Happy Mother’s Day 2017!!!

Hello everybody!! Happy Sunday to all of you out there!! Today is mother’s day, so I will be sharing with you people how we celebrated this special occasion in our family!! 😀

This year we celebrated mother’s day on a public holiday, which was Wednesday the 10 of May! Since we wanted to rest at home on the actual day being a Sunday!! I am sure that all restaurants and public places will sure be filled full with crowds of people everywhere!! Therefore I think our decision of celebrating mother’s day in advance is such an awesome idea!! 😛

Anyway let me get to the point for this post, this year there wasnt any real surprises for our mommy. Just a simple get together for a delicious meal and some time to really sit down and have a heart to heart chat with coffee by our sides!! 😉

The meal was a mother’s day set meal which includes the following of Roasted Duck with Herbal Soup based of Pao Sheng, Hong Kong Style Fish, Broccoli with Tou Fu, Shark Fin Soup, Spicy Scallops with Veggies and last but not the least is Sweet Sauce Fried Chicken!! Our drinks for that meal was Luo Han Guo!! The meal was super satisfying for my tummy. I guess we all kind of burped non stop after that really mouth watering meal!! 😀

After finishing our wonderful lunch, we proceeded to Starbucks for our coffee break!! Spend a few good hours there gossipping about all our recent happenings in life and our thoughts and dreams for the future!! It has being such a long time since the two sisters get to talk to our heart’s content. Feeling thankful I have such a great family!! 😀

For this year, that was basically how we celebrated mother’s day for our mommy. She was easily contented and didnt stop smiling until we reach home and rest for the day. 😛

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there whom is currently reading this post!! Hope you all have an awesome day ahead!! Cheers!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

Aussie’s Cuties

Hihi everybody, today’s blog post will be on a team of Aussie’s Cuties!! One of my colleague just came back from his trip to Australia with his family. The sweet guy bought a little softie for each of his team mates. Which includes yours truely, I am so blessed!! 😀

Felt so thankful and bless when the moment my eyes landed on my little softie kangaroo!! I always wanted a kangaroo softie, but my family didnt get a chance to visit Australia yet. The last time this colleage of mine went to Australia he didnt got us any softie, since he didnt went to their local farm and couldnt find any cute soft toy animals over there… 🙂

The softie above kind of symbolises each of us in this Sales Team!! The kangaroos represents Jo, GH and me. The koalas represents Daphne and WY!! Eugene didnt got any soft toys for himself, although he did informed us that he got extra koalas and kangaroos for his children!! His daughter even help to pick out these Aussie cuties for us!! 😀

Alright I guess that shall be all for the day. Just wanted to share with everyone how cute they look and I really really really love kangaroos!!! It is a challenge to find any kangaroos related merchadise in Singapore since it is not a icon of Singapore, therefore it is always my pleasure to own a kangeroo related stuff!! 😀

Hope everyone have a great day ahead!! TGIF!! Happy Friday to all of you!! 😀

Bless XOXO,

BookwormMindy 😛

My April 2017

Hi people, today’s blog post will be purely just my thoughts and feelings for April 2017!! Just a summary of my life happenings for the month of April in year 2017!! 🙂

Read on if you are interested on my humble thoughts and little feelings!! In the first week of April, I am feeling all sorts of positive emotions like happiness, excited and hyper activeness!! Since it is the first week of a new month and all. A new beginning for a brand new Mindy!! (This thought always pop up in my mind every first day of each month)!! 😀

Second week of April is all about being when can my Friday arrive on a red carpet with lots of flashing lights and cheering crowds of thundering clapping to go along with all the glamour!! Seriously it started to become such a drag for Friday to arrive in style and anticipation of yours truely!! 😛

Third week of April, and this is the most roller coaster week. Monday is always being blue for everyone whom need to report to work. Tuesday is always a day to continue to try and get rid of those blue feelings. And suddenly, it is already mid week Wednesday. 🙂

Since my boss uses a mid week Wednesday to announced to the whole company that there will be a retrenchment round the corner. Everyone at work started to become anxious and anticipating as well. Anxious that they will be the ones that called into the office and received that special retrenchment letter. Anticipate for the same thing. Contradicting of emotion for all staff~ Yet we continue to hold strong and march forward with our steady and firm foot steps!! 😛

Finally the last week of April, results for the list of people that got retrenchment are out. Some came as a surprise while others’ departure came as a sweet gift from God or in a human form; my boss!! 😛

This week have been a good one for me since I enjoyed two days off from work from taking my annual leave and recharged my battery!! Glad I took the two days off work, since the minute I am back at my desk, the workload seems to pile up slowly but definitely. 😀

I am both happy and glad that my superior saw my potential to continue to grow with the company. I guess my performance at work seems to impress my boss enough to strike off my name from the list of people to retrench. Guess all the hard work did pay off in the end, especially at such a crucial time!! 😀

Not that I am gloating at those that got the retrench treatment, just glad that I still have a full time job. This allows me to continue enjoying my daily routine. It helps me to prevent from going to all those troublesome interviews and it always have the ability to make me visit the toilet frequently!! 😉

I guess everything turns out great for me. I hope everything will continue to work in my way for the rest of the days~ Of course I will continue to work hard and strive for the best!! Fighting!! 😀

Wish everyone have a great and awesome weekend ahead!! Have fun!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀

Deep In Thoughts

Hi everyone!! Today’s blog post will be just my random rambling on my recent happenings. 😉

For those of you whom are looking forward to another book review or drama review need to wait for the next update. Since I have yet to finish reading my current novel (another 65 chapters to go before I am at the ending of the book). Stay tuned for it. 🙂

