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Movie Review: Get A Job

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog update will be another movie review starring Anna Kendrick as the main lead. The title will be Get A Job. The duration for the movie will be 1 hour and 16 minutes, catergory will be comedy and reality drama!! 😉

The movie started off with how college graduated couple Will and Jillian was working hard to finding a job. They were met with different types of strange circumstances that made them felt lost in this society. :/

After a period of taking up odd jobs, Will managed to find a job in a reputable company. Which he embraced greatfully, but not before being humiliated by his direct boss. He made the necessary changes which in turn gotten his boss’ approval. 😉

Meanwhile his group of close friends named Charlie, Luke and Ethan was struggling with their respective jobs. Working hard to gain their colleagues, bosses and clients’ recognition and approval. 😉

When Will gotten the deal of a promotion to vice president in his current company he was surprise yet excited for the challenge. Yet when he tried to share the news with his girlfriend named Jillian he found out that she actually just got fired. 😦

While Will continue to debate to accept or decline the offer of the promotion, it was time for their Christmas celebration in the office. He brought Jillian along and was being looked down by his boss. :/

Jillian decided to speak her mind to Will on the spot. It was to decline the offer of the promotion and go ahead to strive for his own success by being a producer in his own company. He went ahead with Jillian’s advice and spoke to his boss on his decision, which in turn got threatened to be jobless in the town for as long as his boss was working there. 😦

Mad by his boss threatening him, Will posted a video of how his boss was having sex session with an old colleague in the office right there and then. It made the whole company erupted into surprise and disgust at their boss. 😉

The movie ended with how Will managed to set up his own company by being a producer and director all at once. He recruited Jillian and all his close friends along, together they made a video selling their respective products. 😉

I love the ending quote of “Be Special”! Because everyone are unique, therefore each and everyone of us are definitely special, the problem is if everyone will be willing to show it~ 😉

Therefore personally I would be giving this movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. I laughed at a few scenes, cringed at some scenes and felt touched by some scenes. Overall it was definitely a movie which I can relate to, since I am aiming to get a job now too. 😉

For those of you whom would love to watched the full movie, go ahead and google for Get A Job. Hope you people enjoy watching this movie too. 😉


BookwormMindy 😉

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Movie Review: Table 19

Hello people!! Today’s blog update will be on a movie review!! This movie will be starring Anna Kendrick as the main lead, title of the movie will be Table 19!! 😉

The movie duration would be 1 hour and 27 minutes, blast full with problematic situations and troubled people sitting at the Table 19 in a wedding!! 😉

The movie was a drama plus comedy with a huge blast of romance complication added together. It was a fun watch and time flew by while watching it. It does not required the need for using too much brain cells in understanding and enjoying this simple film. 😉

It was actually about Anna Kendrick’s character named Eloise who was actually the ex-maid of honor having the courage to attend the wedding of her oldest friend. Even though she was being dumped by the best man through a text message. 🙂

When she attended the wedding, she did not predicted that it would be a day filled full with surprises! First of all she met a stranger whom self introduced to Eloise as Hawk. They had a sweet and enjoyable dance together! They even exchanged a heated kiss. 😉

Next Eloise find herself in a table seated at the end of the ballroom being forgotten by everyone who attended the same wedding. Eloise was seated together with a bunch of strangers, whom should have chosen to decline the invitation to this wedding instead of showing up as undesirable guests!! 😦

As the movie continues, Eloise find herself getting along quite well with those strangers. They includes a nanny named Jo, a couple filled with negative energy named Jerry and Bani, a young man named Rezno whom wanted to find romantic interests at this wedding and last but not least an ex-con named Walter. 😉

Although it sounds strange that they were being put together under one table at a wedding, but overall they got together well and enjoyed each other company at the end of the day. Eloise found out that Hawk was actually a groom in another ballroom instead of a guest at the wedding of her oldest friend. 😉

Her table mates encouraged her to get back together with the best man named Teddy. After giving it some thought she decided to buck up the courage and speak her mind to Teddy. In exchange, Teddy shared with Eloise how he felt about their relationship and would love to give it another try. The couple decided to get back together for good. 😉

