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Passed 8 Months

Hi people!! I am back for my weekly updates for my life happenings!! 😀

The above cartoon character was from the Disney movie: Inside Out. I have yet to watch this movie although I will make it a point to catch it this weekend!! 🙂

My senior sales engineer was trying to cheer us all up for the Friday mood and spend some time doing this up. She made everyone in our Sales Team burst out laughing (like literally) at the expense of yours truly (although to be really honest, I dont mind, I had tons of fun laughing along with them)!! 😛

The above college was part one. Have you done reading? Have you started laughing along with me now?? What?!! Not yet??!! Nevermind!! Continue to read the college below… 😀

Now now now~ Are you literally laughing out loud already?? Actually there was quite a few emails that we exchanges among our team members which was confidential to outsiders (wink wink)!! 😀

But since you people are my lovely blog readers, I will share just a small part wit you all. Jo m(my fellow colleague) said she will print out this email and stick it to my cubicle. My sales manager / Daniel replied that she need to print and paste all over the warehouse!! 🙂

And I am like “Why like that?!! No, dont do that. This is confidential business, need to keep it that way… Shhhhh”.. And that happens to make everyone replied the email all at one go ~ 😀

Although today at work was at a considerably normal pace it was still kinda exhausting at the end of the day!! 🙂 But well on s happier note, I will get to rest well for my coming long weekend!! 😀

Time to catch up on all my dramas, variety shows, movies, books and updating this private space of mine!! Be prepared to check in once per day (may be more updates than that per day for the next few days, hope I wont be getting on your nerves)!!! 😛

Anyway the last few days at work was crazily hectic. With tons of things to be done and not enough time at all!! 🙂

As my colleague GH seems to be a bit too stressed up doing the delivery list to one of out biggest customer and kept making unnecessary mistakes that Daniel was kind of running low and practically at the brink of melt down with the customers’ complaint emails!! 😦

Therefore the responsibility was being placed back on to me!! Seriously I dont know to be happy or sad!! As doing this delivery list can be really a challenging case!! But well on a happy note, it can keep my brain cells active!! 😀

Daniel also mentioned that the customers seem to like the twins (Jo and me) much better as compare to GH. He shared this realization with us privately. I asked him if I should be elated or sadden by this news. His response was depend on which perspective I am viewing this issue!! -.-|||

I am currently feeling great with all the positive energy rotating around my surroundings!! 😀 I am feeligg chill out and relaxation ~.~

Happy that I actually managed to do two book reviews on a weekday. Happy that I am facing the prospect of a long weekend literally lying right infront of me!! Happy for surviving well in the adult world and getting along great with all my colleagues, bosses and customers!! 😀

Feeling thankful and blessful and pure bliss for all good things that have befall on me and please continue to do so!! 😀

Without realising it, time literally fly by so fast that I have just passed eight months working in this company!! And to be honest, I am still enjoying every minute and seconds I am working in this fantastic environment!! 😀

I love all my colleagues, superiors, bosses and customers!! Hope they love me back and continue to treat me well and better than before by a million folds!! 😀

Hope everyone have an awesome weekend!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Negative Energy

Baby Snow White

Hello, my dear readers! Im back for the weekly update, like my title suggest today will be talking about negative things. Today met some really horrible people at work. It affected my day a little bit, a bit too much that I hate to even admit it. The negative energy at work is getting much more recently. I am starting to dread going to work. I know that is not a good thing to happen, I try to change that, I will! Workload is getting heavier as days goes by, whenever I feel more comfortable at work, my workload will increase. My boss told me that is because he trusted me, and thought that I am a very stable subordinate but I am also human, although to admit so far it is within my limit. But I will never know when (one day soon) they are gonna increase my workload again!!! Not my salary though!!! @#$%^&*

Today supposed to end work at 1.15pm, in the end only managed to off work at 2pm!!! Overtime for 45mins, just because my partner for today is the slow worker. I got to work double, faster and straight to the point, while she is beside me, dilly dally taking her own sweet time. In the end my lunch is delayed till 2.30pm. Im so crossed about that, whenever it comes to food, I always easily get annoyed!! O.o

Next week at work im gonna be the floater (meaning whoever take MC I need to cover her duties), so hopefully next week everyone take care of their health and don’t bring me any unnecessary trouble. Thank you to everybody in advance. 🙂 This week im really tired everyday, even if I sleep extra early at night, the next day I will still feel ultra super very tired!!! 😦

A little dose of happy energy to lift up the mood (just a little bit), next week I am going on leave for two days, happy me… If not I don’t think I can survive at my workplace!! The stress is really not a joke!! O.o

Have a good weekend everyone! Goodbye!


