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Book Review: The Doctor On Call

Hello ladies and gentleman, this will be the third blog update for this week. Today’s blog post will be a book review on a novel which I have just finish reading only this morning. The title of this English novel is called The Doctor On Call. 😊

There will be a total of 19 chapters. Each chapter with a range of 35 to 45 pages. This novel belongs to the category of romance and fiction. You can search the novel by looking for its author named xxLissaMaexx. The story will have tags like doctor, romance, couple and relationship. 😊

The story first started off with how the female main character named Nyla Grove is a young lady at the age of 19 whom moved from her old home in Alabama to the city area to earn a living as a medical assistant. On her first day at work, she met the hell of a boss named Leo Pryce. There were chemistry exchanged between the two at first sight, after a much needed confrontation, Nyla managed to prove her worth to Leo and got the job. 😊

When the day ended without a hitch from Nyla, Leo was surprised and it so happens that both of them got caught in the elevator together. Leo started to got close to Nyla and they exchange a few kisses, when things just started to get heated the elevator resumes working normally. They separated themselves quickly and head home after agreeing with each other that this was a mistake. :/

The days went by peacefully until Leo decided that he could no longer hold back his attractions for Nyla. He went up to Nyla and kiss her senseless before asking her to be his full-time fling because he do not do relationships, he just want casual sex with Nyla. Nyla rejected him at first. But she also felt the pull towards him, after giving it much thought, Nyla cave in to Leo. 😊

They started their casual sex relationship without any promises to each other. As the days flew by, Leo wanted Nyla to himself, period. Therefore, he asked Nyla to be his girlfriend which she agreed happily. But the happiness did not last long, as Leo’s ex-girlfriend came between them and announced she was pregnant with Leo’s baby. Nyla broke up with Leo on the spot as she witnessed him kissing his ex-girlfriend named Bonnie. ☹

While Nyla was recovering from her split with Leo, a good friend and colleague named Bennett came into the picture and wanted to bring her out on a date to forget about all her unhappiness. After much consideration, Nyla agreed and got all pretty to attend Bennett’s date. The two got close and comfortable with each other, before anything more could happen between the two of them, hell broke loose. As all of them were working in a hospital, therefore a crazy drugged patient came into the hospital and started firing gunshots one after another. ☹

Bennett managed to bring around 10 patients to safety before got a shot to his chest, when Nyla found him he was literally on his last breath. After some heart touching words exchanged between the two, Bennett died on Nyla’s lap. It got Nyla heartbroken all over again, this time worse than before. When Leo found them, he was cool headed and got hold of the whole situation. From then on, he took it upon himself to take care of Nyla. :/

It took him some time before Nyla started to open up to him. The two decided to start from being friends. They use their friendship as a façade to their real intention. After a period of decision making, Nyla decided to patch things back up with Leo. On the other hand, Leo found out that the baby was not his, he confronted Bonnie and she left him immediately as her lies were not bought by him. 😊

The story ended with how Nyla and Leo got together for good. Nyla continue to enjoy her work as a medical assistant while Leo continue to be the arrogant jerk while at work. After work, he would enjoy bossing Nyla around the house. 😊

It took me nearly a week to finally finish reading this cute little romance. Although I have to admit that I got a bit teary eye at the part when Bennett died on Nyla. Personally, I will give this novel a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Simply because I hate the character of Leo and he was a real jerk towards Nyla. The rest of the story was great, if only Bennett survived and Nyla choses him over Leo then it would be perfect. 😊

Anyway for those of you whom would love to read the full story for yourselves, go ahead and google for The Doctor On Call. Otherwise you can download Wattpad and search for the story too. Hope you people enjoy reading this great novel. 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: I Want To Be A Star

Hello everybody!! I am back again, this time round this blog update will be a drama review on an original Toggle serial named I Want To Be A Star. 😉

There will be a total of 12 episodes. Each episode will be an estimate of 23 minutes. This short drama belongs to the category of musical, acting, drama, romance and comedy. 😉

