Book Review: 百年女尸的报复 / Revenge of a 100 Year Old Corpse

Hi ladies and gentleman, another book review is coming your way!! Sit tight at your seat, today’s book review is on a horror novel!!😉

I just finished reading this novel yesterday evening!! The ending was such a happy ending for the main character. I truely recommend all those horror novel beginner to read this novel: 百年女尸的报复 / Revenge of a 100 Year Old Corpse.🙂

It seems scary at just looking at the title of the novel, but in reality it is still kind of within an acceptable limit of my heart!!😉

The story started with two village boys that is jobless and simply just loves to wander around the whole village doing nothing all day and all year round. One day Ling Xiao and Da Dan came across a cave and they started to explore it.

They notice that there is a coffin in the middle of the cave, D started using his rifle to shoot at the coffin. After some rounds of  bullets being used up, they opened the coffin and saw a really beautiful young lady dressed in an ancient dress. D started to look around the corpse and found nothing of value. Both boys left the cave in dissapointment.:/

Halfway home, D told L to go ahead to go home first without him as he had left some stuff in the cave. In actual he wanted to brought the beautiful corpse to his home and have his dirty ways with her. And he did.😦

The next day, L went to visit D at his house and saw the corpse laying on D’s bed. L was furious that D would did such a inhuman act. He also realizes that D’s facial features started to seems hagged, with black shadows covering his eyes…

He asked D to bring the corpse back to the cave quickly. After some arguement, D obliged. After a few more days, the corpse started her act of revenge on D…

D started to feel itchiness all over his body and scratches the skin of his whole arms off… Only at this moment did he felt scared and how wrong his actions were… But it was too late…:/

In order to save his best friend, L persuade D to visit the cave again to find the corpse and her owner to beg for forgiveness and hope that D’s weird illness can be cured. They started their journey down the dangerous cave.😉

The story continues to explained in details what the best friends encountered in the cave and how they overcome all the dangerous obstacles!!🙂

Lot of dangerous obstacles like human-mermaid, giant posionous snake, hundreds of blood sucking mosquitoes that is the size of humans and thousands year old vampire king, these are just a few of them, to know more about the story go ahead and google the title of this novel: 百年女尸的报复 / Revenge of a 100 Year Old Corpse and enjoy their adventure in this cave!!🙂

I will personally gave it a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars! I simply love the story too much but just wanted to give it a 0.1 star of room of improvement!!🙂

I love how the author can bring the reader into the environment in his book with just words. While reading this novel I can totally forget about my surroundings!! That is simply the magical part of this book!! Quick go read it for yourself!!🙂

Happy reading it,


Book Review: 做个坏夫人 / Be A Bad Wife

Hi people!! A chinese novel book review is coming your way!! I finished reading this story a couple of weeks ago, but dragged till now then have the time and mood to write up a book review for it!!😀

The book title is called 做个坏夫人 / Be A Bad Wife!! This story is about a 21st century girl who loves money. In order to have a lot of money, she started a hobby of collecting antiques.🙂

One day she went to the antique shop and saw a good quality jade pendent… She bought it at a low price and went home, slept while holding onto the jade~

Next thing she know when she woke up she was already being transported back to a few hundreds of years ago~~~

She befriended an ancient lady and in her place she married a rich guy. As the ancient lady already have a lover.🙂

The story continues to how the main character behaves in some modern ways to try and make the rich guy divorce her! But all to no avail instead they both started to fall in love with each other!!😀

Due to some misunderstandings between this pair of cute lovers the main character decided that she do not want to continue living in the ancient times. She requested the jade pendent to transport her back to modern times!!:/

And the jade pendent granted her wish. She came to back to 21st century but her mind and heart was being left behind in the ancient times with a certain rich guy!!😦

After a few months she came to a realization that she love the ancient man!! Not only for his money but for him as a person!! She bid good bye to her family and requested the jade pendent to bring her back to the ancient times, back to her lover (husband)!!🙂

The jade pendent warned her that there will be no coming back to 21st century anymore in the future. She will be deemed to stay in the ancient times for the rest of her life.🙂

She agreed, and was being brought back to the love of her life!! Both of them cleared up their misunderstandings and proceed to live a happily ever after life!!🙂

