Book Review: 宠妃难为 / A Beloved Queen

Hi everybody!! I am back with a book review, the title of this book is called 宠妃难为 / A Beloved Queen!! I spend a good two week plus reading a total of 162 chapters!! 😀

The story is base in ancient times. The main character is called Qian Xi Yao and the King is called Bi Xia. The story started with how Qian Xi Yao was a cute little girl whom have both parents and sibling’s doted attention. She lived in an environment filled with love!! 😀

As she grew up to become a lovely young lady with a fairy like appearance, she was being summoned into the palace to become one of the many wives of the King. She was upset, since deep in her heart she wanted a freedom life with her family instead of living deep in the palace like a bird in it’s cage. 😦

As the days goes by, she became contented with her life living happily in the palace thinking of her family and not another single trouble thoughts. Two years later, she decided to visit the garden in the palace, during her visit to the palace’s garden she came upon the King. 🙂 

At first she was overwelmed and scared, but as the conversation between the King and her proceeded smoothly, she gained confidence and confided in the King about her thoughts on the flower growing in the garden. 😉

From that day onwards, the King visited her everyday after his office hour of meetings with the officials to improve the country. The whole palace was shocked and surprised that he King finally wanted to have a relationship with his wife. As the days went by, the bunches and tons of woman in the palace was jealous of XY’s attention from the King. 😦

Whoever who tried to set up XY and harm her, the King will always be there to catch the mastermind and give her a death sentence if she is just an ordinary wife. Until one day the mother of the King tried to poison’s XY and nearly causes XY’s life, that the King finally let loose his temper and sent his mother to the nunnery (he can’t possibly kill his own mother, therefore he resort to the next measure or option which is sending her to the nunnery since she believe deeply in God)! 🙂

Everything went back to normal and then the Queen have to come and break this lovely image with her evil thoughts and actions. She set up another trap and tried to snatch away a kid of XY from her. This causes the kid to report this incident to the King and he was fuming mad!! He hated to see XY’s tears and therefore always tried to prevent her from getting upset!! 😉

He made the Queen go to the nunnery to take care of his mother. But after two years in there, a news was being transported through the whole country that the Queen died in the nunnery due to illness. Not soon after, he announced that XY is the Queen of the country!! 😉
The story ended with how this warming and sweet couple having two sons, a daughter and another baby in the womb. All the side cast have a happy ending, either getting married to their loved ones or have a bright future ahead of them!! 🙂

Personally I will give this romance novel a good old 4.5 out of 5 stars!! I love to read how the couple always tried to find time to have couple time. The King is always there to protect the Queen and it makes me feel so happy that the two of them got each other for support once they have to come together to fight against their enemy. When they come together, they are invincible!! I love that about them!! 🙂

I love to read how their two sons have such a strong sibling’s love. They always take care of each other and protect the other from harm’s way. The exchange between the siblings is both sweet and heart warming. 🙂

For those of you whom are interested to read the full story of this book, go ahead and google for 宠妃难为!! Hope you people will enjoy reading this book as much as I do!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😉

My April 2017

Hi people, today’s blog post will be purely just my thoughts and feelings for April 2017!! Just a summary of my life happenings for the month of April in year 2017!! 🙂

Read on if you are interested on my humble thoughts and little feelings!! In the first week of April, I am feeling all sorts of positive emotions like happiness, excited and hyper activeness!! Since it is the first week of a new month and all. A new beginning for a brand new Mindy!! (This thought always pop up in my mind every first day of each month)!! 😀

Second week of April is all about being when can my Friday arrive on a red carpet with lots of flashing lights and cheering crowds of thundering clapping to go along with all the glamour!! Seriously it started to become such a drag for Friday to arrive in style and anticipation of yours truely!! 😛

Third week of April, and this is the most roller coaster week. Monday is always being blue for everyone whom need to report to work. Tuesday is always a day to continue to try and get rid of those blue feelings. And suddenly, it is already mid week Wednesday. 🙂

Since my boss uses a mid week Wednesday to announced to the whole company that there will be a retrenchment round the corner. Everyone at work started to become anxious and anticipating as well. Anxious that they will be the ones that called into the office and received that special retrenchment letter. Anticipate for the same thing. Contradicting of emotion for all staff~ Yet we continue to hold strong and march forward with our steady and firm foot steps!! 😛

Finally the last week of April, results for the list of people that got retrenchment are out. Some came as a surprise while others’ departure came as a sweet gift from God or in a human form; my boss!! 😛

