Movie Review: Ghostbusters

Hi hi everyone!! I am here to update another movie review!! This time round it will be Ghostbusters!!😀

Delayed till today then watch it interesting movie!! Like how the chemistry sparks between Melissa’s character named Abby and Kristen’s character named Erin!!🙂

I totally enjoyed myself for the whole duration of 2hr and 14mins for this movie!! I find the plot quite interesting and new, totally different from all other similar genre of movies!!🙂

Ghostbusters actually was being catergorize in the science fiction and fantasy instead of paranormal, since it is totally not a scary film at all!! Although to be honest I hated how the ghosts always burst into a whole of gallop of goo and chuck all over the ghostbusters!!😦

Anyway Patty and Jillian brings so much attitude to this awesome ghostbusters team!! ;) 

To be honest I was kinda curious to Chris’ worth in this movie as he played a kinda not important role!! Acting all silly and just showing his muscles whenever he got a chance!! I guess I wanted to see him act as a charming man instead of a dorky guy!!:/

Overall I will gonna give a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars for Ghostbusters. There is definitely a ton of room for improvement!! If there is gonna be a season two, I will definitely keep a look out for it!!🙂

For those of you whom have yet to catch this movie, quick go watch it and have some laughter over their jokes and funny interactions!! ;D



Book Review: 买个老公 / Buy A Husband

Hi people!! I am here to blog about another book review on a chinese novel called 买个老公 / Buy A Husband.😛

The story plot revovles around a very capable business woman whom lost her parents at a very young age. She was then adopted by her father’s elder brother and they lived a blissful life.🙂

When she grew up they always forces her to go on blind dates and always is just round the corner to pushing another eligible young man to her. She hated these actions but because she love her adopted parents very much, she decided to spread a rumor about herself being a lady of bad luck.🙂

She spread the rumor that the bad luck will kill her future husband like how it killed her original parents after her being born not long.😦

Yet the upper class society believed this rumor and no one are willing to come close to get to know her for themselves! Due to her adopted parents being kept in the dark, they were seriously curious how come all of a sudden there were no longer any interested candidates for their lovely daughter!!😛

After a few years, the parents started to talk to the female lead and share with her their wishes for a grandchild and to see her have someone whom she love to take care of her! After given their wishes much serious thought she decided to post an advertisement on all newspaper and ask for interested candidates to come forward for interviews to be her husband!!🙂

At the interviews, only the male lead caught her attention. They got hitched after a few months of dating with a contract drawn up that they must have a child at the end of a year!!😀

But as the days goes by, they developed real feelings for each other. The novel ended with a happy ending of the couple having a total of three children, a boy twins and a youngest daughter!!😀

Personally I will give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! This couple is seriously very cute!! The lady will always hold a serious outlook while the guy will always have a cheeky face while facing the female lead!! Read on and laugh at their interactions yourself!!🙂

For those of you whom is interested in reading this chinese novel you can go search it online for this title: 买个老公 / Buy A Husband!!😛



Movie Review: Frozen

Hi people!! I am gonna write up a movie review on Frozen for this blog entry!!😉
This movie was been first released back in December 2013. Yet being a bookworm and called Mindy I simply have the ability to drag till today then finish watching this cute movie!!🙂

I love how the story started with Elsa and Anna being cute little kiddos playing around the palace and enjoying their sisterhoods every minute. It touched me that Elsa started to distance herself from Anna due to her magical ability of freezing all things she touched one day.😦

From then on Anna will always knock on Elsa’s door and ask her to build a snowman (Olaf) with her. Yet Anna will always leave Elsa’s door alone at the end of each day without hearing any sorts of response from Elsa.😦

It breaks my heart to see such a scene!!😦 Luckily at the end of the movie the sisters got back together with their sisterhoods intact.🙂 I am super happy that Anna ended up with Kristoff instead of Hans the evil prince!!🙂

I always giggle while watching this movie when I see Kristoff and his sidekick reindeer chatting!! These two get along real well and super duper adorable!!🙂

