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Book Review: 独宠

Hello everyone! Bookworm Mindy wish everyone a happy Friday. TGIF! Today’s blog update will be on a Chinese novel which I have just finish reading a few minutes ago. The title of this novel will be 独宠 meaning Exclusive Cherish. I spent around two weeks to finish reading this book. There will be a total of 103 chapters, with a range of 17 to 70 pages in each chapter. This book belongs in the category of romance, ancient times and mainly revolves around a scheme for the throne of being a King. 🙂

The story actually started off with how the female lead named Yao He Sheng was being married off into a well-off family in the village. The reason for her marriage results from the olden days superstitious thinking of Chinese to bring joyous festive mood into the family when a member was on the verge of dying. Therefore, the second male lead named Wei Jing Zhi actually suffered from some sickness and was about to die, before his death he requested to get hitched with HS. 😀

After some discussion between these two young adult’s family, they finally got hitched one day. But right after their wedding ceremony, the news started spreading that JZ have died. HS was unaffected as she did not even get to take a glimpse at the groom before his death. When in actual, JZ faked his death to bring this family to higher status in this country. :/

HS was unaware of all this behind the scenes scheming of JZ. JZ left the family home and went to one of the prince house to stay and provide ideas on how to battle for the King throne. Meanwhile on the other hand, HS was being sent to another village to stay with JZ’s relatives while JZ family tried to hired a killer to finish HS off secretly. HS bonded well with the relatives and enjoyed her stay with them. 😀

During her stay she came to know a handsome and charming man named Shen Hao whom also happens to be a prince as well. After a duration of understanding each other and simple dating, they decided to become an official couple. SH even managed to saved HS and JZ’s relative from the hand of a killer sent by JZ’s family back in the country. 🙂

HS decided to follow SH’s foot step to head back to the country. Once SH reach the country, he proceeded to get the King to grant them their marriage. It took some persuasion from some important people whom happens to be HS’s best friend. But in the end, the couple managed to get hitched successfully. The couple was grateful for HS’s best friend helping hand. 😉

They even managed to enjoy their married life for a good few months before more obstacles was being thrown in their path. But no matter how huge the obstacles can be, the couple always managed to overcome together while holding their hand tightly. The biggest challenge they got to overcome was that another prince tried to overtake the King’s throne by using JZ’s plot and ideas. 🙂

The couple even got separated but their heart remains close to each other. HS make use of JZ’s love for her to force him to open the gate which in turn allows SH to rescued her from their captive. SH also managed to interrupted the prince’s scheme to be the King. As per SH’s father (the real King) instructions, SH became the next King after his father retired. 😉

Which makes HS to become the queen of this country. The story ended with how HS and SH finally gotten a baby boy which would become their first prince. The couple decided to aim for a baby in each year. I guess the story ended on a sweet and romantic note. The author even went into quite some details on how the friends of this couple all ended up being happily married. 😀

I totally enjoyed myself while reading this book. Which also explains why I can finish reading it in only around two weeks’ time. I love the chemistry between HS and SH. Not to mention how SH would always dote on HS only and would never spare another glance on other woman whom would tried ways and method to come into close contact with him. 😀

Personally, I would give this novel a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. As I have mentioned above, I love the interaction of this couple very much. The author even shared details of their friends’ happiness at the ending, which was a great act as not all author would choose to write in such detail. The only minus point would be to read about how JZ and his family always trying ways to put HS into dangerous situations. 🙂

For those of you out there whom would love to read this whole book, go ahead and google for the title of this novel titled: 独宠 which also means exclusive cherish. Hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. Have lots of fun while reading. 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: Hated-Really?

