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Drama Review: 放弃我抓紧我/Stay With Me

Hello everybody!! Today’s blog update will be on a drama review for a chinese drama starred by my all time favorite actress; Joe Chen!! The drama title will be 放弃我抓紧我/Stay With Me!! This drama actually screened in year 2016, with a total of 39 episodes!! 😉

It actually belongs to the romantic, comedy and revenge category. It revolves around a wedding business setting!! The plot revolves around the female character named Li Wei Wei which was starred by Joe Chen. WW played the role of an intelligent and excellent wedding gown designer!! 🙂

There will be two male character fighting among themselves to win the heart of WW. They will be Chen Yi Du starred by Wang Kai and Huo Xiao played by Kimi Qiao Ren Liang. Both the male characters played the role of CEO in their respective companies. They were both rivals in business and love life!! 😉

The drama started unfold by WW broke up with YD due to a series of uneventful situations happened around them. At a blink of an eye, six years went by. In a flash, WW became a popular and famous wedding gown designer whom have the ability to lead HX’s company to greater heights in the fashion industry!! 🙂

In the meanwhile, YD became a successful CEO in his own company, whom also happened to be HX’s company strong rival. YD was upset when he witnessed that WW and HX got engaged in one of their fashion show in Paris!! It was not long before one of YD’s secret rival causes WW to fell into a river and lost a good six years of her memories… 😦

WW became all young and bubbly again. She started to developed romantic feelings with YD. It did not take long before the two became an official couple. But their path to a romantic ending was filled full with tons of obstacles!! HX and his father tried lots of methods to seperate the couple, all to no avail. :/

The secret rival of YD kept using all types of ruse to get the couple seperated. One of the ruse actually backfired and causes WW to remembered all the past six years of memories. The secret rival was anxious and afraid that she would remember that they were the ones whom causes her physical harm. :/

As the drama continue to unfolds, viewer will know that actually HX was a great ally for both WW and YD. He actually played the role of spy and tried to uncovered the mask of the secret rival. In the end he succeeded in pushing the secret rival into the daylight. 😉

The secret rival was actually YD’s buddy brother whom held a grudge against YD’s father for killing his own parents. After YD’s confession that it was his buddy brother’s own father whom was a drunk driver that causes the lives of his own parents. 😦

He could not take the truth and jumped from the rooftop, trying for a sucide but failed. He was later being caught and brought to jail for a period of 15 years!! Meanwhile YD and WW continue their couple life and show viewers their romantic daily lifestyle!! 😉

The drama actually ended with how HX willing to become WW’s best friend and gave her relationship with YD his blessing!! It was sweet of HX to let go his love for WW as a lover and rather continue to stay by her side by being a treasure friend!! 😉

Personally I would give this drama a rating of 2 out of 5 stars!! It was a total drag from start to end!! The plot was kind of dumb to begin with. There were a tons of loop holes in the story. Yet the reason why I and most viewers continue to watched this drama was totally because of the main actors starring in this show!! 😉

I am a huge fan of Joe Chen. I love how she uses her own ways to potray the characters! Yet the storyline of this drama was a total failure. The couple (WW and YD) always break up and patch back together. Their love for each other seems too fragile to begin with. :/

In one episode they can be all sweet and lovey dovey with each other. The next episode they will got all crazy and head strong towards each other and decided to break up!! :/

Anyway for those of you whom would love to watched the full drama for yourselves, go ahead and search the title of this drama 放弃我抓紧我/Stay With Me at Youtube. I managed to finish watching this drama at youtube. 🙂

Guess what, I spend a good one year finish watching this drama. It should be able to spread some awareness towards you people!! The storyline and plot just seems too dumb for any one to enjoy the drama!! It would totally bored you people to tears and death!! I kept skipping through the epiosde to bring forward the ending of this drama. 😀

Now that I have finally finish watching this drama, I can finally find another much more interesting show to watch!! 😉

Hope everybody have a great day ahead!! Happy Mid Week!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: 三生三世十里桃花/Once Upon A Time