The movie ended with how the couple was sending out their wedding invitation to those seated at Table 19 after giving birth to their baby boy named Joe! The name was being named after nanny Jo. 😉

By the way, the negative couple Jerry and Bani got back together happily after discussing their different opinions with each other and got their problems solved. Meanwhile Rezno got hitched with a girlfriend after attending the wedding as he became a happier person. Walter was working towards his better tomorrow each day. He smiled happily upon receiving Eloise and Teddy’s wedding invitation. 😉

Personally speaking I did enjoyed the movie very much! It was laughable with a hint of sadness being throw into the mix (at the start of the movie, it got better nearing the end)!! Therefore I would be giving it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. 😉

I love to watch Anna Kendrick acting and potraying the characters. This was why I chose to watch this film. She look so cute and filled with energy that it hurts to see Teddy initially dumping her for such a cheesy act of Nikki. Luckily he made the right choice of loving Eloise before the movie ended, else the rating given would be a low new. 😉

Anyway, for those of you whom would love to watch the full film for yourself, go ahead and google for Table 19. Hope you people will enjoy watching this drama plus comedy as much as I did. 🙂


BookwormMindy 🙂

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Book Review: Off Track

Hello people, I am back again. This time round with another book which I just finished reading this afternoon. The book title will be Off Track. It belongs in the mystery and suspense catergory. There would be a total of nine chapters only. 😉

This book was actually a collaboration between three authors. The book was being presented in the form of their individually written characters coming into contact with each other on a fateful day at a train station heading towards Edgewood. 😉

Each character had a chance of presenting to the readers their thoughts and actions for three chapters. The three main characters for this short novel will be Keely, Elliot and Death. 😉

The book started off with the perspective of Keely, she was on her way towards an interview for scoring a internship to intern at her dream company. She did it all behind her boyfriend, best friend and family’s back. 😦

Keely was stressed out but managed to reach the train station and boarded the train towards her destination of Edgewood without any delay. On the train she nearly broke up with her boyfriend, but managed to savage her relationship in the last minute due to an occurance that happened on her train journey. 😉

Next three chapters would be based solely on Elliot. He was heading back to his home in Edgewood, while waiting at the train platform for his train, he received tons of calls from his sister; Violet. 😦

Elliot was being frustrated to no end by Violet for chasing him to return her calls. Violet actually wanted Elliot to returned home to visit his dead father’s grave. But Elliot was ignoring all Violet’s phone calls, voice mails and text messages. 😦

Elliot felt that he had enough on his plate at that moment. With all the school work, projects due in tight time frame and the awful happenings in his family, he felt suffocated. Yet he tried to braced himself for whatever he had to faced head on. 😦

In the end of Elliot’s chapter, he did returned the call to Violet. Although the story did not mentioned the words being exchanged between those two. But it was an effort on Elliot’s part for contacting Violet after ignoring her for quite a period of time. 😉

Last three chapters would be based on Death’s point of view. Death being death, his job was actually a grim reaper. Therefore he was no human, he was a mythical creature that took away human’s life at a blink of an eye. 😦

Death was in a cold war with his and I quote here “unofficial official” girlfriend due to he forgotten about their date. Death boarded the train and saw that another passenger in the train was about to murder another human being under his watch. 😦

Death felt both excited and curious on why the passenger have the plan to kill in a moving train. He thought back to what his girlfriend would do in such a situation and decided his girlfriend would want to stop a murder from happening if she could. Therefore he did it. 😉

Upon alighting at his stop at Edgewood, he called his girlfriend and informed her of his great deed done for the day. He apologised to his girlfriend and asked for another chance in their relationship. The story ended with how the couple got along together just fine with another lovely date plan out ahead of them!! 😉

This was actually just a short story on how three strangers came into contact when they boarded the same train towards their same destionation of Edgewood. It was actually inspired by a movie titled The Girl on the Train. 😉

I would give it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. Since it was short enough to read through within two hours max! It would be a quick read and at the same time keep the reader entertained. Although the main reason for such a medicore score was because things could be more interesting. :/

It was a bit lacked of the kick of suspense and thriller. The story was not fast paced enough for my liking. All the above was just my humble personal opinions. For those of you whom would love to read the full story for yourselves, go ahead and google or search in the app Wattpad for the title of this short novel; Off Track!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: Under