Hello ladies and gentleman, today’s blog update will be a book review on an English novel titled Hated-Really? written by deepsea15. I have spent an estimate of two weeks to finish reading this novel. It actually belongs to the romance category with the main characters based in a campus background. There will be a total of 40 chapters with around 30 pages in each chapter. 🙂

The story actually started off with how the male lead named Rudra fallen in love with the female lead named Shanaya at first sight. Although the way he shows his love for Shanaya was through a possessive manner. But it was both their first love, puppy love to be exact so it should be easily forgiven. Therefore, both of them uses their own manner to show their love for each other. 🙂

They managed to get together after a series of courting by Rudra. He would always use the help of his friend Mike and Mike’s girlfriend named Natey whom also happened to be Shanaya’s roommate in the campus hostel. Therefore, Rudra would always seek help from both Mike and Natey to gather a bunch of friends to go out for an outing. 🙂

After a few huge gathering types of dating, the two of them confirmed their feelings for each other and Rudra decided to pluck up his courage and asked Shanaya out for a one to one dating. Which he succeeded easily, since Shanaya have fallen in love with him long time ago. The couple dated for a duration of two years, they were met with lots of obstacles thrown in their way throughout their relationship. 😦

The main obstacles will be their family history. Both their families happened to have a feud in their past history many generations back. Which Rudra’s family still hold dear, while Shanaya’s family have started to forget this past history and moved on in life. After some debating between Rudra and Shanaya, they decided to keep their love life under the table and not get affected by this piece of history. 🙂

The couple was happy for a few more months before Rudra received a piece of information that he was being given a placement upon his Master graduation from university. After giving it some thought, Rudra decided to choose the location of the placement to be his old home instead of where Shanaya was currently studying at. 😦

When Rudra shared this piece of information with Shanaya, she was upset and yet did not have the courage to asked Rudra to stay put. As previously whenever she requested Rudra to spend quality time with her instead of sharing the time along with his friends and family, Rudra would point the angry finger at Shanaya and accused her of trying to change him for her own liking. 😦

The story came to an end with how Rudra left Shanaya and went back home for his new job in the society. While Shanaya stayed put to continue her Bachelor studies. The author promised to have a sequel for this story. Yet I guess it will be a high probability that I will not be heading over to read the second part of this story. 🙂

Normally I prefer to read finish the book in one go, the only reason which can captivate and motivate me to read the sequel of a story then the plot must be good and to my liking. The same cannot be said in this case. Therefore, I guess I will not be reading the sequel of this book. 🙂

In my opinion, I would be giving this story a 3.5 out of 5 stars. The story can be a little bit draggy, especially the part when Rudra was courting Shanaya. I understand that Shanaya’s character happened to be extremely shy and loner but it must be to a limit. But I guess the author gave Shanaya a very low moral personality as well. Although she can be smart while studying but she was a dumb bell in relationship wise. Be it with her family or Rudra. It drives me mad to no end while reading her thoughts on such situations. :/

Although I have to give credit to the author for planning a sweet and romantic relationship between Rudra and Shanaya. It was an enjoyable read (at least for a short moment). That would be before things got ugly with how Rudra kept accusing Shanaya of planning to change him, when in fact he was the one planning to give Shanaya’s character a makeover. 😦

Anyway for those of you out there whom would love to read the full story, go ahead and google for wattpad – Hated – Really? written by deepsea15. Hope you people will be able to enjoy the story much more than me. Have fun reading, maybe with a cup of your favourite tea by your side. 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Precious Sunday

Hello everybody!! Today’s blog post will be my famous sharing of weekly dosage of Mindy Vitamin!! Are you ready for your dosage of happiness? Read on to look for your happiness and bring a smile on your face!! 😉

Basically this week at work was a busy one, what with all urgent orders and rushing of quotations and offers for potential customers. But at least everyday flew by in a blink of an eye (literally)!! 😉

Whenever I finished my dinner, I would report on time with my phone for a walk (in my room). This was the only time I was able to squeeze out of my tight schedule to do some minor exercise. On the bright side, at least I got to hit my daily target of 10,000 steps per day!! 😉

