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New Target FY 2018

Hello people! Today’s blog post will be an update of my recent life happenings. Nothing serious or any huge changes in my life. But just wanted to share my baby steps in this society with you people!! 😉

Anyway I seriously made up my mind to start my slimming programme. I have been gaining weight since the last time I actually spend some time on exercising. By the way for your information, I gave up exercising a few months back. 😦

From then onwards, my weight have been climbing up the scale pretty quickly and I really cannot believe those digits that I saw when I weigh myself yesterday! I was totally mortified by those numbers!! 😦

Therefore I set my sights on exercising and moderate dieting to control my weight. Hopefully I would see the results in a few weeks time. I am going to start walking my 10,000 steps per day routine for this week and from there I will see how things go on. 😉

Yesterday I did a great job of walking 11,700+ steps on my first day back on the exercising team. Today was a bit of a slacking as I am short of a 400 steps as compared to yesterday’s achievement. But nevermind, never give up, thinking in a more positive manner I did achieved my set target of walking 10,000 steps today!! 😉

Anyway I will continue to keep you people updated on my exercising plan and how progressive on my slimming programme in the few weeks down the road!! 🙂

As for the working aspect of my life, everything seems to be falling into place nicely at my workplace. I seem to be able to handle whatever my colleagues throw in my direction. 😉

Albeit at times I can seem to be a bit confused due to not having clear instructions, but given a bit more time I was able to handle the situations perfectly (in my own way)! 😉

Thankful for all the help given to me during working hours! I am able to understand and perform better than I was a few weeks back! Soon it would be my two month old in this new workplace! Looking forward to that day!! 😉

As for my private life, nothing much happened recently. I am trying really hard to finish up another chinese novel. But what with it having a hundred and eighty plus chapters with an estimate of 15 pages each, it seems to take up more of my time digesting it. 🙂

I will keep you people updated with a book review once I have finish reading it. Keep a look out for a book review that should be round the corner~ 😉

Continue to cheer for me to successfully slim down, having an awesome life daily and also finish reading as many books (be it english or chinese novels) as I can!! 😉

Hope you people have a wonderful day ahead! Hope you enjoyed this week dosage of happy Mindy Vitamin!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Book Review: 天后的红镜子

Hello everybody!! I am back with another book review!! This time round it will be a chinese novel titled 天后的红镜子!! 😉

There will be a total of 109 chapters. Each chapter have an estimate of 15 pages! This book belongs to the category of supernatural, martial arts and a hint of romance with comedy. 😉

I spend a good nine days to finish reading this book. Continue to read on to find out the summary on this book! 😉

The story actually started off with how a young girl named Yin Li Luo fed a chubby ginger cat some food. The kitty named Ling Mao actually spoke to LL and wanted her help on rescuing the queen and princess. 😉

LL thought that she was dreaming and decided to entertained LM’s crazy request. Later she found out that it was all reality and she kept to her promised somewhat unwillingly. 🙂

LL and LM managed to rescued a god that rule the world of plants, his name was Rong Xi. Together the trio continue to use their own ways to rescue more gods that was being captured by the mirror demon. 🙂

The mirror demon named Jing Yao captured and stored these gods inside a tower to prevent them to win the battle against it. It planned to held the queen of god as his lover forever. :/

It love the queen deeply, yet the queen love the king. Whom had a lousy reputation of loving every pretty woman that he laid his eyes on. Therefore JY decided to put up a fight for the queen by locking all the gods he defeated inside a tower. :/

As the story progresses, RX found out that LL was actually the reincarnated princess. Therefore he would always try his best in protecting LL from all harm’s way. 🙂

Meanwhile the team kept increasing in their ability to fight against JY. As the days went by, they managed to rescued more and more gods. They even managed to rescued the prince; which is LL’s brother. 🙂

Together this invincible team went through all sorts of dangerous situations that JY set up against them. In the end they managed to rescued all the rest of the gods being held captured by JY. They even managed to saved the queen from JY’s evil grasp. 😉

The story ended with how the whole world went from greenery to ruins and back to a peaceful place. All the evil got their punishment and was forgiven by the good. While the good managed to become hero and saved all that needed to be rescued. 😉

Of course after acted as heros, they all got better rank once they went back to heaven and resume their daily life. But before that LL convinced the king to let her continue living on earth till her human form dies from old age. 😉

The story ended on a good note of all good had a happy ending. Personally I would give a rating of 2.5 out of 5 star. I enjoy this book, but not enough for me to recommend it to everyone that I know. 🙂

