3 Weeks Old

Hi people! Im back to blog about my third week at EA !! :)

This week I received a memo in the form of email that my current sales manager will be leaving the company to go back to the US branch! So sad news, but well at the same time another senior sales rep will be promoted to take over his position! Therefore one of my colleague was saying that find one day the coming week, the whole sales team will have lunch together to bid farewell and at the same time congratulate the old and new sales manager !! :)

Hopefully everything will turn out for the best in every aspect of my working life in EA!! :) Other than the breaking news I have mentioned above there is nothing much happening this week at work!! Peaceful week, work life is getting into a great rhythm! :)

Spending the weekend with my family pratically doing nothing much at all. Just spending quality time with them!! Chatting and chilling out with each other and just relaxing with one another’s company!! Enjoyable weekend!! :D

Hope everyone have a fabulous weekend ahead!! :)


BookwormMindy :D

2 Week Old

Hi people !! It’s Friday !! Like YEAH !! Hooray, cheering like mad and throwing confetti around the room !! :D

You people must be like me smiling so happily in the above picture!! Today was a super productive day at work!! Finally get to hands on on how to key a sales order (the whole process of this company on how to process a sales order, i have learn finish already :) im so happy)!! :)

Hope everyone have a great weekend ahead, i guess i am gonna spend my weekend lazing around at home again. I have to spend some good time on watching my favorite variety shows and reading my novels, my virtual library is bursting full of books already.. :)

Happy 2 weeks old to me in EA !! :)


BookwormMindy :D

Good Day Earthlings

Hi everyone. Just wanna share with you people my day. Today for lunch i ordered Hong Kong Mee, look at the above for reference. It was tasty although there may be a lack of pork or meat of any kind other than just one tiny prawn. But nevertheless it is still yummy lah !! :)

Took lots of selfie today before work and after work! Yay, one day gone, left another two more days of working before the weekend will arrive, can’t wait!! :)

Today at work was a busy day, spend the most part of the day keying of invoices and filing!! Enjoying my work very much. Hope everyone have a great day! :)


BookwormMindy :D

Happy Holiday

Hi guys and girls!! Im back for some blogging!! :) :) See today have food pictures liao, cause previously i keep blogging about the fantastic food of my current workplace, but it is all in words and some of you (especially Christian and Felicia) these two hungry girls keep asking and requesting me to upload food photos instead of my selfies!!

This time i upload the food photo liao, today i have spring onion (with ginger slice) fish, tou fu and spicy kang kong (the veggie). Tasted yummy, although the look dont really do it justice lah.. :)

Of course if update blog sure must have my selfie one mah!! So there you people go, three selfie of yours truly!!

Anyway back to the topic of work, today learn new things again liao, learned how to key a sales order, still in learning process, will definitely work hard!! :)

Tomorrow in Singapore will be a public holiday. Happy Deepavali to the tamil friends out there, and happy holiday to the others!! Have a good rest for a day before continue charging hard at work on Wednesday!! By then it will be happy midweek again!! :)

Have a happy day everyone!!


BookwormMindy :D

Yes, I Can !!

Hi earthlings!! Woohoo, just like that another week have passed. I enjoy my time spent in this current company very much. Everyday passed by super quickly, filled with all calm, peace and serenity as compared to previous workplace. I totally fall in love with this company!! :)

I can and I will pass the probation with flying colors!! The result will be out in three months time, hope by then i will be able to spread the good news to you earthlings here!! :)

Spend the weekend lazing around at home and catching up on more sleep! Not to leave out my variety shows and story books!! During this weekend i have already finish reading three books, so i do spend my time wisely and smartly!! Heehee :D

Hope you earthlings have a great weekend too. May this coming week be an even greater one than the previous week!! :)

Fighting! Goodbye,

BookwormMindy :)

Happy Mindy


Hello people! I am soooooo happyyyyy!! So far everyday i keep learning new things. I am finding my job interesting and exciting !! :)

Lunch hour is also one of my favorite time. The food here is seriously good. Very yummy and tasty!! :) 

Lastly, reference to the photo above, i will strive hard to success and grow as tall and strong as an adult tree. Baby tree, let’s grow tall and strong together and face the world!! ;)

Yay, tomorrow is friday!! So fast then one week wanna fly past liao!! :D Oh ya, while i still can remember let me share a little fun occurrence with your i had in the office today. :D

My colleague Josephine ask me to take some PO from a sales rep (Daniel) desk, so i went and he was busy typing on his pc so i just grab those PO and left his cubicle, he look up at me and i smile at him without offering an explaination why i am taking his PO from his desk. Next i went back to my desk and work on his PO stuff, after finishing my part, i return it to his desk and ….

Daniel: Who are you…?

Mindy: Mmmmm i am Mindy.

Daniel: I know, i mean why you take my POs?

Mindy: I have to do some work on it.

Daniel: So you steal it?

Mindy: Oops…

Daniel: Laughing away happily.

Mindy: Running away to hide in my cubicle quickly. :P

Then another hour or two passes and then he walk near to my cubicle while i was busy working on my pc.

Daniel: Walking pass and looking at me.

Mindy: Look up at him and gave him my signature smile.

Josephine: Daniel why are you walking to Mindy’s cubicle so silently? Are you trying to scare her?

Daniel: Yup.

Mindy: Why like that?

And they went silent but i can still spot their shoulders shaking violently!! :P I have some mischevious colleagues!! :D

So that’s all for today!! Everyone hang in there, tomorrow is friday!! :)


BookwormMindy :D