Not to forget that the snowman; Olaf and the reindeer’s lovely encounter and their get along process is simply just too unresistable. Especially when a carrot is at a stake.😀

Overall I will give a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. I love this movie and will definitely wait eagerly for the season two of it!! Can’t wait!!😀

For those whom have yet to catch this adorable animation you can either watch it online like I do or you can go purchase the dvd and watch it for as many times as you like!! You will definitely enjoy the whole 1hr and 30mins plus!! :) 

Morale of the story, sisterhoods can solve all problems and obstacles thrown upon you. Love is the power to dissolve all unhappiness!!🙂

Stay Happy,


Book Review: 万物控制者 / The Controller Of All Things

Hi people!! This post is gonna be a book review on a chinese novel that I have finished reading last week. Yet I have dragged till now then write up the book review for it!!😛

The title of this awesome book is called 万物控制者 / The Controller Of All Things! The story is about how an ordinary teenager went onto a website and met an alien. From there the alien taught him all ways to make money and save the environment!🙂

While doing so he managed to caught the attention of all sorts of girls and mature ladies. He became a billionaire and have around nine wives at the end of the book!! :O

What I find amazing about this book is that the author can actually think up of all sorts of ways for the main character to save the environment without endangering any lifes at all. Example is the main character got a design map from the alien on how to replicate a machine that can forcast the arrival of an earthquake half a month~ Which according to the main character all other countries in the story do not have this awesome technology or similar predictions personnel!!😀

Another great example is how the alien pass on a design map of making a sun energy based car. It uses the minimise amount of raw materials in the making of such a car yet it can survive any car crash. The driver do not even have to drive at all, there is a sound base control inserted into the car. All the driver have to do is voice out his location and the car will automatically drive to his allocated distination!!😀

If only in reality there is such a car!! But well on another positive thought maybe in another twenty years we will really see such a car on the street?😛

I will give it a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars!! For all the technology the alien pass on to the main character!🙂 For all the new plot lines as compared with all other novels that is out there!!😀

For all of you who is interested in reading the whole book, you can go google it and read online. Title of this interesting book is called 万物控制者 / The Controller Of All Things!!😀



Signage: Bad Mood, Come Again Another Day :X

Hi people!! Today morning I was still in a hyper mood. Simply because today is a Wednesday and it’s mid week!! Woohoo!!😉

But around mid afternoon, whoosh, there goes my good mood… The day went horribly wrong for the rest of the day!!😦

The reason is as simple as because a manager from another department sending a mass email saying I did not do my job properly. *annoyed face*

When in fact I did my job perfectly well and already to the best of my capability!! Luckily my manager knew me well enough to have enough trust in me and know that I always give my best in whatever I do!!🙂

Thank God I have a good team of colleagues and boss!!🙂 My colleagues come to me to know more in detail of the story of the untrue / misunderstanding of the email. They came to a conclusion of the system having a bug or error.:/

My manager even sent me an email and console me by giving me some words of encouragement. It was along the lines of “Dont worry, you did well all along, do not think that you are in trouble. :)”!! He seriously gave me a smiley face!!🙂

That literally let me breathe out a sigh of relieve!! Thank God he believed in my work ethnic!! Being kind enough to offer words of encouragement and trust in me!! That being said is enough for me to face the bad guy (after some thought maybe it is just the way he phrase his email that makes it look like he meant harm to my position in the company) with confidence!!🙂

I silently sent all my colleagues a telephanty thank you plus a big bear hug after seeing all their trust shining in their eyes when they look at me!!🙂

Just a few minutes ago, I received a phone call from my sister informing me that one of my close relative passed away today.😦

I hope my favorite aunt will be able to enjoy herself at the other side of the world!! Hope she do not think too much about her life here on Earth anymore!! She will forever live in my heart!! I love her as much as my family.🙂

My dearest E Po (how I normally address her) hope you have a bless life now. Do not have any regrets. Your children and grandchildren and all other people that you care about will continue to live strong and healthy.🙂

