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Drama Review: Descendants Of The Sun

Hello everyone, I am back with another blog update. Today’s blog entry will be a drama review on a popular korean drama back in year 2016. The title will be Descendants Of The Sun. 😉

The drama belongs to the category of romance and action. The main characters will be Song Joong Ki playing the role of Captain Yoo Si Jin, Song Hye Kyo acting as Kang Mo Yeon, Jin Goo playing Master Sergeant Seo Dae Young and last but not least will be Kim Ji Won acting as First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Ju. 😉

There will be a total of 16 episodes. Each episodes will consists of around 60 minutes of drama and action. The drama actually started off with how SJ and DY caught a thief whom stole DY’s cellphone. Both guys managed to tracked down the thief in a hospital and met MY for the very first time. 😉

There was chemistry between SJ and MY at first sight. The army decided to send SJ and DY overseas to keep peace at Urk. Meanwhile MY was being sent to Urk as a volunteer as revenge after rejecting to bed her hospital chairman. It was fated that SJ and MY met again in Urk. 😉

They went theough life and death while at Urk. Through the process and different type of events, their heart got closer to each other. MY did struggled before finally giving her whole heart to SJ. The couple went through earthquake, viral diseases and gun shooting together. 😉

Meanwhile on the other hand, MJ followed DY’s footsteps and came to Urk to find him. She uses her own ways to make him understand and admit her love for him. After much hesitation, DY accepted MJ’s love and they have some sweet moments together. 😉

When the team finished their mission and volunteering at Urk, they all head back to Korea. Both couples had a few double dates before SJ and DY were being summoned to go on another mission overseas. This time it will estimated takes around three months, therefore the men said their goodbyes to their lady before heading for their mission. :/

During the end of their mission, SJ and DY was being shot and held captive. The army thought the two men was dead and could not locate their bodies. Both MY and MJ was devastated when they heard the news. It was another year before MY headed to another third world country for volunteering and met SJ. 😉

She was glad and relieved that SJ is alive and standing infront of her. SJ did his round of explaination why it took him such a long time before getting back into the arms of MY. Finally after much listening to his explaination, MY decided to forgive him and accepted his love. 😉

While DY tracked down MJ and hugged her lovingly before expressing his love for her all over again. The drama ended with how both the couple got together and live a happily ever after life. 😉

Personally I will give this drama a high rating of 5 out of 5 stars. After watching it, I finally understand what the hype was about back in year 2016. Anyway it took me around one week to finish watching this memorizing drama that was filled with love, action and adventure!! 😉

I love the sweet romance and interaction between SJ and MY, along with DY and MJ! Not to mention Dr Song Sang Hyun, whenever he shows up there will definitely be laughter! He definitely held the important role of lightning any stressful situations. 😉

For those of you whom have yet to watch this exciting drama, go ahead and google for KissAsians and search for Descendants Of The Sun. Hope you people enjoy watching this drama as much as I did. Hope you like my drama review too. 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: I Want To Be A Star

Hello everybody!! I am back again, this time round this blog update will be a drama review on an original Toggle serial named I Want To Be A Star. 😉

There will be a total of 12 episodes. Each episode will be an estimate of 23 minutes. This short drama belongs to the category of musical, acting, drama, romance and comedy. 😉

The main character named Di Long (played by actor Shawn Pow) is the son of Da Tian (played by Chow Chor Meng). DT is a successful part time actor whom also have his own business to sub contract part timers for serial drama. 😉

DT accepted one drama contract, from there he forced DL to be a part timer actor in the drama serial to earn his own pocket money. The other part timer actors includes Gao Mei (played by Ya Hui), Mei Yi (played by Hong Ling), Edgar (played by Dennis Chew) and a few others. 😉

Together the group slowly bonded their friendship as they film the drama as extra characters. As the drama films on, Edgar realised his feelings for GM and decided to make a confession on the day of her birthday with the help of DL and MY. 😉