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Give a Damn? Nope!


freak a damn

Hello! This week at work is pretty cool. Although I keep having the feeling that one or two of my seniors is finding faults at me. But whatever, I will not GIVE A DAMN!! So yeah, other than that this week at work is chill out week, haha cos I back to doing registeration, whats more is that I have one of the best partner at work sitting next to me. She is so patient towards me, I feel so thankful to her. Thank you Doreen, my DoDo. 🙂

Next week im gonna be based at cashier again. Hope that everything can go on smoothly. If customer be cooperative with me, I can make things as painless and as fast as possible. Of course, if they failed to be cooperative, or even turn nasty in some cases, then don’t even dare to dream of having a smile from me. You are not worth it. My smile is priceless and out of bound for those nasty and irritating people. But definitely free for those polite, kind and cute customers! ^.^v

Tomorrow is gonna head to town with my parents. Have some good food, chill out, and soon my weekend will pass by real quick. Hope everyone have a fantastic weekend. ENJOY!! 😀



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Happy Mother Day


Hello! First of all, a big shout out of HAPPY MOTHER DAY to all mothers out there. Which includes my dearest mother and lovely sisters!! heehee. thank you for giving birth to me and raise me til im so big! thank you ladies for always bearing with me and love me no matter what happens. thank you for always standing by my side!! Love you ladies!! 😀

Now i will continue updating you people about my past week and my schedule for next week. Lets talk about the past week, last week i was at cashier counter, met some really foolish people!

Eg 1: Being pregnant at a young age of 17 yr old and still giving advise to her friends on how to raise a child. Like quit smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks. Teaching her friend that baby need the proteins of milk and fish while in the womb, you think what? The baby is a kitten? Foolish a not?

Eg 2: A ordinary looking girl painting her face with so much make up that it is like watching a person painting the wall of a house! I guess it takes hours for all those “paint” to dry on her face. And to be really honest she have a really bitchy attitude. Lets cut the story short and just say that she have a healthy body and wanted to act like a mute and have hearing disability! Not to forget she like to be handicap as well. Totally Queen Bitch!!

Last week went to get my hair cut as well. My head was so painful it was like gonna split into two. That happens everytime when my hair is on a certain length. Too thick, so went to have it cut a little bit and trim it as well. Now it drys so fast whenever i had my hair washed for the day! heehee so happy!! 😀

Now lets talk about next week. Im so happy just think about it, next week i will be sitting at referral counter. woohoo!! ^.^ It has been weeks since i was last at referral counter. I have been a cashier for three whole weeks, nearly a month!! Hope that at referral i get to meet lots of easy going people and understanding pt as well.. God bless me.

Lets end the post with wishing all the mothers out there another HAPPY MOTHER DAY!! 😀 Enjoy this special day of yours!! You ladies deserve every second of this special day!! 🙂

BookwormMindy 😀

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Shine Brightly

shine bright

Hello! Hope everyone of you reading this post had a great saturday!! 🙂 I lead mine happily!! 😀 Thank God that everything went smoothly at work today!! Thank you God for blessing me, and hope that you can always protect me and bless me with more knowledge and wisdom and the ability to work successfully and handle everything smoothly!! God bless me!!

