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My Week

Hi ladies and gentleman, I am finally back with another update in tow. This time round it will just be a simple update on my current happenings in life for the past one week. The Sunday before yesterday, I managed to meet up with my favourite second sister and her family. Maggie, Thomas, Miko and I went out to have lunch. Basically, I just accompany them while they intake calories. 😉

After their meals, we went shopping at Vivo City, one of the largest shopping mall in Singapore. Around 6pm, we went on our separate ways to a place call home. Although it was only a few short hours together, but at least we spent some precious time with each other. Managed to catch up on each other’s latest happenings in life. Not to mention gossips and laughter at all random stuff. 😊

As per usual on Monday when I went back to work, there were literally a ton of stuff waiting for my action. For the rest of the week while at work, I was being chased by all parties for orders, PO, proforma invoices and stock availability and so on and so for. It was a total havoc at work, luckily every day after work I came home to a good and satisfying home cooked meal. 😛

I spent my Saturday packing part of my room. At least now a small corner of my room looks pleasing to the eye. I guess it will gonna take at least another few Saturdays to make my whole room looks similar to a show room. It needs to at least looks 10% like the show room, otherwise I am gonna get nagged at by my parents till my ear dropped off. 😛

Sunday was spent at home, exercising and bonding with my family. Nothing much was done, except that I managed to played a role of “Standard Patient” for my eldest sister whom currently undergoing medical studies for a higher education certification. Anyway it was fun playing her patient, at least she was gentle with me. 😉

Therefore, the above will be how I spent my last week. I guess I forgot to mentioned that I also read some books whenever I managed to squeeze some time out from the above schedules. I also managed to watched a few episodes of China variety shows during the weekend to relieve some stress from work. 😉

I guess I will end the blog post here before all of you out there whom are reading it finds me naggy. Hope everyone have a happy and productive week ahead. Smile always and brace through all obstacles in life with a toothy grin. 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Precious Sunday

Hello everybody!! Today’s blog post will be my famous sharing of weekly dosage of Mindy Vitamin!! Are you ready for your dosage of happiness? Read on to look for your happiness and bring a smile on your face!! 😉

Basically this week at work was a busy one, what with all urgent orders and rushing of quotations and offers for potential customers. But at least everyday flew by in a blink of an eye (literally)!! 😉

Whenever I finished my dinner, I would report on time with my phone for a walk (in my room). This was the only time I was able to squeeze out of my tight schedule to do some minor exercise. On the bright side, at least I got to hit my daily target of 10,000 steps per day!! 😉

Although to be really honest, so far my weighing scale have not been showing me great results. I guess I have to continue work harder to shed off those irritating and persistent fats in my system!! Fighting Mindy!! 😀

Alright it will be time to head back to the topic on hand which will be today. My precious Sunday was spent together with my mommy. We went to have lunch at my favorite korean stall. 😛

You can refer to the meal as per attached college… Have you sweetie drool just by looking at the photo? The meal was totally mouth-watering and tummy satisfying!! I burped non stop after finishing the whole set all by myself. It was actually a fried chicken hot plate with a sunny egg, seaweed soup, kimchi with rice and sauce!! 😛

After the yummy meal, the two of us head to shopping spree. You can see our happy faces at the start of the trip as per attached college. The rest of the day we did not take photo as we were too busy shopping to our heart’s content therefore we have totally no time to take wefie!! 😉

Hope you cutie pies out there are having a great weekend too. Anyway I guess I shall end the blog post here!! Wish everyone have a great week ahead!! Remember to come back for your weekly dose of Mindy Vitamin next week!! See you!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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2 Months Old

Hello everybody!! I am back with another update for my weekly happenings!! 😉

I guess time really flew by, it has already been two months since I started working at this company. I am already two months old, stepping foot into the third month. Once I finish off this third month, I will pass my probation with flying colors!! 😉

Although they did mentioned before that nothing much changes after probation period. Anyway the above college was taken during Friday 01.03.2018!! 🙂