Meanwhile DL and MY managed to express their romantical feelings to each other. After much consideration on MY’s part, the two decided to become an official item. 😉

MY even become braver and reach out for the position of singing the theme song for the drama. While everything is going on as per usual, Edgar felt excited and nervous in facing GM. 😉

When everything was set in place, Edgar make his love confession to GM in one go. GM rejected his confession because she lack of confidence due to his wealthy status. Edgar went to speak to her in private and share his feelings to her again. He promised her that he is willing to become her best friend until GM managed to find her true love. 😉

After much consideration, GM decided to accept Edgar’s love. They become another official item in the group of part timer actors. The drama ended with how Edgar sponsered the group of part timers as main characters in a movie. 😉

Everyone have their own happy endings. The moral value of this drama should be never give up on your own dreams. Of course, at times when you need to face reality and know your position, you have to do it. But once you overcome all the obstacles reality throws at you, you will become the brightest star of them all. You will shine brighter than the diamond!! 😉

Personally I would give this drama a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. I enjoy watching this drama quite alot. It always manages to force a chuckle out of me. I just wish there would be more comedy parts being added into it. 😉

Not to mention that the some extras character in the drama was seriously getting on my nerves. She was a nobody in reality, yet in the drama she was an A lister, whom acting skills seriously should be sent back to the acting academy for futhur lessons. :/

Anyway, for those of you whom would love to watch this cute little drama for yourselves, go ahead and google for Toggle. From there you can search for the title of this drama named I Want To Be A Star. 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: Soul Reaper

Hello ladies and gentleman, I am back again for another blog update. This time round this blog entry will be a drama review on a Singapore drama titled Soul Reaper. 😉

There will be a total of eight episodes for this serial drama. Each episode with an estimate of 16 to 17 minutes. This drama actually belongs to the category of supernatural, romance and drama. 😉

The drama started off with introducing the main character Soul (played by young actor Fang Wei Jie) of being a soul reaper to find out the reason for his father’s death. His boss named Chief (played by Romeo Tan) would always be by his side to guide him in his mission. 😉

Whenever Soul finish his mission of guiding the deceased soul to the after life, Chief will show him clues on how his father died. Therefore it would always encourage Soul to finish his mission quicker and more efficiently. 😉

The whole drama actually shows four cases on how Soul will find the people whom will die in seven days. He will break the news to them by showing them their death video which consists of how they will be dying. :/

Soul will inform the character that they have two choice from the present till their death day. Choice one is to find a person whom they love or whom love them to die in their place. Choice two will be to finish all their last wishes in these few days and accept their death when the day comes. 😉

The drama continues to show how different people will make different choices. Some will choose option one without much thinking. Others would take up option two and act on it straight away to save more time for themselves. 😉

As Soul completed all four missions, Chief broke the news to him that his father was actually a soul reaper too. The reason for his father’s death was to save Soul from his own death. He prevented Soul from dying by taking his place. 😉

Soul was devastated but continue to work hard as being a successful soul reaper in his father’s place. Chief continues to help Soul whenever he have trouble with his mission. 😉

I like this drama very much. Although each episode is really short, but the moral value behind each episode makes the audience think alot about life. It makes me think through my life and how I will better live it to it’s fullest in each and everyday!! 😉

Personally I will give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!! I guess maybe they can make the drama a little bit longer. I really like the story line and cast. 😉

I will definitely encouraged you people to give this short drama a chance and view it soon. Go ahead and goggle for Toggle and from there you can search for this drama titled Soul Reaper. Hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: Goblin

Hello everybody! Today’s blog update will be a drama review on a hit and popular korean drama titled Goblin!! 😉

There will be a total of 16 episodes. It belongs to the category of fantasy, romance and drama. It totally captivated my attention while watching my favorite cast acting out this amazing story. 😉

The drama started off with how the female character named Ji Eun Tak (played by actress Kim Go Eun) was an ordinary student whom happens to be the Goblin’s bride since birth. Through out her growing stages, she kept seeing spirits wandering around her either asking for help or chatting with her. 😉

