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Training Accomplished

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog post will be about what I have been busy with in this week. First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy Friday!! Thank God it was Friday!! 😉

Next, today is the start of a whole new month. December 2017 will be filled with relaxing and enjoyment for each and everyday!! I am totally looking forward to it. December shall be exciting and allows me to use everyday to the fullest capacity for enjoyment of life!! 😉

Thank God and life that November 2017 was a great month filled with happiness, adventure and the courage needed to pursue a new environment (new workplace)!! Everything was being planned out beautifully, I just needed to carry out the actions and walked the path that God have laid it out for me!! 😉

Anyway, this whole week I have been reporting to my new workplace for training sessions. Every morning I would tag along with my director for the product trainings. I am able to understand and be friended the products with just five mornings. I am totally looking forward to reporting to work in January 2018. 😉

Everyone at work was being really nice and friendly to me. Especially the director, he was always wearing a smile and explaining the functions of the products to me patiently. My colleagues were all looking out for me and guiding me towards the pantry which was filled with all sorts of drinks and snacks. 😉

Let me just hope and pray that they will continue to treat me well and better in January 2018!! God bless me! Other than that, I am happy with everything about this company. There really isn’t much that I can complain about~ I enjoyed my time there learning all I could about the products, my jobscope and spending time with the director and colleagues!! 😀

Now I am being off duty which allows me to have a month of holiday before going back to the work force in January 2018!! Therefore I would be having much more time on my hands to do more blogging and sharing of my life events with you people!! Continue to stay tuned, meanwhile I shall end my blog post here as it is getting longer with my ramblings and random thoughts~ 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛

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A Sealed Deal

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog update will be about my interview today. I finally sealed the deal with the company. Yay!! 😀

I will be going in to the office on coming Monday to learn the ropes from my director. My training will last the whole one week. After the training I would continue to enjoy my days at home for the whole of December 2017. 😉

I will then officially join the company and start work hands on in January 2018!! I am feeling the hype and buzz from closing the deal with this company. I really love the environment and from what the director was passing the message, I just know that I will definitely be able to blend in amazingly with the future colleagues!! 😉

People do continue to cheer on for me yeah? I will definitely do well and pay attention at the training on Monday. I am sure I can ace it wonderfully, especially when I put my heart to it. There just do not have any obstacles allowed to be in my way!! Fighting!! 😀

Last but not the least, thank God for blessing me in acing this second interview and securing the job. Please continue to keep a look out for me and continue to bless me. I will work hard towards a brighter future!! I will strive towards the path of success!! 😀

Wish everyone have a great day ahead!! Have a happy weekend!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Good Vibe • Wonder Mindy

Hello to everybody out there!! Today’s blog update will be purely just a sharing post. It has been some time since I last posted about my current state of life. 😉

Actually I am spotting a good vibe today. Since I managed to secured a second interview with a potential employer this weekend, I am being all hyper and excited since morning!! You people keep me in your prayer and continue to cheer on for me alright? Thanks in advance!! 😀

I shall continue to keep this interview and all details of the potential employer as a secret for the time being. I promised more details will be shared here with everyone once all things have been confirmed. Can’t wait to spread the good news with you awesome people!! 😀

Anyway I will definitely use all my superb powers to awe the potential employer this weekend. I will work hard towards my goal of securing this amazing job~ Cheer on for me!! This weekend the role I am playing will be Wonder Woman also known as Wonder Mindy!! 😛

Recently I have been posting more blog posts as I have free time on hand while in turn enables me to read more novels, watch more movies and have more time to spend with my wonderful family. 😉

I am currently living in bliss and felt blessful to have a nice roof over my head with three meals a day and more than enough clothes to keep me feeling pretty and warm. Thank God for all the above. Hopefully I can secure the job this weekend, that will definitely make me the most blessful person on Earth then!! 😉

I wish to continue stay happy and carefree with a job in hand, enough money to get on by in life and plenty of time left for my family and hobbies. God bless me!! 🙂

Alrighty, I guess I shall end the blog post here before you people laugh at my rambling~ Do cheer on for me, hoping that I can transform to Wonder Mindy this weekend and ace the second interview!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Movie Review: Get A Job

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog update will be another movie review starring Anna Kendrick as the main lead. The title will be Get A Job. The duration for the movie will be 1 hour and 16 minutes, catergory will be comedy and reality drama!! 😉

The movie started off with how college graduated couple Will and Jillian was working hard to finding a job. They were met with different types of strange circumstances that made them felt lost in this society. :/

After a period of taking up odd jobs, Will managed to find a job in a reputable company. Which he embraced greatfully, but not before being humiliated by his direct boss. He made the necessary changes which in turn gotten his boss’ approval. 😉

Meanwhile his group of close friends named Charlie, Luke and Ethan was struggling with their respective jobs. Working hard to gain their colleagues, bosses and clients’ recognition and approval. 😉

When Will gotten the deal of a promotion to vice president in his current company he was surprise yet excited for the challenge. Yet when he tried to share the news with his girlfriend named Jillian he found out that she actually just got fired. 😦

While Will continue to debate to accept or decline the offer of the promotion, it was time for their Christmas celebration in the office. He brought Jillian along and was being looked down by his boss. :/