The story can be kind of naggy as the same part can be repeated for quite a few times. Yet the story was being told in the form of a third party, in a very poetry type of style. Which also means totally not my cup of tea which explains my low rating given to this book. 😉

Anyway for those of you whom would love to read this book for yourselves, you can google for the title 天后的红镜子!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: Number 5

Hello ladies and gentleman!! I am back with another book review in tow!! This time round it is finally an English novel!! The title of this novel will be called Number 5!! 😉

It belongs to the category of romance, mystery and a hint of sci-fi. The story will be based on the future times. There will be a total of thirty chapters, with an estimate of 35 pages in each chapter!! 🙂

The story started off with how the female main lead named Elle and her twin called Ana was being sent to attend the summoning in the city of the first dwelling. Summoning is a matching system between single man and woman. 😉

This system have the ability to matched the most suitable singles together. All teenagers have to take some tests as they grew up. The summoning will take place when they reached the age of 16. 😉

There will be a total of 5 dwellings. Rumor has it that the first dwellings consists of the rich and lethal upper class. The second dwellings consists of liars. The third dwellings are home for the cheaters. The fourth dwellings will have all the thieves. While lastly the fifth dwellings will be all the lower class people which rumor to be either demons or devils. :/

The twins was in jitters while they arrived for the summoning session. Elle hated it, she wanted her freedom and not being matched to a stranger by this silly matching system that all other teenagers believed deeply in. 😦

On the other hand, Ana felt anxious yet excited to be able to meet her suitable match today. The system matches Ana to the first dwellings. Her match will be the grandson of the president. Ana felt happy that Oliver was such a catch. They went back to where they belong together happily. 😉

Meanwhile Elle was being matched to the King of the fifth dwellings. Elle felt the pull of attraction when she laid her eyes upon Grayson. But she refused to accept him as she believed that he was the devil himself. 😦

The story proceeded with how Elle and Grayson always got into heated arguement. Grayson always got the upper hand, he kept Elle trapped in his cave. One day Elle received a call for Ana seeking for SOS!! 😦

Elle went out of her mind, as she was super worried for her twin’s safety. Therefore she seeked help from Grayson, but it was to no avail. She ran away from home and went to her family’s home to seek for assistance. 🙂

Grayson found out her hide out and threw a fit. Elle explained the situations and Grayson agreed to rescued Ana from the first dwellings. After successfully rescuing Ana, she refused to shared how she got all those bruises on her body with Elle. Elle felt frustrated and helpless. 😦

Until a few days later, the president came to Elle. He wanted Elle to returned Ana to where she came from, if Elle refused, he would then declared war against the fifth dwellings. It left Elle confused and anxious for Grayson’s territory. 😦

In the end, this daft Elle decided to potray as Ana and went back to the first dwellings. She wanted to snooped around and find out why the president would declared war for just a girl. :/

Before she was able to find out much, the president put Elle into prison and locked her up. He even forged Elle’s handwritting and wrote a letter to Grayson. He even informing Grayson that Elle had ran away. The letter stated that Elle do not love Grayson all along as he was a demon and asking him never to locate Elle. 😦

Grayson was devastated when he received this letter. Elle was upset when she knew that Grayson actually believed in the letter over her. It shows that the couple had serious trust issue. 😦

Elle managed to escaped the cell after a couple of months of thinking for an escape route and plan. When she reached an outskirt of the town, she got a kiddo to contact Grayson. 😉

Grayson arrived and Elle tried explaining to him the whole situation. Of course she failed to get the information through Grayson’s thick skull. They even had another arguement which only leads to Elle back into a prison, this time round it will be in Grayson’s territory. 😦

The couple missed each other deeply yet they wanted to preserve whatever dignity they left. Both of them refused to explained themselves to the other. Which in turn leads to the president able to break them apart. 😦

This situation continues until Elle’s grandfather named Carson managed to break through Elle’s barrier. Carson got Elle sharing whatever she faced and learned while she was in the first dwellings. 🙂

Upon knowing the truth that it was the president that have been causing physical harm to Ana all along, Carson threw a fit and went straight to Grayson seeking for assistance to put the president behind bars. :/

At first Grayson refused to believed the both of them. But Elle never give up without a fight therefore she explained to Grayson all that she learnt while she was in the first dwellings. She managed to convinced Grayson, he then called up all the leaders in the other dwellings and seek for cooperation. 🙂

All the leaders came together to seize the president. But not before allowing the leader of the first dwelling, that will be Ana’s match, grandson of the president, Oliver. When he found out that it was his grandfather that have been hurting his match, he went crazy and nearly lost his mind. 😦

