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Book Review: 爱有预谋/A Love Plan

Hello people!! Today’s blog entry will be on a book review which I have just finished reading a few seconds ago. The title of this chinese novel is called 爱有预谋/A Love Plan!! 🙂

This book belongs in the category of romance, humor and heart wrenching sadness at some part of the story. I spent a good one week finished reading this book which consists of 175 chapters!! I totally enjoyed each and every page of this story. 😉

The story started off with how the main male character named Sha Ge got together with a lady named Cheng Yi but he actually still loved the female main lead named Su Qing Li deep in his heart. He was unable to forget about QL even if he tried to let himself start off a new relationship with his parents best friend’s daughter. 😦

The story proceeded to continue with how SG and QL developed their romance starting off with being good besties. QL even helped SG choice presents for his previous girlfriends. At times, SG helped QL got close to her crush in the office. 😉

Everything seems to be going great between the two of them. But when QL really became a couple with her crush, it totally devastated SG. As he finally came to the realization that he actually loved QL all along deep in his heart. 😦

But due some personal reasons on QL’s partner part, the couple decided to break up peacefully. QL accepted the results even though she cannot bear to leave her crush of three years. She shared her happiness and sadness to SG whom kept his real feelings from QL. SG patiently tried to heal her wound but to no avail. 😦

After a period of time, QL successfully found another boyfriend through blind dating. She felt happy and thought of getting married. She even helped to introduced her good friend named Sun Man to SG, hoping he will accept the girl and start a relationship for real. 🙂

When SG accepted SM as his girlfriend, QL felt the punch in her chest. She came to know that she had already fallen in love with SG, she tried to hide her feelings from SG. As SG was really close to QL, he knew that they are actually in love with each other. He decided to break up with SM and got QL to do the same with her blind dating boyfriend. :/

After all the strings attached being chopped off neatly, they got together and became a pair of lovely couple. But as the sayings goes with how good times does not last long… SM started to pester SG and QL separately trying to get them to break up. All to no avail, that was until one day when QL’s ex crush came back into the picture. 😦

SG thought that QL still loved her ex crush while QL misunderstood that SG was actually still in contact with SM in a underground type of relationship. Through a whole series of misunderstandings, they finally broke up with each other. 😦

QL left the country and started anew in another city. She even went as far as stop contacting all her friends in the country. But when she was in the new city for a few months, she realized that she was actually pregnant with SG’s baby. After giving her situation much consideration, she decided to give birth to this baby. 🙂

She named the child An An. After five years in the city, she was being poached by an advertising firm in the country. She decided to returned to her birth place and start a fresh. What she did not expect was coming face to face with SG, and knowing he was getting engaged with a star named Cheng Yi. 😦

QL felt cheated, not trusted and upset. She tried to stay away from SG. But through some situation, SG came to know that AA was actually his own birth child. He decided to break up with CY and wanted to give QL and AA a comfortable and safe family. 🙂

Yet CY felt used and came up with a revenge to used the power of the media to try and cause QL having a bad reputation while destroying SG’s career in the process. Meanwhile she did not give a thought about how she got together with SG was because of his rich background and his suave look. 😦

SG saw the news through online sources and was livid. He decided it was time to give CY a warning. He contacted the media and got CY to the scene without her knowing anything of his plan. He told the group of reporters of his full love story with QL and even thanked CY for her kindness in willing to give the couple her blessing. 🙂

After the small media conference, SG informed CY he knew of all her dirty deeds while working as a star. He shared with CY that if she insist on going against his way, he can easily destroy her future in the entertainment industry. 🙂

Although CY was upset for losing her rich man, she wanted to continue being a star and enjoy the public attention. Therefore to agreed to leave SG and his family alone. 😀

The story ended with how the couple got married and live a happy ever after life together with their clever and cheeky boy AA!! 🙂

In my opinion, I would be giving this novel a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed reading the interaction between QL and SG. Especially when AA was being borned and came into the life of SG. This part of the story was both filled with happiness and heart wrenching moments. It would definitely make the reader felt the emotions along with the chracters!! 😀

Personally I would totally encouraged you people to give this book a chance to brighten your day by reading it. It would totally bring a smile to your lips!! For those whom are interested in reading the full story, go ahead and google for the title 爱有预谋!! Hope you enjoy reading!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: 妃常爱钱/Money Lover