Jillian decided to speak her mind to Will on the spot. It was to decline the offer of the promotion and go ahead to strive for his own success by being a producer in his own company. He went ahead with Jillian’s advice and spoke to his boss on his decision, which in turn got threatened to be jobless in the town for as long as his boss was working there. 😦

Mad by his boss threatening him, Will posted a video of how his boss was having sex session with an old colleague in the office right there and then. It made the whole company erupted into surprise and disgust at their boss. 😉

The movie ended with how Will managed to set up his own company by being a producer and director all at once. He recruited Jillian and all his close friends along, together they made a video selling their respective products. 😉

I love the ending quote of “Be Special”! Because everyone are unique, therefore each and everyone of us are definitely special, the problem is if everyone will be willing to show it~ 😉

Therefore personally I would be giving this movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. I laughed at a few scenes, cringed at some scenes and felt touched by some scenes. Overall it was definitely a movie which I can relate to, since I am aiming to get a job now too. 😉

For those of you whom would love to watched the full movie, go ahead and google for Get A Job. Hope you people enjoy watching this movie too. 😉


BookwormMindy 😉

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Happy Halloween 2017

Hello people!! Just wanna drop by and wish everyone a Happy Halloween 2017!!! 🙂

Today is the last day for the month of October 2017, let’s all bid goodbye to all the good and bad things that have grace us with their prescence before. Thank you for ever gracing me and hoping that in the month of November 2017 everything will continue to path out smoothly. 😉

I will continue to work hard in landing a job that suits me and enable me to grow well together with the organization. I will grow stronger and wiser in November 217!! Let’s all work towards a better tomorrow!! 😉

November 2017, please treat me better than October 2017!! I will embrace you with my two arms and treasure each and every day that you brought to me!! Let’s have a happy time together!! 😀

Last but not least, be it trick or treat I wish everyone a happy halloween for year 2017!! 😛

Smile Always,

BookwormMindy 😀

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The Need For Bravery

Hi everyone!! Today’s blog post will be just a short post on my recent thoughts. Purely a random rambling post about my recent happenings. 🙂

Feel free to stay around long enough to finish reading the full blog post and know more about my current situation in life. 😉

Yesterday while looking at my blog I felt there was a need to refurnish it’s appearance. Since it has been quite a long time since I gave this little space of mine a make over. Upon giving it some thought, I dived straight into it and started make over session!! After a few good hours, I managed to transformed it from an adorable little girl into a beautiful young lady. 😀

To be honest, I am loving this little space’s brand new look!! It looks much more refreshing and elegant now. Hope you readers will enjoy this new look as well!! 🙂

Today I received a call from my agent informing that I will be having an interview with my future to be new workplace on coming Thursday. I am feeling both nervous and excited to be in a brand new environment while also meeting new people. Hopefully it will be what both the employer and I want in a work environment. 😉

I am totally looking forward to that day. Hoping everything will be going in the correct direction on that day. Wish me all the best luck in the world. I need to call out to all my bravery and courageous cells in my body to work well with me on Thursday!! 😉

I believe that with the bravery in me being called out to work, I will be able to brace through this little chapter of my life like a breeze!! Once all have been done and excelled in, I will definitely post it here and share with everyone!! 😉

Meanwhile, everyone do cheer out for me. I will work hard towards a goal and bright future for myself!! Wish me the best of luck!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Sunday Family Dating

Hello hello!! I am back with another blog post, this time round the topic will be about my family dating yesterday!! 🙂

It has been some time since the five of us gathered together to have a meal and exchange information on our current life happenings!! 😉

Since my sister was yearning for some steamboat, we decided to satisfy her cravings. We went to have Beauty Pot at town area. Spent a good few hours stuffing all our tummies full to the max with all food in above college!! 😛

Miko was excited for the sour plum ice blend per college (it was the picture with those cups that look like shot)!! My niece even pretended to drink the dessert like shots in a club, which makes all of the adults laughed out loud uncontrollably!! 😉

Upon finishing all the food and the desserts, we decided to move on to window shopping. After around an hour of walking around aimlessly, we decided to find a cafe to enjoy the fragrance of coffee and most importantly to rest our tired legs!! 😉

We chance upon a relatively new cafe (at least it was a first try for all of us) named CoffeeSmith. My sister and I decided to try their frappe iced chocolate, mom decided to have their hot caramel cappuccino while my brother in law tried out their iced vanilla coffee. 😛

Verdict was excellent. Take note that  their drinks was on the pricey side of the scale, as their cold drinks were priced $8 sgd each while the hot drinks were priced $7 sgd (accordingly to what we drank yesterday)!! But it was totally worthy of the high price, the drinks was totally delicious and mouth-watering!!! 😛

The iced chocolate frappe was thick and creamy with a rich chocolate fragrance. Mom commented that her hot caramel cappuccino was yummy with a hint of sweet caramel partnering with her favorite coffee beans!! Although my brother in law was kind of upset with his iced vanilla coffee was not quite up to his standards. He personally felt that it tasted kind of bitter and lack of the vanilla fragrance!! 😉

After the coffee break, we decided to head home separately as it was getting late. I totally enjoyed spending my sunday with all those that I love!! Had a wonderful time with my family, gossipping and laughing at each other!! 😉

Hope everyone had a great day ahead!! Beat those Monday Blues to bit and pieces!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