In the end he promised Grayson he would give them whatever assistance they need in capturing the president. The leaders managed to captured the president after a period of time. But they finally got over this incident only when the president died behind the bars after a few years. 😉

Grayson and Elle resolved their misunderstandings after a few years. The couple even gave birth to a little boy that looks like the replica of Grayson. The story ended with how the couple enjoyed their life with their family. 😉

Personally I would give this novel a high score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. I totally enjoyed myself very much while reading this book. It was a joy and time was a breeze while I was being absorbed in this super novel!! 😉

The reason for not getting the perfect score of 5 is because I hated how Elle always acted without thinking. She always acted upon rash decision. Which would always causes her to end up in a dangerous situations. 😦

Elle always have a kick for argueing with Grayson and getting him mad. Yet she refused to explained to him her feelings, which in turn causes so many lost time between these two. All because she wanted to keep a few tiny pieces of dignity!! :/

Anyway overall this will be an awesome read for all of you out there. Remember to google for this novel at Number 5. You can either read it online at wattpad or you can download the app and read this novel at your convenience. 😉

Enjoy the book, it will be totall worthy of your time!! Have tons of fun while reading it!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Happy CNY 2018!!!

Hello everybody!! BookwormMindy is here to wish everyone a happy chinese new year!! A great shout out to everybody to have a fantastic life in year 2018 the doggy year!! 😉

Wish all students out there have a colorful straight A in your examination results slips!! Wish all adults have a smooth sailing in their work life. 😉

Hope everyone will always be healthy and full of energy to fulfil all their to do list in this brand new dog year 2018!! 😉

Happy Chinese New Year!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Counting Down-5 Days!

Hello ladies and gentleman! I am back for another blog update. Two blog posts in a day. Don’t you feel excited and hyper? 😛

This blog update will be a summary of my life this past week. As usual my monday to friday life will be filled full with working and the daily routine. 🙂

Work have been a breeze for this week, everything have been great. Just the exception that my boss wanted me to learn how to order stock from our counterparts in Italy and China. I hate to learn this part as I am afraid I would put my colleague out of job. 😦

I have a feeling that the boss have had enough of this colleague’s nonsense and that will be a huge reason why he wanted me to learn the ordering of goods. Anyway on friday I even wrote an email to my boss to share my feelings on this task with him. 🙂

Hopefully he will respect and understand my decision on not taking up this mission. Firstly I do not want to learn the logistic role as I am a sales coordinator, not logistic coordinator. 🙂

Secondly I want to focus on being a sales coordinator therefore I prefer to handle solely on sales daily activities. 🙂

And thirdly this will enable me to provide quality service to existing customers. Which in turn allows me to have enough time to source for new potential customers for our company. 🙂

Fingers cross he will not force me to take up another role of ordering stocks. I will get the result when tomorrow I report to work. Hopefully I will be happy and able to accept whatever decision he decided on my fate. 😉

Another than my working life, everything seems fine and going along real well. I even managed to finish reading a novel in ten days time. Now this is what I call productive, right? 😛

I ate mcdonalds two days in a row. Mcwings and mcspicy is my currently favourites! I totally cannot handle my fingers when I am within range with these two naughty fellow! 😛

The time have been flying past real fast these days. Now it will be another 5 days before it is Chinese New Year!! I am totally happily counting down till then. I have even prepared all my new outfits with respective accessories along with new bags and footwear!! 😉

I am totally looking forward to the new year in the year of Dog!! I am all excited and hype up for this festive season! I wonder how are you people getting on for this festive season? 😉

Alrighty, that should be all for now. Hope everyone have an awesome week ahead!! Remember to check back next week for your dosage of Mindy Vitamin! 😉


BookwormMindy 😉

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Book Review: 恶魔总裁的契约情妇/Devil CEO’s Contract Mistress

Hello everyone!! I am finally back with another chinese book review!! The title will be 恶魔总裁的契约情妇!! For this book, I spent a good ten days finish reading!! 😉

There will be a total of 196 chapters. With an estimate of 12 pages for each chapter. This book belongs to the romance category. There will be tons of misunderstandings in this book! :/

For those of you whom hate to read about lots of misunderstandings between the main characters it would be a drag to finish reading this book. Not to mention that the main male character even physically hit the female main character. Read on for my summary on this book!! 😉

The story started off with how the female character named Bai Meng went to an interview in the company of the main male lead named Ou Zhang Feng. On BM’s first day at work, she met her boss ZF. They did not like each other at first sight. 😦

ZF even humiliated BM by asking her to be his contract mistress. BM was furious and splashed him with a cup of water. But the story took a turn and BM needed tons of money to save her brother. :/

