Book Review: 娇柔千金,这个杀手有点冷/Gentle Lady With A Cold Killer

Hi everyone!! I am back with another book review, this time round it is about a gentle lady with her killer lover. Title of the book is 娇柔千金,这个杀手有点冷/Gentle Lady With A Cold Killer!! 🙂

Summary of the book is about how a rich girl; Wen Yin Qian (YQ) became a poor sparrow in a span of a night due to the death of her father. She brought along her mother and forge a life together. Until one day her mother fall sick and she became even poorer than before. 😦

She was forced to step into a night club to become a club girl whose duty was to serve drinks to the clubbers or rich bosses whom frequent the place. On the first day at work, she was being forced to drink wine and was knock out with just one glass of wine due to her having a non existance drinking capablity! 😦

The rich guy brought her to a hotel and tried to raped her while she was unconcious!! Luckily at the last minute she managed to wake up and ran away from that nightmare with her purity intact!! 🙂

She met the second lead character; Meng Xi (MX) whom is a sweety as compared to the first male character named Leng Yi Bing (YB) whose personality is just like his name, full of coldness just like in a winter season!! :/

But YQ’s heart was being given to YB at first sight. she treated MX as her best friend instead of her crush. Whenever YB caught them talking and laughing together he would grow jealous and started to use his words to hurt YQ. But YQ do not understand his actions and felt that YB do not love her at all. 😦

After a few long draggy chapters of the story they finally have a happy ending. Finally the couple got to know how the other feel anout themselves. Poor MX was being left all alone staring at the happy couple’s back view!! 🙂

Personally I would give a medium rating for this love story between YQ and YB. The rating would be… 2.8 out of 5 stars. It was seriously on a rare occasion that I would kind of give such a low score for a novel. :/

Normally novels can kind of give me a tearful process or happy laughter while reading them. But this particular book is just too damn draggy for my liking. The author kept repeating that in YQ’s mind she always thought of YB as her saviour and master since he paid all expenses for her inclusive of her mother’s medical bill. 😦

The author kept repeating again and again that how YQ cannot allow herself to confess her love to YB due to her low status of a maid or helper to YB. But she just cannot seem to control her heart of actions when faced with YB, it seems very draggy that the story seems to drag on for forever. 😦

The reason why I still keep reading is because I simply hate to give up reading a novel half way through. I refuse to give up and make myself read till the ending. Luckily it was a happy ending, if not I simply will give the rating a boom and make it fall down the cliff and landed with a big fat zero!! :/

For those of you whom wanted to give this book a try on your own, you can go google for the title named 娇柔千金,这个杀手有点冷/Gentle Lady With A Cold Killer! 🙂

Have fun reading! Hope you  an enjoy it better than I did. 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

Time Capsule; To Future Self

Dear Future Self,

On 16 Feb 2017 evening I heard a DJ of my favorite station speaking about what a person may write in their own time capsule if they have one. I suddenly have this thought that I can actually write a blog post about this and treat this little space as my time capsule as well!! 😉

I will continue to cheer you up by telling you that never forget the past and continue to keep looking forward to an even better and awesome future ahead of you. Always remember to live in the moment. Cherish whatever you have at the instance, for you may no longer see or hear or even held the same thing again in the next second! 🙂

The past is for you to think back upon when you have the time to day dream and smile upon all those silly things that you did once upon a long time ago. 😛

The present is for you to stay happy and enjoy every second of life. Keep creating new memories and do not give up in yourself. For you will be a better self every next second that you fight against whatever life throws upon your path. It is always to make a stronger you. You will always have a way to overcome all those difficulties if you have the determination and desire to do so. You can do it!! 😀

The future is a bright and colorful world where you continue to be yourself. Never changing for anyone. Stay confident, smart and youthful be it mind, body or heart and soul. Future is a place where you are going to be in a matter of seconds. Smile always and have a kind heart with thoughtful actions carried out. 🙂

Future self, continue to do what you have done in the past. You will be fine. You will be an awesome individual whom are not afraid of making mistakes and have the courage to be different than others. You will be a courageous individual with a lioness personality that stands no nonsense from whatsoever no importance people. 😉

Strive on for a better tomorrow. You are such a beautiful person inside and out that no other person can copy you however hard they tried to. Be it however long ago and on towards the future, you are always an unique person with great thoughts, loud laughter, have the ability to make those that you cared about laugh till they cry or sob till they break into a heartfelt smile. 😀