Hello to you people!! Today’s blog post will be another movie review, this time round it will be a Chinese movie titled 三生三世十里桃花/Once Upon A Time!! It was actually a Chinese novel, which later been directed as a Chinese drama. Last but not least, it was being directed into the above movie. 😉

This movie will have a duration of 1 hour and 49 minutes. The main cast of this movie will be Crystal Liu Yi Fei potraying the female lead character named Bai Qian and Yang Yang starring the role of Ye Hua as the male lead character! 😉

The movie was actually screened around August 2017 in China. I finally got around to watching it a few days ago, which was a bit confusing as the plot would be similar to the drama version. I saw lots of reviews recommending to watched the drama first before watching this movie. Reason due to it only have a short one hour plus to share a full 58 episodes of the drama  story. 😉

The movie was filled with lots of special effect. At first it was interesting enough to watch, but soon it got boring as the same effect was being used a few times too much. I enjoyed the chemistry between BQ and YH, not to forget their little baby boy Ah Li / Tuan Zi. 🙂

The plot was about how a God was being hurt by his rival during a battle and was found in the mortal world by a beautiful lady. They became a couple in no time and even gave birth to a baby boy. When the God YH recovered from his injuries, he bought the beautiful human BQ along with him back to the Heaven. 😉

There was another God who had a crush for YH who saw how much YH love BQ, she felt envious and jealous. She came up with a plan to make BQ blind and even push her to her death. 😦

YH was devastated when he knew that he had lost his love. He was elated when he knew that his love have been reincarnated into BQ again. He went to the fairy world where she was residing in this lifetime. Both YH and AL stayed together in BQ’s home for a period of time. 😉

Slowly BQ developed feelings for both father and son. When she came to this realization she followed YH back to the Heaven again. History tried to repeat itself. The God whom held a crush for YH tried to get rid of BQ but failed and was being confiscated her identity of being a God. 🙂

The couple proceeded to overcome a few dangerous situations together. It causes their love for each other to increase. The movie ended with how the couple lead a happy life together. 😉

In my opinion, I think this movie deserve a 3 out of 5 stars. As my previous comment above I think there were a few parts which can be kind of confusing. I think the director can have a better way of presenting this movie to the public. It would be a through success if the audience watched the movie without knowing any details from the drama or novel and was able to understand the movie perfectly. 😉

Anyway, those of you who would love to watch the full movie for yourself, go google for 三生三世十里桃花/Once Upon A Time!! Have a great time! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week

Hi people!! Today I am here to share with you a drama review on a Korean drama which I spent a week finish watching. The title of this adult based drama is called My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week.

This drama is actually more for the adults since the whole drama revolves around the main cast of Lee Sun Kyun (the guy in tears in the above picture) trying to stop his wife from cheating on him on a weekend! Song Ji Hyo (the lady with the moustach) is his wife, she went for the meeting at a hotel lying to her husband that she was there for a business meeting. 😦 

Her husband saw through her lies as he accidentally saw a guy named Michael sending cheesy texts to his wife. The texts is something along the lies of cant wait to meet her at a specific hotel on a weekend with the timing attached. 😦

In the end the wife was being caught in the act of entering the room with the cheater, her husband was pissed off and asked for a divorced without meaning for it. The drama continue to drags on for around 9 episodes on how the couple came to a decision of actually going through with the divorce. But in their heart they still cares deeply for each other!! 🙂

Meanwhile at the other side, Lee Sang Yeob (the guy with a cross on his mouth in the picture above) was trying real hard to date BoA (the lady who is smiling in the picture above) but to no avail since BoA always rejected his proposal. 😉

Not to forget there is another married couple in this drama which is Kim Hee Won (the guy with the devil horn in the picture above) and Ye Ji Won (the lady with the thick eyebrows). Kim Hee Won always have the ability to have affair with different sorts of pretty woman behind his wife’s back. 😦

All along Ye Ji Won knew that her husband cheating behaviour, but simply because she love him too much, she bear with his affairs. Until one day she could no longer take it, she divorced with him. Took revenge against his affair partners and made him a penniless beggar. 🙂