Hi everybody! Today’s blog post will be a book review on a chinese novel titled 妃常爱钱 which I have just finished reading this afternoon!! 😉

The title of the book hinted that the story will be on an ancient times lady whom play the role of being the wife of the Prince and was totally a money lover. The main female character named Xiao Fei Zhu (if we read in Chinese it can also means a little fat pig)! 😉

The story started off with how FX was actually working at a modern times bank, was being faced with a robber trying to robbed the bank… Since she was a money lover, she tried to held her ground of refusing to go along the robber’s wishes to give him all the cash. She was then met with a round of gun shots!! Which in turn causes her to die, her soul was being transported back to the ancient times!! 🙂

Being a pawn to the King, she was being forced to marry the King’s younger brother named Chong Shang Jing. She tried to refused but to no avail as deep in her heart she knew that if she really dare to avoid this wedding, the King held the power to kill her family (which includes her dearest father and younger sister)!! 😦

In the end, she married SJ unwillingly. At first sight the two of them keep getting on each other’s nerves, but as the days turn into months, they slowly got along civilly with each other. They even managed to developed real feelings for each other. Which causes the mother of SJ to be super elated at this outcome. 😉

Although the couple always fight whenever Qian Fei Fei (SJ’s ex-girlfriend and childhood friend) or Chong Shang Huang (SJ’s elder brother/the King) was being brought up in their conversation. 😦

FZ thought that SJ loved FF more than her even after FF’s betrayal. FF was actually SJ’s girlfriend, she decided to become the Queen as she desired more power and wealth. She ditched SJ and got together with SH. Meanwhile SH regretted his decision of snatching FF from SJ as he thought that FZ was a much more interesting woman who can brighten his life!! 😦

As the days went by, SH fell in love with FZ but FZ’s heart was already being given to SJ in exchange for his heart. SH decided to give up on FZ and just treat her as his brother’s wife instead. The couple (FZ and SJ) was being thrown into a complete chaos when FF decided to carry out her revenge against FZ. FF felt that FZ snatched away her lover, when she did not even realised that she was the one whom betrayed SJ in the first place!! 😦

The story proceeded with how FZ came to realised that SJ totally love her with his whole heart. He have already put away his love for FF. The story ended with how FF was being put to the corner of the palace and being deglected for the rest of her life until she die. Meanwhile SH found another adorable lady and married her, even going as far as giving her the title of being his Queen. 😀

In my opinion, I would be giving this book a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars!! The reason for such a high score is totally because I am in love with FZ myself. She played a role of such a cheeky lady yet was a money lover!! Her actions will call for your love and laughter when you free up your time to read her in this book called 妃常爱钱!! 😛

I would totally encouraged all of you people to give this adorable and heart warming story a moment of your time. It would be totally worthy of your precious time. The story was fun, engaging and a total page turner!! There was lots of laughing out loud moments, especially when FZ was involved!! 😛

I spent a total of ten days finish reading this cute and interesting book. For those of you whom are interested to read the full story, go ahead and google for 妃常爱钱! Hope you will have as much fun as I did while reading it! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Book Review: 美人心计:偷个首席要个娃

Hi everyone!! Today’s blog post will be a book review on a chinese novel which I have finally finished reading just a few minutes ago. The title of this novel is called 美人心计:偷个首席要个娃!! 🙂

I spent a total of 16 days finish reading book which consists of 173 chapters. It has an average of 20 pages per chapter! Go ahead and do your calculations!! 😉

Anyway the title of the book actually hinted that this story would be about how a beautiful lady get hitched with a chairman and have a baby. What the story actually was about was a beautiful lady had an occupation of being a thief whom fall in love with a cop!! Totally no baby in the whole full story!! 😦

I felt so cheated of my feelings after finally finishing reading this awful story!! The story actually started off with how the female character named Ye Yan was on a mission to steal a precious and expensive rock in a rich man’s house. But she was being caught in the act by the male character named Han Wen Xuan; whose occupation was a cop. :/

YY tried to ran away but failed, therefore she decided to explode the bomb while holding onto that expensive rock. The rock then have the ability to transport YY and WX back to ancient times, the era was during Egyptian times. :/

