April 2016

Spend the last day of the month of April in year 2016 with just my mommy.:)

Did a makeover for my mommy and made her the beauty that she originally look like!! Of course I need to join in the makeover session for myself!! And we will have the two individual shots of ourselves after our “makeover session” as per attached college!!!😀

In the college shows two of today’s best wefie of my mommy and I !!😛 Today we spend the day going to the local supermart to buy our gocceries (just the normal routine)! Best part is I got to satisfied my cravings for KFC’s cheezy bbq meltz meal!! Big super duper yums yums yums!! Seriously finger licking good!!😛

Mommy also bought me my favorite drink of all time: Yakult Green Tea mix from the best bubble tea shop near our house!! Delicious food day!! My tummy is so happy today!! Filled it with all good good food!😛

Hopefully May 2016 will treat me well as well!! God bless me!!😀



Six Months Old

Hello! I know I have been MIA alot!!:) It’s because I am not in a good mood recently. Due to some problematic issues at home, some huge burden responsiblities that I dont like was been throw onto my tiny shoulders!!:/ I dont wanna post cause I hate to spread those negativity to all my readers!! Let’s all be positive, there is nothing in life that we can’t handle with a smile head on!! Fighting people!!:)

Anyway April is coming to an end soon!! Like in a another day’s time! Then we will open wide our arms and welcome May 2016!!:) April marks my sixth month in this company. So far so good, everyone is being real, in another words there is no hypocrite at this place!! Thumbs up!!:)

Everyday I am still learning and that is what I like in a work environment, I guess I kind of like life long learning. Just the other day my Boss Humberto asked my colleague Jo and I into his office and gave us a mission. Mission is to learn how to write out a sales order for ultrasonic testing!! We even have a deadline and it is by the end of next week! Fine! We will take up the challenge!! Fighting Mindy!! People cheer me on!!:)

My boss also gave us another mission. Which is to read up some of the job work instructions and there will be a test for us to seat through to see if we understand and remember those information!! Oh My God that is the thing that brings me all my stress truck loads of them!!!:/ We can do it!! Fighting!!:)

My cute colleague Jo bought me a pen, see attached photo for reference!! I love London pen! I dont know what is the reason she give me the pen but I felt thankful for the small gift. My guess is she probably give it to me to thank me for covering her position while she went for examination leave for four straight working days!!😀 I wish that she can pass her exams with flying colours and I love the pen so much that I can’t bear to use it!!😛

Today my another senior colleague Daphne baked Winnie and Friends steam cakes and brought them into the office to share it with us. I super love the Tigger steam cake!!! So super duper cute!! I can’t bear to eat it, so adorable!! It is illegal to be such a cutie pie!! :) 

Thanks Jo and Daphne for making my day so much brighter!! Happy Friday everyone!!😀



Happy Birthday Yang!!!

Dear JY / Yang❤ ,

Happy Birthday to you!! May you have an awesome day today with all of us helping you to celebrate your birthday for you!!😀

May you be able to grow up strong and healthy. May your studies be a breeze of easiness for you! May you always be happy and free of trouble (be it mentally, socially or physically)!!:)

To many more years of happiness and fantastic memories we will be making together in the future!!:)

Once again I wish my favorite nephew: JY / Yang a very happy birthday!! As you grow older dont leave your innocence towards life behind! Remember to remain as cheeky as always!!😉


Your Favorite Ah Yi (Aunt)❤❤❤

5 Months Passed

Hello everyone!! Happy April !! May April be able to be a great month for everyone!!:)

It has already been five months since I last started working at this company. Time really pass by quickly when you are enjoying what you are doing. In another words, you love what you are doing and life rewards you with the best results you can hope for.:)

Everyday is the same routine of reaching workplace, entering orders, writing up the orders for my new colleague to enter, some times checking on her progress (not my intention but my superior’s idea), and many more duties to explain in details here. Anyway I am living a happy life and feel very thankful and greatful for being accepted into this company and manage to meet so many nice colleagues!!😛

To many more months and may it be years to come in the future in this awesome company!! I will continue to face life everyday in a happy manner and thankful mood!!:) Hope all of you have a great weekend ahead!!😀



My Kind Of Saturday

Hi everyone!! Happy Sunday!! Spend yesterday (Saturday) shopping with my mommy in the town area of Singapore!!😛

Nothing special done, but had a great time with her. Chatting and joking around and making her laugh so loud that people around us were giving us second glances! Well, who cares? As long as we were enjoying ourselves, the rest is not a problem!!😀