This week have been a good one for me since I enjoyed two days off from work from taking my annual leave and recharged my battery!! Glad I took the two days off work, since the minute I am back at my desk, the workload seems to pile up slowly but definitely. 😀

I am both happy and glad that my superior saw my potential to continue to grow with the company. I guess my performance at work seems to impress my boss enough to strike off my name from the list of people to retrench. Guess all the hard work did pay off in the end, especially at such a crucial time!! 😀

Not that I am gloating at those that got the retrench treatment, just glad that I still have a full time job. This allows me to continue enjoying my daily routine. It helps me to prevent from going to all those troublesome interviews and it always have the ability to make me visit the toilet frequently!! 😉

I guess everything turns out great for me. I hope everything will continue to work in my way for the rest of the days~ Of course I will continue to work hard and strive for the best!! Fighting!! 😀

Wish everyone have a great and awesome weekend ahead!! Have fun!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀

Book Review: 逃妻不乖,爹地,快追 / Naughty Wife, Daddy, Quick Chase!

Hello people!! Today’s blog post will be on a book review which I have just finished reading today. Title of the chinese novel is 逃妻不乖,爹地,快追!! 🙂

I spend a good nine days reading this cute novel. The story revolves around the main character called Wu KeKe (KK) and Mu Hao Tian (HT). The novel starts with a cozy moment of how KK set her eyes on HT and decided to bed him. In her family there is an unspoken rule that when a girl turns eighteen, she have to give away her virginity and get pregnant by whichever man she likes or set her sight on at that time period. 🙂

Anyway KK bed HT and left the moment she confirmed that HT has fallen into a deep slumber. From that instance onwards, she sets herself away from the outside world and only get in contact with her close friends. No matter how HT tried to find her with his wide contacts worldwide, it was all to no avail. 😉

Imagine his surprise when he saw his mini lookalike on the street one day. He went to do a search and realizes that the replica of his handsome features is actually is six years old son, he was both excited and agitated with KK!! 🙂

He went to his son’s birthday party and slowly got closed to his wife to be and son. He slowly but surely worm his way back to their lives and one day he propsed to KK and she accepted the proposal. 🙂

But due to KK being a master at creating and designing dangerous weapons like guns, she was always being put into dangerous situations. It was always done by her enemies whom didnt got their hands on her blueprint for these dangerous yet useful and powerful guns or weapons!! 🙂

HT always have a way to break through all these bad guys’s schemes and saved KK and bring her back to the safety of his embrance!! 🙂

I love how the author describes the sweet moments between HT and KK. The scene whenever these two grace the screen will always be filled with love bubbles!! 😛

I love how their son Mu Hao Cheng (HC) always there to cheer up the couple and mess with their sweet kisses!! HC is a six year old boy, but he own a powerful brain and his  intelligence is uncomparable between the master or creator of this world!! 😀

Imagine a six year old boy having a high IQ of 200!! Imagine HC’s friends are the world most capable hacker, killer and scientist!! He can be scary when those bad guys tried to kidnapped or find ways to cause harm to his mommy. 😉

An example of his scary actions is that he asked one of his best friend (a bomb expert) to plant a bomb in the enemy’s estate and bomb off the house!! He can view the scene with his own eyes yet wear an innocent expression with a toothy grin on his face all at the same time!!  🙂

Anyway I love all his scenes and super enjoy how the adults always lose to this little boy. All because of their confidence that a little boy cant do much harm to anyone!! 😉

Therefore personally I would give a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars for this chinese novel 逃妻不乖,爹地,快追!! 😉

For those of you whom are interested in this novel, go ahead and google for the title 逃妻不乖,爹地,快追 and sit back and enjoy this cute and warm hearted novel!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

Deep In Thoughts

Hi everyone!! Today’s blog post will be just my random rambling on my recent happenings. 😉

For those of you whom are looking forward to another book review or drama review need to wait for the next update. Since I have yet to finish reading my current novel (another 65 chapters to go before I am at the ending of the book). Stay tuned for it. 🙂

Anyway back to the topic at hand, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog post purely to share with everyone my feelings and thoughts. Recently or more accurately on Thursday my boss at work called up everyone in the company to gathered together for a short announcement. :/

It was an announcement to let everyone know that a retrenchment is just round the corner. My first reaction was wow this is my first time facing this type of situation, hopefully it will be the last time in this lifetime to be in such a situation. My boss also shared that the list of employees who got retrench will be notified latest at the end of this month. 😦

He also shared that there will be a “goodbye” to at least one person in every department. After giving some thoughts and eliminating, I am guessing that I will be the one to say “goodbye” in our team!! 😦

