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Dating My Mommy

Hi everyone, as usual I am here to blog and share about my day out with my mommy at Jurong Point (a local shopping mall)!! 😛

Spend the day out with mommy. Having a date with her since forever (I cant even remember when was the last time I came out on a date with just her)… Anyway that’s not the point, the main point here is we had so much fun dating.. Laughing at random people’s funny actions!!! 😀

Snapping photos of each other at the mall with those new year’s goodies and decoration. She simply fall in love with those flowers, kept standing there and touching the different types of flowers. In the end, I simply cant stand her and told her I will snap a picture of her with those flowers so that it can lasts longer (frozen moments and all)!! She was simply ecstatic, quickly went into her “model mode” and started posing for my iphone camera! The smile wont leave her lips for the hour or so after taking that photo!! Just a simply gesture and she was over the moon about it!!! 😛

Easy to please, just like her daughter (yours truly)!! 😛 Had a wonderful outing with her, although it was a short date but a great one at that!! More to come in 2016!!! 😀

Goody Byes,

BookwormMindy 😛

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X’mas Mood

Hello people !! Today went out with mommy to shop for colleagues’ christmas presents!! Managed to buy for all the close colleagues!! Now that is one to-do item to tick off my list!! 🙂

Went to Precious Thots to make their names in a frame as a simple yet personalise xmas gift! Hopefully they will like it. Of course, my gift won’t just stop there, i bought some cute Rilakuma xmas theme cards to go with my gifts too. Wrote some simple message in the card and will give together with the present on the day before xmas!! 🙂 

Can’t wait to see their reactions!! For those colleagues that don’t below to the sales team will also get a small gift, just a tiny appreaciation of their presence in my life in this new company! I will be giving them a small tin of chocolates each as shown in the last photo in the college above!! 🙂

This week at work was great, learn new things, get along fantastically well with the team members, everyone have their own space (freedom) !!! 😀 Not like previously, where people keep setting foot into my territory and bossing me around like no one’s business! I enjoy the freedom and space i am having, everyone is respecting each other!! 🙂

Hope everyone have a great weekend! Have you all done your xmas shopping yet? I have and i even wrapped up all the presents for them too!! Cards are written too, now only waiting for that day to arrive and give the gift to the respective people!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛

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Promotion / Sale !

Today morning my mom dragged me to the nearest super market and bought lots of Anlene milk packets. Cos currently it is undergoing a huge sale of buy two packets and get a packet free !! Since my mom drink two packets per day, it is super worthy.

In the end we bought two full baskets worth of Anlene milk packets!! Very exaggerating, i know!! My mom can be quite a cow to feed till she full (just kidding, joking only lah, if my cousins translate this to my mom i am so dead, hahahaha).

So fast, it’s already tuesday, next week this time i guess i will be working super hard? God bless me.

Till next time,

BookwormMindy 😀

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Happy Goodyy Fridayyy



Pic 1: A date with my mom

Pic 2: Pose as a pop star

Pic 3-6: Selfies, Selfies and more Selfies ~~~

Hello!! Today spend the day having simple meal, fun conversation and super duper satisfied shopping trip to town with my mom!!! 🙂

I managed to grab all good steals that I fall in love it. Bought a pair of comfortable pink ballet flats at $12/-, two blouse at $10/- each and two of my favourite mint sweets at $1/- per box!! Im a happy girl!! 

Satisfied my cravings for roti-prata and pokka green tea as an early brunch for the day. Later we are gonna go have roasted duck rice along with pokka apple juice for dinner!! Cant wait, im salivating already!! 😛

Have a happy good friday everyone!! Till then…


BookwormMindy 🙂

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Happy Feb 2015

Hello people! The above college shows my day today! Although to be a bit strict, the first two photo in the college was taken ytd at my workplace. Just got a feeling that the scenery was nice and snapped a shot. The grass is growing well, albeit at a not so great environment! We all can learn from it to be a stronger person day by day! (Okay that was a bit random 🙂 )

Spend the day out with my mom. Shopped around town and spotted this tweety watch that i just cant pass by it without putting it into my bag. So in the end had to head to the cashier and claim it as mine!! Hooray, one more tweety related love to add to my treasure chest!! Feeling super elated!

Tomorrow will be meeting my sister for lou hei (a celebration for chinese new year by saying good things while stirring / holding the ingredients high and putting it back on the plate) !! Cant wait to meet up with her and talk lots of nonsense! 🙂

Although today i have already enjoyed a session of lou hei with my mom 🙂 yums, the food was too tempting for me to snap a pic first before head diving into them 😛

Okay i guess thats all for the day! Will share more again next time round, stay tuned!


BookwormMindy 🙂

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Date with Mom


Hihi people!! Im back for more updates!! Today went out with a date with my mom!! Gave her a treat to the local restaurant called Genkki Sushi, both of us having a craving for it since last weekend!! Heehee :)) Finally solved our hunger pangs and cravings today!!

