Book Review: 刁蛮痞妃/Mighty Woman

Hello everyone!! I am back with another book in tow!! This time round I managed to break my own record of reading this novel in a short span of 15 days!! 😛

The title of this chinese novel is called 刁蛮痞妃/Mighty Woman!! The story revolves around the main female character named Feng Wei Liang (WL) and male character named Bu Jing Yun (JY)!! The story started off with WL living in the ancient times for four years. She went back to the ancient times as her dad sent killers after her in modern times. 😦

In the ancient times she met the male lead JY. But before that, she was enjoying life of being a carefree lady with a strong family background to support all her nonsense and absurb behaviour! She was having the fun of her life. But the moment she met JY, it seems that everyone started wanting to kill her for good. Since she caught JY’s eye on first sight. JY was a prince (King to be) in the ancient times, tons of woman wanted to marry him. Since marrying him will promised them a life of luxury and power to support their own family. :/

Nevertheless, the story continued with how JY and WL got married upon meeting with lots of obstacles thrown in their way. But one day, an old man with a power to transport WL back to the modern times appeared and he did just that. Which causes JY to go crazy upon his realization that WL was gone in the ancient world. No matter how hard he search for WL, she was no where to be found. 😦

JY then planned to take revenge on the whole village, since what everyone cared about the most was the village itself, he decided to bomb the village. He did just that, he himself was in the village when the bomb went off. His soul then transport to the modern world. He forgot about WL… 😦

It was another six years in the modern world before WL got to meet JY and recognised him. She re-introduced herself to him, but his reaction was a huge dissapointment to her. She vowed to get him to fall in love with her all over again. And she succeeded after coming through tons and lots of obstacles blocking her path to the world of happiness!! 🙂

The story ended with how they got married once more in modern times. WL even gave birth to two children and was being pregnant with another baby. The live a happily ever after life without anymore of those irritating people coming round the corner to haunt them!! 😀

Personally I would give a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!! I love to read how JY was always the first to jump to WL side whenever she was faced with a dangerous situation!! The way how they show and expressed their love to each other was a heart warming scene to read!! 😀

For those of you whom are interested to read the full story of their romancing process, go ahead and google for 刁蛮痞妃! Hope you have as much fun as I do while reading this might woman’s love story!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😛

Happy 7th Years Old!!

Hi everyone!! Was looking through my blog and curious when I started out writing… Looked through the records and realised that I actually started writing my blog in June 2010!! Without realising, it has already been a good old seven years writing my feelings and thoughts for you people to read and understand more about me!! 🙂

Today’s post is just a simply remembrance of this blog’s seven birthday!! To many more seven years to come!! 🙂

In these seven years, my life changes from being a student, to a working adult and not to forget my hobbies of reading through the storm never changes since I know how to read in primary school all those years back. This blog have all my precious memories of my life in these seven years, hoping in the future there will be more exciting and awesome memories to add on to these fantastic collections!! 😀

Happy 7th birthday to this little space of mine!! Soon June 2017 is coming to an end!! Hoping that July 2017 will be an eventful and full of happiness month!! Will definitely work towards an exciting and lively July!! Fighting!! 🙂

Happy Mid Week to everybody!! ^.^


BookwormMindy 😛

Feeling Lost~

*Today’s post will be about my feelings and thoughts of working in my current workplace. Please read on and leave me a comment. I need to gather some comments to make a decision on my future! Thank you in advance for reading and leaving me a comment on you thoughts and advices!! 😉

Hello people!! I will get to the point right away now!! In recent months, I have been feeling burned out and really tired about my job. For those whom do not know, I am working as a sales admin assistant at an oil and gas company. The reason why I am feeling so tired and having a headache for most days is because of my colleagues. 😦

The job itself I am coping well. It is my group of colleagues that I am getting really sick and tired of. Imagine tons of purchase orders on my desk waiting to be entered into the system, my colleagues is busing walking about the place yelling that he is tired and sick of this workplace. The other one is either busy playing games on her phone or surfing the net. 😦

Those purchase orders was being printed out from customer’s website, written up, queueing up to be entered, finally getting entered and stamping the done chop on them all by myself. Imagine if you are in my shoes, would you be frustrated? Day after day, if this is not enough for you to go bonkers, hang in there, the story continues on… 😦