During their stay in Egyptian times, the both of them developed a good bond to save each other from dangerous situations. There was once when the King of Egypt tried to confiscate their rock to no avail which in turn causes all of them to be transported back to modern times. 😉

The story continues with how YY and WX started to developed feelings for each other all of a sudden once being transported back to modern times in China. :/

They then became a couple and helped the cops to break a few important case! In the end the story gave a lousy ending of how the chief police pretended not to recognise YY and gave WX the approval of being a couple with her!! 😦

Do the author really think that it was possible in reality? I don’t know, but I thought that the ending was very much dissapointing!! Not to mention that the author was kind of draggy during the whole duration of the story writing. It was the main reason why it took me a long good 16 days before I overcome this draggy and lousy story!! 😦

Personally I would be giving this awful story only a 0.5 out of 5 stars verdict!! I strongly discourage all my readers to give this story a go. The reason why I forced myself to finish reading the story is because I hate to give up something that I have already started!! :/

I do not think that this story worth anyone’s precious time. The reason I give this story 0.5 star is because I appreaciate the author’s time to write out this story, although it was totally a drag with lousy plot and ending!! I really do not enjoy my time reading this story!! 😦

For those of you whom have the courage and would want to read the full story for yourself, go ahead and goggle for the title of the book; 美人心计:偷个首席要个娃!! Be prepared for the huge dissapointment you will be receiving!! 😉

Have fun!


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: 冷王的小蛮妃:绝色练金师

Hello everybody, today’s blog post will be on another chinese novel titled 冷王的小蛮妃:绝色练金师. I spent estimated a good twenty days reading this completed novel. 😉

Personally I really enjoyed the interactions between the main character Jing Lan and Han Ling Wang. Not to mention that their love story is filled full with sweet moments and crazy obstacles being thrown in their path too often!! 🙂

The story started off with how JL as first was being a good for nothing at home back in the ancient times. Her mother was dead after giving birth to her, while her father dislike her and didn’t bother to groom her up to become his successor. 😦

Everyone in the house look down on her and bully her whenever given a chance, even the helpers in the house would bully her infront of her sister. Her sister Jing Shi Xue was the big bully in the house. But because JL’s father dote on JSX, he let her have her way with JL. 😦

There was once when JSX tried to killed JL by getting the helpers to knocked her unconcious and proceeded to dumped her into a river nearby their family house. JL being a weak woman, she died. The magical thing happen when a soul from the 21st century went back in time and took over JL’s body. Therefore in actual fact JL actually didn’t “die”. 😉

From that day onwards, JL changed into another person. Those whom tried to harm her, would get their own punishment sooner or later. She started to took revenge against her sister and father. Not to mention those helpers that betrayed her once and again, long story short they all ended up being dead. 🙂

The moment HLW came into view was because he set out to traced his birth father’s location and found out that he was supposed to be in JL’s home. He searched through her whole house to no avail. JL refused to tell HLW the truth of his father’s location. In reality, HLW’s father was being bound inside JL’s body. 😉
They started off their relationship as master and helper. Of course JL was the helper in this case. But the more they got to know each other, the more they started to have feelings for the other. In the end, HLW confessed his feelings to JL and they started their love relationship to become a real couple!! 😉

The story proceeded with how JL went through alot of ways to help HLW’s father be set free from her body. She managed to set him free, but later on she found out that he was actually her own birth father instead. She was in shocked but choose to accept the fact. Only then did she understand why her “father” back at home only dote on her sister JSX. 😀

As the story continue to proceeds it shows how HLW always go along with JL’s ideas and decisions. He would never doubt her unless it was to protect her from any dangerous situations. The other characters in the book would always be amazed by how much the couple show their love to each other. 😉

It was definitely a good book for those whom are interested in reading a book on a female character with a superb brain and daring heart set out to embrace whatever adventure life was ready to throw in her way. Not to mention that the author painted a sauve male character playing the role of a powerful hero that sets his heart on a gold platter, all for the female character only! 🙂

Throw into the mix would be their few cute and entertaining friends, who would always be round the corner ready to surprise the reader with a few of their funny comments to make the reader feel more energized and more than ready to conquered the whole novel. 😉

I would definitely give this cute and romantic novel a good old 4.7 out of 5 stars. I totally enjoyed myself while reading the novel. I felt as though I was being brought along side the characters as they went through all their journeys. 🙂

