Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017!!!

Hi people!! Two blog post in a day!! 😛

This blog post is mainly to thank everyone whom have read my blog for the past years and continue to come back to read more about my humble daily affairs!! 🙂

Thank you everyone!! Just feeling thankful for all that had ever happened in 2016 which turn me into a better person and made me who I am today!! 🙂

I welcome 2017 with open hands and hope that 2017 will be an even better year ahead!! 2017 please continue to treat me well and if can, treat me even better than 2016 did!! 😉

In 2016 I continue to brace myself for all the obstacles being thrown my way at my workplace!! I guess I did a good job overcoming them, gave myself a good pat on the shoulder (can’t reach my back, normally people will give themselves a pat on the back :P) after each day at work!! 🙂

Although I always felt super tired after each day at work, but with the happy faces of my colleagues (my sales team colleagues only) I always have a way to cheer myself up and drag my tired soul and body to work day after each day!! Continue to “fight” the other departments and customers with them by my side!! Together the sales department is invincible!! 😀

2016 in short have treat me well. In 2016, I had a healthy lifestyle of exercising more freqently (like 6 days per week, not inclusive of my usual walking of 10,000 steps per day routine)!! I enjoyed my reading hobby, managed to achieve a record of at least one to two books per month (those with at least a few hundreds of chapters)!! 😛

Spent lots of time with my family and bonding with my favorite sisters. Chatting on the phone with her was always such a happy affair that either of us wanted the phone call to end even though it was late into the night! 😛

Although all that was stated above was such simple tasks or ordinary happenings… yet I appreaciate all that has ever happened!! 🙂

Will continue to strive on to be a better person in 2017!! Together let’s all fight for a better tomorrow… Last but not least, thank you all of you whom have stand by my side, regardless of how little or much you did to help me (reading my blog post and giving me likes help too). You gave me the much needed strength to continue to write (or type) out my feelings and thoughts in this little space!! 🙂

Happy New Year 2017 to all of you out there!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😉

Cheeky BookwormMindy

Hi beautiful readers!! It is mid week already!! Happy mid week to everybody!! 😛

Today was an amazing day at work. Not much work load, great colleagues and cheeky superior!! 🙂

At around 3pm my sales manager (Daniel) came round to our desk and chatted with us about work and disturb me… He walked to my cubicle and the conversation is as follows:-

Daniel: Mindy Koh…

BookwormMindy: Yes? 🙂

D: What are you doing?

B: Amending the due dates for the particular PO that you just ask customer to change…

D: Oh ok… *walking away to my colleague desk and asking the same question* 😂

Then when it was time to go home and we all was standing at the lift waiting for it to arrive at our level we saw him again. He walked up to us and waited the lift together with us. *Us as in Jo, GH and me. 🙂

The funny conversations will follows as below:-

Jo: Hey Daniel, your brief case is no longer in a good condition. You need to change a new one… 😂

Daniel: Yeah…

J: You want us to buy you one when your birthday rolls around? Maybe we go to Diaso and buy you one. Mickey mouse design you okay with it? 😝

BookwormMindy: Minnie mouse suits him more… 😝😝

D: No! I want that one… *Pointing at my pink panther stuff toy key chain hanging on my bag… 😁

B: WHAT! But this is not for sale!! *Announce the above statement instantly.. 😝😝

D: Laughing away merrily~

J: Oh then Daniel, you need to pending inbound already!! 😝✌🏻️

We all laughed out loud literally!! 😁😁😁 All these while GH was standing aside and laughing along with us without contributing any jokes!! 😅

I like how we all can joke around with each other easily without any care for different positions held in this company. Just like friends instead of colleagues and superior!! 🙂

Felt very thankful for having them in my life. Feeling super blessful to have them as my team mates and manager!! 🙂

Today marks the 76th day of my exercise regime!! I have walked the above miles and steps for the app called Charity Miles. In particular for a charity: water!! This charity supports people around the world having clean and safe water for drinking and usage!! 🙂

As you can see in the screenshot above it have only got $22,000/- plus so far. Therefore I encouraged all of you whom are currently reading this blog post to download this app called Charity Miles and start walking for the charity that you want to support. 🙂

Personally I am supporting Charity: Water. This is one of the apps that have less supporters. Since it have been some time this app started this charity group and till now it only have $22,000/-. Therefore start walking now and the amount will start to jump up higher as days goes by. 🙂

You dont have to donate the money literally. All you have to do to help those in need is to hold your phone and walk or run or cycle indoors or outdoors!! The amount will then automatically accumulate. The sponsers of the app will donate the respective amount of cash to the charity that you supported at the end of a span of time!! 🙂

For more details, you can read up more information at the app store under Charity Miles (the app)!!! 🙂

Quick go download now and start helping those in need. If you have time to play Pokemon Go, you should also be able to open another app (Charity Miles) on your phone to calculate the distance you walk or run or cycle. Do it for yourself (being healthy and have fun at the same time) and others (help those in need, be kind)!!! 🙂

Share with me your results if you like. I would be more than happy to cheer you on. For your information so far I have walked a total of 121.15 miles in Charity Miles!! Come on and catch up to my speed and distance there!! 🙂

I challenged you! (In a good and friendly manner for a wonderful cause!) Oh, did I mention before that you can join any teams you like (there are a few Pokemon teams). Personally I did joined a few teams like #Singapore / #Live To Give (you can set up a team if you like). 🙂

See you beautiful and kind people at Charity Miles. 🙂


BookwormMindy 😀

Happy Bday BookwormMindy (2016)!!! 