The drama came to an ending with Lee Sun Kyun decided to get back together with his ex-wife; Song Ji Hyo. I guess they will continue to be there for each other and see their only son grow up into a young man. 🙂

As for Lee Sang Yeob and BoA, the two decided to move in and live together. Although BoA seems nervous with Lee Sang Yeob’s affectionate gestures, she seems quite enjoying the process of being together with him. 🙂

Last but not least, Ye Ji Won actually took a rifle and shot Kim Hee Won since he refused to leave her property. In the face of rifle aiming at him, he ran for his life. The next day he returned to her property begging for her mercy and love. Ye Ji Won casually throw a brick at his direction. The scene ended with tricklets of blood dripping on his face. The lousy excuse of a man!! Serves him right for his state of existance. 🙂

I guess at the start of the drama it was kind of boring for me. Since the male lead is always in a nervous state that his wife is going to cheat on him on that particular weekend!! :/

But after a few episodes, the story moved on and it was getting more realistic, I mean this drama exist for a very realistic reason and that is there are getting much more divorce couples in the world every seconds. 😦

Couples break up or married couple divorced for a reason! Most reasons is cheating on their partners. This is the main reason and topic this drama keep emphasing!! :/ 

Personally I like the ending episode very much. It wrapped up the whole drama in a clean cut manner. Those that deserves to be happy, continue their happily ever after. Those that deserves revenge, gotten it and survived it. I will give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!! 🙂

Since a viewer seldom have a chance to come across a drama with such depth!! I guess if you give this drama a chance of your time, it will be able to make you think that there is much more happening between a couple than it seems. 🙂

Hope you will be able to enjoy this adult drama as much as me. 🙂


BookwormMindy 😀

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Drama Review: W – Two Worlds

Hihi there again!! This is gonna be today’s second blog update. This time round it will be about a drama review on a korean drama titled W – Two Worlds which I just watched the finale epidode a hour ago!! 😉

This drama is a romance comedy with a hint of thriller suspense, it consists of 16 episodes!! The main cast is Lee Jong Suk potraying a comic character coming to life called Kang Chul and Han Hyo Joo potraying a doctor in reality but being able to travelled into the comic, her character is called Oh Yeon Joo. 🙂

This is an amazing drama to watch. It just seems to have the ability to cause the viewer to catch all 16 episodes in one sitting!! 😀

Anyway let me introduce the story to you now before I share more of my thoughts on this drama with you!! Oh Yeon Joo’s dad is a comic artist and he created a comic named W which main character is Kang Chul. One day, he wanted to end Kang Chul’s life in the comic but Kang Chul resisted and grabbed Yeon Joo into the comic world. 🙂

Yeon Joo was surprised to see Kang Chul as a living human. She recovered from the shock and proceed to save Kang Chul. After succeeding in saving him, she was being pull back to reality. After some time she was being called back into the comic world and after a few times of doing so, she developed feelings for Kang Chul. 🙂

But she was being suspected as a suspect for hurting Kang Chul (when in actual fact she is the saviour), she was being put into prison and to save her from this situation, Kang Chul thought of a plan to marry her by forging documents that the both of them was married for some time. 🙂

Slowly as the days went by, Kang Chul really love Yeon Joo and wanted to know how she can vanish right infront of his eyes. Yeon Joo disclose that he is actually a main character in a comic book. Kang Chul was shocked and once again Yeon Joo vanised then and there!! :O

After a series of events the couple finally managed to come back to reality and live happily ever after. 🙂

It was sweet looking at how those two always tried to protect each other from harm’s way. The thriller and suspence was there when the killer in the comic book always have his own ways and means to tracked down Kang Chul and causes him to be in a dangerous situation!! 😦

Overall I would definitely recommend this awesome drama to everyone that I know to watch it. W is a wonderfully created drama, it was based on a real comic book. 😉

I would give it a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, since it was my first time coming across such a new concept of story plot. Not to mention the cast of this drama is totally hunks and beauties!! 🙂

It is always a joy to look at pretty things (well and good looking people)!! 😛

Therefore to those whom have yet to come across or watch it, do go ahead and look for this korean drama W-Two Worlds!! You definitely will enjoy this drama as much as I do!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😀

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Drama Review: Bring It On, Ghost! 