Hi there people, today’s blog update will be another book review which I have just finished reading a few seconds ago~ The title of the novel will be Under!! The novel was written by KellyAnneBlount!! 😉

It belongs to the horror, mystery and thriller genre!! There would be a total of 45 chapters with each chapter consisting a range of 8-50 pages!! Yours truly spent a day or to be more exact would be four hours finished this amazing and fast paced novel!! 😉

The story started off with how a guy named Caden was stalking the main character of this book; Hadley. He would stalked her day and night to track her movements and habits! He planned to confessed to Hadley one day, in his mind Hadley would accept his love unconditionally and recipocrate his love by being with him together forever!! :/

In fact, there were a few victims whom was being killed by Caden before Hadley came along the storyline. Those few victims managed to caught the eye of Caden and very unfortunately when he confessed his love to them they did not take it too well. 😦

Therefore being a burden and hurt from his failed confessions, Caden murdered those victims and threw them in the dumpster!! Which was later being discovered by the public and police!! 😦

Anyway back to Hadley, of course Caden confession towards Hadley failed miserably as well. He did not took it well and kidnapped her instead of killing her straight on the spot. He claims that Hadley was special in his heart and mind. :/

Caden came up ways to tortured Hadley, which she accepted with no way to escaped from the reality nightmare!! After a series of uneventful situations Hadley ended up in the hospital unconcious. She was being wheeled into the surgery room and operated on. 🙂

Upon gaining conciousness, she quickly got help by the doctor to phone the police and her parents. She told the police it was Caden whom kidnapped her and tortured her together with his father. In fact both father and son were serial killers whom stalked young ladies and later killed them. It was all for their own sick enjoyment. 😦

While the police was trying to tracked down both father and son, Caden sneeked into the hospital and tried to kidnapped Hadley all over again. Hadley being a survivor fought with him using her words to hurt him. :/

Upon being angered, Caden lost his cool and took a scapel to plunge it deep into Hadley’s chest. He left without a second glance after his dirty deed thinking that Hadley would definitely bleed to her death. 😦

The story ended with how actually Caden was a woman instead of a man. The evidence was their family photo which Caden was dressed in a blue dress with blue ribbon braided in her hair (the same image as her mother)!! Caden was unable to find out if Hadley was alive or dead as all news in regards to her was unvalid!! 😉

In the end Caden got away from the justice of all his dirty deeds. Since the story did not mentioned that he was being put to jail or being caught by the police to serve his punishment for murdering and kidnapping innocent people!! 😦

Although I really enjoyed and captivated by this fast paced and amazing story plot, I am disspointed in the ending of this novel. Therefore I would give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! 😉

For those of you whom would love to read the full story for yourselves, go ahead and google or download the application Wattpad to search for the title of this novel; Under!! 😉

Have fun reading! Hope you people enjoyed the story as much as I did back a few minutes ago~~~ Till next time~~~ 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Book Review: Playing as a Demon

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog update will be another book review on a English novel titled Playing as a Demon!! This book is actually the second book from the series on Revenge of a Dead Girl which I have written a book review on not too long ago. 😉

I spent literally only six days finish reading this exciting novel. It consist of 25 chapters with each chapter ranging of 9-40 pages! It belongs in the mystery, horror, school theme, romance with a hint of betrayal throw into the mix!! 😉

The story started off with how Yebin was being cursed by Yooma (go ahead and read the book review on Revenge of a Dead Girl) whom was being turned into a Demon. Yebin have the ability to summoned her army of black shadows to help her with any task. She also have the ability to literally accessed how much life span an individual had. 😉

After escaping from her near death experience from Yooma’s revenge, she was being adopted by a kind man. The kind man potrayed a new character in her life as her daddy. He brought her up to be a kind young lady. 😉

Although Yebin still killed and took innocent people’s soul to strengthen her power and keep her being immortal. These dirty deeds were done behind her daddy’s back. The reason for her above action was because Yebin wanted to grow up and return to Kevin’s side. 😉

Yebin met Kevin when they were young. Kevin was actually the first person whom got to know that Yebin was not a human but a Demon. He claimed he love Yebin and was not afraid of her identity as a Demon. They became a couple for a few days. 🙂