It was the first day of the new month and they decided to take a group photo. Too reason was also because of it being the last day of chinese new year!! 🙂

From left to right in the photo will be yours truely: BookwormMindy, Frances, Doris and Kevin! We always had our lunch together. 😉

Let’s put the topic of working aside, focus on my private life. I have been back to the routine of exercising by walking 10,000 steps per day since last weekend. So far I did managed to keep up the good work of hitting my set target daily. 😉

Therefore I will continue to work hard and strive towards my target weight!! I enjoy walking and knowing that my body will be heading towards a healthier tomorrow!! 😉

I am currently trying to read finish the chinese novel, which only left around nine chapters. I will probably write up another blog entry for a book review on this novel tomorrow. Therefore you cuties remember to keep a look out for it. 😀

Otherwise my days have been quite boring. Nothing new and nothing old happen. It just kept repeating a cycle that I enjoyed. Eatting my meals when due, head to work, head back home sweet home, play games, read novels and sleep. Hit replay and the cycle will repeat again!! 😉

Alrighty hope everyone enjoy doing whatever they are doing out there in the world. I am gonna end this blog entry here and wish you people have a great week ahead!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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New Target FY 2018

Hello people! Today’s blog post will be an update of my recent life happenings. Nothing serious or any huge changes in my life. But just wanted to share my baby steps in this society with you people!! 😉

Anyway I seriously made up my mind to start my slimming programme. I have been gaining weight since the last time I actually spend some time on exercising. By the way for your information, I gave up exercising a few months back. 😦

From then onwards, my weight have been climbing up the scale pretty quickly and I really cannot believe those digits that I saw when I weigh myself yesterday! I was totally mortified by those numbers!! 😦

Therefore I set my sights on exercising and moderate dieting to control my weight. Hopefully I would see the results in a few weeks time. I am going to start walking my 10,000 steps per day routine for this week and from there I will see how things go on. 😉

Yesterday I did a great job of walking 11,700+ steps on my first day back on the exercising team. Today was a bit of a slacking as I am short of a 400 steps as compared to yesterday’s achievement. But nevermind, never give up, thinking in a more positive manner I did achieved my set target of walking 10,000 steps today!! 😉

Anyway I will continue to keep you people updated on my exercising plan and how progressive on my slimming programme in the few weeks down the road!! 🙂

As for the working aspect of my life, everything seems to be falling into place nicely at my workplace. I seem to be able to handle whatever my colleagues throw in my direction. 😉

Albeit at times I can seem to be a bit confused due to not having clear instructions, but given a bit more time I was able to handle the situations perfectly (in my own way)! 😉

Thankful for all the help given to me during working hours! I am able to understand and perform better than I was a few weeks back! Soon it would be my two month old in this new workplace! Looking forward to that day!! 😉

As for my private life, nothing much happened recently. I am trying really hard to finish up another chinese novel. But what with it having a hundred and eighty plus chapters with an estimate of 15 pages each, it seems to take up more of my time digesting it. 🙂

I will keep you people updated with a book review once I have finish reading it. Keep a look out for a book review that should be round the corner~ 😉

Continue to cheer for me to successfully slim down, having an awesome life daily and also finish reading as many books (be it english or chinese novels) as I can!! 😉

Hope you people have a wonderful day ahead! Hope you enjoyed this week dosage of happy Mindy Vitamin!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Counting Down-5 Days!

Hello ladies and gentleman! I am back for another blog update. Two blog posts in a day. Don’t you feel excited and hyper? 😛

This blog update will be a summary of my life this past week. As usual my monday to friday life will be filled full with working and the daily routine. 🙂

Work have been a breeze for this week, everything have been great. Just the exception that my boss wanted me to learn how to order stock from our counterparts in Italy and China. I hate to learn this part as I am afraid I would put my colleague out of job. 😦

I have a feeling that the boss have had enough of this colleague’s nonsense and that will be a huge reason why he wanted me to learn the ordering of goods. Anyway on friday I even wrote an email to my boss to share my feelings on this task with him. 🙂

