Cheeky BookwormMindy

Hi beautiful readers!! It is mid week already!! Happy mid week to everybody!!😛

Today was an amazing day at work. Not much work load, great colleagues and cheeky superior!!🙂

At around 3pm my sales manager (Daniel) came round to our desk and chatted with us about work and disturb me… He walked to my cubicle and the conversation is as follows:-

Daniel: Mindy Koh…

BookwormMindy: Yes?🙂

D: What are you doing?

B: Amending the due dates for the particular PO that you just ask customer to change…

D: Oh ok… *walking away to my colleague desk and asking the same question* 😂

Then when it was time to go home and we all was standing at the lift waiting for it to arrive at our level we saw him again. He walked up to us and waited the lift together with us. *Us as in Jo, GH and me.🙂

The funny conversations will follows as below:-

Jo: Hey Daniel, your brief case is no longer in a good condition. You need to change a new one… 😂

Daniel: Yeah…

J: You want us to buy you one when your birthday rolls around? Maybe we go to Diaso and buy you one. Mickey mouse design you okay with it? 😝

BookwormMindy: Minnie mouse suits him more… 😝😝

D: No! I want that one… *Pointing at my pink panther stuff toy key chain hanging on my bag… 😁

B: WHAT! But this is not for sale!! *Announce the above statement instantly.. 😝😝

D: Laughing away merrily~

J: Oh then Daniel, you need to pending inbound already!! 😝✌🏻️

We all laughed out loud literally!! 😁😁😁 All these while GH was standing aside and laughing along with us without contributing any jokes!! 😅

I like how we all can joke around with each other easily without any care for different positions held in this company. Just like friends instead of colleagues and superior!!🙂

Felt very thankful for having them in my life. Feeling super blessful to have them as my team mates and manager!!🙂

Today marks the 76th day of my exercise regime!! I have walked the above miles and steps for the app called Charity Miles. In particular for a charity: water!! This charity supports people around the world having clean and safe water for drinking and usage!!🙂

As you can see in the screenshot above it have only got $22,000/- plus so far. Therefore I encouraged all of you whom are currently reading this blog post to download this app called Charity Miles and start walking for the charity that you want to support.🙂

Personally I am supporting Charity: Water. This is one of the apps that have less supporters. Since it have been some time this app started this charity group and till now it only have $22,000/-. Therefore start walking now and the amount will start to jump up higher as days goes by.🙂

You dont have to donate the money literally. All you have to do to help those in need is to hold your phone and walk or run or cycle indoors or outdoors!! The amount will then automatically accumulate. The sponsers of the app will donate the respective amount of cash to the charity that you supported at the end of a span of time!!🙂

For more details, you can read up more information at the app store under Charity Miles (the app)!!!🙂

Quick go download now and start helping those in need. If you have time to play Pokemon Go, you should also be able to open another app (Charity Miles) on your phone to calculate the distance you walk or run or cycle. Do it for yourself (being healthy and have fun at the same time) and others (help those in need, be kind)!!!🙂

Share with me your results if you like. I would be more than happy to cheer you on. For your information so far I have walked a total of 121.15 miles in Charity Miles!! Come on and catch up to my speed and distance there!!🙂

I challenged you! (In a good and friendly manner for a wonderful cause!) Oh, did I mention before that you can join any teams you like (there are a few Pokemon teams). Personally I did joined a few teams like #Singapore / #Live To Give (you can set up a team if you like).🙂

See you beautiful and kind people at Charity Miles.🙂



Book Review: 妃常倾城;腹黑王妃不好惹

Hi people!! I am back for an updates regarding the latest chinese novel which I have just finish reading this evening!!🙂

The book title will be 妃常倾城;腹黑王妃不好惹. The story is about a girl living back in those days where by a King is the head of the country. Battle to fight for land. That will be a few thousands of years ago. Anyway, the story is saying this girl also the main female character named Mu Yan Qin (YQ) was a child born by the master of the family together with a maid!!😦

Therefore from young she was being bullied by the wife and eldest daughter of this master. The master pretended to not know that she was being bullied.😦