Although she lost her mother since she was nine, she grew up well as an independent and strong minded lady. Her aunt and cousins would always tried to steal the insurance money left by her mother, which always ended in failure. Meanwhile they would treated Eun Tak like a slave or maid. 😦

There was one day when ET went to the beach and celebrated her birthday alone when she finally met the Goblin also named Kim Shin (played by handsome actor Gong Yoo) when she blew out the candle on her cake. 😉

At first, both characters was in shocked. After a few more incidents of ET blewing out the flame and KS was being summoned to her side, the both of them finally accepted this amazing ability of ET. Therefore whenever ET wanted to see KS, she just have to blew off a flame. 😉

The story proceeded to share how ET proved to KS that she was his bride. She managed to prove her worth by being honest with him that she actually saw a sword sticking out of his chest. Which she later found out that once she removed that sword, KS would turn in ashes and cease to exist in this world. 😦

The sword was being stabbed into his chest by the king named Wang Yeo (played by charming actor Lee Dong Wook). Before dieing back then, KS incidentally lead to hundreds of his family, friends and servants’ death by trying to go against the WY. 😦

Therefore God punished KS by giving him immortal life to witnessed all his love ones dying and remembering all the moments forever. There is only a chance when he can end his immortal life is when he found ET and she pull out the sword from his chest. Only then would he be in peace. 😦

While KS and ET was trying to understand their roles and feelings for each other. The grim reaper also known as Wang Yeo’s reincarnated self came to rent KS’s house. While the two stayed together in the same space, lots of funny moments happen and make me as an audience laughed happily. 😉

There was one day when WY passed by a bridge that he saw a beautiful lady which made him tear up. This beautiful lady will be Sunny (played by Yoo In Na) whom have lots of identities. Sunnny happened to be ET’s boss, KS’ reincarnated sister and WY’s love. 😉

The drama proceeded to revealed how the two guys take the news that they were enemies in past life. After much consideration, the both of them reconciled and became the best of friends. While WY tried to woo Sunny but failed when Sunny knew that WY was the one that cause her brother’s death in their past life. Sunny went into hiding from everyone. 😦

On the other hand, ET met a demon named Park Joo Won whom actually was the mastermind that killed KS back in those days. JW tried to kill ET but failed as KS appeared right on time to save her. KS hold ET’s hand to pull out the sword from his chest, he uses the sword to slash JW’s spirit. 😉

After doing so, he made a love confession to ET before turning into ashes and vanished. It left ET heart broken, but not for long. Because God erased KS existance in everyone’s memory. 😦

KS spent nine years alone in a snow land and tried his best to come back to ET. When ET accidentally summoned him again after nine years, KS was excited to see her doing so well in life. He tried to court ET but she forgot all about him and tried to push him away instead. 😦

After going through some of her notes, ET realised that nine years ago she was in a relationship with KS. She revisited Canada to solve the mystery and happen to see KS there as well. While talking it through, ET’s memory came back to her and she quickly shared this good news with KS. 😉

After some time, the two finally decided to get hitched. On an ordinary day when ET was on the way to meet a client, she got into a fatal accident while trying to save a bus of children from getting crashed by a stationary lorry. She died then and there. 😦

WY made sure she said her goodbye properly to KS before leading her to where she should proceed in the afterlife. ET made a promise to KS that she will definitely be back soon. She plead KS to wait for her. KS promised her that regardless if it is 100 or 200 years, he will wait patiently for her return. 🙂

It took ET a 30 years before she came back to KS with her memory from past life intact. Together the two of them lead a happy life. Meanwhile Sunny and Wang Yeo reincarnated again. This time round the two finally could become a couple and lead a happy life as well. 😉

I guess that would be a total happy ending for this drama. It make me cry so badly. I started tearing up since half way through the drama. This awesome drama always manages to cause my eyes to swollen after watching a episode or two. 😦

No wonder it was a super popular drama back in year 2016 and 2017!! I totally enjoy this drama. It brings lots of thoughts on life and afterlife. The good ones will proceed to heaven or reincarnation. While those evil ones will need to repent and turn into a grim reaper to lead other deceased souls into their afterlife. 🙂

I am going to give this super wonderful drama a high rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I totally love the cast and storyline of this drama!! Daebak!! 😀

For those of you whom have yet to watch this drama, go ahead and google for the title Goblin and watch it soon. Hopefully you will find it as amazing as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: 一屋老友記/ House of Spirits!!

