Good March 2015

Please let March be a good month. The photos above was taken today before we went out for our dinner :)

Just a random though that I feel like sharing it here ~

When I care about you, you should feel happy. When I stop caring for you, that’s the time you should feel worry.

I guess that’s all for the day!


BookwormMindy :D

Happy Feb 2015

Hello people! The above college shows my day today! Although to be a bit strict, the first two photo in the college was taken ytd at my workplace. Just got a feeling that the scenery was nice and snapped a shot. The grass is growing well, albeit at a not so great environment! We all can learn from it to be a stronger person day by day! (Okay that was a bit random :) )

Spend the day out with my mom. Shopped around town and spotted this tweety watch that i just cant pass by it without putting it into my bag. So in the end had to head to the cashier and claim it as mine!! Hooray, one more tweety related love to add to my treasure chest!! Feeling super elated!

Tomorrow will be meeting my sister for lou hei (a celebration for chinese new year by saying good things while stirring / holding the ingredients high and putting it back on the plate) !! Cant wait to meet up with her and talk lots of nonsense! :)

Although today i have already enjoyed a session of lou hei with my mom :) yums, the food was too tempting for me to snap a pic first before head diving into them :P

Okay i guess thats all for the day! Will share more again next time round, stay tuned!


BookwormMindy :)

Makan Girls


Hello peeps!! Im back for more updates!! Let me introduce the members of the Makan Ladies Team!! From Left to Right: PeiWen (Pei the gentle girl), KaiLing (Kai the Panda), Franilyn (Fran the Hiao Bo), Jenny (Jen the Naughty lady), BookwormMindy (Parang Girl) and last but not least is Susan (Hamster MaMa)!!! :D

Yesterday the makan ladies strike again!! For food!! We went to a colleague dad’s seafood stall!! The sweeties asked me along but because i cant eat seafood (due to allergies) they ordered some hot plate toufu, king pork ribs and veggies specially for me!!

While the rest of them enjoyed their seafood spree!! They had cereal prawn, two black pepper crabs and two chilli crabs!! Total bill adds up to a little bit over $160/- !! Overall it was a satisfying meal!! The company for yesterday was awesome!! We chatted and tease around with each other!! Had a great laugh, the laughter never ends there!! :)

This week at work was kinda quiet. Not much thing happening although lots of jobs or errands are pending! Not enough time to settle finish all the task with the limited time. But we shall all survive the day!! :)

Now my niece just reach my house. Gonna bring her for her tuition tomorrow. No special arrangement for tomorrow. I guess tomorrow it will be a single ladies day for me! :) As quoted by my colleagues; “my prince charming have yet to appear”!! :)

Let me share a joke of the day.. Here goes…

Salesman Anthony (AK): Okay im going off now, wish ya girls a happy valentine!
The Marketing Ladies: Saying “goodbyes, you too happy valentine” in a chorus.
Jenny: So how are you gonna celebrate valentine with your wife?
AK: Im gonna give my wife a mop and a bucket to do spring cleaning.
BookwormMindy: Wow, AK you very bad leh, let her do all the work.
AK: Next time you will also meet a guy then you will also do all the housework de.
BookwormMindy: Nope, if he ask me do all housework everyday i will parang him!! :)
All Colleagues: Wow!! Mindy very scary leh!!

Hahahahaa, hope your enjoy this little joke! :)

Anyway, BookwormMindy hereby wish everyone out there who is reading this blog a Happy Valentine Day in advance!! Enjoy this special day!! :)

BookwormMindy :D

Sing Song Happy







BookwormMindy :)

Date with Mom


Hihi people!! Im back for more updates!! Today went out with a date with my mom!! Gave her a treat to the local restaurant called Genkki Sushi, both of us having a craving for it since last weekend!! Heehee :)) Finally solved our hunger pangs and cravings today!!

After that we went to shop around town and happened to saw three tweety bird chinese new year cards.. Of course I bought all three!! Now i have additional three more tweety cards to add to my already piling up collection :) *i’m not complaining here :D

This week at work there happen to be lots of office politics. Just a simple reason, one particular person just happens to want to take control if too much things. Of course, so far there doesnt seems to be a solution to overcome this problem.. Or maybe just this solution i just doesnt have the power to execute it.. So maybe i will just continue to see each day pass and we continue to give me to him first..

Thank God i have a close knitted team of colleagues (sitting close to me and they are my team mates), i guess without them and with this person that wanna take control of too much things, i may already give up!! But with them there for me, i will continue to strive harder and travel further together with them. Im sure together us as a team we can definitely overcome him!! :D Cheers to marketing team first :)

Next week will be a new month!! I think Feb 2015 will definitely be a busy month. I already have a few things / outings planned out!! We shall see what Feb can bring for me. Hopefully all will be good stuffs :) God bless me!!

Let me share a good joke with your here before i forgot about it.

Joke 1 :
Salesman JK: Hey Mindy, there is a cockroach here leh..
Mindy: Isit isit, i see i see (walking there to see). Why not stomp on it and let it die?
JK: Dont want lah, later the blood splatter on the carpet Lily (cleaner) will have a hard time taking out the stain. You have tissue paper?
Mindy: Yup i have.. Give you (passing him the tissue) then i saw him pick it and i told him hey JK, another salesman NI scard of it leh, put to his desk and show him lah…
JK: Isit he scare ah.. Then continue to burst out laughing!! (While walking to the gents to flush off the cockroach)

Joke 2 :
On friday the salesman NI drove the marketing team out for lunch. While queueing for our turn to purchased our food, we were chatting away…
KL: Hey NI, you know oh, Mindy liked to eat fried food leh..
NI: Isit why leh? What food?
KL: Fried chicken, Fried french fries, Fried wanton…
NI: Oh isit?
Mindy: Ya lah ya lah, as long as fried food mostly i will like.
NI: Then you like to eat 炸弹 (蛋)? The chinese words mean fried egg, the pronounciation is close to bomb.
Mindy: Without thinking too much i told him yup, it is very yummy de leh (cos not too long ago my sister did brought me to a place for their famous fried egg).
NI: But you cannot eat a bomb, you will explode de leh.
Mindy: Okay, very good, dont forget there is a quotation pending on my hands from you oh, your quotation will be sent out last minute today before i left for work.
NI: Oops, dont like that lah.. I know Mindy you very good one, wont like that one right?
Mindy: Gave him a cool smile. Hahaha :)

Okay i shall end the post here already. Update more soon.


Lovely Old Couple


Ytd went out with my family to go shopping. In the bus on our way there, we saw this old couple sitting next to each other. Old grandpa was so lovely that he put his hand on this hand holder that was infront of his wife. Cos his wife keep dosing off and nearly hit her head infront of the seat.

I saw this scene and i was thinking they are such a lovely couple. What’s more is their age now.. Together the two lovebirds age add together should be nearly 150 years old, yet their love for each other is so deep (show through this simple gesture)!! :) Hope this old couple can be happy for the rest of their days left on Earth!! :)


Another good news was that my eldest sister was on the local newspaper; Today on Friday 23.01.2015!! Please see attached photo for reference!! Im so proud of my sis, so happy for her that she made it to the local newspaper!! :) Not every head nurse in a hospital get the chance to go on a newspaper!! :) All in all I am proud to have her as my sister :)

Next week for work will be a hectic one. Cos there will be more quotations to do, potential customers to contacts (regards doing partnership with some local elderly homes for cny spring cleaning), suppliers to do company post it pads and edit lots of company machines photos.

God bless me that next week will be a fruitful and full of happiness week.

BookwormMindy :)