Due to some situations, Kevin moved away from the city and returned to the city where Yooma carried out her revenge ages ago. Upon hearing the news, Yebin grew worried and wanted to come to his rescue but was stopped by her daddy. They came to an agreement that Yebin could stay at the city alone when she turned sixteen. 😉

After a long wait, Yebin finally arrived to the city to find Kevin. She was devastated when she found out that Kevin already have a girlfriend named Mia. Kevin claimed that he was toying with Yebin’s feelings when they were young. He said he would never love a monster like Yebin, his words hurt her terribly. 😦

Yebin started to plan her revenge against Kevin. She proceeded to plant a curse on him. Yebin made the exit to the school dissappeared, then proceeded to killed the student one by one (with the help of Yooma)!! In a way, she was actually repeating the history of Yooma. 😦

Jackson was a classmate of Yebin, whom really loved Yebin for real. He accepted that Yebin was a Demon and wished to be together with her. But Hara whom held a crush for Jackson was jealous and tried to killed Yebin. 😦

Instead she nearly killed Jackson, Yebin was furious and killed Hara in a harsh manner. After finishing her revenge on Hara, Yebin turned Jackson into a Demon as well (but without his consent since he was bleeding profusely and unconcious)!! 😦

Kevin died from the curse Yebin planted in him. Before he died, he taught Mia how to killed Yebin. Mia promised to leave the school as a survivor, she managed to killed Yebin and brought the unconcious Jackson out from the school premises. Mia set the fire to the school ground, watching it burned bright red. 😦

The story ended with how Jackson got wind of Mia killing his lover; Yebin. Therefore he proceeded to killed Mia in a scary way before bringing Yebin back to life as a fellow Demon. Their daughter was recounting the olden days when the story ended on a somewhat happy note?! 😛

The author NEEonPink is currently working on the third book in this series. The new book will be titled Blood in the Water. Which I would only start reading once it have an ending. I do not read books without an ending as I hate the fact of left hanging there waiting for the next chapter~ 😉

I would give a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for this book!! I totally enjoyed each chapter, the reason why I took six days to finish reading this novel was because I was kind of busy with my life at the moment. Therefore there was some disruptions in between reading those exciting and fast paced chapters!! 😀

I enjoyed the love Jackson shown towards Yebin and changed her to become a better person!! I hate Kevin and was glad that he died a horrible death!! 😉

For those of you whom would love to read te full story, go ahead and google or download the app named Wattpad to search for the title of this novel; Playing as a Demon!! Happy reading, hope you people enjoyed this awesome novel as much as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Book Review: 贵族学院俏皮千金记事簿/Diary of a Cheeky Lady in a Private School

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog update will be on another book review. This time round will be on a Chinese novel titled 贵族学院俏皮千金记事簿. 😉

I spent around two weeks finished reading this novel. It consists of 280 chapters with each chapter having estimated 12-40 pages. This novel belongs in the catergory of romance, school life, teenage, comedy with a hint of mystery. 😉

The story started off with how the female main character Qin Zi Lian and her elder brother Qin Fei having doubts on their grand father’s death. They have a hunch that their lovely grand father did not die on heart attack, instead his death may be planned out by someone. 😦

They set their heart to solve this mystery and find out who is that someone who causes their grand father’s death. As the siblings tried to dig through the past events relating to their grand father, their group of close friends found out their mission and offered their help. 😉

The siblings accepted their help willingly. The more the merrier and it could also speed up the process of solving the mystery. Their first step in trying to solve the case was transferred school to another country. ZL met the most popular and handsome student named Yang Feng in her new school on the first day. 😉

ZL felt curious about YF and wanted to made friends with him, but was being rejected. Simply because YF hate to associate with girls, as he felt that the word girls always tag along with the word troublesome. Therefore it took some time before the two main character (YF and ZL) got to become friends, which later on proceed to become a couple. 😉

As the days passed by, the group of friends along with the siblings uses all their family resources to find out cause of ZL’s grand father’s death. They started to find out evidences which points to one of their school mate’s (Gong Xiao Yan) father (Gong Xiong). 😉

