DIM: Slimming Day Four

Hi people!! It’s time to update my blog about my slimming project!!:)

It have already been day four!! Although I started late in the month but I am satisfied with my ranking of 1069 out of 4069!!:)

Next month I will aim for the top 800th position! I will strive hard to that target!! Cheer on for me!!:)

I will definitely slim down albeit as little as a kilogram! Wish me all the best of luck!!😀

Oh by the way; DIM means do it myself!! Heehee:)

Everyone, hang in there it is already tuesday!! Friday is on it’s way~ 



Movie Weekend: Kick Ass Girls & Angry Birds

Hi all!! I just finished watching the above mentioned two movies. First of all, the first movie I watched this morning is called Kick Ass Girls, yes it is a chinese movie which originate from Hong Kong.:)

Anyway the movie is talking about three girls that actually works at a gym like club that teaches people to boxing and maintain their health. When a black society know of these three girls existance they hired them as female bodyguards and then bluff them to Malaysia. Took their passports and kept them captive.😦

Later on, they threw these three girls on stage and fight with another three much more powerful female boxers. Of course these three main characters suffer some injuries, but they still managed to survived.:)

After losing the face off, they were threw into a cell like place with two strong male keeping a close look on them. They got a note from a lady which was their assistant and managed to escaped this hell hole.:)

Morale of the story, it was a scam that may happen in reality but it was a good movie. I enjoy watching all the action moves during the face off!! At least they all had a happy ending and survive the hell hole!!:)

Second movie that I just finish watching just a minute ago is called Angry Birds!!:)

I enjoy watching this animation movie so much!! Had such a great laugh!! I like the way in the end Red was being accepted by the whole village after being the great hero of saving all the eggs in the village!! Hip hip hooray Red!!:)

I sooooo like Chunk, this yellow birdie is seriously cute! He reminds me so much like Dash in the Mr Incredible movie a few good years back!! He runs so fast that he got a hefty fine from the bird cop in the village!!:)

Bomb was a great laugh too.. Always blowing up unnecessarily but when it is time to blow up he needs a good cheer to get it done!!:)

Verdict at the end, I love angry bird the movie!! Such a great awesome way to spend my hour plus of a day!!:)



Back to Exercising; Day One

Hi all!! I finally set my mind straight that I wanna start working out and get rid of all those fats on my body!! I will definitely strive harder this time round!!:)

I will definitely be more motivated this time! I will continue to work out till I achieve my goal and that should be able to say some thing right? Anyway on my first day back to working out (oh ya, my form of working out is walking and counting on my pedometer) I walked a total of 13,316 steps!! Hopefully tomorrow I will have more time to break this record!!:)

Wish me the best of luck and hopefully I can quickly get rid of some fats first and regain more confidence and feel good about my appearance as well as feel healthier and much more energize and light-weighted!!! Cheer on for me people!:)

Alright, right now I will get ready to turn in for the night!!:)



Movie: Zootopia

Hi peeps!! Do everyone have a great day? If you have, that is great news. You should catch this movie: Zootopia to add on your great day, by watching Zootopia it will be the cherry on top of your muffin / cup cake / ice cream!!:)

If you not having a great day, nevermind, you have a great reason and should watch the movie Zootopia!! It will definitely be able to cheer you up!!:)

Anyway here comes my review of this movie : Zootopia!! I always wanted to catch this movie, there are lots of cute animals. The main point of the movie other than the clever fox; Nick and the enthusiastic bunny; Judy will definitely be the sloth!!😛

I had such a great laugh there while Judy bunny was trying to speed up the sloth and yet Nick the naughty fox was still trying to fool around by telling the sloth a joke and he took a few long seconds to process before he started laughing in slow motion and proceed to share the joke with a fellow sloth colleague!!😀

I love the way bunny Judy interaction with fox Nick!!:) Best combination a director / script writer can think off!!! A predator and prey get together to solve a case and succeed!!:)

Who says enthusiastic about what you do and about life in general can’t bring a person success and happiness? Happiness is simply as easy as being contented that we can do what we love and we can face the start and end of everyday with a clear conscience and a smile on our lips!!:)

Overall Zootopia is a cute movie and with a great plot, those whom love animals should definitely give it a go!! You wont regret watching this awesome movie!! Personally I will give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars!! The other 0.5 star will be room for improvement!!:)



Happy 300th Episode for Running Man !!!