The hospital called BM and informed her that her brother have fainted and was admitted to the hospital. His brother named Bai Yun needed lots of money to undergo an operation in order to save his life. 😦

BM decided to go to ZF for those money. In return she would sell her body to him by being his contract mistress. ZF accepted the deal and they had intercourse for the very first time that night. :/

ZF realised that BM was a virgin and started to have feelings for her. Although he would always try to find excuses for his emotions and thoughts. He preferred to think that BM was his official mistress therefore it is normal he kept thinking of her all through the day. 😉

Anyway the story continue with how BM was being abducted by a gang whom was rival of ZF. ZF found out the hidden place of this gang and admitted right in front of BM that the reason he treated BM with care was to get this gang to kidnapped her. 😦

This news broke BM’s heart but she accepted the fact. As ZF already given her brother the medical attention that needed to save his life. Therefore BM even went to defend ZF by helping him to fend a rival’s attack. She suffered from an ugly scar on her back. 😦

Once she was being discharged from the hospital, she tried to argued with ZF to return her freedom to her. But all her arguements went down the drain. As ZF finally came to his senses that he have fallen in love with BM. :/

When the couple started to get along well, the so called saviour Liu Yan Yan came into the story. She brought along the younger brother of ZF with her. She claimed that she have been raising Zhang Hao since young. Being a stupid man, ZF believed in her lies without even checking the past of YY. :/

ZF agreed to marry YY while hoping to get BM to continue being his mistress. During this part there will be tons of misunderstandings between this couple. YY kept plotting against BM and causes a rift between the couple. In the end she even managed to make BM hate ZF. 😦

During this period, BM managed to find her own father and elder brother. Together they saved BM from ZF and YY’s evil grasp. BM gained her freedom and went to the states to further her studies. While ZF and YY tried to got married. :/

Although their wedding was unsuccessful as the real younger brother of ZF is actually BM’s younger brother Bai Yun. BY went to the wedding and stop it successfully. The brothers even went for a DNA. The results shown that they were real brothers, therefore ZF got rid of YY. 🙂

ZF tried to get BM to marry him after successfully getting rid of YY. Of course being a clever woman, BM rejected him directly. ZF went to great lengths to locate BM again once she left the country to further her studies. :/

But all efforts went down the drain. It will be six years later when he finally caught sight of BM at a restaurant. He went up to BM to confessed his love to her all over again. Of course BM rejected him once more. 🙂

The story continued with how ZF followed BM home and saved her from an attack afterwards. While on their way to the hospital, BM finally relented and accepted ZF’s confession. Finally after so many years apart, the couple decided to get hitched! 🙂

Personally I would give this story a 1.5 out of 5 stars. I seriously cannot stand how the male lead ZF can be such a dumb and selfish man. I cannot understand how he can physically abuse BM by forcing himself on her, hitting her across the face or even splashing a steaming cup of coffee on her. 😦

He even claimed his actions as his love towards BM. Yet BM still loved him after all these sufferings. ZF cannot even see through YY’s evil plots of revenge on BM, he kept thinking it was BM’s fault for causing unhappiness to YY. 😦

He treated YY like his saviour (since YY claimed that she have been raising his younger brother since young). While on the other side, he treat the love of his life, BM like a pile of dung. 😦

I dislike how the story progress since the couple met each other. Overall I will not recommend anyone reading this book. Unless you have too much time to spare. Only then will you maybe give it a thought and start reading it. :/

Alright I will end the blog post here! Hope you people will have a great day ahead!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😉

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立春快乐 / Happy 1 Month!! ;)

Hello people!! First of all I would like to wish everyone a happy 立春!Today is basically the start of the dog year in the olden days. Therefore wish everyone a happy new year!! 😉

Next I would like to share with everyone how I have been for the past week. Basically everything is beginning to get into place. Everything seems to flow on smoothly at work. I will definitely work hard to be a better me at work!! 😉

At a blink of an eye, it have already been a month since I started working at this new company. I got along really well with my colleagues and hopefully this great bond will stay for long~ 😉

Otherwise there is not much changes in my lifestyle pattern. I am currently reading another chinese novel which I will definitely share more details with you cuties once I have finish reading it. I am already reading chapter 60 out of 196!! Fighting!! 😀

Alrighty I guess I am going to end my blog post here. Hopefully I can cheer up you people enough to last for another week?!! Remember to drop by next week for the weekly dosage of Mindy Vitamin!! 😛

Wish everyone have a great week ahead!! Happy days ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😉