I will try to let myself shine brightly among all the people around me!! I will work hard to shine brightly like a star in the night sky, shine brightly like a diamond in the jewellery shop!!! Everyday i will try to impove myself a little bit, try to kick off those bad habits and welcome new ones. Try my very best to forget what those nasty things my colleagues are saying… sacarstic words!! Forget everything bad and welcome all the good things with open hands!! 🙂

Next week i will be sitting back at the cashiering counters. What is worse is that the one colleague that dislike me actually is my neighbour!! For the whole week!! God!! Who can save me from this mess???? Why oh Why on EARTH?!! Did the senior planned in this way??? I am gonna be leading a terrible week next week.. Whats more is that she is my partner for the whole week is that i will be starting work early every day and will most probably end work late everyday as well…. Thats the lousy thing of sitting at that counter!! 😦 😦 😦

Next week is gonna be so damn dejecting!! But i will try to ignored that nasty colleague and try to make the best of each day!! God bless me!! God please bless me with happy vibes!!! Please bless me with ignorance on that nasty colleagues nasty words!! God bless me!! 🙂 🙂

Last but not least, tomorrow is gonna be another shopping day for us girls!! Shopping Rules!! 😛 Hope everyone have a great Sunday!! 😀



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Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream
Dare to Dream

Hello everyone. Im here to blogged about my week.. at work, as usual, met all sorts of people. Deal with all the work load day in and day out. It is just that there is a tiny problem that i need to face this week. I need to stay back after work most of the time of the week… for what you may ask, for decorating the work place with xmas related stuff!! At first i was really excited and into the festive mood, until that one day and only one day i stayed til 7.30pm before i get to leave the work place for home, and whats more but the next day i am gonna start early morning, i felt so washed out, like hanged over the next morning, so i told myself no more staying back at the company…

And i didnt. Which i think kinda made my colleagues mad and upset. Today i didnt stay again, cos i have a meeting with my family. So no hope there again, and i think i did upset my colleagues again… Haix! Some time it is really difficult~ I am also human, you cant expect me to please everyone and not myself! Of course i have to please myself first before i can please as many people as possible (within my humanly reach)!! 🙂

I hope i will not suffer hell from them on monday! I promise that if there is still a need be, i will stay on monday for the decorating. Since im gonna be working the late shift next week. So no harm there 🙂 Dare to dream… about not getting a scolding lesson from my seniors, dare to dream of not getting into any trouble at work, dare to dream to lead the “perfect” life in my mind!! God bless me!!

Next week im gonna be taking a blood test, it is arranged by the company and all staffs working in the company need to go through this motion annually.. But im not so sure if i will still be in this company next year, at the rate things are going on in the company… I felt like leaving.. But i cant! At least not yet.. 😦 Tomorrow will be an outing with my family!! 😀 Heehee, tomorrow will be the shopping day!! Wonder if we could buy anything… hopefully so!! 😀

Okay, goodbye,


God bless Me.

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Tough Day at Work

Look at the bright side! Indeed, i should look on the bright side of things more often!

HELLO! Hope you guys all have a good day! Its saturday night at where im located now. Today i had to work like any other past saturdays, but today i meet a really nasty customer, he scolded me for something i did (which is the correct thing)!! Which also means that i actually got scolded / shouted at for nothing at all. NOTHING!! na dah!! haix! some time i really wonder, how long can i stand this job? how long can i survive in this company?

He scolded because i helped another auntie book appointment, and he waited for sooo long (he claims), but it was all worth it, cos the auntie was being real grateful that i helped her to book her appointment and she dont have to re-queue all over again. so at least the auntie was being grateful and appreaciate for my efforts for her. i told myself that i should forget this man scolded me for some thing i did right. but i cant, at least not today. i told myself that this will not affect my precious saturday. but it did, however small it affected my day, i still feel very sad and hurt! haix! i dont really know how to explain that feeling, all i can say is it sucks!

It really sucks to get scolded / shouted at for some thing you didnt do! Accusing is very irritating action. Nasty man i meet today!! haix! today is a tough day at work, kept having to meet difficult people (customers), and need to deal with each and everyone very carefully, not to mention that my seniors are all keeping a close eye at us. Today i heard colleagues bad-mouthing another colleague… haix, thats life i guess~

But when i saw / heard those gossip, i actually felt scared. Scared that next time will they also bad-mouth me when i turn my back to them? Scary people are all around. Some times in those show when their lines said that “The living is so much more scarier than the dead!” may not be untrue. At least the dead dont lie to you. They dont act like friends with you, but when you turn your back to them, they back-stabbed you!! 😦

Really i promise myself that i will try, really try to look at the bright side of things. Next week i will also be doing cashiering duties, hope that next week would be a better week for me. Hope tat all the nasty customers leave me far far away!! God Bless Me!