While I am working on one of the many purchase orders, the one walking about the company will ask me any new purchase orders in the customer website. Meanwhile the one playing games will ask if there is alot of purchase orders on my desk. I mean hello, don’t you have a pair of eyes, you can’t take a look for youself? You don’t have a pair of hands? You can’t log in to the customer website and check it out for youself? 😦

If I am free and doing nothing like youself, I will be more than happy to help you out! But I am busy trying to do my part as much as I can, yet they are not doing anything useful to help the situation, instead they are adding on to my workload!! 😦

The above still not enough to drive you mad? Nevermind I still have case scenarios to share. Hang in there~ Whenever I encounter purchase orders that we have run out of material to sell to, I will send an email to the whole sales team and check with them what material can I use to machine to size. Not a soul would give a damn and reply my email. Until maybe a day or two then they will start to look at the email and ask me to repeat the situation to them all over again!! Why do everyone expect an email and do not read it at all??? I simply do not understand!! 😦

Nowadays, they expected me to write up the order even if we have run out of material. I am expected to contact the respective head of department to check up on the specification of material meets to purchase order requirements. Since I ask the team, no one wanted to give me an answer, they expected me to provide the answer. They will then only give a standard answer of go ahead and machine it. -.-

Our sales lead is not doing his job as well. Customers contacted him to check if orders can be pull in and deliver any earlier than order original due date, without checking with anyone, he would give the customers a promise that we could meet earlier delivery date. When actual promised date came, we are unable to deliver material on time, the whole team would have to face the wrath of the customers!! 😦

All thathe cares about is we entered as much orders as possible, in return the system will show a good figure at the end of each day. He do not care if we can deliver material on time or if the material is in good conditions!! He only care about “money” showing up in the system, this will give him a good look infront of our boss. -.-

I seriously do not know how long more can I stand working in this place. The people here have great issues, no one is working their part! Yet they ask tons of questions and give me the response like “eww, this one looks difficult, I do not want to enter this order, I will continue to left it on your desk for you”, “I only want to enter the simple orders” and “huh, this order have so many lines, you enter ok? Proceed to walk away from my desk.” are a few to name!! 😦

After sharing some of the issues that got on my nerves like every single day, do you get my frustration? Or are you still feeling all good and undisturb? Peaceful as heaven? I am really curious about all your feelings and thoughts! 😉

Since a good six months I have been surrounded by negativity, that’s probably the reason why I have not been sharing much my personal thoughts in this blog space!! I love sharing positivity around, therefore I hate to spread negativity. Lifes goes on!! 🙂

Meanwhile I sincerely encouraged all of you whom are reading this blog post to leave me a comment on your thoughts and advices for me!! I would definitely love to read and know how others look at this situations and how they can overcome it!! I could use some help and advices. 🙂

Meanwhile I will continue to sail on ahead in a slow and steady pace. I will continue to do my part to as best to my capability as possible!! Cheer on for me!! 😀

I will try to generate as much positivity during this weekend while awaiting for all your advices to flow in~ 😉

Smile Always,

BookwormMindy 😉

Book Review: 王牌校草独家爱/Solo Love

Hi hi everybody!! It is close to the end of June, I am finally back with a book review on 王牌校草独家爱 which I spend a good three weeks plus reading!! 🙂

This is a teenage love story. The story revolves around a group of teenagers, who all comes from a fantastic and super powerful families!! The main character is called Ling Yao and Tang Momo. The two actually was kind of hate at first sight, but they develop feelings for each other as the days went by. 🙂

The story is captivating when the couple come across all sorts of difficult and dangerous situations. Of course they came out of these type of situations alive and stronger than before!! 🙂

It was especially fun to read about how Momo always got LY jealous and envy of how Momo always attracted other handsome and capable guys. LY always throw a fit when other guys surrounds Momo!! At this type of timing, Momo would laugh at LY’s jealousy and shrug the whole situation off, which causes LY to be frustrated. Yet there is nothing he could do to improve the situation!! 😉

There is a good 302 chapters to this teenage love story. The story mainly revolves around a school background with lots of gossips and plans to destroy their enemies. Personally I would give this story a 3.5 out of 5 stars!! I love how Momo and LY argue over small little things, yet they will always get together at the end of each day!! 🙂

Not to forget that they finally got married at the end of the story!! Momo even got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Candy!! 🙂

Of course they will live a happy ever  after life. But that will be out of the story context. Anyway, for those whom are interested in reading the full story, go ahead and google for 王牌校草独家爱!! Hope you enjoy the story!! 😉