I will continue to fight for a better self. Please continue to fight on and you will always be an inspiring individual (no matter how little of group of people I can inspire)!! 😉


Your Past Self 😀

PS: With tons of cuteness overloading~ BookwormMindy 😛

Cheer Up, It’s Mid-Week

Hi people!! It’s mid week!! Hooray!! Another two more days to weekend!! 😀

Today’s blog post is just pure rambling on my part. Since it has been such a long time since I write about my heart felt thoughts at this tiny space!! 😉

Nowadays whenever it is time to go to work I dragged my feet along. That is until the minute hand ticks to my knock off time and suddenly I feel that my two short legs can’t carry me fast enough to speed along the route to my home!! 😛

The reason being my bottle-neck feeling at work is because of my colleagues. They started not being co-operative enough. Kept asking questions, yet still did nothing after getting the answer. Response to my answer to their questions is always the same thing saying that nope I don’t want to do it. -.-

I just cannot understand how they think. I am fine with you people not doing the work, I can do those “mundane” tasks. Just do not waste my precious time answering your questions and not giving me any productive actions in return. -.-

My mindset is really simple, just don’t ask me any questions when you do not have the heart or willingness to do the job!! Simple as that, just keep quiet and sleep at your desk or play with your phone. •.•

I am feeling super annoyed whenever they keep asking me the process of my routine. Example is customer emailed to us and asked us to expedite an order. I have printed the PO and already in process of entering the order into the system and just a second away from releasing the order to the operations team. Here they goes, asking me thousand and one question in regards to this order. My facial expression was like -.-||| ~~~ >.<

I do not know how to overcome this situation. Some of you may advice to speak to the management. But I refuse to do so, since in my opinion our management was a waste of air. They did nothing. Nothing of importance anyway. Enough said. Feeling super dissapointed. 😦

Therefore what a little worker like me can do is pray hard for the weekend to quickly arrive. So that at least I can relax for two days before back to facing my colleagues’ evil ways!! @.@

Meanwhile I shall continue to do my work as usual. I shall continue to remind myself that just do what you are suppose to do which is work. Do not and I repeat to myself, do not talk too much unnecessary stuff with these colleagues. It is better to not mixed work and personal together with them. It is best to be purely professional with them. 🙂

I can do it! Cheer up, it is already mid week!! You already survived half of the week, you can definitely hang in there for another two more days!! Fighting!! 😀

Decided to post a selfie that I took this morning with my favorite drink; Green Tea to remind myself always smile!! 😛 Do not forget to smile through all the storm and thunder!! 😀

Together with my selfie is a plant I saw this evening when I was on my way home. Wanted to share this beautiful scene with all of you whom are reading this naggy blog post!! 😛

Love how those leaves look, so fresh, so bright and so young!! I will learn from them!! Continue to live well and better each day. Be a stronger person than the day before!! 😀

Let’s all fight for a better tomorrow!! 🙂 Wish all of you whom are reading this blog post to have an awesome day ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

Book Review: 玩物大亨/Top Player

Hi people!! Are you having a great weekend at your side? Today’s blog post will be on a book review on 玩物大亨/Top Player which I just finish reading today and can’t wait to share the story with you all!! 🙂

The story revolves around the female character named Yu Ren Feng 俞人凤(RF) on how she met the love of her life also known as the male character of this story named Nie Ao Tian 聂傲天(AT). 🙂

Their first encounter is full of anger towards each other. Since RF’s father causes the death of AT’s whole family because being s ruthless business man means always getting what he wants. :/

Inclusive of a piece of land which AT’s family lives, they refuse to sell the land to RF’s father. RF’s father set up a fire and literally burnt down the building. AT and his brother was the only survival in his family. His parents and baby sister died in the big fire!! 😦

After some investigations as he grew up he found out the mastermind of that fire. He seeks revenge towards RF’s father. He causes his company to be in a financial crisis and put his health condition in a critical stage as well. After a few exchange, RF’s father obviously loses and in return he got a stroke which put him in a bed-ridden stage! :/

RF seeks for AT’s forgiveness without avail. In return she got hurt by him emotionally at first. But as the days went by, he seek physical violence towards RF in bed as well. While doing so, his conscience was mocking him being a man actually treated RF in such a despicable manner. 😦