After that we went to shop around town and happened to saw three tweety bird chinese new year cards.. Of course I bought all three!! Now i have additional three more tweety cards to add to my already piling up collection 🙂 *i’m not complaining here 😀

This week at work there happen to be lots of office politics. Just a simple reason, one particular person just happens to want to take control if too much things. Of course, so far there doesnt seems to be a solution to overcome this problem.. Or maybe just this solution i just doesnt have the power to execute it.. So maybe i will just continue to see each day pass and we continue to give me to him first..

Thank God i have a close knitted team of colleagues (sitting close to me and they are my team mates), i guess without them and with this person that wanna take control of too much things, i may already give up!! But with them there for me, i will continue to strive harder and travel further together with them. Im sure together us as a team we can definitely overcome him!! 😀 Cheers to marketing team first 🙂

Next week will be a new month!! I think Feb 2015 will definitely be a busy month. I already have a few things / outings planned out!! We shall see what Feb can bring for me. Hopefully all will be good stuffs 🙂 God bless me!!

Let me share a good joke with your here before i forgot about it.

Joke 1 :
Salesman JK: Hey Mindy, there is a cockroach here leh..
Mindy: Isit isit, i see i see (walking there to see). Why not stomp on it and let it die?
JK: Dont want lah, later the blood splatter on the carpet Lily (cleaner) will have a hard time taking out the stain. You have tissue paper?
Mindy: Yup i have.. Give you (passing him the tissue) then i saw him pick it and i told him hey JK, another salesman NI scard of it leh, put to his desk and show him lah…
JK: Isit he scare ah.. Then continue to burst out laughing!! (While walking to the gents to flush off the cockroach)

Joke 2 :
On friday the salesman NI drove the marketing team out for lunch. While queueing for our turn to purchased our food, we were chatting away…
KL: Hey NI, you know oh, Mindy liked to eat fried food leh..
NI: Isit why leh? What food?
KL: Fried chicken, Fried french fries, Fried wanton…
NI: Oh isit?
Mindy: Ya lah ya lah, as long as fried food mostly i will like.
NI: Then you like to eat 炸弹 (蛋)? The chinese words mean fried egg, the pronounciation is close to bomb.
Mindy: Without thinking too much i told him yup, it is very yummy de leh (cos not too long ago my sister did brought me to a place for their famous fried egg).
NI: But you cannot eat a bomb, you will explode de leh.
Mindy: Okay, very good, dont forget there is a quotation pending on my hands from you oh, your quotation will be sent out last minute today before i left for work.
NI: Oops, dont like that lah.. I know Mindy you very good one, wont like that one right?
Mindy: Gave him a cool smile. Hahaha 🙂

Okay i shall end the post here already. Update more soon.


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My Happy Weekend


Hello peeps! Im back for more blogging!! Anyway i was gonna share with your my last weekend!! I spend the day out and about town with my mom and niece. My mom decided to get a huge box of rainbow loom bands for my niece (since she passed all her year end exams)! My niece was such a sweetie that first thing she get her hands on that box of rainbow loom bands, she asked me what colour i like and make me a loom band then and there. 🙂

After that her mom / my sister met up with us and we went to my favourite restaurant; Genkki Sushi to have dinner before all went seprate ways to go home.

Yesterday I had a happy day at work, although it was a bit stressful at the start of the day (first 20mins of the day as there was an urgent tender that one of the salesman need to get it sent to his customers before noon).. But the rest of the day fall into place smoothly!! 🙂

When it was around 9am, my colleague (Kai) and I went to the pantry to take water and the topic / hot conversation going round was in regards to my other colleague (Fran) bday party on saturday!! The cleaning aunty (Lily) was saying that Kai boyfriend got go to the party and he is handsome. Another chemist happened to be at the pantry overheard the remark and said that “yup, pretty girls always get paired with handsome hunks mah”. Aunty Lily said “no leh, thats not the usual case, there are always exceptional cases, just like FL lo, his wife so beautiful, but look at FL he is not handsome at all what!” Then the salesman (FL) walked in and said “aye, dont like that lah, i not handsome meh? First time in my life of 50 years people say i not handsome leh, i also dont look that bad mah!”. After hearing this conversation Kai and me burst out laughing!! And so, all the stress accumulated for the day are dissipated!! ^^v

Sometimes it is so good to be in a working environment that have happy people!! People who jokes and dont mind that the joke is cracked at their expense. It cheers others up and also help relieve each other’s stress!!

That’s all for today!! Wish everyone have a happy work week. Hang in there ya all, today’s already tuesday!! PS: tomorrow there is actually a sales meeting in my company but my manager today asked if im interested to sit in for this meeting.. So i asked her do i have a choice? She said this time round i can choose but next round (will be on about the whole year worth of everyone’s process) i will be needed to attend the meeting. So of course i choose not to seat in for tomorrow’s sales meeting and im so elated!! I love my manager (in a friendly way not romatically love, i need to state it here very clearly or else if they (my colleagues) read this post they will make fun of me again 😦 hmpf)

BookwormMindy 😀