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Be Brave

Hello everyone! Did ya have a good Saturday? Indeed like what the above picture says, if we are brave enough to bid the past goodbye, life will treat us to a new future. I totally agree with the sentence. I am glad I bid my previous workplace goodbye, therefore life / God present me with a better workplace / opportunity and colleagues. They treat me so well that I don’t even feel like I am working with colleagues and bosses but more like at a family gathering. You may think that I am just bootlicking but those that really know me well, know that I am not such a person and I don’t do such things. I believe that my work will prove my value. I seldom do joking at work place too. Until I really know the colleagues well and can treat them like family and friends, then my little naughty devil will surface! >.<

Anyway, this week at work was much more relaxing compared to the last one. I have more breathing space. And my manager came back from her short vacation to Genting and the sweetie even bought me a gift. A pretty watch with encrusted diamonds on the watch surface. It looks so elegant and sophisticated on me after I wore it. Makes my day so bright. I thanked her profusely heehee!! :D Then spend the week finish keying in all the quotations for the salesmen on time. We even have enough time to joke around with each other in between working time. Geeheehee.

Then on Friday, one of my cutie colleague named Fran finally wanted to went ahead and make her specs (Cos she really needed one as she is having a serious migraine that is cause by her worsening eyesight). She asked me to go along with her as she cant make her mind which frame to choose. In the end she choose a specs that is in ocean blue with my help. The two of us were so happy choosing that we didn’t notice the time just flew pass. :P She will be getting her new specs on Tuesday! So now in our company marketing department, all the ladies working there are wearing specs. I am wearing a hot pink specs, my manager (Jenny) is wearing a lime green specs and last but not least Fran will be wearing an ocean blue specs. There will be a new colleague joining our department on 1st April. Weird that she agreed to start work on this special day (April Fool Day). *Maybe I am thinking too much, heehee.

My niece will be spending the weekend here. The noisy girl is watching her idol drama on her iphone currently. Since she have finished doing all her homework, there is nothing much I can say to her to stop her from enjoying life. Anyway after I finish typing this post I will be going to continue to catch up on my Korean idol drama about You who came from the Stars. I simply love the male and female leads in the drama. They are just so daebak acting.

Just a random thought, I believe looking into the future then to keep thinking about the past. Okay I should end the post here now. Goodbye, keep coming back for more of my ramblings of my life.


BookwormMindy :D

Feeling Blissful

natural peaceful

Hello Everybody!! Im back for more sharing!! I am supposed to blog last week too, but well heehee last week I was too busy accompanying my family to spend time blogging here! Sorry!! :( You all will forgive me right???? Pretty please?? >.*

Let me start this post by thanking the marketing ladies at my current company! Thank you Franily and Jenny!! You two are my best support at work, your are one of the huge reasons why I look forward to coming in to work every morning. Thank you Daniel Lim for always making the effort to make me feel comfortable at work and always spare us time to fetch us to work. :) These are some of the great people that I happen to have this good luck to meet in this company. I really thanked God for planning my life so well for me. Although I am still on a one year contract with this company, but I shall not think too far into the future. The HR manager even speak to me that I have nothing to worry about as due to certain circumstances I will have a good chance to be transfer to permanent staff after that one year contract when the company system is stable enough. Anyway more on that in the future, cause currently I am not so sure of whats their thoughts on this matter, I will fill you guys in when I am inform of more details.

This week at work was totally crazy! Cause there was tons and tons of quotations for me to key. And the worst part of it was that the company system and computer was always in error and screwing up all the time. Which of course tends to make me slow down my speed at work and keying in those quotations. And it makes me so stress. There was one day in the week when I really have so damn many quotations to key in that when it was lunch time I totally have no appetite to eat. I just ate a few mouthful of rice and tried my very best to finished off all the ingredients and I called it a meal. And the most amazing thing was I don’t even feel hungry at all… All the way until I reached home at night to take my dinner. For those that know me well, you will know I can be quite a food lover and for me to totally lose my appetite is a very difficult thing. So there, luckily I managed to finished all the quotations for the day and the week to round up this subject.

I just wish and hope and pray that the company computer / system doesn’t go all screw up again, if not I will be in deep shit cause I cant be everyday also cannot finished all my work. God bless me in that area! :D Anyway although it was a bit stressful at work, but I still enjoy working in this company very much. All the salesman have lots of patience towards me and I can really feel that they are very helpful, kind and really very patient towards me, they tend to try to help me with my work (keying in quotations for them) as much as they can. So as not to disappoint them, I also tried my very best at work everyday. GOD bless me.

Okay I have said enough about my work. Time to talked a little about my private life out of work areas. Mostly on the weekend I normally spend it with my family, yes it is reserved for family only. Therefore when my colleagues asked about how about my boyfriend and I am like “nope I don’t have such thing”. From then onwards those kind (?) souls always try to introduce guys to me (I am having a headache about that)!!! Anyway today went shopping and saw a cute Tigger with nighties on, it looks so cute that I just have to get it and my mommy rewards me with it!! Heehee so now I have another baby friend to accompany to sleep every night!! Hooray!! The little baby tigger dresses in blue pajamas and a night cap!! It looks so cute and adorable and sweetie baby!! heehee

Okay I am now gonna end the post here and hug my baby tigger.

Goodbye, I will try my best to update here every week.