Hello beautiful and handsome!! Today’s blog update will be a drama review on a Hong Kong drama titled 一屋老友記/ House of Spirits!! It was initially first screened in year 2016!! 😉

This drama belongs to the category of supernatural, family and comedy. There will be a total of 31 episodes to this awesome drama. 🙂

The drama started off with how the main character named Bao Huan (played by Bobby Ou Yang) left the family during his teenage years. Over the years, he have grown to become a successful person and held an important role in the education sector. He have his own tuition center where he held the post of a principal. 😉

Although to the outsider he is an successful person, but only he himself understand that he is lonely and his family never forgive him for leaving the home when they needed him the most. His siblings see him as a selfish and unresponsible individual. 😦

The drama continued with how the siblings’ father gathered everyone to have a meal with him at his old house. But all the children have different reasons for not attending it. In the end, their father died on the dinner table. 😦

It was discovered by BH when he finally managed to squeeze out time from his busy schedule to make a trip to have a meal with his father. But everything is too late. Deep in his heart, he knew that his father wanted the siblings to have harmony and happiness. 🙂

Therefore he came up with a plan to gather all of them back to this old house and live together for nine months. He lied to his siblings that their father wrote an inheritence that only after living together for nine months, will they be allowed to put this flat for sale on the market. 😉

All his siblings fall for the act and started to pack up and move into the flat. Throughout the few months staying together, they met lots of troubles and lots of fight. But with the two kind and tricky spirits named Bai Hua and Yi Lan that stay at the flat with them, the siblings managed to understand each other so much better. As the days went by, the siblings started to grow fond for each other too. 🙂

Meanwhile BH got himself into trouble while commenting on a rich client’s wife do not know how to teach her own child. It angered the lady and she made her husband (whom happen to be BH’s shareholder) to force BH out of job. Therefore BH went to his best friend’s stall to take up the night shift of selling noodles. 😉

While he was selling noodles, Bai Hua and Yi Lan tried to get him to sell chee cheong fan as well. After giving it some thought, BH started selling it. The delicious chee cheong fan started to get famous and many people come only for it. Not to forget to mention that the female main lead named Zhu Chan Chan (played by Nancy Wu) is BH’s first ever fan for his yummy chee cheong fan!! 😉

Only after eating it will she be able to have a good night of sleep. As the days went by, CC realised that she have romantical feelings for BH. Meanwhile the two of them always stick together to rescued helpless elderly from the harrassing traid members that force them to sell their flat. 😉

In the end, they finally found out that both Bai Hua and Yi Lan is actually CC’s grandparents. It was a piece of devastated news to CC. But after acknowledge their relationship with each other, Bai Hua and Yi Lan vanished, CC sobbed pitifully. 😦

BH finally confessed to CC and the two of them become a couple. The family decided to pray to their father for blessing them throughout all the troubles they overcome for the past few months. 😉

When they were praying their kitty turned into their father and even sat together with them at the dinner table. He told the siblings that he doted on all of them, he just do not know the right way to act it out. 😉

The siblings understood and told him that they have grew up and will continue to be a harmony and filled with happiness family. Their father believe them and vanished too. Finally, the drama ended with how BH proposed to CC and she accepted his proposal!! 😉

In my opinion, I will give this excellent drama a high rating of 5 out of 5 stars!! Nowadays, there is seldom drama that could make me sob my heart out while watching it. I cried till my eyes swell while watching the last few episodes. 😉

Anyway, this is an awesome drama that I strongly recommend to those whom wanted to watch a funny and touching drama. There are tons of funny moments in this drama, mostly involving Bobby’s character interacting with the spirits. 😀

Hope all of you love my drama review on this drama titled 一屋老友記/ House of Spirits!! For those of you whom wanted to watch the full drama go ahead and google for it!! Enjoy it, but remember to prepare a whole box of tissue while watching the last few episodes!!