Anyway back to the topic at hand, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog post purely to share with everyone my feelings and thoughts. Recently or more accurately on Thursday my boss at work called up everyone in the company to gathered together for a short announcement. :/

It was an announcement to let everyone know that a retrenchment is just round the corner. My first reaction was wow this is my first time facing this type of situation, hopefully it will be the last time in this lifetime to be in such a situation. My boss also shared that the list of employees who got retrench will be notified latest at the end of this month. 😦

He also shared that there will be a “goodbye” to at least one person in every department. After giving some thoughts and eliminating, I am guessing that I will be the one to say “goodbye” in our team!! 😦

Of course everything is not yet confirmed or disclosed at the moment being. But well, me being me, I always prepare myself for the worst and hope for the best!! 🙂

I spend my free time thinking of all the pros and cons of leaving this company vs staying and continue working here!! It seems that the cons is winning the battle. Seems like there isnt any real good reasons I should continue working in this place. 🙂

Main reason is the old saying goes “better working for a good boss with a shitty job than working a great job with a shitty boss”!! You get the drift dont you?! 😉

I am definitely not saying my boss is shitty. Just not as capable as the ones that choosen to left this company behind them!! :/

Therefore moral of the story is even if I am given the green light to leave, I guess I wouldnt be too shocked or sad. Since everything happens for a reason and God will always be there to look out for me and plan an awesome path out for my future route!! 🙂

I shall continue to go to work everyday with a prepared mentality to leave the workplace in the next second but also continue to give my best to my work. Not to forget to strive for the best always!! 😉

Let’s all continue to work hard and play harder!! Fighting!! I felt so much better and less troubled after sharing my feelings and thoughts with whoever are reading this blog post now!! Cheer on for me yeah?!! 😛

Goodbye (For the day),

BookwormMindy 😀

Time Capsule; To Future Self

Dear Future Self,

On 16 Feb 2017 evening I heard a DJ of my favorite station speaking about what a person may write in their own time capsule if they have one. I suddenly have this thought that I can actually write a blog post about this and treat this little space as my time capsule as well!! 😉

I will continue to cheer you up by telling you that never forget the past and continue to keep looking forward to an even better and awesome future ahead of you. Always remember to live in the moment. Cherish whatever you have at the instance, for you may no longer see or hear or even held the same thing again in the next second! 🙂

The past is for you to think back upon when you have the time to day dream and smile upon all those silly things that you did once upon a long time ago. 😛

The present is for you to stay happy and enjoy every second of life. Keep creating new memories and do not give up in yourself. For you will be a better self every next second that you fight against whatever life throws upon your path. It is always to make a stronger you. You will always have a way to overcome all those difficulties if you have the determination and desire to do so. You can do it!! 😀

The future is a bright and colorful world where you continue to be yourself. Never changing for anyone. Stay confident, smart and youthful be it mind, body or heart and soul. Future is a place where you are going to be in a matter of seconds. Smile always and have a kind heart with thoughtful actions carried out. 🙂

Future self, continue to do what you have done in the past. You will be fine. You will be an awesome individual whom are not afraid of making mistakes and have the courage to be different than others. You will be a courageous individual with a lioness personality that stands no nonsense from whatsoever no importance people. 😉

Strive on for a better tomorrow. You are such a beautiful person inside and out that no other person can copy you however hard they tried to. Be it however long ago and on towards the future, you are always an unique person with great thoughts, loud laughter, have the ability to make those that you cared about laugh till they cry or sob till they break into a heartfelt smile. 😀

I will continue to fight for a better self. Please continue to fight on and you will always be an inspiring individual (no matter how little of group of people I can inspire)!! 😉


Your Past Self 😀

PS: With tons of cuteness overloading~ BookwormMindy 😛

Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017!!!

Hi people!! Two blog post in a day!! 😛

This blog post is mainly to thank everyone whom have read my blog for the past years and continue to come back to read more about my humble daily affairs!! 🙂

Thank you everyone!! Just feeling thankful for all that had ever happened in 2016 which turn me into a better person and made me who I am today!! 🙂

I welcome 2017 with open hands and hope that 2017 will be an even better year ahead!! 2017 please continue to treat me well and if can, treat me even better than 2016 did!! 😉

In 2016 I continue to brace myself for all the obstacles being thrown my way at my workplace!! I guess I did a good job overcoming them, gave myself a good pat on the shoulder (can’t reach my back, normally people will give themselves a pat on the back :P) after each day at work!! 🙂

Although I always felt super tired after each day at work, but with the happy faces of my colleagues (my sales team colleagues only) I always have a way to cheer myself up and drag my tired soul and body to work day after each day!! Continue to “fight” the other departments and customers with them by my side!! Together the sales department is invincible!! 😀

2016 in short have treat me well. In 2016, I had a healthy lifestyle of exercising more freqently (like 6 days per week, not inclusive of my usual walking of 10,000 steps per day routine)!! I enjoyed my reading hobby, managed to achieve a record of at least one to two books per month (those with at least a few hundreds of chapters)!! 😛

Spent lots of time with my family and bonding with my favorite sisters. Chatting on the phone with her was always such a happy affair that either of us wanted the phone call to end even though it was late into the night! 😛

Although all that was stated above was such simple tasks or ordinary happenings… yet I appreaciate all that has ever happened!! 🙂

Will continue to strive on to be a better person in 2017!! Together let’s all fight for a better tomorrow… Last but not least, thank you all of you whom have stand by my side, regardless of how little or much you did to help me (reading my blog post and giving me likes help too). You gave me the much needed strength to continue to write (or type) out my feelings and thoughts in this little space!! 🙂

Happy New Year 2017 to all of you out there!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😉