One day the King sent a eunuch to announced that the eldest daughter of the family will get married to the fourth son of the King. The couple wanted their daughter to married the King’s sixth son instead as he holds a better percentage of becoming the King in future!!:/

Therefore they thought up a plan to get YQ concussed and force her to married the King’s fourth son (meaning she will took their daughter’s place)!! They forced her to married the fourth son in success. From there the story unfold about how YQ survive in the home of the fourth son as her sister’s name!!😦

The story was a splendid one with lots of twist and turns that I cant forsee in advance. Some twist of plots took me by shock and other took me by surprise and happiness.😀

I managed to cry away a few tissues while trying to finish up the story. This is definitely a good book to share with all those that love chinese novels. Quick go to google and look for it and read it for yourself and you will know why I managed to cry away a few good tissues!!😛

Personally I will give it a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. I have a high liking to the female character of how she grew to become a strong woman and take hold of those the cross her with hatred and let her enemies cant have a good life!! ;) 

She always have a plan in advance. She always try to plan out her next move before literally taking the next step out. Yet at most of the time she managed to survive well and come out at the end of the book as a winner. It was a blessing that she survived the fight amongst woman (in a palace in the olden times, it can get quite messy and dangerous)!! 

She even bear two children (a boy and a girl, how lucky is that) for the man she love (her husband)!!😀 Quickly go read the story and enjoy her life events. Meanwhile after reading you will grow stronger as a person (mentally) too!!🙂

Have fun reading!!



Happy Birthday Mommy (2016)!!!

Hi all ladies and gentleman!! This blog post will be dedicated to my dearest mommy!!🙂

Celebrated her birthday in advance with her on last last weekend!! Went out together with my second sister and her family to help mommy celebrate her birthday in advance (on that day counted as in advance)!!🙂

We brought her to a restaurant and let her have her way with all the food. Good food, great company although not so good service at the restaurant.. But well, it is the people you are having the meal together that is important!!🙂

On her actual birth day this month the 19th I help her celebrated her birthday again!! Simply because she is super worthy of another birthday celebration. Although when it comes to my part there will be nothing too fancy.🙂

Simply just a little bouquet of lovely flowers for my super hero mommy and a slice of her favorite coffee cake from the famous local cake shop (Bangawansolo)!!😀

She was over the moon for the whole day. The sweet honey smile never leaving her face. She did shared her feelings and thoughts that she felt really loved by her daughters (yours truly included in it)!!!😛

She is my super mommy!! I love you mommy dearest!! You are always there whenever we needed your help and guidance. As for any good and sound advices you have for us, you never shy away from sharing it out loud with us.🙂

Albeit some times we can get kind of enough from all your nagging but deep in our hearts we know you do care for us. We all appreaciated all that you have ever done for us (be it infront of us or behind our backs)!!🙂

All that you have done for us is for our own good. Some times we may not get the point straight away, but whenever we have the time to sit down and really think through all your actions, we know that it was for our own good!!🙂

Thank you Mommy for all that you have done for us!! Koh sisters love you as deep as the sea, as high as the sky and as round as the globe!!😀



Sadness = BookwormMindy ?

Hi everyone!! I am finally back for an update!! It have been some days since I last blogged here and share with you people my thoughts…🙂

Some time back in around two weeks ago one of my colleague Daphne gave me a Sadness figurine as a birthday gift. She even wrapped it up in a milky candy girl wrapper (milky candy girl is Daphne’s favorite cartoon character, she find her very cute).🙂

Upon unwrapping the cute wrapper I found Sadness looking at me innocently with her famous sad looking face!!😀

I thanked my colleague profusely too.. Although with the attached emocon of 😂😂😂 expression on my face!! My little Sadness will walk super duper slowly upon turning the little key at the side of her body!!🙂

Cute little Sadness. Now all my colleagues at work will always try to add on to my Sadness collection. Last Friday my colleague from account department came over to our side and printed out a Sadness and pinned it on my cubicle wall!! 😂😂

Morale of the post I seriously have a bunch of really cute and hyper colleagues!! Happy to meet them in my life!! Cheers to EA!!😀



