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Training Accomplished

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog post will be about what I have been busy with in this week. First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy Friday!! Thank God it was Friday!! 😉

Next, today is the start of a whole new month. December 2017 will be filled with relaxing and enjoyment for each and everyday!! I am totally looking forward to it. December shall be exciting and allows me to use everyday to the fullest capacity for enjoyment of life!! 😉

Thank God and life that November 2017 was a great month filled with happiness, adventure and the courage needed to pursue a new environment (new workplace)!! Everything was being planned out beautifully, I just needed to carry out the actions and walked the path that God have laid it out for me!! 😉

Anyway, this whole week I have been reporting to my new workplace for training sessions. Every morning I would tag along with my director for the product trainings. I am able to understand and be friended the products with just five mornings. I am totally looking forward to reporting to work in January 2018. 😉

Everyone at work was being really nice and friendly to me. Especially the director, he was always wearing a smile and explaining the functions of the products to me patiently. My colleagues were all looking out for me and guiding me towards the pantry which was filled with all sorts of drinks and snacks. 😉

Let me just hope and pray that they will continue to treat me well and better in January 2018!! God bless me! Other than that, I am happy with everything about this company. There really isn’t much that I can complain about~ I enjoyed my time there learning all I could about the products, my jobscope and spending time with the director and colleagues!! 😀

Now I am being off duty which allows me to have a month of holiday before going back to the work force in January 2018!! Therefore I would be having much more time on my hands to do more blogging and sharing of my life events with you people!! Continue to stay tuned, meanwhile I shall end my blog post here as it is getting longer with my ramblings and random thoughts~ 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛

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A Sealed Deal

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog update will be about my interview today. I finally sealed the deal with the company. Yay!! 😀

I will be going in to the office on coming Monday to learn the ropes from my director. My training will last the whole one week. After the training I would continue to enjoy my days at home for the whole of December 2017. 😉

I will then officially join the company and start work hands on in January 2018!! I am feeling the hype and buzz from closing the deal with this company. I really love the environment and from what the director was passing the message, I just know that I will definitely be able to blend in amazingly with the future colleagues!! 😉

People do continue to cheer on for me yeah? I will definitely do well and pay attention at the training on Monday. I am sure I can ace it wonderfully, especially when I put my heart to it. There just do not have any obstacles allowed to be in my way!! Fighting!! 😀

Last but not the least, thank God for blessing me in acing this second interview and securing the job. Please continue to keep a look out for me and continue to bless me. I will work hard towards a brighter future!! I will strive towards the path of success!! 😀

Wish everyone have a great day ahead!! Have a happy weekend!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Good Vibe • Wonder Mindy

Hello to everybody out there!! Today’s blog update will be purely just a sharing post. It has been some time since I last posted about my current state of life. 😉

Actually I am spotting a good vibe today. Since I managed to secured a second interview with a potential employer this weekend, I am being all hyper and excited since morning!! You people keep me in your prayer and continue to cheer on for me alright? Thanks in advance!! 😀

I shall continue to keep this interview and all details of the potential employer as a secret for the time being. I promised more details will be shared here with everyone once all things have been confirmed. Can’t wait to spread the good news with you awesome people!! 😀

Anyway I will definitely use all my superb powers to awe the potential employer this weekend. I will work hard towards my goal of securing this amazing job~ Cheer on for me!! This weekend the role I am playing will be Wonder Woman also known as Wonder Mindy!! 😛

Recently I have been posting more blog posts as I have free time on hand while in turn enables me to read more novels, watch more movies and have more time to spend with my wonderful family. 😉

I am currently living in bliss and felt blessful to have a nice roof over my head with three meals a day and more than enough clothes to keep me feeling pretty and warm. Thank God for all the above. Hopefully I can secure the job this weekend, that will definitely make me the most blessful person on Earth then!! 😉

I wish to continue stay happy and carefree with a job in hand, enough money to get on by in life and plenty of time left for my family and hobbies. God bless me!! 🙂

