMindy 😍

DnD 2015: Colour Fiesta


Im gonna post only one group photo here! The rest of the photos your will need to go to facebook and enjoy!! :)

Anyway I totally super enjoyed myself last night!! Although i think i clap too much and too hard, cos at the end of the night my two palms felt a bit numb -.- Anyway it was a great night, the event ended at 11pm sharp. But by the time i reached home it was around 12 midnight plus (Cinderalla Story)!! 

It was a successful event. I won the 17th prize which consist of $100/- NTUC vouchers!! Better than last year’s 50th prize (cant remember the amount of vouchers)!! It was a great improvement!! Went up to the stage as a help out to pass prizes to boss and the feeling was so overwhelming when you see the whole ballroom filled full with people!! *trembling in excitement and fright*

Lots of selfies was taken and posted on my facebook (mindy koh) and instagram (mindytweety). The food was all good and i return home with a satisfied tummy!! I love love and i mean i love the dessert!! It was sweetened sago cream with mango!! Super duper yummy and sweet!! Yums!! And not to forget about the birthday cake for the company, it was a chocolate cake with crispy wafer like biscuits in between the layers of chocolate cake!! Totally to die for!! Yums yums yums BURP!!! Oops!!! :D

Im gonna spend my sunday relaxing and lazing around at home (as usual)!! Catching up on all my latest dramas, movies and variety shows and maybe just maybe indulge in some lovely characters from the latest book im currently reading!! I guess thats all for the report for my weekend!!


BookwormMindy :)

Happy Siblings Day!! 


Spend the whole of yesterday with my belove sister and niece!!

For lunch we went to satisfied our cravings for steamboat in a particular restaurant located in the alley way of Bugis! We spend around 2 hours munching away while chatting with each other!

After which we decided to go in search of a caffine fix! My sister was prefering to have Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves at the moment. So there we go, after locating a good seats, we ordered our favorite drink (Iced Blended Mocha without whipped cream, shame that they dont have any mint syrup or toppings that can be added into my drink, haix Starbucks have the mint flavour…)!! Anyway we spend like nearly two hours there as well! 

Before my sister have the sudden idea of catching a movie together! She was looking forward to watching a particular movie called The Longest Ride! So we went all the way from central back to west side to catch the movie she was interested in. I didnt regret the movie, it was inspirational and lovely! I like how the characters love each other so much and they are all so lively and awesome!! Especially Sophia and Luke along with Iran and Ruth!! Sweet lovely couples that love each other more than themselves! I learn that for there to be love, there need to have sacrifice! :)

Anyway i think i missed a part somewhere there.. Before we went into the movie theater to catch the movie, we did went to dinner and had a simple meal of wanton noodles and roasted chicken noodles! I did a trick so surprise my sister by using the trick i learned while watching running man!! It was to make a canned drink stand at an angle of 45 degree!! And i succeeded! My cute sister was so amazed by it that she even took a video and some photos of it to upload to facebook!! You people can see the photo of the 45 degree angle canned drink at the top!! :)

After the movie, my sister and niece send me back home before the two sweeties went home in a cab themselves!! I feel so loved and treasured!! The day was well spent with the ones i loved!! Had a fantastic day out with them! It has been some time since the two of us and meet up and had a heart to heart talk!! We updates each other the current events of our life and work related activity!! 

Together the two of us will continue to FIGHTING to create a better life for ourselves!! :)


BookwormMindy :D

Finally Friday


Hiya peeps! I know that it did took me long enough to get to write this post! But well I did had a busy Saturday! Going out with my favorite sister since forever we last went out together was awesome (more about that probably in another post reserved for tomorrow)! :)

Today’s post is all business. Anyway let me update you all about my current work progress. So! This week at work was pretty suffering, as a close colleague aka Fran bell was not feeling so well on Monday and had to take half day off (if im not wrong i did covered about that part in my last blog post) so that left me with my manager for the next half day and the next whole full day whereby i learned how to serve a customer all by myself and I got learn the whole process of getting hold of a cash sales invoice! 

It was an interesting process though i may not be so keen to resume that process too soon in the near future (I may need God’s help in this department). As I am seriously not a customer oriented person and tends to get too work up and anxious at just the mere mention of the word customer!!! But give me some good old time to prepare myself and i may just be able to handle all these “difficulties” and challenges!! God bless me!! :)

Friday was a good day. The HR manager managed to drove us out to lunch at the local university canteen. The ladies decided to filled their tummies with ayam pegat and steak while i choose Korean omelette fried rice with chicken cutlet!! It was totally yums!! I finished the whole huge plate and return the stall only the utensils and white plate!! *chuckle to self* :P

Cant wait for the weekend to arrived for the whole week! Now that the weekend is finally here.. It seems like time is flying by too fast for my liking!! Hmmm maybe some scientists should invent some kind of instrument to prolong only weekends and speed up time during the weekdays (except public holidays)!!!! :)

Okay well, its getting later and later already and I should be in bed now! So!


BookwormMindy :D

Exhausting Monday


Thanked God that my day at work finally ended! The morning was still normal and able to cope with. But in the afternoon my manager decided to show me the ropes on how to serve a walk-in customer and everythings starts to get hectic!!

My afternoon was spend standing beside my manager and look at how she push the sales, introducing products one after another to customize to the needs of the customers. After spending around2-3 hours, she finally closed the deal, before she can show me the whole process of the sales, there comes another uncle who want to buy cleaning supplies! There is no one to serve him, so before I can finish one lesson from my manager, im pronouced graduated and have to serve this uncle all by myself!!

Thanked God the uncle know what he wants. Closed the deal fast and successfully!! Thanks to all the colleagues at accounts department that made the job an easy one! I totally breeze through the process when selling the cleaning tool to the uncle!! Thanks Jenny Chan for teaching me the ropes, where some things are not done properly or good enough Im sorry and I will definitely improve on them once given the chance to try out a few more times (albeit maybe not so soon again lah). Thanks to Vivien and PeiWen that I can get the change required and the sales invoice! :)

Overall everything was great!! The experience was a fantastic one!! Although I kept panicking but things went on smoothly! Thank God for all that!! Although by the time I closed the deal and went back to my desk, the quotations that requested to by typed are all piling up!! As high as the sky!! Even a few of the salesman called to chase after it, but well Im super sorry cos I can only finish them by tomorrow morning!!

I can already predict tomorrow morning is gonna be another busy day. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I managed to finish all the quotations that’s supppose to be finished off by today!! God bless me!!

Morale of the post, work have ended for the day!! Hooray hooray hooray!! Okie I have finish rambling! Till next time I post again~~~~


BookwormMindy :)

Happy Goodyy Fridayyy



Pic 1: A date with my mom

Pic 2: Pose as a pop star

Pic 3-6: Selfies, Selfies and more Selfies ~~~

Hello!! Today spend the day having simple meal, fun conversation and super duper satisfied shopping trip to town with my mom!!! :)

I managed to grab all good steals that I fall in love it. Bought a pair of comfortable pink ballet flats at $12/-, two blouse at $10/- each and two of my favourite mint sweets at $1/- per box!! Im a happy girl!! 

Satisfied my cravings for roti-prata and pokka green tea as an early brunch for the day. Later we are gonna go have roasted duck rice along with pokka apple juice for dinner!! Cant wait, im salivating already!! :P

Have a happy good friday everyone!! Till then…


BookwormMindy :)