Book Review: Storm And Silence

Hi everyone!! I am back for an update. This time round it will be a book review instead of movie review. It has been ages since I last did a book review!!:)

This awesome book written by Robert Thier titled Storm And Silence took me a few good weeks to finish enjoying the good old 97 chapters of story!!:)

Storm And Silence is based in a Victorian decade (you dont happen to come across this type of books easily, and that is the main reason why it attracted me to read it in the first place) talking about man being the one that leads the society. Woman generally stay at home or go to balls and get herself a good potential husband!!:/

One day the female lead named Lillian Lintoon (Lily for short) met the male lead Rikkard Ambrose at a voting election. He mistook Lily for a male and hired her on the spot asking her to report to work the next day at his company.😛

When Lily dressed in a hoop skirt and report at his desk the very next day, it got Mr Ambrose so very hot in the head (although he seems to have one hell of a cold facade on his face) that he sent her back home…😦

But being the fiery Lily, of course she will not obey his wishes. Instead she challenged him by saying that if he did not hire her then he will be going against his gentleman honour!! Being the perfect gentleman that Rikkard Ambrose is, he can only clenched his teeth real hard and keep her in his employment.😉

Of course being the “evil and calculative” man in business he is, he tried all ways and means to make Lily resigned. It only made Lily more determind to stay in his employment!!:)

In Lily’s opinion being hired by Rikkard Ambrose is her golden ticket to freedom and against her Aunt’s wish to get her married off to the next man walking on the side walk of her home (this man need to have to be rich enough for her Aunt’s liking and society status need to be in high ranking)!!😛

The story continued with Lily and Rikkard Ambrose having all sorts of banter!! It is always such a joy to read when the chapter revolves around their bantering!! Especially funny when Lily won against Rikkard Ambrose!! Yet he always like to address Lily as Mister Linton!! Which ticks Lily off to no ends!!😀

In my humble opinion I will give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!!:) The only bad thing about this book is that it actually ended on a cliff hanger (literally the story is an open ending kind!! Just because the author wanted to do a sequel, sobbing away…)!!😦

Personally I would prefer if he did a sequel, at least for this book one he could have gave the two lead characters a happy ending!!😦 Anyway another reason why I gave 4 out of 5 stars is because it is such a super long story!! Considering that it is an electronic book!! It actually have a total of 97 chapters!!😦

Anyway did I mention before that if you are interested in reading this book you can go to wattpad and look for it??:)

I would recommend to read it only if you are a patient reader! If not this book may get on your nerves!! The tempo or flow of the book can be a bit slow at some parts!!:)

Have a good day people!!



Letter To Younger Self

Hi people!! I chance upon the above photo on facebook and an idea pops into my head to write a blog post slash letter to my younger self!!:)

It says a note with two words in the picture above. The first two words that came into my mind was no regrets!! Next is smile always!! Last but not least is live life!!:)

All is postivity words that I want to tell my younger self (although I believe that my younger self already practices these beliefs back then)!!:)

Dear Young Mindy,

Please live your life to the fullest. Leave no regrets for the future. Trust yourself and your instincts. It will guide you in a path of happiness. You will grow to be one happy girl that is always thankful and grateful for all good things that befall on you!!😉

Remember to always smile. You will need to wear a smile on your face at most times (unless some ungracious people have the audacity to make you unhappy then shall you drop your smile and make them drop their head as revenge (just kidding, you get my drift))!!😛

As a smile is a person’s biggest weapon to having a great life. Smile is an amazing accessory to make your face brighten up. It have the ability to throw all unhappiness and negative thoughts and energy away from you. Smile will have the power to bring you happy thoughts and in turn generate lots of happy memories and emotion!!😀

Young Mindy, continue to do what you are doing. Always do everything to your best ability. This will results in the best opportunity been handed to you on a fancy plate in future. Most importantly, you will leave no regrets later on in life!!:)

Fighting!! You will turn out to be an awesome individual in the future!!:)

With Love,

A bit more mature Mindy!😛

The above is a letter I have pen down for my younger self!! Okay now I shall continue the rest of the blog entry for my recent updates of my life happenings~