I love how the author had their way of making the villians in the book suffer for whatever bad deeds that they ever did. Last but not least, they main characters got a happy ending. JL and HLW got hitched!! 😛

For those of you who would like to read the full story for yourself, go ahead and google for the title of this book 冷王的小蛮妃:绝色练金师. 😉

Have fun,

BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: My Marine Man

Hello people! I am back with a English novel book review this time round!! It has been some time since I last done a book review on a English book. The title of this cute novel is called My Marine Man!! 😉

I actually finished reading this book a few good days ago, but simply do not have the time and correct mood set up to write up a fabulous book review for it. Anyway I have all the correct attitude and mindset for it today. Here we go~ 😉

Zoe was from Maryland whom went to California alone to pursue her degree in Engineering. She was a shy and goody two shoes type of girl next door. Nathan was a marine man whom just finished a project based in Iraq. He came back to California to tried to put down his nightmare and haunting past he got while we was on a mission in Iraq. 🙂

The story started off with how the main characters Zoe and Nathan met through their running spot located near their respective home. Zoe literally ran straight into Nathan’s arm, after this little incident they introduced themselves to each other. After getting to know each other a bit, Zoe made her way home thinking about Nathan all the way home… 😛

Meanwhile Nathan proceeded to went for the morning jogging each morning trying to get another glimpse of Zoe… All to no avail as Zoe was down with a flu~ Another few days went by before Nathan finally saw Zoe at their morning running track. They started chatted with each other, at the end of the run Zoe decided to invite Nathan to her house for a simple breakfast. To Zoe’s surprise, Nathan actually agreed to this little date. 🙂

It took them another few weeks before Nathan finally got his courage to ask Zoe to be his girlfriend. Zoe accepted his sweet proposal and can’t stay away from him. They spend another four months together being couple before Nathan was being sent back to Iraq under the Marine’s orders. 😦

The couple was being separated by reality. Although Zoe promised Nathan that she would definitely be waiting for him in California while he was in Iraq under his mission, Nathan felt that he was wasting Zoe’s precious time on him. He do not have enough confident that he would be able to survive the mission while he was in Iraq. 😦

Once he made up his mind, he skype Zoe and broke up with her. It broke Zoe’s heart into a thousand millions pieces. Being a brave modern lady, she buck up enough courage to went to Nathan’s family home and explained that she would no longer be living in California. Since Nathan have decided that the two of them do not belong together, there seems to be no more reason for her to stay at California. 😦

The story proceeded till this portion, Zoe have already graduated with a degree in Engineering. She finally made up her mind and moved back to Maryland. Although Nathan’s family was upset with Nathan’s decision but there wasn’t anything much that they could do to stop Zoe from her finale decision. 😦

After another few months, Nathan have completed his mission in Iraq,  survived the horrible experience all over again and still in one piece. He started to regret his decision to break up with Zoe. He sat down his family and explained in detail his bad decision and the reason for making it. His parents encouraged him to fled down to Maryland and seek for Zoe’s forgiveness and win back her love again. 😉

He did just that. At first Zoe was unsure weather to forgive Nathan anot, she decided to ask for some time off for her to think through. She was afraid that Nathan would break up with her again if he was ever being order to go back to Iraq for his marine mission again in the future. Nathan was dejected but he sent Zoe an email that he written back when he was in Iraq and regretted his decision to broke up with her. The email includes his emotion and reasons for his bad decision made, he also seeks for Zoe’s forgiveness. 😉

At the end, Zoe decided to forgive Nathan and proceeded to accept him again. After a few years together, Nathan proposed to Zoe. Zoe accepted with a sweet smile. Not long after, they gave birth to a cheeky baby girl. The couple made a decision for Nathan to quit his job as a marine man and stay at home dad. Meanwhile Zoe would play the role of a breadwinner for this lovely family. The story ended with how Zoe managed to add in another two cheeky baby boys into the family. 😉
Personally I would give this sweet romance novel a good 4.6 out of 5 stars!! I enjoy reading how Zoe and Nathan’s relationship play out. Not to mention both their reaction when facing the other’s family members! They are just too cute to be matched together as a couple. I would definitely recommend you cuties to check out this romantic book! 🙂

For those of you whom are interested to read the full story for yourself, go ahead and google for My Marine Man under wattpad community. 😉