The main character named Di Long (played by actor Shawn Pow) is the son of Da Tian (played by Chow Chor Meng). DT is a successful part time actor whom also have his own business to sub contract part timers for serial drama. 😉

DT accepted one drama contract, from there he forced DL to be a part timer actor in the drama serial to earn his own pocket money. The other part timer actors includes Gao Mei (played by Ya Hui), Mei Yi (played by Hong Ling), Edgar (played by Dennis Chew) and a few others. 😉

Together the group slowly bonded their friendship as they film the drama as extra characters. As the drama films on, Edgar realised his feelings for GM and decided to make a confession on the day of her birthday with the help of DL and MY. 😉

Meanwhile DL and MY managed to express their romantical feelings to each other. After much consideration on MY’s part, the two decided to become an official item. 😉

MY even become braver and reach out for the position of singing the theme song for the drama. While everything is going on as per usual, Edgar felt excited and nervous in facing GM. 😉

When everything was set in place, Edgar make his love confession to GM in one go. GM rejected his confession because she lack of confidence due to his wealthy status. Edgar went to speak to her in private and share his feelings to her again. He promised her that he is willing to become her best friend until GM managed to find her true love. 😉

After much consideration, GM decided to accept Edgar’s love. They become another official item in the group of part timer actors. The drama ended with how Edgar sponsered the group of part timers as main characters in a movie. 😉

Everyone have their own happy endings. The moral value of this drama should be never give up on your own dreams. Of course, at times when you need to face reality and know your position, you have to do it. But once you overcome all the obstacles reality throws at you, you will become the brightest star of them all. You will shine brighter than the diamond!! 😉

Personally I would give this drama a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. I enjoy watching this drama quite alot. It always manages to force a chuckle out of me. I just wish there would be more comedy parts being added into it. 😉

Not to mention that the some extras character in the drama was seriously getting on my nerves. She was a nobody in reality, yet in the drama she was an A lister, whom acting skills seriously should be sent back to the acting academy for futhur lessons. :/

Anyway, for those of you whom would love to watch this cute little drama for yourselves, go ahead and google for Toggle. From there you can search for the title of this drama named I Want To Be A Star. 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

Hello people, hope everyone having a great start to this new week. I am here with a movie review in tow. Yes that’s right, today blog update will be a movie review on Despicable Me 3!! 😉

The film first screened in cinemas on June 2017, the duration of this movie will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. It belongs to the category of action, comedy and animation. 😉

The movie started off with how Gru and Lucy was being fired from being an agent in Anti Villian League because Gru failed to captured Bratt whom stole the biggest diamond in the world. Even though Gru managed to return the diamond to the League, it is of no use. The couple lost their job. 😦

Gru was devastated after breaking the news to his girls; Margo, Edith and Agnes. The girls uses their own way to show Gru that they love him and even prepared a little honeymoon for Gru and Lucy to try cheer them up. 😉

Meanwhile, Gru’s brother named Dru sent an invitation to invite Gru and his family to his home. After much thinking, Gru decided to accept his invitation. The family was in awe when they meet Dru. He lived in a luxurious mansion with lots of branded vehicles and secret powerful equipment. 😉

Dru explained to Gru that their father was a successful and popular villian before his death. Dru wanted Gru to teach him how to be a villian and together the brothers can conquer the world. Gru refused to return being a villian, he rejected Dru’s proposal. Mel the minion found out that Gru wanted to be a superhero instead of super villian and was upset. 😦

Mel instructed all minions to left Gru. Together the minions went off and find a better boss. While trying to find a new boss, they accidentally all landed in jail instead. One day, Mel remember all the sweet memories he shared with Gru. Together the minions uses their own way to left jail and in search of Gru. 😉

On the other hand, Gru and Dru decided to use their own super vehicle to get to Bratt’s property. The twins tried to steal back the diamond, after much incidents they succeeded. Luckily Lucy the savior came to their rescue and brought them back to safety. Gru even got a spanking lesson from Lucy for doing things behind her back. 😉