BookwormMindy ^.^

Book Review: 拽妃你有种/A Daring Lady

Hello ladies and gentleman, have you been having a long wait for my book review? Well, I guess today’s your lucky day, since I have finish reading this awesome chinese novel titled 拽妃你有种!! 😀

The story of this novel is about a modern 21st century lady working as a scientist and how she went back in time and landed in the olden days. She was in the process of mixing up some chemicals in a lab to create the next up and coming solutions for a deadly disease when out of a sudden, the chemicals exploded right infront of her eyes. The next thing she knew, she was being knocked off her balance and flying across the room and her vision went black. She was unconscience. 😦

The next moment she open her eyes, her surroundings changes to an ancient times type of decorations around the room. She even have two maids next to her bed, bawling their eyes out. Since they were worried that she was still unconscience. Once the both of them realises that the main character actually named Zhou Yi in modern times but since her soul went back in time to the ancient times, her soul landed in a lady named Chu Ruo An (RA). Her role in this ancient days was a main wife of a prince!! :/

The original soul of RA was dead due to being push into a pond by the second wife (Shen Xi Yan) of RA’s husband (Yu Wen Che), and drowned, therefore ZY’s soul can land in RA’s body and take over her memory and help her continue her life. The moment RA woke up, she vowed to leave this place she once called home. Since she was not able to stand the nonsense of the second and third wife (Feng Zhi Lan) of her husband. They tried all sorts of tricks and ways to harm RA, all to no avail as RA was aware of all their schemes and always managed to overcome all those lousy obstacles they threw her way. 🙂

The moment RA’s eyes landed on her husband, she hated him. He always forces RA to obey to his wishes, thought that he will always be RA’s idol which was not true. RA have a strong character and always go against YWC’s wishes which causes him to handle her with brutal force. YWC once tried to tie her up, put her in jail and made her stand under the hot sun without a drop of water for one full day. RA was furious and set up her mind to run away from this devil’s control. 😦

She begged her brother to bring her away from this place. The story proceeded with how she overcome the control of YWC’s control and gained her freedom. Along the lines, there would always be a tons of characters popping up here and there trying to seek for either her life or her love!! She only fall in love once and it was with Han Lie (HL)!! She rejected the rest of those handsome and capable guys. Placed her whole heart onto HL’s palms and finally gotten married to him with blessings from their love ones!! 🙂

This story have a total of 313 chapters with an estimate of 11 pages per chapter!! But it would be totally worthy of your time reading it!! The interesting part would be how RA was so clever with mixing poison into her surroundings and saving herself and her love ones from dangerous situations!! 😀

In my opinion, this book is worthy of a 4.5 out of 5 stars!! The book had an amazing ending with how the main characters ended with happy endings!! The author even went to great lengths of ensuring that their next generation got to become couples as well!! 😛

Again, for those who are interested to read the full book for youself, go ahead and google for it’s title of 拽妃你有种!! Enjoy reading!! 😛



Movie Review: Boss Baby

Hello to everyone out there!! Today’s blog post will be on a movie that I have just watched. Title of this movie is Boss Baby!! Even before the movie was out, I wanted to watch this movie, the trailer is totally amazing and capture my interest in the famous Boss Baby!! 🙂

Anyway this movie is about a Boss Baby in a company called Baby Corp somewhere above (Heaven maybe?) was being pass on a mission to stop a human (Francis) from producing more puppies to overtake the population of babies on Earth!! 🙂

It was cool that Boss Baby arrived in Tim’s home through a taxi from Baby Corp. His attire was interesting as well, imagine a baby wearing a suit and carrying a brief case by his side… 😉

In the beginning of the movie, Boss Baby and Tim hated each other at first sight upon their first meeting! But as the days went by, Boss Baby was being pressured to stop the Francis from this evil project, therefore he combine forced with Tim to put an end to Francis’ plan to end the baby’s population on Earth. In return, Tim will get rid of Boss Baby for good once the mission have been accomplished, for the Boss Baby will return back to Baby Corp!! 🙂

Being a DreamWorks movie, of course the siblings managed to put an end to the evil Francis’ project of producing puppies that will never grow up to replaced babies. Once this mission was accomplished, it was time to say goodbye between Boss Baby and Tim (both was reluctant to bid goodbye to each other, but they still did so nevertheless)!! 😦

Boss Baby was being brought back to Baby Corp and he was being promoted to the King Boss Baby, having his own office and golden potty!! But he felt miserable, since he was missing Tim and his parents deeply. In the other end on Earth, Tim was feeling depressed on Boss Baby’s departure as well. 😦