Dear Running Man,

Happy 300th episode!! Thank you for the past six years for bringing us lots of laughter for every weekend without with fail!!:)

Totally love the way you guys express yourselves to us viewers!! I am a loyal fan of yours and every weekend without fail will always wait for the latest english subbed episode and enjoy it to the maximum!!😀

I am now totally awaiting for next week’s 7 VS 300 part two!! I hope Running Man will be able to win!! Will definitely hold tight to my iphone and cheer for Running Man next weekend!!:)

My top favorite member will be Song JiHyo, being the ace and lucky queen of every game and for always being such an adventurous girl who participate in all sorts of dare-devil games without a hint of hesitation!!:)

Next will be Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk whom always managed to bring a smile to my lips easily every weekend with their funny words and hard working attitude!!:)

The way Kang Gary and HaHa banter together is funny and I dont think I will ever get tired of watching while laughing along with the other viewers!!😛

Kim Jong Kook is being the strong sparta hero of the team Running Man is a hard job yet may not be appreaciated as he often has to take up the bad guy in this family. Yet I thank him for his courage and bravery for taking up this part of the job and making it such a splendid variety to watch every weekend!!:)

Last but not least is Ji Suk Jin our Running Man very own race starter, big nose and Jae Suk sunflower (how many of you still remember this nickname)!!:)

Thank you Running Man team and crew for always bringing us with lots and lots of laughter and happiness every weekend!! This is better than all sorts of vitamins and can help us wash away our whole week of unhappiness or stress of work!!:)

Please continue to bring us more fun loaded episodes for the future! Like what Jae Suk wrote in this week’s 300th episode… May there be more episodes of Running Man… 800, 900, 1000th episode.:)

As a loyal viewer and fan I will definitely continue to show my support to this awesome and super wonderful program by continue to wait faithfully every weekend for the english subbed episodes!!😀

Once again, Happy 300th Episode, Running Man!!😀

Love from a loyal fan in Singapore,


Hair Cut Sunday

Finally decided to set my heart straight and get a hair cut!! Nothing new to my hairstyle, still prefer to chop off a few inches shorter!! Now I look like those China Dolls!! Dont I look cute? Okay you dont have to answer that question if it makes you unsure or uncomfortable to give me a response!!😀

At least I get to beat the hot weather in my short bob!!:) The weather now a days is seriously no joke!! Everyone do intake lots of plain water or fluid of any kind as long as it is not harmful to your body like example alcohol!!:)

Anyway now my hair dry off at a faster rate, got more time on my hand for other matters. Example is reading my novel without my wet hair sticking on my face and neck and those damn water droplets making the screen of my phone wet (because I love to read digitally than physically holding onto a book)!!:)

Hope everyone have a great day!😉



Happy Vesak Day (21 May 16)

Hello everyone!! Spend yesterday with my favorite sister, her boyfriend, niece and my mommy!! Celebrate Vesak Day in our own way. Went to the temple to pray after having brunch of dim sum (my treat). For more food photos please go to my facebook and salivate there!! Hahahaha😛

After that we went for shopping spree (mainly my sister buying non stop)!! Anyway I managed to buy two cute handphone cases for my precious iphone 5!! One is a colour of yellow case with a cute yellow pompompurin there. Another is a cotton pink case with lots of yellow duckie and five little diamonds decorating it!!:)

After shopping we went to Bugis dessert shop to have dessert!! My sister finally had her craving satisfied!! She ordered Durian Sago while Miko and I had Strawberry Aloe Vera Drink, my sister’s boyfriend had Lychee Mango Drink while my mommy had Almond Drink!!😀

After that we went home and rest for the day!! Had fun with my family!!:)

Happy Vesak Day to all (albeit belated)!!:)