He also started to fall in love with RF, although he cares for her deeply, he always uses strong words towards her to make his own heart feel better! Reason being he can’t forgive himself for loving the killer’s daughter of his family! (I just think he is being silly, RF plays no part at all in planning his family’s death, he can’t just push all the blame to the poor girl)!! 😦

Anyway, RF love him as well. She started to court him, of course to no avail and in exchange she got lots of hurtful words thrown in her face!! She always stay strong whenever he does that. Although mentally she was breaking down into a million pieces inside her mind!! 😦

One day, RF recieve a call from the hospice care centre to informed her that her father have been announced dead. She literally break down, feeling her parents left as alone in this world. 😦

At such an important time, AT brought down his revenge mask and resume his caring and loving self. He held RF in his arms and consoled her till she is calm enough to say good bye one last time to her father! 🙂

After this incident, AT finally bring himself to reality since his revenge have been a success. He decided to heed RF advice and want to live the rest of his life loving and not hating!! He accepted RF’s confession and the two of them finally got together!! 🙂

It was such an eventful love story that it literally brought me to tears at the ending of this lovely story of this couple!! Luckily the two of them decided to get together and love each other for the rest of their lives!! Glad they have each other as company till the end of the world!! 🙂

Therefore I will give it a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! 😛

Those whom are interested in the story can read the full story at google finding the title of the book 玩物大亨/Top Player!! Hope you all enjoy the story as much as I do!! I love the two characters! Such a sweet and amazing story need to be share and spread around!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😀

Book Review: 圣诞妈咪/Xmas Mommy

Hi people!! Today I will write a book review on a chinese novel called 圣诞妈咪/Xmas Mommy that I just finish reading two days ago!! 🙂

Finally have the time to share this cute little novel with you all!! This story is about a kind hearted girl called Shen Pan Pan (PP) having a difficult life since young. Due to always having difficulty paying all the hospitalisation debts of her dead mom and finding a way to pay those mounting bills since young…

One day at school her senior started to chase after her and wanted to court her due to a challenge set by a few rich friends. But was being rejected by her ruthlessly. Her senior felt humiliated and plot to win her through some dirty tricks. 😦

He knew that PP needed lots of money to go through the days and pay off all the debts. He tricked her into believeing their is a party at his house and he needed waitress. :/

PP was naive or maybe just too desperate for the cash to pay off the debts and take care of her lazy father. She agreed to take the job. 😦

When she reached his house, it was isolated of any human beings. He pulled her into his house and gave her a glass of plain water. She bottoms it up without muttering a single question as to why it was being so quiet in the house when it should be holding a party… 😦

After a while she felt dizzy and out of energy. At this moment her senior and his girlfriend appear infront of her and the girlfriend help PP change into a set of revealing clothes and snap series of photos the senior holding onto PP and PP facial expression of happiness and sweetness!! 😦

After taking those photos the senior dumped PP on his elder brother’s mattress as his birthday gift!! He then left the house with his girlfriend. When his brother came home and saw a revealing dress up woman on his bed, he was livid!! He wanted to threw her out his house but stopped due to PP’s pleading…

He gave PP a few minutes to collect herself in the bathroom. When she finish collected herself and wanted to leave the house she say him again at the main door and he threw a few pieces of money at the ground for her to take a cab home. She picked up those notes and left the house without another backward glance!! She felt humiliated!! 😦

Six years went by and she still have not forget nor forgive the man that humiliated her. Although her parents have both been dead for some time but her finanical status have not improve a single bit!! 😦

One day she met a little girl at the cafe she was working at… The little girl introduced herself as Xiao Fei (XF). The two hit it off immediately!! They become good friends and slowly PP became XF’s home tution teacher!! 🙂

Slowly as the days goes by, PP realized that she have fallen in love with XF’s daddy (Jing Lei / JL). Which is the same guy that humiliated her six years ago!! 

JL realized that PP was the same girl he threw out of his house six yesrs ago and confessed his love to PP!! PP accepted his confession and together the two got married and XF was the happiest kiddo in the world. Due to her being a single parent kid, she always wanted to know what it is like to have a mommy to care and dote her!! 🙂

Most importantly, her wish come true! Her daddy and new mommy was a cute couple that both love her deeply!! She was a contented kid!! 🙂

Those of you whom are interested in this book can go google for it. The title of the book is called 圣诞妈咪/Xmas Mommy!!