We will never forget your cheekiness and the loud laughter that erupt from your throat (it sounded more like erupting from the pit of your stomach)!!😛

May you rest in peace!! Love you deeply!!🙂

Now, to the title of today’s post!! Can I have a signage that reads Bad Mood, Come Again Another Day!! :X

I think my day qualify for applying for such an upset banner slash signage!!😦

Hope the rest of you have a better day than I had!! I just want my day to end quickly, I welcome Thursday slash tomorrow with open arms!!🙂



Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 3

Hi everyone!! I am back for another movie review updates!! This time round it will be on a animation film titled Kung Fu Panda 3!!🙂

How many of you out there is also a kung fu lover?? Personally I love to watch kung fu films, seldom missing a kung fu base movie or drama!! What’s more is this time round it is an animation film with cute characters such as Pandas using kung fu to fight off the bad guys!!🙂

Love how the story revolve around Panda Po learning how to become a teacher and spreading his knowledge of kung fu with his original panda daddy and goose daddy!! Not to forget his whole village of panda siblings!!😀

The best part being an animation film is that it will always have a great ending. Of course the bad guy will die and peace of the world will return. Everyone continue to learn and level up their kung fu skills!!🙂

Personally I will give this cute panda based animation movie a good 4.7 out of 5 stars!! Simply because all the characters is so cute and loveable!! Jusst except the bad guy which is a bull with blue body paint (?) !!:/

Hope everyone enjoy this fanastic movie as much as I do. I do recommend everyone to watch it, simply to relax your mind and soul. Just a simple film to chill out after a busy day at work!!😀

Have fun!!😀



Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets

Hi ladies and gentleman!! I am back for another movie review!! I have finally just watch the hot movie in town. It started screening just on 1st September 2016 in Singapore!🙂

Imagine my hyper-ness when I saw the movie poster being posted all around town’s MRT station. Whenever I walk there is sure to be a tiny reminder to show the public that this cute animation movie is up and for all to go into the cinema to enjoy!!🙂

Anyway I just watch finish this cute movie and wanted to write up a movie review and share with everyone!!🙂 This movie is about a group of animals living in a building in Manhattan. It shows everyone what their daily routine consists of when respective owner left the flat for their work or school time.🙂

I fall in love with Snowball (all cute and fluffy white) at first sight and more so while watching the movie. I become totally crazily in love with Snowball when the movie ended and he was being kept as a pet by a little girl living in the same building as Max!!😉

Snowball is seriously all cute and can be quite cunning and scary when he squint his eyes (but cute all the same)!! One day Max’s owner named Katie brought home another big dog name Duke and the two dogs do not get along well at first sight!😦

Over some misunderstanding, both was caught by the animal pound workers and nearly end up at the pound. Lucky for them, Snowball wind up at the scene and saved them upon hearing the fake reason due to why they were being caught. The two doggy lied to Snowball telling him they killed their owner therefore they were on their way being sent to the animal pound.:/

Snowball believed them and brought them back to his underground sewer headquarter. At there he found out that Max and Duke actually lied to him. He was really mad at them. Shouted out commands to get these two killed but failed miserably and also losing a viper as a consequences!!🙂

At the other hand other animals (birdy, grey cat Chole, black dog, bull dog and guine pig) all come together to save Max…. and Duke, all at Chole’s insistence (Chole fall in love with Max a long time ago)!!🙂

Of course being an animation film it have a wonderful ending of Max and Duke being saved by SNOWBALL!! My little white fluffy hero!!😀

They all went back to their house and enjoy the night with their respective owners!!🙂

I will give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! Totally love all the animals in this film!! Totally worth spending 1hr and 30mins to enjoy this cute movie on a Saturday afternoon!! If you have yet to watch it, quick hop by to the nearest cinema or hop online and watch it!! You wont regret such a cute and witty animation.😀

Especially before the start of this movie there is a cute clip of the minions appearing helping the old folks to do gardening to earn money to buy a blender to blend their favorite (Banana)!!😀

Hope everyone have a great Saturday ahead!!🙂