Hopefully he will respect and understand my decision on not taking up this mission. Firstly I do not want to learn the logistic role as I am a sales coordinator, not logistic coordinator. 🙂

Secondly I want to focus on being a sales coordinator therefore I prefer to handle solely on sales daily activities. 🙂

And thirdly this will enable me to provide quality service to existing customers. Which in turn allows me to have enough time to source for new potential customers for our company. 🙂

Fingers cross he will not force me to take up another role of ordering stocks. I will get the result when tomorrow I report to work. Hopefully I will be happy and able to accept whatever decision he decided on my fate. 😉

Another than my working life, everything seems fine and going along real well. I even managed to finish reading a novel in ten days time. Now this is what I call productive, right? 😛

I ate mcdonalds two days in a row. Mcwings and mcspicy is my currently favourites! I totally cannot handle my fingers when I am within range with these two naughty fellow! 😛

The time have been flying past real fast these days. Now it will be another 5 days before it is Chinese New Year!! I am totally happily counting down till then. I have even prepared all my new outfits with respective accessories along with new bags and footwear!! 😉

I am totally looking forward to the new year in the year of Dog!! I am all excited and hype up for this festive season! I wonder how are you people getting on for this festive season? 😉

Alrighty, that should be all for now. Hope everyone have an awesome week ahead!! Remember to check back next week for your dosage of Mindy Vitamin! 😉


BookwormMindy 😉

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立春快乐 / Happy 1 Month!! ;)

Hello people!! First of all I would like to wish everyone a happy 立春!Today is basically the start of the dog year in the olden days. Therefore wish everyone a happy new year!! 😉

Next I would like to share with everyone how I have been for the past week. Basically everything is beginning to get into place. Everything seems to flow on smoothly at work. I will definitely work hard to be a better me at work!! 😉

At a blink of an eye, it have already been a month since I started working at this new company. I got along really well with my colleagues and hopefully this great bond will stay for long~ 😉

Otherwise there is not much changes in my lifestyle pattern. I am currently reading another chinese novel which I will definitely share more details with you cuties once I have finish reading it. I am already reading chapter 60 out of 196!! Fighting!! 😀

Alrighty I guess I am going to end my blog post here. Hopefully I can cheer up you people enough to last for another week?!! Remember to drop by next week for the weekly dosage of Mindy Vitamin!! 😛

Wish everyone have a great week ahead!! Happy days ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😉

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3 Weeks Old

Hello ladies and gentleman!! I am back to report to you people about my life happenings in this past week!! 😉

Time indeed flew by me this week. Without me realising, it have already been three weeks since I started working in this new workplace!! As usual I spent the day time at my workplace trying to learn more new things each day. 🙂

Everyday is basically a brand new page of my life. I enjoy absorbing all the new information that my new colleagues share with me. Yesterday my Vice President whom I will be working with on a daily basis came into the office. 😉

We went on a discussion on how to improve his sales targets and measures we can take to increase new potential customers. So far, to be honest I totally enjoy my role in this company. I like working with everyone here. They are all lively people that spreads warmth and fun to their surroundings. Just like me!! 😀

This VP basically is a superman as he will be flying around the globe to catch more businesses. Therefore I am like his assistant that based in Singapore office to cater to all his customers needs and wants. 😉

I guess so far along, everything is playing out well. I have to thank God and Life for treating me well. Please continue to keep a look out for me and I will pray hard that things will continue to work well in my favor!! 😉

Once work ended at the end of each day, I will report back to home sweet home on time!! I love to nerd at home and I am proud to say so to whoever (mostly my current colleagues) when they asked me what or where will I be going after working hours!! 😉

I love to see their shocked faces when they heard the answer will always (ok so mostly like 99%) will be home!! Hahahaha I know I can be a little cheeky, but well I am a honest little girl!! 😛

Therefore I guess the weekly dosage of Mindy Vitamin shall be ending here!! Keep a look out for next week dosage of Mindy Vitamin. Remember to pop by then~ 😉


BookwormMindy 😀