Hi readers! I am back with a korean drama review titled Bring It On, Ghost!! The main cast is Ok Taec Yeon as Park Bong Pal, Kim So Hyun as Kim Hyun Ji and Kwon Yul as Ju Hye Sung!! It was originally a webtoon which was being translated into an idol drama in Korea!! 🙂 

I spent a week catching up on this awesome korean drama!! I am finally here to share with you all about the stories in this drama. Hopefully I can interest you to watch this idol drama too. 🙂

This drama is about a guy named Park Bong Pal having the ability to see ghosts wherever he goes. There is an evil spirit gathering around him and wanted to take over his body. Bong Pal’s parents made a ritual tool which is a bracelet for him. The family close friend which is a monk helps to force the evil spirit to leave Bong Pal alone. 🙂

After the ritual, Bong Pal’s mother made another braclet for him. But before she could pass him the bracelet she was being killed by the evil spirit right infront of Bong Pal’s eyes. It left Bong Pal a scar~ 😦

As the days goes by, Bong Pal is no longer afraid of all the ghosts he saw daily. He learned to fight off those ghosts that wanted to cause him harm and guide those lost ghosts to the peaceful ether world. 🙂

Until one day, the evil spirit found Bong Pal again. This time he came back in a human form as his professor in Bong Pal’s university. Professor Ju Hye Sung wanted to destroyed the bracelet but he was unable to locate it. He went after Bong Pal’s father, which was reluctant to reveal the location of the bracelet. Professor Ju killed him. 😦

In actual fact Bong Pal’s father have already passed the bracelet to a female student named Kim Hyun Ji. She was later knocked down by Professor Ju. He took her school bag but found nothing in regards to the bracelet. He was frustrated. But this “accident” causes Hyun Ji to be in a coma for five years. 😦

While Hyun Ji was a soul she met Bong Pal, she lost her memory and thought she was dead. As the days goes by the two fall in love. Just when there were about to have a sweet lovey dovey relationship, Hyun Ji woke up from the coma. Which in turns her soul went back to her physical body and she forgot about Bong Pal. 😦

Bong Pal got close to her and re-introduces himself to Hyun Ji as her boyfriend. Hyun Ji didnt believe him. But after a period of time, she developed feelings for him. But was being forced to go back to her hometown to study for her college. 😦

She promised Bong Pal she will meet him in university soon. At this time Professor Ju kidnapped Hyun Ji, Bong Pal and the monk found them. Together they killed the evil spirit in Professor Ju’s body. 🙂

After some time, Hyun Ji finally got into the university Bong Pal was in. They got together and was happy that they finally got to meet up in person after such a long time. The drama ended with a romantic note. 😉

This is a sixteen episode korean idol drama. I totally love the cast, all such hunks and beauties. When they are not hunks, at least there is humor to make up for their lack of appearance, an example is the monk and Bong Pal’s university friends!! 😛

For those whom are interested to watch the full drama you can go ahead and google for Bring It On, Ghost! 🙂

Personally I will give it a high rating of 9.9 out of 10 stars!! I seriously love the chemistry between Bong Pal and Hyun Ji. They are seriously such a cute couple!! 😉

At the start of the drama there will be a theme for each episode with how Bong Pal and Hyun Ji defeat the ghosts together. I like how the writer of this drama plot this story, there is always a morale behind each episode!! 😉

Hope you people will enjoy this drama as much as I do. Hope you like my drama review too!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Cheer Up, It’s Mid-Week

Hi people!! It’s mid week!! Hooray!! Another two more days to weekend!! 😀

Today’s blog post is just pure rambling on my part. Since it has been such a long time since I write about my heart felt thoughts at this tiny space!! 😉

Nowadays whenever it is time to go to work I dragged my feet along. That is until the minute hand ticks to my knock off time and suddenly I feel that my two short legs can’t carry me fast enough to speed along the route to my home!! 😛

The reason being my bottle-neck feeling at work is because of my colleagues. They started not being co-operative enough. Kept asking questions, yet still did nothing after getting the answer. Response to my answer to their questions is always the same thing saying that nope I don’t want to do it. -.-