Of course everything is not yet confirmed or disclosed at the moment being. But well, me being me, I always prepare myself for the worst and hope for the best!! 🙂

I spend my free time thinking of all the pros and cons of leaving this company vs staying and continue working here!! It seems that the cons is winning the battle. Seems like there isnt any real good reasons I should continue working in this place. 🙂

Main reason is the old saying goes “better working for a good boss with a shitty job than working a great job with a shitty boss”!! You get the drift dont you?! 😉

I am definitely not saying my boss is shitty. Just not as capable as the ones that choosen to left this company behind them!! :/

Therefore moral of the story is even if I am given the green light to leave, I guess I wouldnt be too shocked or sad. Since everything happens for a reason and God will always be there to look out for me and plan an awesome path out for my future route!! 🙂

I shall continue to go to work everyday with a prepared mentality to leave the workplace in the next second but also continue to give my best to my work. Not to forget to strive for the best always!! 😉

Let’s all continue to work hard and play harder!! Fighting!! I felt so much better and less troubled after sharing my feelings and thoughts with whoever are reading this blog post now!! Cheer on for me yeah?!! 😛

Goodbye (For the day),

BookwormMindy 😀

Book Review: 悭吝王爷贪财妃

Hi people!! Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday out there!! I just finish reading the above chinese novel a few minutes ago, and I cant wait to write up a book review and share with you people my thoughts on this novel called 悭吝王爷贪财妃!! 😉

The story main cast is Qian Duo Er (DE) and her husband Ming Xiao Qi (XQ). The story is based in olden China times when the Emperor is still around and his sons are trying to take over his place (you get the drift dont you)! 🙂 

Actually DE is a ordinary 21st century human but due to some unknown reason she was being thrown back into the ancient times. On her first day in the ancient times, she was being forced to marry a guy that she totally have no idea about. Once married into XQ’s family she knew that he is actually a prince. 🙂

But a stingy prince at that. He only took breakfast and dinner, he even enforces a rule in the family that all his servants (only four of them) to follow the same. Therefore DE was being forced to follow the same rule. But being DE, she refuses to follow this nonsense rule and thought up of thousands and one rule to make him give up on this lousy rule. 🙂

After a period of time, everyone in the family is back to having three meals per day instead of two. All thanks to DE’s great effort and hard work!! The chemistry and interaction between DE and XQ is always a joy to read about. Since DE always knows how to make XQ tick!! 😛

XQ is a stingy prince, but he have his own reason. When he was young, he lived outside the palace for a period of time and even have the dangerous encounter of fighting food with a gang of children and their dog!! In this incident, he score a scare on his arm, which made DE understand the reason behind his stingyness!! 😉

Slowly as the days went by, the two started to developed feelings for each other and continue to have a lot of sweet gestures towards each other. Example is DE would wait up for XQ to be back home before she went to bed together with him and rest for the night. 🙂

Their love story ended with a sweet note that XQ as a prince he gave up his qualification against the other princes on the battle for the throne. Instead of the throne, he prefer to have DE in his arms and together the two of them will grow old and happy in such a manner!! 😀

It is always a joy to read about this cute couple. Always there to lighten the mood of this novel and brighten my day. For those of you whom are interested in reading their full story, go ahead and google for 悭吝王爷贪财妃!! 😉

Personally I will give it a high rating of 4.9 out of five stars. The author can actually made me laugh and cry in the same book. Nowadays it is getting more difficult to find such a talented and capable author. The story is captivating and interesting in the beginning. As the story continue to have depth, it enables me to literally laugh out loud at the interaction between the two main cast DE anf XQ!! 😀
Not to mention I am a sucker for sweet endings!! Therefore it is always a main part of why this novel can actually score such a hight rating!! Hope you will enjoy reading this cute book too!! ;D


BookwormMindy 😛

Drama Review: My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week

Hi people!! Today I am here to share with you a drama review on a Korean drama which I spent a week finish watching. The title of this adult based drama is called My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week.