The last week at work can be said as kind of a breeze at the beach. Everyone at work is great to work with. Although I kind of ended work with a tired soul everyday, but at least my emotion is a happy one!!😀

Currently I am still reading my English novel: Storm and Silence written by Robert Their on Wattpad!! I am already nearing the ending of this amazing story!!:)

Once I have finished this book I will probably move back to reading another one or two Chinese novels before going back to reading English novels!! Need to get both my languages balance!!😛

Anyway, now that it is Sunday night, soon I will need to head back to the office and work my butt off!! I will work hard and leave no regrets behind!!😀

Fighting!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!:)



Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Hi people!! I am finally back for another movie review!!:)

This time round I am going to introduce a movie being released back in year 2014…. Big Hero 6!!!😀

Previously I am intrigued about why this movie was named as Big Hero 6. The mystery was been uncovered after I have finished watching it just a few minutes ago~ It is simply because there is six heros!! Mainly will be Bay Max, Hiro, Wasabi, Gogo, Honey Lemon and Fred!!:)

This movie is actually belongs to the science fiction genre with cartoon character acting it out and telling the full story!! This is an interesting movie. I simply love science fiction movie and books!! It is amazing to read and watch how other people’s brain cook up a storm of creativeness!!😀

Anyway as I was previously saying, this movie is actually saying about a smart young boy living in a city named San Frankyo (which is actually a fusion of Tokyo and San Franciso)!! He loves to put together a machine robot and bring it out to have a robot battle with other science lovers!!:)

He is too smart.. Smart till he graduated from school since the age of 14. His brother brought him to his science school and introduced him to his lecturer. Later on he uses his creativity to won himself a place in his dream school with his brother’s lecturer as his teacher too!!😉

 Then the sadness started to seep in when on the same day he was being accepted into the school and given the invitation card, the school caught a huge fire. The lecturer was inside the school when it happened and failed to run out of the ablaze structure.😦

His brother fled in to save their teacher… When he tried to follow his brother’s foot step, he was being stopped by a shocking explosion.. In that very instant he knew that his beloved brother had died bravely trying to rescue their teacher!!😦

One day while at his room, he dropped his robot on his toes and yelped in pain.. Suddenly Bay Max was being operated and he came to stand infront of Hiro. Checking up on him and notice that he was still in a depression over the death of his beloved brother!!😦

Bay Max tried to cheer him up to no avail. Later on they realize that someone have stolen Hiro’s idea of a fantastic machine mechanism and can be built up one by one in quick motion with just the brain as the main control unit with the one controlling wearing a mask.😦

The bad guy tried to killed the two of them and failed. Leaving Hiro surviving and to get back at the bad guy for taking what does not belong to him.. Hiro seek help from Bay Max and friends of his brother (Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Gogo and Fred)!!:)

With Hiro’s brilliant brain they form one hell of a formidable team of heros. The six of them combine their forces and beat the bad guy at his own game!!:)

I cried like a baby near the end of the movie (also at the part when Hiro realise that he lost his brother to the fire for good)!!😦

Overall I will give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! This is generally a great movie!! Seldom Disney movie can be of such great quality!! Balalala~😛

Bay Max is simply just too cute for a person not to like. He is your health consultant!! He is also Hiro’s best friend and subtitute for his brother!! Bay Max is such a loveable individual!!😀

I love Bay Max too!!😀

Hope everyone have a great day!!:)

Byes (Ba.La.La.La),


Happy Father’s Day (2016)!!!

Hi all, today this post will be dedicated to my daddy!! My favorite man in this world!!😀

Dear Daddy,

Your favorite daughter here wish you a very happy father’s day!! Thank you for all the love you have ever shower on me!! Please continue to shower more love on me in the future!!😛

Thank you for all the hard work and sweat you pour into our family. In order to provide a homey and comfortable home for us, you sweat buckets in the work force for years!!:)

Now that you have finally retired, please rest well everyday. Sit back and relax and enjoy life to the fullest!! Meanwhile please take your meals on time and exercise a little bit (just a little bit will do, this is to keep your bones strong and muscles to work fine) !!😀