Happy Birthday Singapore!! :)

Dear Singapore,

Wish you a very happy 51th birthday!! May you be always strong and free!! May you be always independent and reliable!! You will always be our home!!😀

You will always be loved by us Singaporeans and all human beings all over the world!! You are the best in my heart!!😀

Happy birthday Singapore!! I love you, Singapore!! My dear lovely and strong nation!! I felt so blessful to be able to have you protect me and being a true blue Singaporean!!🙂



Book Review: 王,欠你十世姻缘

Hi fellow bookworms, I am here to share with you people my latest favorite book that I finish reading today. The title is called 王,欠你十世姻缘 meaning King, Owe You Ten Lifetime of Marriage!!🙂

Just the title and it seems so romantic and such a lovely book name right? :) 

The plot of the story is about a fairy girl from heaven with the job of taking care of little mud dolls marriage which represent human beings on Earth. One day while she is at work she accidentally broke apart two mud dolls (a boy and a girl mud doll), they are suppose to be a married couple. But because she broke both mud dolls, their marriage will not come true on Earth.😦

Once she realise her mistake she quickly went to seek help from her master. Although her master tried to quickly do up another two mud dolls it was too late. Therefore this fairy girl need to go down to Earth and amend the human beings (two mud dolls) love string and make sure for ten lifetimes they can get back together and fall in love, get married and stay happy ever after.🙂

The story get to the exciting part when she is at her last mission (the tenth lifetime of amending the love string between the couple mud dolls). She fall in love with the male mud doll. As days goes by, the male mud doll also fall in love with this fairy girl.😉

Here comes the problem, her soul needs to get back to heaven and in exchange the female mud doll can get back to standing beside the male mud doll. But fairy girl cannot bear to leave behind the male mud doll.😦

After lots of different and difficult situations, the ending is a happy one. The fairy girl and the male mud doll in the end got together and even gave birth to a cute little girl!!🙂

Personally I will give a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for this cute romantic book!!🙂 Since I seldom come across books with deity as characters, which makes this book so much more interesting as compare with other novels.🙂

You can go goggle the title of this book and read the full story for yourself, definitely worth reading!!🙂

Have a great fun time devoring this cute lively book!!🙂



Movie Review: Full Strike

Hi everybody!! I am here to share with you all an outstanding movie about sports!! Especially it is my favorite sport; Badminton!! The title of this outstanding movie is called Full Strike!!🙂

Main characters is Josie Ho and Ekin Cheng along with Ronald Cheng!!🙂 The best cast for an amazing movie!!🙂

Anyway the plot is about an ex sports woman being banned from playing any professional tournament internationally. Due to Ng Kau Sau (acted by Josie Ho) being extremely hot temper and hurt her own team mate and opponent in the field!!😦

She started to give up on herself after being banned. She felt that her love for badminton started to vanished as people all around her look down on her and always scold her.😦

One day she saw a miracle of the shape of a shuttlecock falling from the sky down to the Earth. She was being chased by the “shuttlecock” (actually is a guy whom later on became her coach) she quickly ran into a nearby school of badminton. 

This school of badminton was started up by three ex convicts!! But they have already changed over a new leaf and wanted to start their life afresh. Therefore they decided to take up a sport and particularly badminton!!🙂

Together the three ex convicts and Kau Sau was being trained by the coach. After a month of training all members have improved significantly!🙂

They all decided to join a television competition. Although in the end they lose but at least they still went into the finales!!🙂

Everyone pick up their love for badminton and become the best of friends with each other in this little group!!🙂

It was a great enjoyment watching the actors playing badminton in the court on screen!! The best combination of love for badminton and fiery determination to win the competition is the best firework show to capture an audience’s attention!!🙂

You should go watch it too, especially if you are a chinese who understands cantonese!! You can go to youtube and search for Full Strike Movie to start enjoying this great movie!! I enjoy myself very much for the 1hr 48mins!!🙂

I personally will rate this movie a good 3.8 out of 5 stars!!🙂 Definitely can be better and will look out for part two (if have)!!🙂

Hope everyone will enjoy this movie as much as I do!!🙂