Alrighty, I guess I shall end the blog post here before you people laugh at my rambling~ Do cheer on for me, hoping that I can transform to Wonder Mindy this weekend and ace the second interview!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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The Need For Bravery

Hi everyone!! Today’s blog post will be just a short post on my recent thoughts. Purely a random rambling post about my recent happenings. 🙂

Feel free to stay around long enough to finish reading the full blog post and know more about my current situation in life. 😉

Yesterday while looking at my blog I felt there was a need to refurnish it’s appearance. Since it has been quite a long time since I gave this little space of mine a make over. Upon giving it some thought, I dived straight into it and started make over session!! After a few good hours, I managed to transformed it from an adorable little girl into a beautiful young lady. 😀

To be honest, I am loving this little space’s brand new look!! It looks much more refreshing and elegant now. Hope you readers will enjoy this new look as well!! 🙂

Today I received a call from my agent informing that I will be having an interview with my future to be new workplace on coming Thursday. I am feeling both nervous and excited to be in a brand new environment while also meeting new people. Hopefully it will be what both the employer and I want in a work environment. 😉

I am totally looking forward to that day. Hoping everything will be going in the correct direction on that day. Wish me all the best luck in the world. I need to call out to all my bravery and courageous cells in my body to work well with me on Thursday!! 😉

I believe that with the bravery in me being called out to work, I will be able to brace through this little chapter of my life like a breeze!! Once all have been done and excelled in, I will definitely post it here and share with everyone!! 😉

Meanwhile, everyone do cheer out for me. I will work hard towards a goal and bright future for myself!! Wish me the best of luck!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Goodbye To EA Sales Team

Cuties in the first photo from left to right: BookwormMindy, Daphne, Daniel, Dustin, Geok Hong and Josephine!! We made the dynamic team!! 🙂

Hello people, today’s blog post will be dedicated to EA Sales Team! The photos above was being taken in year 2016 when Daniel left his post as Sales Manager. In his replacement would be Dustin leading the Sales Team under the title of International Sales Lead!! 🙂

I have been working in this company for a near two years. During the beginning I did enjoy every single day at work. Hey, I even look forward to going into the office to work during the weekends. 😉

But as usual, great things does not last forever. Once Daniel was out of the picture, things got kind of out of hand. As times goes by, things beginning to pile my way. Responsibilities getting more and more, sometimes it was getting out of my league. Although they did ask if I needed help and I decline all help unless for problems that I knew was within their capabilities. 😦

Some of the responsibilities was being shared among a few of us, yet most of the load was being pushed my way. Why? I did subtly hint and question the Sales Lead… The answer I got back was kind of dissapointing. He said the response or feedback he got back from the few other departments was my work was the best among the few of us. 😦

Did he actually thought I would continue to bite my tongue and grit my teeth through each and every day till it was time for my retirement? If he did, he thought wrong. I am not one who can stand such nonsense for long. And I didnt. I coolly placed my resignation letter on his desk. When they all asked me why I left, I simply told them that I wanted to further my studies. 😉

Since I throw the situation at you a few times and you were not able to give me a great solution. I would most definitely find the next best solution for myself. I am not an individual whom stays in a miserable group for long. I didnt bid them with a bitter parting. Instead we all bid goodbyes in a sweet note. 😉

I personally thought that I handle the situation very beautifully. My ex-colleagues till today still seems to be messaging me for my consoling them of the nasty and sticky situation they got themselves into. I left with a sigh yet in a hyper and thankful mood. Thanks for everyone whom once or more help me in any way. 🙂

Without them, I would never be who I am today. Whatever sticky or nasty situation or comments they ever threw in my way was a “pill” to make me grow better and stronger. And for that I thank them!! 😉

I may no longer be working with this bunch of people together day in day out anymore, but I guess I would always remember them. For their kindness, their trickster manners, the fun times we shared together and not to forget those taichi style of pushing all their workload to my desk and left for to handle all those irritating and troublesome customers and backend troubles!! ;P

Last not but least, a final thank you and goodbye!! 😉

Smile Always,

BookwormMindy 🙂

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Happy Birthday BookwormMindy! (FY2017)