Hi people!! Today is my birthday!! Since this morning I woke up I have been receiving all well wishes and blessings from family and friends!! 😀

I am seriously feeling super thankful and blessful!! Super duper happy to be alive and have all those important people close to my heart to be around me and gave me their blessings!! Feeling ultra blissful to receive all the good wishes they have bestow upon me!! 😀

Let me use this little world of mine to say a big big THANK YOU to everyone that have and will wish me happy birthday!! 😀 Thank you everyone for all the well wishes you send my way!! I will treasure each and every good words and wishes I receive!! 🙂

My mummy brought me to a nearby Italian restaurant for lunch to celebrate my birthday!! You can see in the college above for all the good food we had!! I totally enjoyed the food and company!! 😛

Happy Birthday BookwormMindy!! Today marks the day that you will be another year wiser! Make all the best choices in life you can!! Stay truthful to yourself and be down to earth!! Love what you do and always do what you love!! 🙂

Train hard to become a better human, help others as much as you can each and every day!! Stay in shape and in good health. Take good care of not only yourself but all those that matters alot to you and especially those few that are real close to your heart!! 😀

Meanwhile eat lots of good food and drinks!! Make sure you enjoy life fully every day!!! Live life to the fullest!! You only live once, therefore make the best of every day!! 🙂

Today is my birthday, but that does not give me a reason to skive off my exercise regime!! 🙂

Especially when it marks the 60th day of my exercise regime!! Did a total of 20,990 steps!! 😀

With the great effort put in, I got awesome results!! I did a total of 7.00km of walking distance!! Today I choose to walk for two causes which is Soles4Souls and ASPCA projects!! 🙂

Have you done your part to make the difference in someone else’s life? Quick start now, it is never too late!! Hope everyone have a great week ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 🙂

Thankful July 2016

Hi everyone!! I just want to share with everyone my happiness when I received the screen shot of email my manager sent to our Sales Team last Friday!! 🙂

I am glad that together as a team we are invincible!! We manage to overcome all obstacles that customers throw upon us and finish all task with effiency and quality!! We made the customers happy and our company and manager even happier!! 😉

Together as a team we made a pretty impressive report card!! 🙂 Now we left a few more months till the end of the year!! We will continue to work hard and play harder off working hours! 🙂

Fighting Sales Team!! 😀

Now I want to share with everyone my proud personal achievement of my exercise activity!! 🙂

It is already the 59th day since I start my exercise regime!! 🙂 It have been a few weeks since I started using the charity miles app! I am happy that while I am working out I am also helping someone in need across the globe!! Albeit it can seem like a small and insignificant deed but no matter how small it seems, it helps!! 🙂

Have you start doing your part? If not yet, you can start now!! You know how the saying goes… better late than never!! 😉

Fighting everyone!! Fight for the better self and others!! Fight for a healthy body and mind and soul!! Fight for a happy day (be it today, tomorrow and the future)! 🙂

I am thankful for July 2016 for blessing me with all good things happen to me under the sun!! Thankful my superior see our (my) hard work and gave us the necessary credit! Thankful for joining this awesome team in this great company!! 😉

Thankful for July 2016 for blessing me with finding out this awesome charity miles app and helping people out while exercising and burning my extra calories!! 🙂

Last but not least, thankful for being alive. Staying healthy and in good shape (although to be honest, I definitely can be in a better shape and will definitely work real hard towards that realistic goal)!!! Fighting!! 😀

Smile Always,

BookwormMindy 😉

Exercise + Charity

Hi everyone!! Have you all been doing charity work? If the answer is no, you can start now! 🙂

Simply by downloading the app called Charity Mile whereby you can open the app and it will count the miles you walk, run or cycle (both indoor or outdoor)!! 🙂

The above is the amount of miles I log on in Charity Miles for my evening workout!! I aim to do 3 miles on my weekends!! I succeeded, my morning and afternoon workout was not included in this college. But a total of 3.47 miles was being log in Charity Miles today!! 😉

I managed to do my workout and help others around the globe at the same time!! You should do it too!! 🙂

In my morning work out I log a total of 1.18 miles for the Soles4Souls project. In my afternoon work out I log 1.26 miles for Autism Speaks project. In my evening work out I did 1.03 miles for Pencils Of Promise!! 🙂