At this time the brothers got into an arguement. Because Dru wanted to share the diamond with Gru as he see the diamond as their prize throphy. Meanwhile Gru wanted to return the diamond to the Anti Villian League in return for both Lucy and his job as agents. 😦

The brothers finally put aside their differences to save the girls when they were being captured by Bratt. He wanted to seek for revenge against Hollywood for rejecting him back in the 1980s. Of course being the main characters in this movie, Gru and crew went to save the day. 😉

The twins combined forces and managed to bring down Bratt. They beat him hands down. Meanwhile Lucy went to saved the girls from harms way. While the minions came in time to uses their little effort to bring maximise results in this whole fight against Bratt. 😀

They all proceeded to went back to Gru’s place and rest for the day. The movie ended with how Dru plotted together with the minions to continue their evil ways. Gru and Lucy found out and decided to give Dru a five minute headstart before giving chase. 😉

I seriously love this movie to the moon and back. I will give this movie a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!! I seriously love the harmony in Gru’s family. Not to mention Agnes cute little doll eyes when speaking about unicorns!! 😉

I love the brotherly love between Gru and Dru. They love each other deeply yet at times they seems to despise each other. Lucy would always look up to Gru and go all high and excited when the girls give her girly hugs!! 😉

Overall, I love this movie. For those of you whom have yet to watch it. Go ahead and watch it now. No regrets at all!! Go google for the title of this movie: Despicable Me 3!!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Drama Review: Soul Reaper

Hello ladies and gentleman, I am back again for another blog update. This time round this blog entry will be a drama review on a Singapore drama titled Soul Reaper. 😉

There will be a total of eight episodes for this serial drama. Each episode with an estimate of 16 to 17 minutes. This drama actually belongs to the category of supernatural, romance and drama. 😉

The drama started off with introducing the main character Soul (played by young actor Fang Wei Jie) of being a soul reaper to find out the reason for his father’s death. His boss named Chief (played by Romeo Tan) would always be by his side to guide him in his mission. 😉

Whenever Soul finish his mission of guiding the deceased soul to the after life, Chief will show him clues on how his father died. Therefore it would always encourage Soul to finish his mission quicker and more efficiently. 😉

The whole drama actually shows four cases on how Soul will find the people whom will die in seven days. He will break the news to them by showing them their death video which consists of how they will be dying. :/

Soul will inform the character that they have two choice from the present till their death day. Choice one is to find a person whom they love or whom love them to die in their place. Choice two will be to finish all their last wishes in these few days and accept their death when the day comes. 😉

The drama continues to show how different people will make different choices. Some will choose option one without much thinking. Others would take up option two and act on it straight away to save more time for themselves. 😉

As Soul completed all four missions, Chief broke the news to him that his father was actually a soul reaper too. The reason for his father’s death was to save Soul from his own death. He prevented Soul from dying by taking his place. 😉

Soul was devastated but continue to work hard as being a successful soul reaper in his father’s place. Chief continues to help Soul whenever he have trouble with his mission. 😉

I like this drama very much. Although each episode is really short, but the moral value behind each episode makes the audience think alot about life. It makes me think through my life and how I will better live it to it’s fullest in each and everyday!! 😉

Personally I will give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!! I guess maybe they can make the drama a little bit longer. I really like the story line and cast. 😉

I will definitely encouraged you people to give this short drama a chance and view it soon. Go ahead and goggle for Toggle and from there you can search for this drama titled Soul Reaper. Hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: 冷情Boss, 请放手!