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog post will be my birthday post!! Just a normal ordinary day like any other day on my birthday!! 🙂

Nothing really special happened, just that my sister cooked me a fabulous meal filled full to the brim with her love towards me!! Thankful for all the love she ever shower upon me since I was young like a baby!! 🙂

Always felt thankful for the love my family gave me since young. Although they can be kind of control freak at times, I understand that they are coming from the perspective of trying to protect me from harm’s way, as much as they can. I thanked them that they gave me as much freedom as I could possibly get, their trust in me and for always having patience and understanding in me. 😀

They are my strongest support in this world, they are my everything! Just wanted to shout out to them that I love them with all my heart and thankful for their love towards me and always believeing in me!! 😀

The actual day of my birthday, we spent the day lazing around in my sister’s lovely home. We catch up on as much episodes of Taiwan idol drama as we can, gossip about the actors and had a heart to heart talk among ourselves!! It was an ordinary day filled with comfortable moments and lovely atmosphere!! 😀

Yesterday (Friday, 4 August) my colleagues celebrated my birthday for me at my workplace!! Just a tiny adorable panda cake for me, with a present wrapped in self designed tweety bird wrapper and not to forget a tweety bird birthday card all designed by them!! 😀

I playfully asked my colleague why get me a panda cake instead of a tweety cake? Her response was because she couldn’t find a adorable tweety cake plus she knew that one of my hobby is sleeping (I love to sleep early)! 😛

In the end they got me a a tweety bird t-shirt and a woodstock t-shirt!! Thankful for all their effort in creating the tweety bird card and writing their best wishes for me! We had a busy week at work, I knew that they created this world surprise for me within a short span of two hours, as we were so filled to the brim with our work!! Still thankful for all their effort and time, no matter how little it was being put into this little surprise!! 😀

After work, I met up with my childhood friend! We went for dinner and she passed me my present with a carefully handwritten birthday card! Thankful for the well written card with all her best wishes to me! 🙂

She even insisted to treat me to dinner, therefore I return the favor my treating her to our favorite dessert: ice cream!! We spent a good part of the short amount of time we got together to exchange our current situations with each other!! I gave her whatever advice which I deem useful and hope it helps her to make a decision which is suitable to her!  😛 
Last but not least, happy belated birthday to bookwormmindy! For year 2017, hope it continues to treat me even better than it is already treating me! Hope everything will go on even smoother, hoping that I will continue to be more bless and blissful each and every day!! 😀

To many more years to come in the near future!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀

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Made Up My Mind

Hi people!! I am back for another update before this week comes to an end. Let me share with you people a news on my current life happenings.  🙂

Since my post on my working life a few weeks ago, I have already made up my mind that I will be resigning from my post in this company. Just that this news will not be spread to my fellow colleagues and manager too soon. I will give it another week or two before I will pass the message and notify them of my decision. 🙂

I just received a text message from one of my fellow colleague sharing the news that he will be leaving his post by the end of this month in our team group chat on whatsapp. It then prompted me to share the news here with you people in advance, even before I share this piece of news with my colleagues at work. 🙂

I did share my decision with my family, they expressed their support towards my decision made!! After knowing the main reasons for my departure in this company, they encouraged me to present them my resignation letter as soon as possible. 😛 

I guess it will be time to start up a new adventure soon!! I am looking forward to it with all my heart!! Fighting Mindy!! 😀

Meanwhile I just applied for my annual leaves from this coming Monday all the way to Wednesday. I will use this short period of time to rest well and get myself ready for the battle I will need to fight after I get back to work on coming Thursday!! 🙂

I am planning to use this period of time to catch up on as many chapters of novels, episodes of variety shows and dramas, spend as much time as possible with my family. I will also be meeting up with my dearest sister on Tuesday, simply for sisterly bonding and lunch gossips session!! I totally can’t wait to do all the above!! Just the mention of those above got me all excited and hyper active!! 😉

Hope you people will wish me all the best in my life and give me all the encouragement in the world!! 😉

Have a lovely weekend!!


BookwormMindy 😀