The Koh Sisters hope you have enjoy this mini celebration today!! Hope you have the most amazing father’s day with us surrounding you and making you laugh so loud the house shake in response!!😛

We love you now and forever!! You are the best daddy I can ever wish for!!:)



Movie Reviews: The Scorch Trials

Hi peeps!! I am back for a sharing of my views on this movie sequel of The Maze Runner!! This time round it is called The Scorch Trials!!:)

Same as last time round, the cast is awesome. Although I must mention that the creature that appear in this movie is seriously getting much more disgusting looking then previously!!😦

Last time round they were being thrown into a glade and will be forced to face the spider machine look alike!! Now they are rescued but in fact are actually being held captive and faced some deranged people that looks alot like zombies alive.😦

Except these monsters can run as fast as humans. There is a scene or two whereby Thomas was being chased by a bunch of these monsters and he barely made it out of there alive!!:/ Phew!!:)

Anyway I am super amazed by how the director can be so brilliant in shooting this incredible!! I have high compliments for him!! :) 

Although I must say I am very impressed by the ruins that appear in the movie. How the building can totally collapsed in a matter of seconds (literally)!!!!!:) Not to mention also it looks very real to see all those destructive buildings lying still in all sorts of angles on the ground!!:)

I love how the movie plays out. Although to speak the truth at the end of the movie I hate Teresa!! How can she be so mean as to give their hideout to the crazy scientist?!!😦

Just when they barely managed to escape from her goons and her!! Teresa is seriously trying to kill everyone without even sparing all these people a thought!! And she have the decency to ask Thomas to try to understand her?!! Understand my foot!! Hmpf!!😦

I cant wait for the sequel to be out!! But as I google it, I think it will only be able to release in year 2018!! I seriously cant wait!! Definitely will catch it!!:)

By the way, I will give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!!😀 Definitely there is still lots of room for improvements!!:)

Hope you all catch this movie if you have yet to do so!! You will not regret it!! It is seriously one amazing film!! I love science fiction movies!!:)



Grateful For All Love Shower On Me!!

Hi everybody!! First of all, let me wish everyone a big HAPPY FRIDAY!!😀 Hooray!! It is finally Friday!! Being counting down to you since Monday!!😛

Today is a happy day. Firstly, simply because today is Friday (I am in a hyper mood since this morning)!! Secondly, because it is Friday we get to leave workplace half an hour earlier than other weekdays!! Simple blessing that make my day so much happier!! Thirdly, today lots of people shower me with their love (different forms of love but it is the thoughts that counts, and action speaks louder than words)!!!😀

Although it has been raining since morning with only a short break in the afternoon, it did not affect my mood at all!!😉

Work load for this week is managable. What with we have the best team members all present for every day and the amount of orders coming in at a slower pace!!:)

The opportunity present itself for me to realise that my colleagues all love me deep deep (as deep as the sea and as high as the sky) is when the time arrive for us to go home~ 

When I am boarding the company transport and one of my best team mates (GH) asked me if the shoe (in this case is my favorite red slipper with many white little hearts decorating it) I am wearing will be slippery when walking in this weather (super heavy down pour). I told her that it can be super slippery when walking at wet places. It will be as if I am learning how to skate on snow.😦

She asked me to be careful and dont walk so fast. People who know me well knew that I am a super fast walker. I always power walk to save time and speed up extra fast when I am in a rush to get back home after my working hours!!😛

I thanked her for her concerns and promised her I will walk carefully and much more slowly. I cant even speed up even if my heart wish to.😦 Anyway when we reached our destinations, my other two colleagues from another department told me the same thing, telling me to walk slowly and refrain from running and speed walking in this bad weather condition!!:)

I felt so love and bless to know these people. To have them as my colleagues and came across them in my life!! It is a happy event to have them enter my life.😀

Today at around 4pm my manager (Daniel) came to our department and told us that he will be fetching another manager to the airport as he have to get back to the States. 

He then came to my desk and the conversation is as follows:-

Daniel: Have a great weekend! I have to go now. Miss me during the weekend, will you.

Mindy: You too have a great weekend ahead! Byes! Arhm, no.

D: You wont miss me during the weekend?

M: Nope!

D: But you have to!

M: I dont want!