Till then, Goodbye,


Happy Working Lady

who are you

Good afternoon everybody. Today is a sunny Sunday!! Are you all hopping around on the busy streets of your country? Enjoying the humid weather? Summer is here!! Woohoo!!! Okay let me start sharing with everyone my week in the office. New environment, new colleagues and happy relationship bonding! :)

And so. . . . . This is the part (of life) where you (will) find out who you are! :) Anyway my manager (Jenny Chan) and colleague (Franilyn Sendiong) treated me real well. They taught me lots of new things and with patient. They keep encouraging me and they seems to like my speed of working. Well I guess I will never ever learn how to control my fast speed at work. Therefore the two of them treated me with lots of love, care and concern. The two sweeties keep dropping by my desk and asked me if I was learning / coping well with the workload. Which I honestly told them that I could cope with the load.

Although on Monday and Friday it can tend to be a little more stressful. As on these two days, the quotations (which I am hired to key in for the salesman) tends to build up to a huge pile very quickly (even with my fast speed of working). Therefore on these two days I will need to have extra full breakfast to deal with those huge piles of quotations. They keep helping me shout out “Fighting Mindy!! You can do it!” so I told them that I will continue to jiayou and fighting!! :D

The people in this company are great people. I am blissful in this company. Hopefully they will renew my contract after a year time. Cause I am now with a one year contract bond with them. Okay I shall not think too far away. Although it will be good to be far-sighted, I should not try to make myself think too much with those unnecessary thoughts, that will make my brain suffer hahahahahaha :D

In this company, I met lots of lovely people. I was invited to lunch with Jenny, Fran and Susan from the first day onwards and from there on we had lunch together everyday. We share work tactics, chatted about everything under the sun and gossiping. :D Those usual things ladies get together chatted about. Then on Wednesday there was a huge group of ladies gather together and walked two bus stops away food court to had lunch together, we even had to occupy two tables. There was nine of us ladies and I joked with them that we were the company version of Girls Generation. That comment makes everyone cracked up laughing all happily. hahahahaha :D The ladies includes: Jenny, Fran, Mindy, Susan, Yvonne, HuiLing, Huan Huan, Yu Yun and Pei Wen. We had fun together.

I am very ultra happy in this company. And I hope and wish to God that the happiness can continue for a long long time to come. God bless me. On this coming Tuesday I will need to stay back together with all marketing and sales department colleagues for a meeting. Jenny told me that the meeting should be able to end at 7.30pm, but lets pray and cross our fingers that it can end earlier than that. God bless me. Okay enough talking for the week already. Lets be happy and full of energy to overcome next week. Stay cheerful and fighting everyone.


BookwormMindy :D


lazy not

Hello everybody, it has been a month or two since I last visited here and blogged on this cyberspace. Did your missed me? hahaha

Okay let me start updating you guys about my career aspect of life. I left my previous company as position of admin assistant due to them wanting to hire only temp admin assistant for the long run (which I am totally zero interest in it). I wanted a stable job. And thanks to my agent I found one. One that is the position of sales coordinator and I will be starting work tomorrow. Cant wait for it to start, am looking forward, anxious and nervous. Hope everything can go on smoothly at work tomorrow. God bless me.

My niece was staying over for the weekend. She came yesterday and I played the role of her tuition teacher which coached her studies. At the end of yesterday she managed to finished learning her English spelling dictation and Chinese spelling. Today she is totally 100% enjoying life. Watching television drama, variety shows, playing games on iphone and listening to those KPop musics. Now her currently location is watching comedy movie with her popo (granny).

I am gonna end the post here. Do look out for next week post (will be more about my worklife after I spend a week at the company there will be more things I can write about)!!! I am gonna join them in their laughing contest while watching the comedy movie.



Ending Soon

meet again if meant to be

We will meet again on the street, if we are meant to be.

Hello!! Good day everyone!! Let me start sharing my week with you people (if only you are interested) :P

This week at work, I learned to key invoices / orders on my own!!! Oops, made quite a few mistakes, but can be forgive. At least not those deadly mistakes, there are still space for improvement. And I will indeed improve, only when given the opportunity. :) The admin manager have yet spoken to me regarding my prospect with the company. Hopefully she will come to me on Monday, if she didn’t then it means my stake of staying will be so low.. Then I will need to buck up the courage to look for her on Tuesday, which is a must!! Cos in that way will I know if I need to report work on Thursday!! God bless me!! :)

My colleagues are really kind souls, all of them. I already had a few of them coming to me secretly and asking me what’s the outcome or chances of me staying longer in the company (as perm staff), they even asked my feelings regarding to being perm staff (if I can). I would so love to stay as perm but that cant be decided by me now, can it? I am sure everything will turn out the right way for me at the end of the year (not day mind you hahaa) :)

My family members are getting real nervous and anxious, keep asking me everyday the same question; “did the admin manager spoken to you already?” I know they care about me, but seriously everyday asking the same question!! haha I just told them if I have any news will share with them straightaway and that satisfied them. But in their actions I can tell they are anxious for me.. The more the people around me feel that anxious, the more calm I feel. I don’t know why. But I just do. Its not that im confident that I can succeed in grabbing hold of this position. Is more like I totally give up hope in doing so already? Therefore no more anxiousness no more nervousness. haha and what’s more I believe that Heaven have already planned the routh / path that I should walked. If I am destined to stay, in the end I will. If I am destined to leave, I will be able to find another place to accept me in. That’s life I guess! :)

Lets hope everyone in this world will be able to have a fantastic future. Okay enough said about career department, now I should talk a little bit about my family. My niece came for a stay over for the weekend last night. She is now out and around with the oldies (my parents) shopping and trying to get her hands on her favorite toy aka Piglet.

Recently I started reading back novels.. Hmmm actually I have always been doing so, just that I was reading English novels in the past few months. And only recently like this week I started reading back Chinese novels. That’s why I have been getting the nickname of bookwormmindy right? haha I guess I shall end the post here, it is enough said (much more than necessary actually).


BookwormMindy :D