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: The Producers

Hello everybody!! Today’s blog update will be a drama review. It has been ages since I last did up a blog post for drama review. 😉

It will be a Korean drama titled The Producers. It was first aired in year 2015, but I finally managed to finish watching it only today. 😉

The drama starred IU, Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun as the main leads. There will be a total of 12 episodes for this drama. It belongs to the category of romance, media related workplace setting with a hint of comedy. 😉

The story actually started off with how an producer intern named Baek Se Chan played by Kim Soo Hyun started his first day at the media workplace. On his first day, he drove his dad’s branded car to work and his senior producer named Tak Ye Jin played by Gong Hyo Jin actually accidentally bumped into his car while driving. It left a few scratches on SC’s car. 😦

After realizing her mistake, YJ immediately contacted SC but got no response from him at all. It was because he was undergoing lessons from different producers to understand more about the working situations in the media station. 🙂

After a few discussion between the two, YJ decided to paid SC back in installment. SC agreed and the two kept a close contact. While keeping in contact with each other, YJ gotten comfortable in confiding all her feelings and thoughts to SC. While SC realizes that he developed romantic feelings with YJ. 🙂

Meanwhile on the other hand, YJ have been harbouring romantic feelings for her childhood best friend and now colleagues named Ra Joon Mo played by Cha Tae Hyun. She tried multiple times to hint her feelings to him, even went as far as to confessing her love for him while she was drunk. But she did not received any return from JM. 😦

It upsetted her very much. Therefore she work even harder to bring more achievement in her work life. During a musical based show, YJ met a top notch singer named Cindy, played by IU. They went into some arguement while recording the show. They left a bad first impression for each other. 😦

But Cindy started to like SC and even her feelings managed to perk up at the mere mention of SC’s name. After a few sticky situations, Cindy confirmed her romantic feelings for SC and even confessed to him. She was being rejected by SC but never give up loving him. 😉

The drama went on about the daily lifestyle of being an entertainer. Be it as a singer or a producer, it seems that passion is the most important thing on them. With the right amount of passion and never give up attitude, they all managed to give a awesome result slip at the end of the day. 😉

The story actually gave a really great ending. It went into detail on how Cindy got herself freedom from her bad management company. She even opened up her own company to be a self-managed artiste. 😉

As for YJ and JM, they finally found the courage to get together and trash it out on their feelings for each other. Therefore they become a cute couple. While SC remains single and accepted that YJ got together with JM. SC still remains as friends with Cindy. 😉

It seems everyone got the lifestyle they find comfortable and are happy with it. SC got recognised and appreaciated for the trailer he made for the variety program he was on. 😉

In my opinion, I will rate this drama with a 4 out of 5 stars. It bring the viewers to understand better how it works behind the scenes. There may be ugly truths and evil schemes to make an artiste popular and lovely. There may be hardworking and silly individual not being recognised at first glance. But with enough passion and time, the work will prove it’s own worth. 😉

The main reason why I would watched this drama is because of Kim Soo Hyun. I am a huge fan of him. His character in this drama is so silly and adorable. He would always play little pranks on people whom he dislike or for making him upset. 🙂

I will definitely encouraged those whom have interest in the media on how it works behind the scene to give this drama a chance and watch the full 12 episodes for yourselves. You will definitely enjoy it as much as I did. 😉

For those whom would love to watch it, go ahead and google for the titled The Producers. Have tons of fun watching!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Drama Review: 放弃我抓紧我/Stay With Me