D: I am not important enough to you?!!

M: Yup!

D: *Chuckle* Alright bye!

M: Byes~~~~~

He went off after that. After having his fun of messing with me!!😛 Why do I have such a cheeky manager???😀

Anyway back to the present moment on hand… I just finished my work out for the day. I am finally at my day 21 of my exercise regime!! I am glad my results for the day comes up to a whooping 10,912 steps!! My ranking meanwhile drop to 35th place out of 2,575 people!!😦 Although it still gives me a high percentage of 1.35%!!! Which can be consider as a happy ending for the day!!😀

Lastly, please enjoy looking at yours truly’s selfies!! :D 

Hope you all have a happy day ahead!! Look out for my updates tomorrow!!😛



Happy Mid-Week (Or Not)!!!

Hi ladies and gentleman!! I am so mad today. Although this morning when I went to work I was totally in a happy mood. Those of you whom are interested to know the whole story, do read on to find out. Those of you whom are not interested to know what I am gonna complain and rant and vent my frustration… Please avoid reading further ~

My volcano erupted when my colleagues from the Operations and Quality team being very unhelpful and irritating!! Not on a personal level but more on the way they push all the work to us (Sales team)!!!😦

Luckily I have great team mates!! I seriously and very sincerely thank the Lord and God for blessing me and putting such a bunch of great team mates to help me through each and every day at work!! They are totally the motivation I need to get my butt to work each day!!:)

At the end of each and every day I always felt so thankful and grateful for their existance in my life!! Without their morale support and kind compliments throwing at me randomly at different time of the day, I dont think I will be able to enjoy working so much!!😉

Anyway back to why my temper flared up at work. It happened near to the end of my working day. Quality team gave me a call and inform that certain documents was not in the sales order that I have enter and released just a moment ago. I informed them that I dont have access to the particular document they are looking for. If they need me to attached into the system, do they know where I can get it from?:/

They informed me that they have no idea, and most important point of this conversation is that I have to find out. They asked me to find out from a manager which is here to solved any issues with the new system we are currently using.😦

At this point of time I dont find any point in pro-longing what is the inevitable.. I answered them ok fine I will get to the bottom of this issue. Straight away without any further delay, I drop an email to the manager and checked with him is it Sale team’s responsibility to get that particular document uploaded into the system. If it is Sale team responsibility, where can I search for this document internally. Why cant the new system be able to detect this document that Quality team required.:/

He (the manager) replied me within a twenty minutes time frame and attached the document in the email asking me to upload it into the system for this case. He informed that for other times normally the system will be able to capture the details and automatically pull the document into the respective sales order.😦

After I have added the document into the sales order I replied his email thanking him for his kind advice and also copying the Quality team asking them to review the necessary document to their heart’s content!!😛

What makes me mad is that they already know that we as in the Sale team do not know that we need to attached manually the report they wanted and we also have no idea where in the hell hole we can get our claws on the document…😦

Yet being unkind and very bad souls, they pushed the task to us (particularly me in this case) and solve the problem. Why cant they just drop the manager an email and get it settled?!!😦

No, they simply cant be bother to do such a simple task at all!! They have to give me a call, then get me to drop an email to the manager and ask me need to put them in the email as cc too!! Arghhh!!! Unhelpful souls!!😦 Such a waste of time to everybody and getting on my nerves as well!! Tsk tsk!!😦

Alright that is enough raging mad rant for one blog entry!! Time for some happy news!!😉

On a happier note, today is finally Wednesday!! Happy mid week to you all!!😀

I have finally reach Day 19 of my exercise regime!! Today I walked a total of 9095 steps!! Already consider very good results on a weekday!! Weekend results will definitely be better!!😉

Well it is already mid June, although I have no vacation planned out but today I decided that I want to apply for my annual leave for a few day in the month of July.:) And I did applied, now I am just waiting for my sales manager’s approval on my annual leave!!😀

Cheer on for me!! I definitely need a good long rest to recuperate my energy!! Not to forget I also need a strong recharge of positive vibe!! With those bad souls at work being unhelpful and difficult.. I am running low on my positivity!!!😦

Counting down to my weekend’s arrival!!😛