My CNY 2016

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who is currently reading this humble little blog!! Hope all these chinese people out there is having an awesome new year!! :) As for all those non chinese people wish you all have a great long weekend / holiday!! :)

For every first day of the chinese new year it is a routine to take a photo of the Koh Sisters together as a trio!! This routine was being invented by yours truely, flipping the photos of the past year makes me feel nostalgic, although we can see clearly our changes through the years (good changes)!!! :)

Look at the nails I put on for this year’s chinese new year!! All about love!! :) Last but not least is the photo I took with my mommy today!! Wefie with her is fun, although she may not be doing funny faces but she is always game for a wefie anytime of the day!! :D

Tomorrow we will all be back to work!! :) Let’s hope tomorrow is a great day at work too!! :D My close colleague (Jo) tomorrow will take leave, I will definitely miss her, lucky thing is she will be back the next day!! Hope I can survive tomorrow in one piece !! :P

God bless me!!


BookwormMindy :D

Reunion Lunch 2016

Just had lunch with family. It’s not just any lunch but the most important lunch of the year!! THE reunion lunch!! :D

We made it lunch this year as both my married sisters have dinner appointments with their husbands’ family!! ;)

Do refer to the food photos above for your mouth to salivate!! :P

Menu for this year is a abit simple, but what’s important is that everyone gather together to have a great meal!! The company is top priority in our family!! :)

Menu includes: Vegetable soup (with tons of secret ingredients in it and taste totally mouth-watering)!! Chilli prawns (a big temptations to my family members)!! Spring onion eggs!! Soy sauce chicken with fried pork!! Yummy!! Last but not least is hot dogs (for the kids, and yours truely favorite food)!! Crabmeats and tiny eggs!! :) Then there is lotus seed buns in the shape of longevity peach!! :P

Made my tummy so happy and satisfied !! Big love to all the food mentioned above !! :)

Happy Chu Xi to everyone!! :D


BookwormMindy :D

CNY Finale Preparation

Had a super busy week at work. Customer is all rushing for “urgent” orders!! Cant finish all those urgent stuff, one down and more to go -.-|||

Anyway on friday I had my favorite meal of wanton noodles!! Yummy, look at the college above for the reference of delicious noodle!! :P

Overall yesterday at work was a great one as I managed to get lots of things done! Feeling super energize and accomplished!! :D

Look at that sunrise I saw yesterday morning at my workplace! Some time we just have to look at the perks life throws at us nonchalantly!! Such great view and it lift my mood up immediately!! :D

My manager Daniel yesterday walked by our desks and wishes us a happy chinese new year!! He ask if I am gonna drink beer during the festive season? I told me nope, not drinking while wrinkling up my nose. He said why not? You should start drinking beer, you are of legal age anyway! I told him nope! (cause whenever I have questions that need to ask him he also everytime told me nope first before answering my respective questions)!! :)

Hope everyone have a great weekend and chinese new year!! :D


BookwormMindy :P

3 Months Happiness

Hi All !! The photo above was taken on Friday! As usual, it was a crazy day at work, crazy as in super duper busy (no changes there)!! :)

Lucky I have my peach tea to cheer me up and give me the necessary dosage of happiness to endure the busy-ness!! :P

Lunch for the day was cereal chicken with veggie and wedges plus rice!! I love their food, but it is also the main culprit for causing me to add alot of weight!! :( But at least the process was a happy one!! (Positive much?) ;)

Saw the last photo in the college? It was taken at the start of the day, by the time I knock off from work the size has double over!! Cause there is simply too much PO needed to open files and I simply cant find enough time to do that!! Guess will need to wait till monday to do that tough job!! :P

My big boss Humberto walked by my desk and speak to me.. We held the conversation as per below:-

H: How are you coping?

M: Great! Today is Friday, everything is going on smoothly.

H: That’s good to hear. How is the delivery list going on?

M: I am doing smoothly for the delivery list, but for the delay list I may have some problem. I dont like Stella (one of the customer).

H: Why dont you like her?

M: Cause she always ask those questions that I have no answer to.

H: What type of questions?

M: Example like when will the item be ready?

H: Then you just tell her you dont know.
M: Hmmm I cant do that. But after work when I went home I will do up a voodoo doll of Stella and punch her whenever she ask me such questions again (Just Joking)!!

H: Literally laugh out loud and nod his head while walking away!

Moral of story: I am glad I made you laugh boss!! :)

Anyway at least another week have passed by at this company and it marks my full three months too! :)

Photo above was taken today. Spend the day going to town with mommy dearest. Shopped around and managed to get a few pieces of new clothes!! :) 

Lunch for the day is vegetarian meal!! Super duper yummy!! Big mega love for that stall of vegetarian food!! :) Love those clouds that mother nature drew up this morning!! :D Cant resist the temptation to snap a shot and frozen that magical moment and made it last a lifetime!! :) 

Hope everyone have a great weekend!! :)


BookwormMindy :P

It’s Mid Week Again

Hello everyone! I am having another busy week at work! So many task to get it done but seriously so little time! And I don’t do OT unless being requested to stay back to do so. I tried my best to finish as much work as possible within the normal working hours, but it is starting to be a bit challenging as things are slowly but definitely piling up :(

Everyday at work is like a breeze (not like those easy style of working life, more like those super duper busy till in a blink of an eye and it is already time to knock off for the day kind of style)!! :) But on a happier note, that way the days really pass by super fast and now hey it’s mid week already!! :)

Just need to hang in there for another two more days before the weekend will be here!! Can’t wait for my weekend, it will be pack full of activities and also longer hours of sleeping!! :)

Today while it was soon to knock off my manager gave me the fright of my life! I was at my desk, trying to get as many work done before I knock off as possible.. Suddenly my manager pop up from the partition from my neighbour cubicle and boo!! :(

Daniel: BOO!!