Hello everybody!! Today’s blog update will be on a drama review for a chinese drama starred by my all time favorite actress; Joe Chen!! The drama title will be 放弃我抓紧我/Stay With Me!! This drama actually screened in year 2016, with a total of 39 episodes!! 😉

It actually belongs to the romantic, comedy and revenge category. It revolves around a wedding business setting!! The plot revolves around the female character named Li Wei Wei which was starred by Joe Chen. WW played the role of an intelligent and excellent wedding gown designer!! 🙂

There will be two male character fighting among themselves to win the heart of WW. They will be Chen Yi Du starred by Wang Kai and Huo Xiao played by Kimi Qiao Ren Liang. Both the male characters played the role of CEO in their respective companies. They were both rivals in business and love life!! 😉

The drama started unfold by WW broke up with YD due to a series of uneventful situations happened around them. At a blink of an eye, six years went by. In a flash, WW became a popular and famous wedding gown designer whom have the ability to lead HX’s company to greater heights in the fashion industry!! 🙂

In the meanwhile, YD became a successful CEO in his own company, whom also happened to be HX’s company strong rival. YD was upset when he witnessed that WW and HX got engaged in one of their fashion show in Paris!! It was not long before one of YD’s secret rival causes WW to fell into a river and lost a good six years of her memories… 😦

WW became all young and bubbly again. She started to developed romantic feelings with YD. It did not take long before the two became an official couple. But their path to a romantic ending was filled full with tons of obstacles!! HX and his father tried lots of methods to seperate the couple, all to no avail. :/

The secret rival of YD kept using all types of ruse to get the couple seperated. One of the ruse actually backfired and causes WW to remembered all the past six years of memories. The secret rival was anxious and afraid that she would remember that they were the ones whom causes her physical harm. :/

As the drama continue to unfolds, viewer will know that actually HX was a great ally for both WW and YD. He actually played the role of spy and tried to uncovered the mask of the secret rival. In the end he succeeded in pushing the secret rival into the daylight. 😉

The secret rival was actually YD’s buddy brother whom held a grudge against YD’s father for killing his own parents. After YD’s confession that it was his buddy brother’s own father whom was a drunk driver that causes the lives of his own parents. 😦

He could not take the truth and jumped from the rooftop, trying for a sucide but failed. He was later being caught and brought to jail for a period of 15 years!! Meanwhile YD and WW continue their couple life and show viewers their romantic daily lifestyle!! 😉

The drama actually ended with how HX willing to become WW’s best friend and gave her relationship with YD his blessing!! It was sweet of HX to let go his love for WW as a lover and rather continue to stay by her side by being a treasure friend!! 😉

Personally I would give this drama a rating of 2 out of 5 stars!! It was a total drag from start to end!! The plot was kind of dumb to begin with. There were a tons of loop holes in the story. Yet the reason why I and most viewers continue to watched this drama was totally because of the main actors starring in this show!! 😉

I am a huge fan of Joe Chen. I love how she uses her own ways to potray the characters! Yet the storyline of this drama was a total failure. The couple (WW and YD) always break up and patch back together. Their love for each other seems too fragile to begin with. :/

In one episode they can be all sweet and lovey dovey with each other. The next episode they will got all crazy and head strong towards each other and decided to break up!! :/

Anyway for those of you whom would love to watched the full drama for yourselves, go ahead and search the title of this drama 放弃我抓紧我/Stay With Me at Youtube. I managed to finish watching this drama at youtube. 🙂

Guess what, I spend a good one year finish watching this drama. It should be able to spread some awareness towards you people!! The storyline and plot just seems too dumb for any one to enjoy the drama!! It would totally bored you people to tears and death!! I kept skipping through the epiosde to bring forward the ending of this drama. 😀

Now that I have finally finish watching this drama, I can finally find another much more interesting show to watch!! 😉

Hope everybody have a great day ahead!! Happy Mid Week!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