Fun Ketchup (Catch Up)!!!

From Left to Right: Kai, Mins, Pei ❤️❤️❤️

Had a fun ketchup (catching up) session with these two cuties yesterday!! Spend some time talking, joking around, eating and drinking. Time just flew by so quickly when you are enjoying yourself. 

Missed this two girls dearly especially when we were all working together once upon a time. Enjoyed exchanging our recent life changing process / happenings.

Those that are meant to be left behind will be throw behind my shoulders. Those that shows great importance will always be remain in my life. These two belong to the latter category!!

Thanks to these two girls, I have a great night out with them. Although it was a bit rush, everything still falls into pace eventually. Till next time we meet again, take care of yourselves!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


BookwormMindy 😀

Happy Daddy’s Day!!!

To: My Dearest Daddy,

Daddy you are the best  dad i can have. Although you may not be as expressive as mommy, but i know that deep in your heart you still love me as much as mommy. 

Mommy plays the role of the good guy while you are being force to play the bad guy, since you look more fierce. But since i was young you never ever lay your hands on me even once. Yes, you do scold us, but you dont believe in violence. You let us grow up in a peaceful environment.

Thank you Daddy for everything that you have ever done for us and me. I cant put all my thoughts into words and write them here for all your kind actions to me since i was young till now will always stay in my heart.

I cant thank you enough. But a big huge thank you for bringing me up. I love you, Daddy. Happy Father’s Day to you!! 😘😘😘

From: Your Cute Young Daughter
Happy Father’s Day to all father out there and happen to read my blog post. :)

Happily Bored?


Hi all, back for more blogging! Have been spending most part of the week staying in at home. Right this moment i am feeling kinda bored.

But all in all i am enjoying my freedom state. I get to snack whenever i like, i dont have to take other’s random shit, i get to glue my hands to my electronic devices all time of the day.

Best part? I get to catch up on all my criminal books (Detective Conan comics series). And also taking selfies whenever i have the “right moment and right attitude”!!

Life’s so good right now. God bless me! How are the rest of you out there? Having a blast for the weekend?

Good food, great company and best day of the week!! ❤️❤️❤️


BookwormMindy 😁

Last Day @ Klenco

Early morning had free breakfast which includes bee hoon, fried chicken wings and fishcake (there will be twice per year that all salesman treat the whole company to breakfast). :)

Afternoon lunch was treated by a salesman Mr Anthony Kang in particular. We ordered in mcdonald’s mcwings meal (yums). He volunteered to pay for my share! Happy!! I thanked him profusely (of course)!! :D

Before going off for the day, collected pay slip and colleagues present to me the photo frame with all our college photos taken together, with love notes written at the back of the frame! Felt so happy and deeply touched.

Jenny gave me some nail polish (in bottle form and stickers form)! While Fran gave me a pinky teddy which looks so super adorable. For more photos you can go to my instagram account and look through (you can look for mindytweety) :)

Overall, I enjoyed my last day at work today very much! Thank you to each and everyone of you that made today a fantastic day at work for me. ;)

Till next time,

BookwormMindy :D

Last 2nd Day

Early morning one of the lunch kakkis member (a group we created ourselves cos every lunch time during weekdays we eat together) bought me my favorite drink; TOMATO FRUIT JUICE!!!! Yums!! Thanks once again Susan bell!!! :)

Next during lunch time today boss Samuel gave the whole marketing dept a treat as a farewell lunch for me too. We decided to go to Jack’s Place and I ordered crumble chicken and fries and a mini salad!! Yums, super duper full!! Blurping away~~~

Last but not least, today I received a lovely note with a beautifully wrapped gift from the receptionist. Thank you so much Josephine!! :)

And follow by lots of selfies!! 

Tata xoxo,

BookwormMindy :D

6 more days

Count down: 6 more days to departure of this place i called a workplace.

Feeling nervous, excited and happy. Nervous cause of the all questions that people i worked with may ask me. Excited cause i cant wait to start afresh at a new environment, make new friends and learn new things. Happy cause i can finally regain my freedom for a short while (better than none right?) hahahaha :)

Wish me all the best. Although i know some people at work dont really think i can make it at a new place afresh, i dont really care, i will prove them wrong.

My attitude to them will be “If you dont like me, dont wish me the best, then dont! Without your best wishes i will be able to make it further in life.”

Byes (for now)~

BookwormMindy :D