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Feeling Lost~

*Today’s post will be about my feelings and thoughts of working in my current workplace. Please read on and leave me a comment. I need to gather some comments to make a decision on my future! Thank you in advance for reading and leaving me a comment on you thoughts and advices!! 😉

Hello people!! I will get to the point right away now!! In recent months, I have been feeling burned out and really tired about my job. For those whom do not know, I am working as a sales admin assistant at an oil and gas company. The reason why I am feeling so tired and having a headache for most days is because of my colleagues. 😦

The job itself I am coping well. It is my group of colleagues that I am getting really sick and tired of. Imagine tons of purchase orders on my desk waiting to be entered into the system, my colleagues is busing walking about the place yelling that he is tired and sick of this workplace. The other one is either busy playing games on her phone or surfing the net. 😦

Those purchase orders was being printed out from customer’s website, written up, queueing up to be entered, finally getting entered and stamping the done chop on them all by myself. Imagine if you are in my shoes, would you be frustrated? Day after day, if this is not enough for you to go bonkers, hang in there, the story continues on… 😦

While I am working on one of the many purchase orders, the one walking about the company will ask me any new purchase orders in the customer website. Meanwhile the one playing games will ask if there is alot of purchase orders on my desk. I mean hello, don’t you have a pair of eyes, you can’t take a look for youself? You don’t have a pair of hands? You can’t log in to the customer website and check it out for youself? 😦

If I am free and doing nothing like youself, I will be more than happy to help you out! But I am busy trying to do my part as much as I can, yet they are not doing anything useful to help the situation, instead they are adding on to my workload!! 😦

The above still not enough to drive you mad? Nevermind I still have case scenarios to share. Hang in there~ Whenever I encounter purchase orders that we have run out of material to sell to, I will send an email to the whole sales team and check with them what material can I use to machine to size. Not a soul would give a damn and reply my email. Until maybe a day or two then they will start to look at the email and ask me to repeat the situation to them all over again!! Why do everyone expect an email and do not read it at all??? I simply do not understand!! 😦

Nowadays, they expected me to write up the order even if we have run out of material. I am expected to contact the respective head of department to check up on the specification of material meets to purchase order requirements. Since I ask the team, no one wanted to give me an answer, they expected me to provide the answer. They will then only give a standard answer of go ahead and machine it. -.-

Our sales lead is not doing his job as well. Customers contacted him to check if orders can be pull in and deliver any earlier than order original due date, without checking with anyone, he would give the customers a promise that we could meet earlier delivery date. When actual promised date came, we are unable to deliver material on time, the whole team would have to face the wrath of the customers!! 😦

All thathe cares about is we entered as much orders as possible, in return the system will show a good figure at the end of each day. He do not care if we can deliver material on time or if the material is in good conditions!! He only care about “money” showing up in the system, this will give him a good look infront of our boss. -.-

I seriously do not know how long more can I stand working in this place. The people here have great issues, no one is working their part! Yet they ask tons of questions and give me the response like “eww, this one looks difficult, I do not want to enter this order, I will continue to left it on your desk for you”, “I only want to enter the simple orders” and “huh, this order have so many lines, you enter ok? Proceed to walk away from my desk.” are a few to name!! 😦

After sharing some of the issues that got on my nerves like every single day, do you get my frustration? Or are you still feeling all good and undisturb? Peaceful as heaven? I am really curious about all your feelings and thoughts! 😉

Since a good six months I have been surrounded by negativity, that’s probably the reason why I have not been sharing much my personal thoughts in this blog space!! I love sharing positivity around, therefore I hate to spread negativity. Lifes goes on!! 🙂

Meanwhile I sincerely encouraged all of you whom are reading this blog post to leave me a comment on your thoughts and advices for me!! I would definitely love to read and know how others look at this situations and how they can overcome it!! I could use some help and advices. 🙂

Meanwhile I will continue to sail on ahead in a slow and steady pace. I will continue to do my part to as best to my capability as possible!! Cheer on for me!! 😀

I will try to generate as much positivity during this weekend while awaiting for all your advices to flow in~ 😉

Smile Always,

BookwormMindy 😉



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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