Movie Review: 我的少女时代/Our Times

Hi people!! Today blog post will be on a movie which I just finish watching minutes ago! 😉

Title of the movie is called 我的少女时代/Our Times!! It is about an ordinary office worker called Truely Lin recalls about her high school life 20 years back from now. She recalls the guy whom she had a puppy love with back then… Dai Yu!! 🙂

Actually in the start of the movie they both had a crush with the high school most handsome guy and beautiful girl. One day the two of them think of a plan to get their own crush for themselves. 🙂

As the days goes by, they finally had their individual crush on their arms. But they have already given their hearts to each other in the process. At this time Dai Yu need to go overseas to further his studies. Truely Lin lost contact with him and never got to say goodbye to him. Neither did she ever got to tell Dai Yu that her heart have already given to him instead of her previous crush!! 😦

20 years from then meaning present time, Truely Lin resigned from her exhausting job and got herself un-engaged from her unloving soon to be husband. 🙂

One day on the road she met her idol; Andy Liu De Hua. She snapped photos with him, got him to signed but unable to attend his concert due to all tickets being sold out. Therefore Andy gave him a number to call that night at the location of the concert. 🙂

She called the number on that night at the entrance of the concert location and guess what she saw? Her puppy lover.. Dai Yu!! 😀

The two of them have a tiny chat about their high school times. Before they went in to enjoy Andy’s concert!! The movie ends here with a sweet romantic note!! 🙂

Personally I will give this movie a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! I super love the acting skills of all the cast!! Especially Joe Chen’s acting skills, always have the ability to move me to tears whenever she cried on screen!! 🙂

I love how the movie plays out about an ordinary office lady thinking back to her school life and puppy love with the school top boss / gangster!! 🙂

The sweet happenings and little acts of love and care and concern between the main leads is sooooo lovable!! 🙂

Those of you whom have yet to watch can quicky go google for this awesome film and enjoy it. It totally made me cry away a box of tissues!! 😉

Have fun watching!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

Movie Review: 赏金猎人/Bounty Hunters

Hi readers, today’s blog post will be on a movie review of a movie called 赏金猎人 / Bounty Hunters!! This is a 2016 film starring Lee Min Ho and Tiffany Tang as the main characters. Their side kicks includes Wallace Chung, Karena Ng and Louis Fan!! 🙂

This movie is an action packed with drama and comedy awesome combination!! Definitely worthy of the 1hour and 45minutes!! 🙂

It is all about a group of handsome guys and pretty ladies being accuse of planting bombs in an A Hotel all over the world. They was being wanted by all police internationally. The story continue to explain how these bunch of wonderfully smart and good looking people escape each dangerous situation those cruel and evil villians throw at their way!! 😉

Lee Min Ho potray the character called Lee Shan who is an excellent fighter. He happens to have an amazing brain as well. It can be proven as truth when he always manages to save Tiffany’s character in the movie!! 😉

Tiffany Tang’s character is called Cat. She is another amazing fighter with her favorite weapon of an electric gun in her hand. She loves her side kicks’ Karena Ng’s character of Swan and Louis Fan’s character of Bo Bo. 🙂

Swan is specialize of hacking into all security systems. She is always bubbly and cheerful to spice up the atmosphere!! While Bao Bao is Cat’s house keeper and security guard. 🙂

Last but not least is Lee Shan’s side kick of Ah You potray by Wallace Chung!! I simply love to watch the appearance of Ah You in the film. With him around there is always a promise of handsome dude to gawk at and comedy throw in the act!! 🙂 

Overall I will give this wonderful movie a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! 🙂 Reason simply being the cast is just awesome and the plot of the movie is fantastically written. Not to mention the directors captured the cast in such an amazing way that they literally shine brightly on the screen with their great acting skills!! 😀

Alright, enough of my introduction of this film and it’s cast. Time for you to head over to the internet and search for this movie and watch it for youself and you will know all the rave I am creating here!! 😉

Enjoy the movie, you will not regret spending the mere 1hour and 45minutes watching this wonderfully created movie!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

Movie Review: 我的极品女神 / IGIRL

Hi people!! Happy Friday!! 🙂

Today’s blog post will be a movie review on a movie I just finish watching. It is starring Chrissie Chau and Ekin Cheng!! 😉

The movie is about three best friends being dumped by their individual girlfriends on the same day. Being all upset and lonely, they went online and order a robotic girlfriend for themselves!! Their is a total of three types of robot girlfriend. Code 001 is specialise in predicting. Code 002 is powerful in mind control. Code 003 possess inhuman strength. 😉

As the days goes by, the guys fell in love with their respective robotic girlfriend. But being a romance comedy film of course there will be a part whereby some dumb ex-girlfriends will spoil the happy romantic vibe!! 😦

Anyway the ex-girlfriends of these three guys came together to plot a mission to patch back their relationship with the guys. In doing so, first they will need to break up the three love birds. 😦

One of the ex-girlfriends realizes that those three girls possess inhuman abilities. She in turn think of ways to kill those robotic girls… Sadly, the group of crazy ex-girlfriends succeeded. The three guys lose their love for good… 😦 Of course they did not accept their ex-girlfriends. 😉

One day, the three guys met those three robotic girls again!! Just that this time round they are real human!! The love birds fell in love with each other at first sight!! 🙂

Happy ending!! I love happy endings!! Personally I will give this movie a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! I love most of the movies starring Chrissie Chau. I love her acting skills, some may think she gets those roles just by her looks or boobs!! But I like her way of presenting the characters she is playing. Since this is my blog, I get the final say in things!! 😛