Have fun reading and enjoy the progess of their love story!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛

Book Review: Mermaid & The Vampires Who Love Them

Hi people!! I am back with a book review on an amazing fantasy novel I have just finish reading a few minutes ago!! 🙂

Title of the book is called Mermaid & The Vampires Who Love Them!! 🙂 It is about a mermaid called Waverly Marie Fishwater moving house / cave to attend a different school due to her dad’s new job location. Her dad got a job as a maths school teacher in a supernatural school at the other side of the ocean (where Wavely or mostly known as Wave lives for the most part of her young mermaid life)!! 🙂

On her first day to school she met a hot vampire and fallen in love with him at first sight. The story continues to unfold on how Wave and the hot vampire named Pierce Knighguard fall in love with each other and protect the love of their life against dangerous situations!! 🙂

In the story throw in their insanely cute bunch of friends like the wolf called Thunder whom always like to tie others to a tree for interrogatin and whom also falls in love with a fairy called Lily Bella whom loves all things in the color of pink!! 😀

Not to forget the most important person to Wave, her fairy god-mother in training; Pickles and her lovely half whom is a fire controller named Fintan!! 🙂

Never forgot about the cute love god named Cupid whom is a fun character to read about. Always there to bring laughter to the readers’ throat!! 😉

I spend about two to three weeks to finish up this book as it have about thirty plus chapters, but I really have to warn all readers that reading this book is seriously highly addictive!! It is such a page turner!! 😛

You may ask then why did I took such a long time to read finish this book~ Answer is simply because I cant bear to say goodbye to Wave and Pierce!! They are such a cute couples with a wonderful group of friends always there to back them up when their extra help is needed!! 😉

I will give this awesome story a good 4.9 stars out of 5!! Simply because this is such an amazing story to be share around with more readers who love to read the supernatural beings!! 😀

Laughter and giggling is to be ensure, therefore never read it secretly in school during lessons or during working hours.. If not you will have a high chance of getting caught in a red blaring siren that you are reading such an awesome story at the wrong timing!! 🙂

For those of you whom are interested, go ahead and hop on to wattpad and look for this fantastic story called Mermaid &The Vanpires Who Love Them!! 🙂

Definitely a story that can cheer you up after a stressful day at work or school!! 🙂 Have tons of fun reading!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

Movie Review: 我的少女时代/Our Times

Hi people!! Today blog post will be on a movie which I just finish watching minutes ago! 😉

Title of the movie is called 我的少女时代/Our Times!! It is about an ordinary office worker called Truely Lin recalls about her high school life 20 years back from now. She recalls the guy whom she had a puppy love with back then… Dai Yu!! 🙂

Actually in the start of the movie they both had a crush with the high school most handsome guy and beautiful girl. One day the two of them think of a plan to get their own crush for themselves. 🙂

As the days goes by, they finally had their individual crush on their arms. But they have already given their hearts to each other in the process. At this time Dai Yu need to go overseas to further his studies. Truely Lin lost contact with him and never got to say goodbye to him. Neither did she ever got to tell Dai Yu that her heart have already given to him instead of her previous crush!! 😦

20 years from then meaning present time, Truely Lin resigned from her exhausting job and got herself un-engaged from her unloving soon to be husband. 🙂

One day on the road she met her idol; Andy Liu De Hua. She snapped photos with him, got him to signed but unable to attend his concert due to all tickets being sold out. Therefore Andy gave him a number to call that night at the location of the concert. 🙂

She called the number on that night at the entrance of the concert location and guess what she saw? Her puppy lover.. Dai Yu!! 😀

The two of them have a tiny chat about their high school times. Before they went in to enjoy Andy’s concert!! The movie ends here with a sweet romantic note!! 🙂

Personally I will give this movie a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! I super love the acting skills of all the cast!! Especially Joe Chen’s acting skills, always have the ability to move me to tears whenever she cried on screen!! 🙂

I love how the movie plays out about an ordinary office lady thinking back to her school life and puppy love with the school top boss / gangster!! 🙂

The sweet happenings and little acts of love and care and concern between the main leads is sooooo lovable!! 🙂

Those of you whom have yet to watch can quicky go google for this awesome film and enjoy it. It totally made me cry away a box of tissues!! 😉

Have fun watching!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