One day, Tim decided to write a letter to Baby Corp in attention to Boss Baby. Tim promised him that he will always love him and will always be by his side at all times. Last but not least, he can’t forget about Boss Baby and Time loves him. Tim’s wish for Boss Baby to be his real brother succeeded. 😉

Boss Baby pass on his duties to the next best candidate in line and went on to come on to Earth. This time round both Tim and Boss Baby see eye to eye and love blossoms!! 😉

The two got along real well. This was when the movie comes to an end!! I love the way the Boss Baby’s personality, so demanding yet adorable without any extra effort being put in!! 🙂

I would give a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars for this movie titled Boss Baby!! I always love happy endings, not to mention how can a person not love this movie when the main character is such a cutie baby!! (BookwormMindy is melting in process) 😛

I strongly encouraged all of you whom is reading this blog post now to give this movie a go of your precious 1 hour and 38 mins!! It will be totally worthy of your time!! Such cute characters with interesting storyline will be the death of us!! 😉

For those whom are interested, go ahead and google for this movie: Boss Baby!! I recommend to watch it online at 123movies!! Hope you people will love this movie as much as I did!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

Book Review: 冷情首席,温柔点/Cool Boss, Be Gentle

Hi people! I am back with a book review on a chinese novel which I just finish reading five minutes ago. The title of this book is called 冷情首席,温柔点!! 😀

The main character of this book is called Che Xiao and Pei Yun Lang. Being the female lead of this novel, CX protray an innocent and kind nature that attracts the male lead’s attention. YL’s character have a handsome appearance, a rich bank account, successful business and a few good friends. He is a sucessful male lead in this story. 😉

The story started with how CX’s best friend introduces her to go and try out for a job at YL’s office. CX went for the interview and finally gotten the job as a jewellery designer. As the days went by, everyone in the office notices that YL always look out for CX. Everyone started to gossipped that the reason why CX could ace the interview and start working in this successful company is because she is YL’s woman!! :/

The story proceeded with how CX and YL got together. The moment they became a couple, there were tons of obstacles waiting for them to overcome together!! The first obstacle was YL misunderstood that CX’s mother was his father’s mistress and was one of the reason which causes his mother to commited sucide!! 😦

He decided to took revenge against CX. After knowing the reason behind all YL’s hurtful actions and words, CX decided to forgive him and continue to accept his revenge!! CX believed that her love for YL will be able to remove all the hate in his heart!! 🙂

When the misunderstanding was being resolved, the best friend of YL came into the story and started to plan lots of ways to get rid of CX in YL’s life for good. CX always managed to overcome all sorts of dangerous situations. When finally one day she decided to leave behind YL to jump off a cliff near to a sea. Since she realised that YL have never trusted her. She did share with him that his best friend was the one that always putting her into dangerous situations, yet he didnt believed her, which causes her to feel betrayed!! 😦

The couple then separated for five years. After a few months of their seperation, CX realised that she was pregnant with a baby. After giving it some thought, she decided to give birth to this baby!! She gave birth to a baby boy, she felt that this was a present from God!! 😉

After five years, the couple got back together and talked through all their misunderstandings. YL promised CX that she will be having his unconditional trust and love for the rest of their lives. After so much obstacles, the couple finally got married and live a happily ever after with their children. The story ended with how the couple gave birth to another daughter!! 😀

Personally I will give this story a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! This is definitely not the best story I have read so far, but definitely this is one of the better ones. The plot is always twisting and turning at every corner, it simply keeps the reader feeling anticipating and nervous how the story will turn out at the next page. 😀

There is a total of 312 chapters for this book, each chapter estimated around 12 to 14 pages!! I spend a good tweleve days reading this book title 冷情首席,温柔点!! 😉

I definitely love the personality of the female lead. There is always someone around her which tries their best to protect her from harm’s way. It is a touching scene to read about how she found out that the male lead overcome all difficult obstacles to save her out from a dangerous situation!! 😀

I love to read the scenes between the couple’s son and CX’s best friend’s daughter interactions! The two kids’ chemistry is just too cute to reject. It always brighten my mood to read how the two of them are always hitching up a plan to take revenge against each other!! 😉 

For those of you whom are interested to read the full story, go ahead and google for the title of this book! Hope you people will enjoy reading this exciting novel! 😀

Have Fun,

BookwormMindy 😛