Mindy: *Gasp* You are sooo mean!! :(

Daniel: Laughing happily away cause once again he successfully scare the living daylights out of me!!

Mindy: Sulking silently but no time to complain about his badass actions, need to quickly finish off the work on my hands.

Daniel: How are you?

Mindy: Upset with you cause you scare me! :(

Daniel: Laughing away.. Suddenly big boss walked to my place and join us in our conversation.

Humberto: Mindy, how are you today?

Mindy: Not good at all..

Humberto: *Shocked expression* (Cause normally he asked me this question I will give a positive response like I am great) Why?

Daniel: She is upset with me cause I scare her successfully.

Mindy: Yup, I dont like Daniel anymore. He is so mean.

Humberto: He can be a bit naughty! :)

Mindy: I am gonna do up a voodoo doll of Daniel. :P (Just joking)!!

Humberto: Laughing while walking away back to his office with Daniel by his side.

Mindy: *Thinking in my mind* Glad I made the two of you so happy at the end of a exhausting working day!! :P

Moral of story: I have a bad manager and a cheeky big boss. I have to be careful at my workplace. Although I have already been very very very careful of Daniel existance, in the end I still got scare by him!! :(

Anyway, it’s mid week!! Hope everyone of you is having a great weekday!! :)


BookwormMindy :D

My Saturday Date

Hi peeps!! I’m back for more blogging!! :) Started out the day with a bright sunny day, but then the good weather doesnt last long at all. Therefore ended the day in a rainy mood! :( 

Nevertheless, had a great day out with my mommy to the busy streets of Chinatown, browse through all the chinese new year decorations. She bought tons of those, all colourful patterns and chinese greetings!! :)

Lunch was at Genkki Sushi, waited for a table for near to half an hour. But well, my tummy and taste bud requested to be satisfied today and they will only accept their food into them for the day. Anyway had my all time favorite of fried gyoza, corn and crab meat sushi !! While my mom being the obsolute health-freak that she is; she requested for healthy options which includes the following: kake udon, steam egg custard, corn sushi and a cup of traditional green tea!! :P

After finish filling up our tummies, we continue our shopping trip.. Till the weather was too jealous of our happy mood and wanna make us feel upset by having a heavy downpour!! :( Our shopping trip was being cut short and we went back home. :)

Hope everyone have an awesome weekend!! I did have a great Saturday cause I managed to sleep back those few hours which I cant do so on my weekdays!! :P


BookwormMindy :D

Hectic Week at Work

Hey people ! Finally I am able to spare some extra time to blog here! This week have been one super hectic week at work !! Everything needs to be done as soon as possible! Everything seems to be super and I mean super duper urgent and needed to be done in that second! Not that I wanna be a bitch and complain too much, but well I needed to vent and rant all my frustrations out!! :)

I have been so busy that I haven been drinking enough water and in turn causes me to fall sick with a nasty flu bug !! Upset over this unwelcome flu bug. Luckily slowly I am recovering back since I insisted on started drinking tons of water regardless of how urgent the situation seems to be!! Well, a girl needs to take good care of her health before she is able to speed up her working pace right? :)

Have been learning well the ropes on how to handle and send a delivery and delay schedule to all related customers and sales person of the company!! Have been doing quite well except a few hitches here and there, but well, I will learn from my mistake as I go along the way!! My manager and senior sales engineer have been giving me lots of encouragement and compliments which in turn helps me by reducing my stress level by at least 10%!!! :D 

Thank God for giving me a great team of close colleagues!! :) Feeling thankful at the end of each day that I have them as team members to guide and help me along the way!! Together we strive on ahead as a team!! To many more great days ahead!! :D

This morning reached the mall early and took some selfies with the Chinese New Year decorations in the mall!! Look at those huge stack of signed PO that needs me to open a new file for each of them. This is only for two days worth of PO!! So far I have only gotten around half of the stack done!! More to go on Monday!! :) Next take a look at those files that have already been open at the desk, three rows and soon they are gonna start collapsing on the carpet!! :( No time to do all the filing and put away those that have been completed a sales order!! :(

On a happier note, today for lunch I tried a new menu of salted egg fish (not salty at all, a bit upset), wedges (now I am no longer feeling upset), long beans with rice!! Affordable and delicious food!! Makes my tummy feel so happy that it is swirling around is a mushy puddle of happiness (you get what I mean dont you?)!!! :D

Anyway there goes another week at work!! Gonna use the weekend go fully recharge my battery so that on the coming week I will have the energy to continue striving ahead in life!! :D

Let’s all work hard together!! Meanwhile we can relax and chill harder first!! Fighting everyone!!! :D


BookwormMindy :D