Hope you enjoy reading this cute book as much as I did. 🙂


BookwormMindy 😉

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Book Review: 一只青梅出墙来/A Puppy Love Story

Hihi everybody!! I am back with a book review 一只青梅出墙来 translate into A Puppy Love Story. I spend a great thirteen days finish reading this story!! 😉

This book revolves around the main female character is name Xia Jin (XJ) and male character name Lu Bai Yao (BY). The couple actually was high school classmates, their interaction since young revolves around going against the wishes of the other. Although the reason why BY always tried ways to get XJ going crazy is because he wanted her attention. He wanted XJ to fall in love with him too. 😉

BY fall in love with XJ at first sight. But being a typical love story, XJ actually had a crush with another guy classmate name Zhang Xu (ZX). The three of them lost contact with each other upon their high school graduation. It was another ten years before the three of them met up with each other again. 🙂

XJ was excited with the blind dating her mother arranged for her at a restaurant once she knew that the guy was ZX! She was being banished into “hell” when BY came into view and thought of all sorts of way to spoil their blind date. 😛

After a series of happenings, XJ decided to get hitch with ZX. But before their wedding ceremony, XJ caught ZX going into a hotel while kissing his colleague. The sight of this affair broke XJ’s heart into a thousand million pieces!! Since she witnessed this scene together with BY, she cried all her tears into BY’s warm embrace!! 🙂

After crying dry all her tears, she made a decision to get out of the engagement with ZX! She decided to slowly accept BY’s love after knowing how this silly man have been by her side all these years in secret. He was always there for her whenever his help was needed! All his gentleness was being reserved for XJ only. This got her touched. 😀

I enjoy reading their love story. Not to mention their quarrelling is always a funny scene to read about!! I enjoy reading how BY always have XJ as his main concern. He always tried his best to protect her without her knowing. It was seriously sweet!! A puppy love happening from young til grown older!! 😛

Personally I would give a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! Those of you whom are interested to read all the nitty gritty details for yourself, go ahead and google for this adorable book title 一只青梅出墙来!! Hope you people will enjoy reading this story as much as I did!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😉

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Book Review: My Silly Wife/我的王妃还真笨

Hello ladies and gentleman, today’s blog post will be on a chinese novel which I just finish reading. The title of this cute novel is called 我的王妃还真笨! I spent a good two weeks plus reading this exciting and fun book!! 😛

The story revolves around the female character called Cai Xin Mo (XM) and male lead character called Hua Qi Se (QS)! The story started off with how XM was being transported back to the ancient times from the modern days. The moment she woke from the time travel experience, she was being chased by a chicken. 😀

QS witnessed the whole process of how XM appeared out of no where and literally fallen down from the sky. They actually fall in love with each other at first sight. Which they acknowledge or confessed to each other nearing the end of the story. 🙂

They became students of the same master. Together they spent their time together with their friends. They had a happy time together before the storm hit them hard and fiercely. There was a princess whom love QS and was jealous of how XM always got his attention. She deviously hatched a plan with her maid to cause XM being accused of a crime she did not carried out. XM was being forced out of their circle and was being hurt physically by their great grand master!! 😦

When QS caught news of how XM was being forced out, he went in search for her. After spending some time, he managed to locate her and bring her back to safety. He nursed her back to health too. They started to confessed their love for each other and decided to be together as a couple. 🙂

After a few months of being in a stable relationship, they decided to get married. After a few months of marriage, XM realised that she was pregnant with QS’s baby. They managed to give birth to the baby even when the evil princess tried to forced XM to drink a medicine which will cause her to miscarriage!! Luckily XM’s best friend came to her rescue and save her in time, she managed to keep her baby!! 😀

The story continues with how the couple got rid of the evil princess out of the picture for good. They continued with their happy lifes. It was always a pleasure to read how they communicate, always trying to make fun of each other. Whenever the other party was about to get mad, they would resort to acting cute to make each other burst out laughing!! 😀

I enjoyed reading this story very much! Therefore I would be giving it a super high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars!! I love alk the characters in this story except of those evil ones; a good example would be the devious princess with her maid!! 🙂

For those of you whom would love to give this story a try and read it for yourself, go ahead and google for the title of the book: 我的王妃还真笨! It was supposed to be catagorize in humor, ancient times and cute interaction love story!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