Hello all bookworms out there in the globe!! Today’s blog update will be a chinese novel titled 冷情Boss, 请放手!I spent a good one month to finally finish reading it!! 😉

There will be a total of 313 chapters in this novel. Each chapter consists of an estimate of 14 pages. This book belongs to the category of romance, baby and drama. 😉

The story actually started off with how the female character named Qin Se Se was a talented science student whom happen to saw the male lead named Wei Hao Ran during her holiday. When she got to know him better as the days drag by, she suddenly have a thought to carry his child. 🙂

Therefore she plan a series of actions to get into his bed. With the help of her self invented medication, she managed to get pregnant in one shot. When she found out that she carried his child, she was being offered a scholorship by her school. SS accepted it in a heartbeat. 😉

She kept the news from everyone, including her mother and HR. Being an independent lady, she head overseas and found herself a new best friend named Gong Xi. Together the two of them managed to bring up the baby named Qin Yu Ren. 😉

After six years of living together, YR was curious about the whereabouts of his daddy. Being a smart little guy, he tried ways and means to get the information out from SS. Once he have gotten all the necessary information, he hop onto the next plane back to China to find his birth daddy. 🙂

Meanwhile on the other hand, HR was shocked when he first laid his eyes on YR. He believed that this little guy was his child because the similarities was too obvious. He managed to find out from YR that SS was hiding overseas. He threatened SS to come back to his side within 3 days or else he will hurt YR. 😦

It got SS panicked and without much thinking, she packed up and left the country. At first she tried lots of ways to bring YR back to overseas with her. But YR love his daddy and wanted the both of them to get hitched so he would be able to have a family reunion. Therefore whenever SS bought him to the airport he would tip off HR and together the three of them would be back in HR’s property. 😉

This series of happenings pisses off SS very much. But through out this period of time, SS realises that she still love HR. When she wanted to confess her feelings for him, she realised that he already have a fiancee whom he claimed he do not love. On the other hand, SS’s admirer and boss named Xi Guan also love SS and tried to break up her relationship with HR. 😦

The story proceeded with how HR finally managed to get rid of his fiancee while SS convey her feelings for XG as friends or sibilings instead of lover. Basically the whole story keep repeating that new characters would pop up and either fall for SS or HR. 😦

This definitely add on to lots of challenges to their already fragile relationship. Imagine that SS even landed in jail because of their lovey dovey action with each other. Although in the end HR managed to save SS, but it was after three months of her jail time. 😦

When SS released from jail, HR went missing due to another strong opponent came to snatched the company right from his hands using business tactics. It got him all down and low in life. This opponent was the brother of a lady he slept with when he was drunk. The lady was pregnant and decided to give birth to his baby even when HR asked her to go for an abortion instead. 😦

The lady was furious and got her brother to think of a way so HR will be willing to marry her and stay together with her. In the end, HR managed to use his brains and gotten his company back. The series of plans got his opponent to back down and return to where he first came from. 🙂

Meanwhile HR talked to the lady and got her understood that whatever she do, he will definitely not marry her. He only love SS and that will be the only lady he will be happy with. The lady was defeated and left the country with her baby. 🙂

The story ended on a happy note on how HR proposed to SS, of course she accepted the marriage proposal. The couple decided to held the wedding the next day to avoid more troubles from arising to stop their love reunion. 😀

Therefore when the couple finally managed to held their marriage ceremony, it got all their best friends and especially their son (YR) super excited. Happiness surrounded all the kind and brave souls!! 😉

Personally I would give this story a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. I find the story super draggy at times. Especially when there seems to be tons of people rejecting or hindering the love of HR and SS. 😦

It started to get boring once there were one after another sets of rivals keep appearing as obstacles for their live for each other. It seems that HR was a loser as well, since he would always have sexual interaction with the ladies that threw themselves upon him whenever he had a fight with SS. 😦

He just cannot control his mind and body when he was in a fight with SS. When he have reconciled with SS, he would go all manly and apologised for being a jerk by bedding other ladies. It would always upset SS before she agreed to forgive him for his stupidity. 😦

Therefore I actually find it a surprise that these two would actually landed together as a married couple. I guess YR also plays a huge part in their successful marriage. 😉

Anyway, for those of you whom would love to read the full story, go ahead and google for the title of this novel: 冷情Boss, 请放手!Hope you people enjoy reading it!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: Goblin