I will give a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars for this story!! I love how the sweet and adorable couple can make me giggle with their exchange of words!!🙂

Their interaction is seriously cute and contagious of laughter to be ensue!!😀

For those of you whom are interested in this book, go ahead and google to look for it and enjoy the story!!🙂

Have fun,


One Year Old~

Hi everyone!! I am back for another updates~ I am already one year old in my current company!!🙂

Recently the business pick up and I am sooooo super duper busy that I totally have no time to even go for a toilet break!!😛

But at the end of each day I am still feeling super re-charged!! All thanks to my bunch of super awesome colleagues!! Really thankful to have them as my colleagues!!🙂

We are such an awesome team!! Whenever one is down with medical leave or annual leave the others will always be able to cover for his or her duty (without any hesitation and compliants)!!🙂

Although business and workload have been building up these two weeks, everyday have been really resourceful. Been living every single day with happiness and thankfulness!!🙂

I just wanted to share my heartfelt feelings to all of you out there that I am super duper happy each day!!🙂 Hope all of you are also having an awesome day ahead!!😀

Happy one year old / anniversary at my current workplace to myself!!😛



Happy Diwali (2016)!!!

Hi everyone, I am here to write up a short post to wish all the indians a happy diwali!! Enjoy this festive season and celebrate together with your friends and family! May the season of lights light up your life and future with all happiness and prosperity!!🙂

May all the other races enjoy this public holiday and do not forget to send your blessings to your indian friends too!!🙂

Stay happy and healthy,


Book Review: 本色少爷逗佳人

Yay yay yay!!! Two blog post in a day!! Although both blog post is book review but better than nothing right right right??😀

Anyway read on below for the summary for this book:-

Scene One. . .

“为什么转台?”泽焕低着头,看着怀中的美人儿发问。 “没有,想看看别的。”洛倾心没抬头看他,只是盯着荧幕。

 “洛倾心。”泽焕好温柔地喊她,他知道洛倾心在逃避什么。 洛倾心缓缓地离开泽焕的怀里,装作没听到的整理自己皱掉的衣服。

 “洛倾心,我们什么时候结婚?”泽焕还是问了。 又来了,洛倾心忍不住在心底咋舌,哪壶不开提哪壶,她知道接下来泽焕又会说什么。



To read on for the whole book you people can click on the link

This story is about a girl born in the rural village went to a big city like Bei Jing or Shang Hai. At the big city she found a job at a respectable firm, she met the male lead at the company lobby.🙂

Slowly they got to know each other and started dating. They fall in love with each other and slowly the male lead wanted to marry the female lead but was being rejected of the marriage offer.😦

As times goes by the female lead realised that she was pregnant and parents of the main character forces them to get married and the couple agreed (for the sake of their unborn baby)!!🙂

The ending was a good one and warm hearted!! They looked at the sunset and voice their vows to each other with the surroundings and Mother Nature as their witness!!🙂

For those of you whom like to read more of the story your can go click on the link and enjoy the full story!!🙂

Personally I will give it a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars!!🙂 I like the romance story of this couple. This is a very sweet and cut story. Male character is always trying to think of ways to surprises the female lead!! He is such an amazing young man. They really deserve each other!!😀

Happy Reading,


Book Review: 嬌妻硬上弓

Finished reading this cute chinese novel a few weeks ago, dragged till today then finally have the mood to write up a book review for it.😛

The summary of the novel is as per below:- 













Those of you whom are interested in this novel can read it online at

This novel is actually about an ordinary looking girl met a guy whom comes from a rich family. How they fall in love with each other and overcome obstacles from the male lead’s family objection to their marriage.😦

Luckily in the end they got a happy ending. With the blessings from the male lead character’s family members!!🙂

Personally I will give it a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. I love how the female lead’s personality of being kind and innocent towards all people in general.🙂

I admire the male lead’s talent of easily playing all sorts of musical equipments. He also have a strong gift in playing cello. His love to the female lead also moved me (and all readers)!!🙂

Quick hop over to the link I posted in this blog entry and read it for youself and enjoy their romance story!!🙂

No Monday Blues,