They did not get to celebrate for their happy findings for too long. As GX found out that they held the evidence that could cause him to lose all his wealth, reputation and company. GX decided to plot against this group of kids. His plan failed miserably as the group of friends was totally too smart for both GX and his daughter XY to handle. 😀

XY later ended up in prison for her stupidity for kidnapping ZL’s friend. While her father (GX) was being sentenced to death for being the mastermind of ZL’s grand father’s death. After the bad guys was being taken care of, the story continue with a happy and much mire carefree mood!! 🙂

ZL and her group of friends all found their love of their life. They all got together to help ZL and YF made it official as a couple. The story ended off with a romantic note!! 😉

I enjoyed the story very much. Although there may be some part being a little bit draggy, but over all I love to read about those little moments between the siblings!! Therefore I shall give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! 🙂

For those of you whom are interested in reading the full story, go ahead and google for the title 贵族学院俏皮千金记事簿!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Book Review: Revenge of a Dead Girl

Hello people, today’s blog update will be on a book which I have just finished reading a few minutes ago. The title of this English novel is Revenge of a Dead Girl, written by NEEonPink. 😉

This book belongs in the mystery, triller and horror catergory. It has a total of 25 chapters with estimate 40 to 50 pages each. It have the ability to captured the reader’s interest and have the reader concentrate on the book without any difficulty. 😉

The story started off with how the two female main character Yooma and Youngji were best friends and depended on each other in school. Yooma played the role of coming to Youngji’s rescue whenever she got into trouble. 😉

Everything changed when Youngji caught the eye of a popular handsome boy named Joon in the school. Matters got worsen when they became a couple. Sensing danger would be lurking around the corners, Yooma warned Youngji and adviced her to split up with Joon. Yooma’s advice fallen on deaf ears. 😦

Youngji started being bullied by the group of pretty girls at school. The bully Fei, Kelly, Jina and Hyemi wanted Youngji to break up with Joon (Fei had a crush on Joon). Youngji refused to bend to their threat, she rather continue to suffer from their bullying. There was nothing Yooma could do to stop their bullying actions. 😦

The girls continued to bully Youngji to no end, until one day she could no longer stand it and broke down. Youngji ended her life in the school restroom. Students got annoyed because it was troublesome that they no longer have a convenient restroom for their usage as it was being closed down. 😦

No students felt sad for the death of Youngji. Yooma felt sadden that she could not save Youngji from making this awful decision. The story continued to share with how days melted into months and soon it was Youngji’s one year death anniversary. 😉

Yooma planned a series of nightmare for the whole school. It started off with how everyone was having lessons in their classroom, suddenly the sky darken and the storm arrived heavy and strong. Yooma started her killing spree by finishing student by student. 😉

She wanted all the students, teachers and even the principal to pay for their actions and decisions made (which causes Youngji to killed herself). To clarify you people’s question, before Youngji’s death Yooma have already been killed by a group of guys sent by Fei. 😦

No one knew that she died a horrible death as there was a demon whom offered her a chance of living again, the catch will be in exchange for her new life, she got to killed all those people who causes her death. 😉

Yooma accepted the demon’s offer of the deal. She even carried out her mission swiftly and ended the lives of the group of man who killed her. She pretended nothing happened until it was the day of Youngji’s death anniversary. 😉

Yooma’s plan was being carried out successfully and she managed to take out the whole school of students, teachers and principal… Except of one student named Yebin whom managed to escaped the naightmare planned out by Yooma. 😉

The author have already written out book two of this series. Book two would be on how Yebin coping with her survival of this reality nightmare. I would share with everyone another book review on book two once I have finished the book. Keep a look out for it. 😉

Meanwhile back to book one, I would be giving a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. I was being brought into the school environment of this book and felt like I witnessed the whole process of Yooma’s plan of revenge. 😉

I enjoyed each and every chapter and page of this book. I am amazed by the author’s ability to write such an awesome book in the young age of 13. The author mention that the book was being published already. 😉

For those of you whom wanted to read the book for yourself, go ahead and google for the title of this novel called Revenge of a Dead Girl. You can download the Wattpad application and search for the title Revenge of a Dead Girl as well. 😉

I guess you people would definitely enjoy this book as much as I did. I actually spent only three short days finished reading this wonderful book. 😀


BookwormMindy 😛