Hello everybody! Today’s blog update will be a drama review on a hit and popular korean drama titled Goblin!! 😉

There will be a total of 16 episodes. It belongs to the category of fantasy, romance and drama. It totally captivated my attention while watching my favorite cast acting out this amazing story. 😉

The drama started off with how the female character named Ji Eun Tak (played by actress Kim Go Eun) was an ordinary student whom happens to be the Goblin’s bride since birth. Through out her growing stages, she kept seeing spirits wandering around her either asking for help or chatting with her. 😉

Although she lost her mother since she was nine, she grew up well as an independent and strong minded lady. Her aunt and cousins would always tried to steal the insurance money left by her mother, which always ended in failure. Meanwhile they would treated Eun Tak like a slave or maid. 😦

There was one day when ET went to the beach and celebrated her birthday alone when she finally met the Goblin also named Kim Shin (played by handsome actor Gong Yoo) when she blew out the candle on her cake. 😉

At first, both characters was in shocked. After a few more incidents of ET blewing out the flame and KS was being summoned to her side, the both of them finally accepted this amazing ability of ET. Therefore whenever ET wanted to see KS, she just have to blew off a flame. 😉

The story proceeded to share how ET proved to KS that she was his bride. She managed to prove her worth by being honest with him that she actually saw a sword sticking out of his chest. Which she later found out that once she removed that sword, KS would turn in ashes and cease to exist in this world. 😦

The sword was being stabbed into his chest by the king named Wang Yeo (played by charming actor Lee Dong Wook). Before dieing back then, KS incidentally lead to hundreds of his family, friends and servants’ death by trying to go against the WY. 😦

Therefore God punished KS by giving him immortal life to witnessed all his love ones dying and remembering all the moments forever. There is only a chance when he can end his immortal life is when he found ET and she pull out the sword from his chest. Only then would he be in peace. 😦

While KS and ET was trying to understand their roles and feelings for each other. The grim reaper also known as Wang Yeo’s reincarnated self came to rent KS’s house. While the two stayed together in the same space, lots of funny moments happen and make me as an audience laughed happily. 😉

There was one day when WY passed by a bridge that he saw a beautiful lady which made him tear up. This beautiful lady will be Sunny (played by Yoo In Na) whom have lots of identities. Sunnny happened to be ET’s boss, KS’ reincarnated sister and WY’s love. 😉

The drama proceeded to revealed how the two guys take the news that they were enemies in past life. After much consideration, the both of them reconciled and became the best of friends. While WY tried to woo Sunny but failed when Sunny knew that WY was the one that cause her brother’s death in their past life. Sunny went into hiding from everyone. 😦

On the other hand, ET met a demon named Park Joo Won whom actually was the mastermind that killed KS back in those days. JW tried to kill ET but failed as KS appeared right on time to save her. KS hold ET’s hand to pull out the sword from his chest, he uses the sword to slash JW’s spirit. 😉

After doing so, he made a love confession to ET before turning into ashes and vanished. It left ET heart broken, but not for long. Because God erased KS existance in everyone’s memory. 😦

KS spent nine years alone in a snow land and tried his best to come back to ET. When ET accidentally summoned him again after nine years, KS was excited to see her doing so well in life. He tried to court ET but she forgot all about him and tried to push him away instead. 😦

After going through some of her notes, ET realised that nine years ago she was in a relationship with KS. She revisited Canada to solve the mystery and happen to see KS there as well. While talking it through, ET’s memory came back to her and she quickly shared this good news with KS. 😉

After some time, the two finally decided to get hitched. On an ordinary day when ET was on the way to meet a client, she got into a fatal accident while trying to save a bus of children from getting crashed by a stationary lorry. She died then and there. 😦

WY made sure she said her goodbye properly to KS before leading her to where she should proceed in the afterlife. ET made a promise to KS that she will definitely be back soon. She plead KS to wait for her. KS promised her that regardless if it is 100 or 200 years, he will wait patiently for her return. 🙂