Lunch for yeserday was Japanese Curry Chicken Cutlet with Rice!! Super duper yummy, it has been some time since I last had Japanese Curry food !! Felt so satisfied and contented after having it!!😛

Dinner for the day was Fish and Chips from the local wet market near my home area!! They made the best Fish and Chips in Singapore (seriously no kidding here, once you tried it once and you will look at it in a different light) !!😛

Had a happy conversation with my sister on the phone last night. Made her laugh till her tear up!! And we laugh till we are kind of short of breathe!!😀

Now, this is my type of Saturday. I dont need glamorous parties, fake friends to fill in the head counts and expensive drinks to make the photos look fancy.:/

I just need people close to my heart and literally living in my heart to have an awesome conversation and company with me to made my day wonderful. If I can add on to the happiness meter then throw in a few good food like those mention as per above and I am super contented that I could feel the fireworks in my mind, heart and soul bursting into beautiful colours!!😀

Like what one of my colleague said last week, “I realised that you are not the typical youngster, I see that you read a lot, I dont see you going out with friends often and you seems to carry your own personal image really well!” My response to her was “I read a lot because reading is my top hobby that I have been having it since my primary school years. Therefore I am being named as bookworm for a reason!😛 I seldom went out with my friends cause they are all busy with their life, we still hang out together just not that frequent as normal young people do. But whenever we do arrange the time to hang out together we cant stop our sharing of our recent life happenings and the laughter!!😀 Hmmm I am glad you think that I carry my image well, I like people to perceive that I am a great person to have unlimited happiness and positivity in me. :)”

I am a happy person. I hope all of you reading this post can be happy and I manage to bring a smile on your face no matter how small a twitch on your lips!!  :D

Happy weekend to everyone!!😛




Hi All, look at those cute photos above!!😛 Found out this app called MSQRD while browsing through the app store and downloaded it to give it a try.:)

Didnt dissapoint me at all. Had tons of fun with my mommy. Made her laugh till she was rolling around on the bed literally really!!!😀

There are quite a few selection, example of those that made us laugh for some long time will be the blinking animation eyes as oer above, some have tears flying out from our eyes and also one which have your eyeballs popping out from their socket!! It was extremely entertaining!!:)

Give it a try and download it now and have lots of fun with your family and friends!! That will be all for today. Just came across this app and thought I should spread the fun and happiness with all of you people!!:)

Have fun and laugh loudly and smile always!!😛



Goodbye Boss

Hello everyone! I know I have been Missing In Action for some time. Anway I am back now.:)

Had a super busy week at work last week, so busy that I lost all my mood to read novels and that is my top notch hobby mind you.. Miss my mood for blogging, listening to musics that made me feel high and etc etc…😦

Cause my colleague went on leave to prepare for her examinations and another colleague went on leave to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Which left only my superior which seated at the far end of the office and a kinda new colleague.:/

Then this week at work was beginning to get back on tracks. Therefore I have the mood to start blogging again!:) On Tuesday my superior Daniel informed our team that our boss Humberto was going back to the states. He will be joining our main company is the states as his children is all growing up and need to be in school, with all the high expenses for a foreigner to stay in Singapore for long term and all, it is no longer an option for him to serve in the Singapore branch of the company.😦

On Wednesday, I met boss while on my way to the pantry and he called out to me. I stopped in my tracks and greeted him “Hello Boss”, he smiled and said “Hello, by the way did you hear the news that I am leaving?”. I replied that “Yup, I heard this sad news!”, the funny man said “But you seems happy, you dont look sad now, you are smiling!”. So I responded to him in a smiley tone “Boss, I cant be walking around the office sobbing now can I? People will think something is off with me!!”. He laughed and walked back to his office.:)

But really Boss H, we will all miss you. Thank you for being a great and wonderful boss, thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn new things. Thank you for teaching me during last year’s stock taking about the company different types of products.:) Overall I am thankful for all your guidance and patience! I am greatful to have you as my boss albeit being for such a short period of time!!:)

Anyway Daniel also informed us that a new boss will arrive in April to take over Humberto’s position. Hope this new boss can be a great and awesome man with the same patience and humour as Boss H. :) 

Other than that work is as usual. Except that on Thursday I finally quoted to a customer. On my first try I got the quotation right and gain myself a purchase order!! Super excited and full of happiness!!😀

Wish me all the best of of luck to more great work experiences and more new things to learn soon!!:)

Last but not the least, always Smile As Much As You Can !!😀

Hope everyone have a great day ahead!!😀