Although to be really honest, so far my weighing scale have not been showing me great results. I guess I have to continue work harder to shed off those irritating and persistent fats in my system!! Fighting Mindy!! 😀

Alright it will be time to head back to the topic on hand which will be today. My precious Sunday was spent together with my mommy. We went to have lunch at my favorite korean stall. 😛

You can refer to the meal as per attached college… Have you sweetie drool just by looking at the photo? The meal was totally mouth-watering and tummy satisfying!! I burped non stop after finishing the whole set all by myself. It was actually a fried chicken hot plate with a sunny egg, seaweed soup, kimchi with rice and sauce!! 😛

After the yummy meal, the two of us head to shopping spree. You can see our happy faces at the start of the trip as per attached college. The rest of the day we did not take photo as we were too busy shopping to our heart’s content therefore we have totally no time to take wefie!! 😉

Hope you cutie pies out there are having a great weekend too. Anyway I guess I shall end the blog post here!! Wish everyone have a great week ahead!! Remember to come back for your weekly dose of Mindy Vitamin next week!! See you!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Happy Birthday to my Lovely Sister!!

Hello people!! Today’s blog update will be a short one. The reason why I am here today will be just to shout out to my lovely sister a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Dear Sweet Sister,

Wish you always youthful and beautiful!! Wish you always healthy and positive mindset!! Wish you always successful in life and have the ability to conquer whatever life throws in your way!! 😉

Wish you have a smooth career path!! Wish you have a great bunch of colleagues and true friends!! Wish you smile always and enjoy each and every day of life!! 😉

Happy birthday to you my dearest sister!! Hope you enjoy today to the max!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Book Review: 闪婚甜妻请入局

Hello ladies and gentleman whom belongs to the bookworm category, please look over here!! Today’s blog update will be a book review on a chinese novel titled 闪婚甜妻请入局 which I have just finish reading this afternoon!! 😀

There will be a total of 186 chapters. Each chapter will have an estimate of 15 pages. This book belongs to the category of romance, comedy and CEO love life based in an adventure settings. 😉

The story actually started off with how the male lead named Jing Shen fallen in love at first sight with the female lead named Lin Qing Zhi. QZ worked as a preschool teacher, JS was sending his beloved nephew to the preschool when he first met QZ. 😉

They both felt the jolts of electric currents passing through their body when they laid eyes on each other. JS plotted to get hitched with QZ with the help of his beloved nephew named Tong Tong. As they became a married couple, they slowly got to know each other. 😉

As the days went by, QZ became dependable on JS’s decision on every matter, regardless if it is a small or big decision to be made. JS loved QZ so much that he find it adorable of her to seek for his permission or decision in all matters. 😉

Of course being a romantic story, there will definitely be some ex of the main leads to spoil their love life. In this case it would be Kong Si Ya also known as the evil ex-girlfriend of JS. SY would always plot against QZ, trying all ways to killed or torture her. 😦

There were a few scenes with how SY abducted QZ and wanted to recruit guys to rape her. Or how SY tried to used a hammer to knocked on QZ’s head to kill her. The most serious case would be SY ganged up with the leader of an underworld gang to abduct QZ and injected her with a poison drug. 😦

Although QZ was saved by a doctor in this gang with another injection of cure for the poison drug. But QZ ended up with a memory loss. She forgotten about all her family and friends. Although in the end JS managed to ensured QZ’s safety but it took her a few months before she could finally remember him. 😉

The couple managed to give birth to a baby girl named Jing Nian Nan. As NN grew up to a beautiful little girl, she wanted another siblings to accompany her. Therefore JS and QZ decided to try for another baby. 😉

The story proceeded to share how the couple gave birth to another baby boy and together the family of four lead a happy life. Not to mention that the crazy woman SY was found dead after suffering from blood loss with a miscarriage. 😉

I spent a good 13 days finish reading this cute story. I enjoy reading how JS always so protective over QZ. Not to mention how QZ would always tried to make fun of JS whenever he got too over protective of her!! 😉