Another reason why I like this movie is because the concept is kind of new what with robotic girlfriends. Those comedy parts is quite hilarious!! 😛

Last but not least, simply because this movie have a happy ending and that is super important in watching a romance plus comedy movie!! 😛

Those who are interested in this movie can go ahead and google for IGIRL which was a 2016 film!! 😀

Have fun watching and hope you people enjoy the movie as much as I do!! 🙂

Happily Smiling,

BookwormMindy 😀

Book Review: Imprisoned

Hi readers!! I am back for another book review!! This is my first book review for year 2017!! You peope need to support me and read it and give me likes ok? Comment to encourage me too!! Motivate me to blog more~ 😁

I just finish reading the book called Imprisioned. Written by Elliedacool on wattpad!! This is her third book in the undead series!! 😉

I have read all her undead series books and love each and every book of hers, this is a horror novel. Although I will definitely encourage all to read it as the tempo of this book is really fast-pace and keep you on the phone flipping the electronic pages super quickly~ 😀

There is always a cliff hanger at the end of each chapters which makes you want to jump head first directly into the next chapter without a care in the world. I love all the plot twist that the author throw in the storyline!! It makes reading her book so much more fun!! 🙂 

Anyway this story is about a lady named Melanie Logan how she overcome the ghost of a little girl whom she bullied and later killed when she was young. The child ghost often possess her daughter’s body and causes harm to Melanie and her family. 😦

Melanie and her two daughters; Renee and Summer possesses super powers like telekinetic and mind reading telepathy. Which is super cool powers!! They always try to mind link each other to overcome the child ghost named Kasey, but failed miserably. 😦

In the end of this book Melanie meet her fate of death. Okay I know I can be such a book spoiler but well, I am writing a honest book review here~ 😉

The author left a loose ending of not explaining how Melanie’s children survived after her death. She informed that there will be at least another two more books in the undead series but the bad news was that high probability she would not be uploading the stories to wattpad unless some thing changes her mindset!! I hope the miracle happen and she can upload the remaining stories to wattpad for all super readers of her to enjoy her work!! 🙂

Imprisoned talks about how Melanie and her son and daughters (Liam, Renee, Summer and Oliver) was being imprisoned in a facility that with holds people like them that possess special skills example like telekinetic and mind reading. 

It also shows how strong together as a family they are when they put their minds to face their enemies as one!! Their enemies are not match against them, exception of the ghost child Kasey!! 🙂

Personally I will give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars for this book!! I seriously love all the undead series books. Although at some parts I think Melanie’s mindset can be kind of stubborn and self centered!! 😦

Overall I still encourage all of you whom love horror stories to give this book a try. But before reading Imprisoned, you need to read the first book called Undead and second book called Nightmares. Before you can relate the plot lines of this third book!! Enjoy and have fun reading!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛

Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017!!!

Hi people!! Two blog post in a day!! 😛

This blog post is mainly to thank everyone whom have read my blog for the past years and continue to come back to read more about my humble daily affairs!! 🙂

Thank you everyone!! Just feeling thankful for all that had ever happened in 2016 which turn me into a better person and made me who I am today!! 🙂

I welcome 2017 with open hands and hope that 2017 will be an even better year ahead!! 2017 please continue to treat me well and if can, treat me even better than 2016 did!! 😉

In 2016 I continue to brace myself for all the obstacles being thrown my way at my workplace!! I guess I did a good job overcoming them, gave myself a good pat on the shoulder (can’t reach my back, normally people will give themselves a pat on the back :P) after each day at work!! 🙂

Although I always felt super tired after each day at work, but with the happy faces of my colleagues (my sales team colleagues only) I always have a way to cheer myself up and drag my tired soul and body to work day after each day!! Continue to “fight” the other departments and customers with them by my side!! Together the sales department is invincible!! 😀

2016 in short have treat me well. In 2016, I had a healthy lifestyle of exercising more freqently (like 6 days per week, not inclusive of my usual walking of 10,000 steps per day routine)!! I enjoyed my reading hobby, managed to achieve a record of at least one to two books per month (those with at least a few hundreds of chapters)!! 😛

Spent lots of time with my family and bonding with my favorite sisters. Chatting on the phone with her was always such a happy affair that either of us wanted the phone call to end even though it was late into the night! 😛

Although all that was stated above was such simple tasks or ordinary happenings… yet I appreaciate all that has ever happened!! 🙂

Will continue to strive on to be a better person in 2017!! Together let’s all fight for a better tomorrow… Last but not least, thank you all of you whom have stand by my side, regardless of how little or much you did to help me (reading my blog post and giving me likes help too). You gave me the much needed strength to continue to write (or type) out my feelings and thoughts in this little space!! 🙂

Happy New Year 2017 to all of you out there!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😉

Merry Xmas 2016

Hi readers!! I am here to share with you all about my meet up with my childhood friend; Kerri!! 🙂

Meet up with her again since our last meet up on August to celebrate my birthday!! This time round we meet up to exchange xmas pressies and had a great time catching up with each other’s recent happenings!! 🙂

Always enjoyed my time spending with her.. Always have reasons to laugh at any and every tiny things happening around us!! 😀

Although everytime we meet up is just for dinner which is kind of a short time but it brightens my day (especially after a tiring day at work)!! 😀

To many more year of friendship between Kerri & Mindy down the road of future!! 🙂

See Kerri next time will be about June 2017 to celebrate her birthday!! Till then we shall have an exciting time each and everyday to share with each other once we meet up!! 🙂

Merry belated xmas and happy new year 2017 in advance to everyone!! Hope everyone is having a great time spending the last day of 2016 with your loved ones!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