Quick go download the amazing app and start giving back to the society! No matter how little you think it is, it helps to make those unfortunate people around the world have hope for a better tomorrow!! 😀

Start logging your work out today! Together we all can make the world a better place and filled it full with love!! 😀


BookwormMindy 🙂

Upset BookwormMindy

Hi All!! I am feeling super piss off right now!! Just because I was carrying my iphone using the pedometer to count the steps I am taking (I do that every day and night as my form of exercise) and the battery died on me!! Without so much as a beep!! 😦

Freaking awesome (cue sacastic eye roll and bitch slapping my phone) and guess what? The stupid app close down and did not save my steps and we have yet to get to the best part~ 😦

Best news is that I have already walked for 2 hours straight (while trying to keep my eyes busy by watching variety shows on my tablet)!! Isnt it just super awesome (NOT) and I have freaking toil it out with estimate 21,000 steps argh!!!! 😦

You may ask how come I know I walked at least that 21,000 steps. It is simply because I did stopped mid way around 45 minutes of interval to replenish my fluid (plain water only) and saw that it states the wonderful number of 21,000. 😦

I only realised my battery died on me when I hit the two hour time frame I gave myself today!! Argh!! I wanna be like a fire breathing dragon and spit fire at my stupid phone with the stupid app installed in it!! I am seriously considering deleting that infuriating app!! 😦

This is not the first time it played with my feelings of not recording the count of my steps!! 😦

Just went to the app store and found another app to replace the previous lousy app!! Fingers cross that this new app dont give me attitude!! 🙂

I am personally running low of battery and seriously need to charge up my life battery. Therefore you can see above college that I only gave this new app a try out time frame of 5 minutes!! 🙂

So far so good, it seems to work fine!! I will definitely continue to fighting and walk out a healthy lifestyle for myself!! Cheer on for me people!! 😀


BookwormMindy 🙂

Grateful For All Love Shower On Me!!

Hi everybody!! First of all, let me wish everyone a big HAPPY FRIDAY!! 😀 Hooray!! It is finally Friday!! Being counting down to you since Monday!! 😛

Today is a happy day. Firstly, simply because today is Friday (I am in a hyper mood since this morning)!! Secondly, because it is Friday we get to leave workplace half an hour earlier than other weekdays!! Simple blessing that make my day so much happier!! Thirdly, today lots of people shower me with their love (different forms of love but it is the thoughts that counts, and action speaks louder than words)!!! 😀

Although it has been raining since morning with only a short break in the afternoon, it did not affect my mood at all!! 😉

Work load for this week is managable. What with we have the best team members all present for every day and the amount of orders coming in at a slower pace!! 🙂

The opportunity present itself for me to realise that my colleagues all love me deep deep (as deep as the sea and as high as the sky) is when the time arrive for us to go home~ 

When I am boarding the company transport and one of my best team mates (GH) asked me if the shoe (in this case is my favorite red slipper with many white little hearts decorating it) I am wearing will be slippery when walking in this weather (super heavy down pour). I told her that it can be super slippery when walking at wet places. It will be as if I am learning how to skate on snow. 😦

She asked me to be careful and dont walk so fast. People who know me well knew that I am a super fast walker. I always power walk to save time and speed up extra fast when I am in a rush to get back home after my working hours!! 😛

I thanked her for her concerns and promised her I will walk carefully and much more slowly. I cant even speed up even if my heart wish to. 😦 Anyway when we reached our destinations, my other two colleagues from another department told me the same thing, telling me to walk slowly and refrain from running and speed walking in this bad weather condition!! 🙂

I felt so love and bless to know these people. To have them as my colleagues and came across them in my life!! It is a happy event to have them enter my life. 😀

Today at around 4pm my manager (Daniel) came to our department and told us that he will be fetching another manager to the airport as he have to get back to the States. 

He then came to my desk and the conversation is as follows:-

Daniel: Have a great weekend! I have to go now. Miss me during the weekend, will you.

Mindy: You too have a great weekend ahead! Byes! Arhm, no.

D: You wont miss me during the weekend?

M: Nope!

D: But you have to!

M: I dont want!

D: I am not important enough to you?!!

M: Yup!

D: *Chuckle* Alright bye!

M: Byes~~~~~

He went off after that. After having his fun of messing with me!! 😛 Why do I have such a cheeky manager??? 😀

Anyway back to the present moment on hand… I just finished my work out for the day. I am finally at my day 21 of my exercise regime!! I am glad my results for the day comes up to a whooping 10,912 steps!! My ranking meanwhile drop to 35th place out of 2,575 people!! 😦 Although it still gives me a high percentage of 1.35%!!! Which can be consider as a happy ending for the day!! 😀

Lastly, please enjoy looking at yours truly’s selfies!! 😀 

Hope you all have a happy day ahead!! Look out for my updates tomorrow!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