For those whom are interested to read the full story, go ahead and google for 闪婚甜妻请入局!! 🙂

Have fun reading!! Hope you people will enjoy the story as much as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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2 Months Old

Hello everybody!! I am back with another update for my weekly happenings!! 😉

I guess time really flew by, it has already been two months since I started working at this company. I am already two months old, stepping foot into the third month. Once I finish off this third month, I will pass my probation with flying colors!! 😉

Although they did mentioned before that nothing much changes after probation period. Anyway the above college was taken during Friday 01.03.2018!! 🙂

It was the first day of the new month and they decided to take a group photo. Too reason was also because of it being the last day of chinese new year!! 🙂

From left to right in the photo will be yours truely: BookwormMindy, Frances, Doris and Kevin! We always had our lunch together. 😉

Let’s put the topic of working aside, focus on my private life. I have been back to the routine of exercising by walking 10,000 steps per day since last weekend. So far I did managed to keep up the good work of hitting my set target daily. 😉

Therefore I will continue to work hard and strive towards my target weight!! I enjoy walking and knowing that my body will be heading towards a healthier tomorrow!! 😉

I am currently trying to read finish the chinese novel, which only left around nine chapters. I will probably write up another blog entry for a book review on this novel tomorrow. Therefore you cuties remember to keep a look out for it. 😀

Otherwise my days have been quite boring. Nothing new and nothing old happen. It just kept repeating a cycle that I enjoyed. Eatting my meals when due, head to work, head back home sweet home, play games, read novels and sleep. Hit replay and the cycle will repeat again!! 😉

Alrighty hope everyone enjoy doing whatever they are doing out there in the world. I am gonna end this blog entry here and wish you people have a great week ahead!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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New Target FY 2018

Hello people! Today’s blog post will be an update of my recent life happenings. Nothing serious or any huge changes in my life. But just wanted to share my baby steps in this society with you people!! 😉

Anyway I seriously made up my mind to start my slimming programme. I have been gaining weight since the last time I actually spend some time on exercising. By the way for your information, I gave up exercising a few months back. 😦

From then onwards, my weight have been climbing up the scale pretty quickly and I really cannot believe those digits that I saw when I weigh myself yesterday! I was totally mortified by those numbers!! 😦

Therefore I set my sights on exercising and moderate dieting to control my weight. Hopefully I would see the results in a few weeks time. I am going to start walking my 10,000 steps per day routine for this week and from there I will see how things go on. 😉

Yesterday I did a great job of walking 11,700+ steps on my first day back on the exercising team. Today was a bit of a slacking as I am short of a 400 steps as compared to yesterday’s achievement. But nevermind, never give up, thinking in a more positive manner I did achieved my set target of walking 10,000 steps today!! 😉

Anyway I will continue to keep you people updated on my exercising plan and how progressive on my slimming programme in the few weeks down the road!! 🙂

As for the working aspect of my life, everything seems to be falling into place nicely at my workplace. I seem to be able to handle whatever my colleagues throw in my direction. 😉

Albeit at times I can seem to be a bit confused due to not having clear instructions, but given a bit more time I was able to handle the situations perfectly (in my own way)! 😉

Thankful for all the help given to me during working hours! I am able to understand and perform better than I was a few weeks back! Soon it would be my two month old in this new workplace! Looking forward to that day!! 😉

As for my private life, nothing much happened recently. I am trying really hard to finish up another chinese novel. But what with it having a hundred and eighty plus chapters with an estimate of 15 pages each, it seems to take up more of my time digesting it. 🙂

I will keep you people updated with a book review once I have finish reading it. Keep a look out for a book review that should be round the corner~ 😉

Continue to cheer for me to successfully slim down, having an awesome life daily and also finish reading as many books (be it english or chinese novels) as I can!! 😉

Hope you people have a wonderful day ahead! Hope you enjoyed this week dosage of happy Mindy Vitamin!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