This drama is actually more for the adults since the whole drama revolves around the main cast of Lee Sun Kyun (the guy in tears in the above picture) trying to stop his wife from cheating on him on a weekend! Song Ji Hyo (the lady with the moustach) is his wife, she went for the meeting at a hotel lying to her husband that she was there for a business meeting. 😦 

Her husband saw through her lies as he accidentally saw a guy named Michael sending cheesy texts to his wife. The texts is something along the lies of cant wait to meet her at a specific hotel on a weekend with the timing attached. 😦

In the end the wife was being caught in the act of entering the room with the cheater, her husband was pissed off and asked for a divorced without meaning for it. The drama continue to drags on for around 9 episodes on how the couple came to a decision of actually going through with the divorce. But in their heart they still cares deeply for each other!! 🙂

Meanwhile at the other side, Lee Sang Yeob (the guy with a cross on his mouth in the picture above) was trying real hard to date BoA (the lady who is smiling in the picture above) but to no avail since BoA always rejected his proposal. 😉

Not to forget there is another married couple in this drama which is Kim Hee Won (the guy with the devil horn in the picture above) and Ye Ji Won (the lady with the thick eyebrows). Kim Hee Won always have the ability to have affair with different sorts of pretty woman behind his wife’s back. 😦

All along Ye Ji Won knew that her husband cheating behaviour, but simply because she love him too much, she bear with his affairs. Until one day she could no longer take it, she divorced with him. Took revenge against his affair partners and made him a penniless beggar. 🙂

The drama came to an ending with Lee Sun Kyun decided to get back together with his ex-wife; Song Ji Hyo. I guess they will continue to be there for each other and see their only son grow up into a young man. 🙂

As for Lee Sang Yeob and BoA, the two decided to move in and live together. Although BoA seems nervous with Lee Sang Yeob’s affectionate gestures, she seems quite enjoying the process of being together with him. 🙂

Last but not least, Ye Ji Won actually took a rifle and shot Kim Hee Won since he refused to leave her property. In the face of rifle aiming at him, he ran for his life. The next day he returned to her property begging for her mercy and love. Ye Ji Won casually throw a brick at his direction. The scene ended with tricklets of blood dripping on his face. The lousy excuse of a man!! Serves him right for his state of existance. 🙂

I guess at the start of the drama it was kind of boring for me. Since the male lead is always in a nervous state that his wife is going to cheat on him on that particular weekend!! :/

But after a few episodes, the story moved on and it was getting more realistic, I mean this drama exist for a very realistic reason and that is there are getting much more divorce couples in the world every seconds. 😦

Couples break up or married couple divorced for a reason! Most reasons is cheating on their partners. This is the main reason and topic this drama keep emphasing!! :/ 

Personally I like the ending episode very much. It wrapped up the whole drama in a clean cut manner. Those that deserves to be happy, continue their happily ever after. Those that deserves revenge, gotten it and survived it. I will give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!! 🙂

Since a viewer seldom have a chance to come across a drama with such depth!! I guess if you give this drama a chance of your time, it will be able to make you think that there is much more happening between a couple than it seems. 🙂

Hope you will be able to enjoy this adult drama as much as me. 🙂


BookwormMindy 😀

Book Review: 爷,我娶你吧!/ Let’s Get Married

Hi everyone! I am excited to share with you people a chinese novel which I just finish reading!! The title of this novel is called 爷,我娶你吧!or Let’s Get Married!! 🙂

The story revolves around the main female character name Zhang Si Si (SS) on how she find happiness. Happiness arrives right infront of her when her mother and her best friend Zhao Tian Tian forces her to go for blind dating. She met the main male lead named Ma Bing Chuan (BC)!! 🙂

At first sight the two of them had a good impression on the other. But at the second and third meeting, BC was curious of SS personality. SS was always drunk infront of him, causing him to think that SS is not a proper lady, as the two of them have only just met. Yet she can be comfortable enough to get drunk infront of him and not worried that he may caused her any harm!! :/

But after a few more meetings, the two of them started to developed feelings for each other!! BC was attracted by SS attractive appearance and her cheerful and kind hearted personality. Meanwhile SS was attracted by BC’s loving personality and charming appearance!! 🙂

After a period of dating, the couple got married. The ending note was that both said they do on their wedding ceremony!! The story ended on a sweet and happy mood!! 🙂

There is actually not much dramatic turn of events in this novel. It is just a simple romance novel filled full to the brim of sweetness, especially on how the male lead care for the female lead and her pet. This story is just a sweet and blissful romance between a couple who reaches an age which is suitable for marriage (in the eye of their parents)!! 🙂

I would give it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars!! As the story is not exactly very captivating but just nice enough for me to continue reading, just to find out how the couple’s ending will be. Although there were a few scenarios whereby the female lead always teases the male lead (since the male lead always goes out of his way to protect and care for the female lead)!! 🙂

For those of you whom are interested in this story, go ahead and google for the title of this novel: 爷,我娶你吧!:)

Hope you like this story much better than I do!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