I just cannot understand how they think. I am fine with you people not doing the work, I can do those “mundane” tasks. Just do not waste my precious time answering your questions and not giving me any productive actions in return. -.-

My mindset is really simple, just don’t ask me any questions when you do not have the heart or willingness to do the job!! Simple as that, just keep quiet and sleep at your desk or play with your phone. •.•

I am feeling super annoyed whenever they keep asking me the process of my routine. Example is customer emailed to us and asked us to expedite an order. I have printed the PO and already in process of entering the order into the system and just a second away from releasing the order to the operations team. Here they goes, asking me thousand and one question in regards to this order. My facial expression was like -.-||| ~~~ >.<

I do not know how to overcome this situation. Some of you may advice to speak to the management. But I refuse to do so, since in my opinion our management was a waste of air. They did nothing. Nothing of importance anyway. Enough said. Feeling super dissapointed. 😦

Therefore what a little worker like me can do is pray hard for the weekend to quickly arrive. So that at least I can relax for two days before back to facing my colleagues’ evil ways!! @.@

Meanwhile I shall continue to do my work as usual. I shall continue to remind myself that just do what you are suppose to do which is work. Do not and I repeat to myself, do not talk too much unnecessary stuff with these colleagues. It is better to not mixed work and personal together with them. It is best to be purely professional with them. 🙂

I can do it! Cheer up, it is already mid week!! You already survived half of the week, you can definitely hang in there for another two more days!! Fighting!! 😀

Decided to post a selfie that I took this morning with my favorite drink; Green Tea to remind myself always smile!! 😛 Do not forget to smile through all the storm and thunder!! 😀

Together with my selfie is a plant I saw this evening when I was on my way home. Wanted to share this beautiful scene with all of you whom are reading this naggy blog post!! 😛

Love how those leaves look, so fresh, so bright and so young!! I will learn from them!! Continue to live well and better each day. Be a stronger person than the day before!! 😀

Let’s all fight for a better tomorrow!! 🙂 Wish all of you whom are reading this blog post to have an awesome day ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Movie Review: 我的少女时代/Our Times

Hi people!! Today blog post will be on a movie which I just finish watching minutes ago! 😉

Title of the movie is called 我的少女时代/Our Times!! It is about an ordinary office worker called Truely Lin recalls about her high school life 20 years back from now. She recalls the guy whom she had a puppy love with back then… Dai Yu!! 🙂

Actually in the start of the movie they both had a crush with the high school most handsome guy and beautiful girl. One day the two of them think of a plan to get their own crush for themselves. 🙂

As the days goes by, they finally had their individual crush on their arms. But they have already given their hearts to each other in the process. At this time Dai Yu need to go overseas to further his studies. Truely Lin lost contact with him and never got to say goodbye to him. Neither did she ever got to tell Dai Yu that her heart have already given to him instead of her previous crush!! 😦

20 years from then meaning present time, Truely Lin resigned from her exhausting job and got herself un-engaged from her unloving soon to be husband. 🙂

One day on the road she met her idol; Andy Liu De Hua. She snapped photos with him, got him to signed but unable to attend his concert due to all tickets being sold out. Therefore Andy gave him a number to call that night at the location of the concert. 🙂

She called the number on that night at the entrance of the concert location and guess what she saw? Her puppy lover.. Dai Yu!! 😀

The two of them have a tiny chat about their high school times. Before they went in to enjoy Andy’s concert!! The movie ends here with a sweet romantic note!! 🙂

Personally I will give this movie a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! I super love the acting skills of all the cast!! Especially Joe Chen’s acting skills, always have the ability to move me to tears whenever she cried on screen!! 🙂

I love how the movie plays out about an ordinary office lady thinking back to her school life and puppy love with the school top boss / gangster!! 🙂

The sweet happenings and little acts of love and care and concern between the main leads is sooooo lovable!! 🙂

Those of you whom have yet to watch can quicky go google for this awesome film and enjoy it. It totally made me cry away a box of tissues!! 😉

Have fun watching!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