Stay-Home Sat


Hello peeps! Im back for more updates. Let’s start with work life related happenings first. One of my close colleague at work left for another better prospect in another company. Last heard from a close friend that she is surviving well in the new company. Hope she can cope well with the new workload and all the best to her! :)

At work without her voice and presence, it seems like some time is amiss. She will be missed deeply. :) But well, life continues… Work is as usual nothing much happened.. Except that the workload for the rest of us add on a few more task. There is lots of mailers to be sent out for the respective salesman since the mid year is rounding up on us all!! :) Im also looking forward to the company dinner event which will be falling on 18 April this year to celebrate our company reaching a new age of 44th years old :)

As your can see from the photo above that I have repainted my nails.. Today decided to try out something new, so choose polka dots design by yours truely! :) Selfie is a must for each updates (ya know right?) !! The cousins finally bought tickets to go to Taiwan this year!! Totally cant wait for that to happen!! Wakakaka :) I want to light a sky lantern when we are there ~~~ 


On Wednesday, I met this two cuties out!! The lady dressed in black polo wearing a spec is called Mary while the other cutie is called XueLi!! I came to know them when I joined the company they were working in before I came to joined my current company. We became good friends really quick, we shared good food, gossips and things with each other!! The relationship between us is a bit like sisters!! Anyway on Wed we all met out, had a simple dinner at subway and chatted for two hours before we went home separately! Life is good when I am with them!! I have decided to meet them out again soon to have a karaoke session soon! Let’s see when they will be free!! :)

So that will be all for my week!!

Goodbye for now, Till then,

BookwormMindy xoxo :D

Captain Singapore; Mr LKY


Hello! Today morning I was dressed casually to went in to the office to work! I simply threw on a blue polo shirt along with my favorite pair of skinny pink pants and my absolutely lovable pair of sandles and my “must have” black cardigan!


Only to get to know the fact that our Boss SB have decided to let us off for a short period of time to let us pay our respect to our very own Captain Singapore aka Mr Lee Kuan Yew!! We went to the tribute place located next to Jcube. Our very own big Boss PB and DB joined us too. Together we spend an estimate of an hour plus to and fro. 

Thank you Mr Lee for all you ever did for Singapore so that now our generations can enjoyed all the peace, security and united nation whereby everyone living in this country will come together as one nation against whoever who try to threaten us into submission! Thank you Mr Lee for doing all you ever did to build up Singapore from a third world country to who we are now a first world country!! You whom we will always remember as Captain Singapore!!

I guess I will be writing another post this weekend to share more about my work life and my current lifestyle and happenings!! :)


BookwormMindy :)

Tuesday with Morrie

It is totally an inspiring book for a human to read! I totally love how Coach Morrie guide Player Mitch through life even before he give in to the cruel disease ASL in the end. :)

This book is totally a page turner! Managed to finish reading the whole book in a record time of three hours (non-stop, mind you)!! Felt very resourceful and blissful after reading this book. As it teaches us all that what we already have in life is good enough. We dont have to keep chasing after materialistic stuff when we have our loved ones by our side and they are what that matters the most at the end of each day. :)

Feeling thankful of life. As what one of the quote said by Coach Morrie; You need to learn how to die before you can learn how to live life! :) I will definitely bear that in mind!! This is gonna be the top few of my favorite list of books!! :)

Last but not least, a big thank you to Fran for lending me this book and introducing me to this book!! Kudos to you!! Those of you whom have yet to read this book should totally give it a try!! You definitely wont be regreting it!! :)


BookwormMindy :)

Happy Woman’s Day

Today is international woman’s day! Therefore BookwormMindy here wishes all ladies out there all over the world a very happy woman’s day!!!

Spend the day lazing around at home with my parents. Doing nothing except catching a few good korean variety shows on my phone while my parents chat with me once in  a while. 

Enjoyed the day with this comfortable atmosphere. Dinner was nothing special, just the same ole thing like we had for every other day.

At work wise, one of my favorite colleague; Kai will be leaving us soon (20 march) will be her last day with us in this company. She found a better job with much more intersting job scope for her to challenge. We will definitely miss her lots, all her plain but funny jokes, her odd humor and her hardwork too :)

Otherwise work life is still the same. Managed to finished all of my work load on time. More mailers will be needed to sent out in March and coming April!! Let’s all working office girls and boys fighting together!! Jiayous!! :)

That shall be all for the day. 


BookwormMindy :)

Good March 2015

Please let March be a good month. The photos above was taken today before we went out for our dinner :)

Just a random though that I feel like sharing it here ~

When I care about you, you should feel happy. When I stop caring for you, that’s the time you should feel worry.

I guess that’s all for the day!


BookwormMindy :D

Happy Feb 2015

Hello people! The above college shows my day today! Although to be a bit strict, the first two photo in the college was taken ytd at my workplace. Just got a feeling that the scenery was nice and snapped a shot. The grass is growing well, albeit at a not so great environment! We all can learn from it to be a stronger person day by day! (Okay that was a bit random :) )

Spend the day out with my mom. Shopped around town and spotted this tweety watch that i just cant pass by it without putting it into my bag. So in the end had to head to the cashier and claim it as mine!! Hooray, one more tweety related love to add to my treasure chest!! Feeling super elated!

Tomorrow will be meeting my sister for lou hei (a celebration for chinese new year by saying good things while stirring / holding the ingredients high and putting it back on the plate) !! Cant wait to meet up with her and talk lots of nonsense! :)

Although today i have already enjoyed a session of lou hei with my mom :) yums, the food was too tempting for me to snap a pic first before head diving into them :P

Okay i guess thats all for the day! Will share more again next time round, stay tuned!


BookwormMindy :)