It took ET a 30 years before she came back to KS with her memory from past life intact. Together the two of them lead a happy life. Meanwhile Sunny and Wang Yeo reincarnated again. This time round the two finally could become a couple and lead a happy life as well. 😉

I guess that would be a total happy ending for this drama. It make me cry so badly. I started tearing up since half way through the drama. This awesome drama always manages to cause my eyes to swollen after watching a episode or two. 😦

No wonder it was a super popular drama back in year 2016 and 2017!! I totally enjoy this drama. It brings lots of thoughts on life and afterlife. The good ones will proceed to heaven or reincarnation. While those evil ones will need to repent and turn into a grim reaper to lead other deceased souls into their afterlife. 🙂

I am going to give this super wonderful drama a high rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I totally love the cast and storyline of this drama!! Daebak!! 😀

For those of you whom have yet to watch this drama, go ahead and google for the title Goblin and watch it soon. Hopefully you will find it as amazing as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: His Best Friend’s Sister

Hello ladies and gentleman!! I am back in tow with another book review. Did I manage to catch you all in surprise? A blog update on a weekday! Heehee, I have just finish reading a novel titled His Best Friend’s Sister. 😉

I literally just spend two days to finish reading this short story. It belongs in romance, puppy love and family category. There will be a total of 10 chapters. Each chapter with a range of 6 to 40 pages. 😉

The story actually started off with how the main character named Marley Peterson was home to attend her eldest brother named Nate’s wedding. While she came back home, she realised that her crush named Kolt Walker still have the ability to make her heart speed up like a bullet train. 😉

After a few exchange of conversations, both Marley and Kolt decided to hit the sack. Marley even keep her virginity just for Kolt. She did not let her boyfriend Mason took the important V card from her. 🙂

While the family was busy preparing for Nate’s wedding. The two of them was busy hitting it off. It was another month before Marley started experiencing those morning sickness. When she decided to head to the store to get a pregnant stick to try it out at the comfort of her home. 😉

Marley found out she was pregnant. She refused to come clean with Kolt and update him that he will be a dad a few months down the road. She decided to suck it up and attend Nate’s wedding and offer her blessings to the newly wed. 😉

After the ceremony, Kolt found Marley and again they had their love making session. It was the following morning when Nate saw the two naked when he realised that they have been jumping each other’s bones all these time. :/

Marley told Nate that she was pregnant with Kolt’s baby but refused to inform him accordingly. Nate understood that Kolt is a player and cannot give Marley the peaceful life she wanted. Marley pack up her suitcase and flew to New York to start her new life. 😉

During her stay in New York, she managed to land herself a job and captivated her boss attention in the process. Brody even managed to bring Marley out on a few dates, although it would always lead her thoughts back to Kolt. 😦

Brody even played a fatherly figure for the baby named Jack. It wasnt until Noah (Marley’s second brother and Kolt’s best friend) came into the story did Marley thought of to inform him that his adorable nephew have came into this beautiful world. 😉

Noah was mad that Kolt actually made his beloved sister pregnant and give birth to Jack in the big apple alone. He took the next flight home and punch the living daylights out of Kolt before explaining for his action. 😉

It got Kolt on the next available flight to reach Marley and started to patch up from where they have left off. From here onwards, Kolt took over the role of being a sweet father to Jack and a lovely partner to Marley. 😉

During this period of time, the couple managed to realised they are the one for each other and decided to get hitched. The story continues with a few years later after their marriage, Marley gave birth to a baby girl named Annie. Together the family of four lived a happily ever after life. 😉

Personally I will give this story a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoy reading this story very much, I like that it is sweet and short. But the story was kind of predictable. It kinds of lack surprises to the readers. 😉

Anyway, to those of you whom would love to read the full story for yourselves, go ahead and google or search in Wattpad the title of the novel will be His Best Friend’s Sister!! The story was written by colorsnowflakes!! Hope you people enjoy this story too. 😉


BookwormMindy 😀