Happy Birthday Mummy!!! 

Today is the actual day of my mummy’s birthday! Spend the full day with her! Brought her to a local restaurant and treat her to all her favorite food!

Photo from left to right: Cheese sausage, Corns with garlic butter, happy mommy smiling prettily, 8 pcs wings, Seafood sphagetti and my chicken frittos with potatoes slices!! Yum yum, all in all we left the restaurant happily with our tummies filled full to the brim !! Happy brunch !! :)

Wish my mommy a very happy birthday, am super glad that she is feeling very happy today. Hope she stays healthy and happy always! :)


BookwormMindy :D

Happy Birthday Mommy In Advance !!!

The group photo of the day includes most family members (From Left to Right): (Top Row) – Eldest Sister, Eldest Sister Husband, Second Sister, Second Sister Boyfriend, (Bottom Row) – Jing Yang, Jing Kang, Birthday Lady aka My Mommy, Miko and lastly me!!! :)

Today the family meet up and help my mommy celebrate her birthday in advance since her birthday falls on the coming Wednesday!! :)

My mommy enjoyed herself so much that she cant seems to close her mouth with all the smilings!!! :D

Last but not least, a selfie of yours truely!! Thanks for reading my humble little blog! Keep coming back for more of my rantings!! :)


BookwormMindy :)

Happy Bday Mindy Part II

Spend the actual day of my birthday with my family! Thanks to my lovely sister I had an awesome birthday celebration!! Everything is simplify yet heart warming!! A simple meal filled full with fun conversations and jokes!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
My adorable niece handmade this card for me! Although she managed to spell the word birthday wrongly, but the contents of the birthday card really make my heart melt!! 

Thanks to my family I had an amazing birthday this year!! Had lots of fun!!

Happy Birthday to me again!! 😁


BookwormMindy 💋

Happy Bday Mindy


Spend the day with my cute friend; Kerri!! Thanks again to Kerri for helping me celebrate my bday!! Hope many more years of friendship to come along in the near future!! :)

Love the bday card she made for me! Filled full with love words, best wishes and blessings!! Thanks Kerri!!! ❤️❤️❤️  


These are the foods we ate today!! Now both our tummies and so bloated and our shirt are stretch to their maximum capacity!! Burping away like a frog currently!! Oops!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Thanks for reading! Happy birthday to myself!! :)


BookwormMindy 😊

Just a Selfie

Hihi! Just a random selfie I uploaded here, just because I have not been updating my blog as frequent as I like.

Im really busy! Busy enjoying life and recharging my battery to full batt. Before I set off into the hectic society and work my ass off! Oops.. Harsh language (a bit harsh for my liking, as I dont normally speak this type of language infront of others) 😛

Have fun everyone. Those who are working hang in there! The weekend is coming right up, just blink your eyes and it is waving at you already!!


BookwormMindy 💋

Friends or Strangers ?

Dear You,

I appreaciate all you have done for me while we are working together (which is really not alot)!! I dont really care if you will happen to read this blog post anot, honestly really, it wont make any difference to me! To others that dont know the story of what happened may think im bitchy, but i promise im anything but a real bitch, at least compared to them im an innocent little girl!! 😊😊😊

So! I just wanna tell you that i have no interest in whatsoever “friendship” you wanna offer to me! I am not a two faced bitch (not saying you are tho), when i dont like someone i wont make the effort to have another glance in their direction. 😏😏😏

And of course having said so, I DONT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE!!! So stop harrassing me and asking me tons of questions!!! Example of questions your like to ask: “What’s wrong? Did we do anything to upset you? I treasure our friendship. Are you upset with us? Etc etc etc”… Whenever my reply is “Nope, nothing is wrong.” Your dont believe. Isit not obvious enough? I dont wanna befriend your anymore! 

There were no friendship to begin with (after giving it more thoughts on my side, we were just colleagues!). Why cant your be more amicable? Cannot play nice? Saying goodbye while things are still good hurts for your? Well, then lets make it nasty by spelling everything out in the open! Why i always dont reply to your messages? Why i blocked your on instagram and facebook? Answer is because i dont wanna friend your anymore. I dont wanna friend people that dont treat me 100% with their heart when i give them my 100% honesty and treat them like my life depended on them. I dont friend people that bitch about me behind my back. I dont care how good we were back then. Everything just collapse when your decided to bitch about me when i dont wanna hang out with your after i resign!! 

I am just your colleague. Not your slave. And i repeat, not your freaking slave! I dont need to seek your permission to unfriend your and block your out of my life. I dont have to write a report and explain all reasons. My parents give me much more freedom than your so call friends gave me! 

I treasure my friends. Imagine i still hang out with my primary school friend after i graduated for so many years (cant remember the exact years, pardon of my old age). There are limited seats to being my friend. Too bad your are blacklisted! Your are not welcome within 300km radius of me!! Thank you very much!! 😎😎😎

Just treat me as stranger if you happen to see me on the street. I have no interest to lay eyes on you whatsoever! Last but not least have a happy life, dont bitch about me anymore. Cause always remember Karma is a bitch! ✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻

Never see ya again,

BookwormMindy 😁