Happy Vesak Day (21 May 16)

Hello everyone!! Spend yesterday with my favorite sister, her boyfriend, niece and my mommy!! Celebrate Vesak Day in our own way. Went to the temple to pray after having brunch of dim sum (my treat). For more food photos please go to my facebook and salivate there!! Hahahaha 😛

After that we went for shopping spree (mainly my sister buying non stop)!! Anyway I managed to buy two cute handphone cases for my precious iphone 5!! One is a colour of yellow case with a cute yellow pompompurin there. Another is a cotton pink case with lots of yellow duckie and five little diamonds decorating it!! 🙂

After shopping we went to Bugis dessert shop to have dessert!! My sister finally had her craving satisfied!! She ordered Durian Sago while Miko and I had Strawberry Aloe Vera Drink, my sister’s boyfriend had Lychee Mango Drink while my mommy had Almond Drink!! 😀

After that we went home and rest for the day!! Had fun with my family!! 🙂

Happy Vesak Day to all (albeit belated)!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛

April 2016

Spend the last day of the month of April in year 2016 with just my mommy. 🙂

Did a makeover for my mommy and made her the beauty that she originally look like!! Of course I need to join in the makeover session for myself!! And we will have the two individual shots of ourselves after our “makeover session” as per attached college!!! 😀

In the college shows two of today’s best wefie of my mommy and I !! 😛 Today we spend the day going to the local supermart to buy our gocceries (just the normal routine)! Best part is I got to satisfied my cravings for KFC’s cheezy bbq meltz meal!! Big super duper yums yums yums!! Seriously finger licking good!! 😛

Mommy also bought me my favorite drink of all time: Yakult Green Tea mix from the best bubble tea shop near our house!! Delicious food day!! My tummy is so happy today!! Filled it with all good good food! 😛

Hopefully May 2016 will treat me well as well!! God bless me!! 😀


BookwormMindy 🙂

Daebak Sunday

Hi peeps!! Spend a good part of my sunday catching up on those time to exercise and work off those extra fats in my body!! Am satisfied with the results!! Currently am based at top 10.3%!!! 🙂

Walked 16,160 steps in an hour!! A total of 3.717km and minus 146kcal from my body!! Feeling positive and I can do it type of attitude!! Fighting Mindy!! 😀

Cheer me on for my slimming program!! 🙂 Took some wefie with my mommy when we left home to visit the shopping centre for grocery shopping for the week!! 🙂

That will be all for the day. Nothing much to update. See ya all again soon!! Have a happy day ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

3 Months Happiness

Hi All !! The photo above was taken on Friday! As usual, it was a crazy day at work, crazy as in super duper busy (no changes there)!! 🙂

Lucky I have my peach tea to cheer me up and give me the necessary dosage of happiness to endure the busy-ness!! 😛

Lunch for the day was cereal chicken with veggie and wedges plus rice!! I love their food, but it is also the main culprit for causing me to add alot of weight!! 😦 But at least the process was a happy one!! (Positive much?) 😉

Saw the last photo in the college? It was taken at the start of the day, by the time I knock off from work the size has double over!! Cause there is simply too much PO needed to open files and I simply cant find enough time to do that!! Guess will need to wait till monday to do that tough job!! 😛

My big boss Humberto walked by my desk and speak to me.. We held the conversation as per below:-

H: How are you coping?

M: Great! Today is Friday, everything is going on smoothly.

H: That’s good to hear. How is the delivery list going on?

M: I am doing smoothly for the delivery list, but for the delay list I may have some problem. I dont like Stella (one of the customer).

H: Why dont you like her?

M: Cause she always ask those questions that I have no answer to.

H: What type of questions?

M: Example like when will the item be ready?

H: Then you just tell her you dont know.
M: Hmmm I cant do that. But after work when I went home I will do up a voodoo doll of Stella and punch her whenever she ask me such questions again (Just Joking)!!

H: Literally laugh out loud and nod his head while walking away!

Moral of story: I am glad I made you laugh boss!! 🙂

Anyway at least another week have passed by at this company and it marks my full three months too! 🙂

Photo above was taken today. Spend the day going to town with mommy dearest. Shopped around and managed to get a few pieces of new clothes!! 🙂 

Lunch for the day is vegetarian meal!! Super duper yummy!! Big mega love for that stall of vegetarian food!! 🙂 Love those clouds that mother nature drew up this morning!! 😀 Cant resist the temptation to snap a shot and frozen that magical moment and made it last a lifetime!! 🙂 

Hope everyone have a great weekend!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛

My Saturday Date

Hi peeps!! I’m back for more blogging!! 🙂 Started out the day with a bright sunny day, but then the good weather doesnt last long at all. Therefore ended the day in a rainy mood! 😦 

Nevertheless, had a great day out with my mommy to the busy streets of Chinatown, browse through all the chinese new year decorations. She bought tons of those, all colourful patterns and chinese greetings!! 🙂

Lunch was at Genkki Sushi, waited for a table for near to half an hour. But well, my tummy and taste bud requested to be satisfied today and they will only accept their food into them for the day. Anyway had my all time favorite of fried gyoza, corn and crab meat sushi !! While my mom being the obsolute health-freak that she is; she requested for healthy options which includes the following: kake udon, steam egg custard, corn sushi and a cup of traditional green tea!! 😛

After finish filling up our tummies, we continue our shopping trip.. Till the weather was too jealous of our happy mood and wanna make us feel upset by having a heavy downpour!! 😦 Our shopping trip was being cut short and we went back home. 🙂

Hope everyone have an awesome weekend!! I did have a great Saturday cause I managed to sleep back those few hours which I cant do so on my weekdays!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀

Dating My Mommy

Hi everyone, as usual I am here to blog and share about my day out with my mommy at Jurong Point (a local shopping mall)!! 😛

Spend the day out with mommy. Having a date with her since forever (I cant even remember when was the last time I came out on a date with just her)… Anyway that’s not the point, the main point here is we had so much fun dating.. Laughing at random people’s funny actions!!! 😀

Snapping photos of each other at the mall with those new year’s goodies and decoration. She simply fall in love with those flowers, kept standing there and touching the different types of flowers. In the end, I simply cant stand her and told her I will snap a picture of her with those flowers so that it can lasts longer (frozen moments and all)!! She was simply ecstatic, quickly went into her “model mode” and started posing for my iphone camera! The smile wont leave her lips for the hour or so after taking that photo!! Just a simply gesture and she was over the moon about it!!! 😛

Easy to please, just like her daughter (yours truly)!! 😛 Had a wonderful outing with her, although it was a short date but a great one at that!! More to come in 2016!!! 😀

Goody Byes,

BookwormMindy 😛

X’mas Mood

Hello people !! Today went out with mommy to shop for colleagues’ christmas presents!! Managed to buy for all the close colleagues!! Now that is one to-do item to tick off my list!! 🙂

Went to Precious Thots to make their names in a frame as a simple yet personalise xmas gift! Hopefully they will like it. Of course, my gift won’t just stop there, i bought some cute Rilakuma xmas theme cards to go with my gifts too. Wrote some simple message in the card and will give together with the present on the day before xmas!! 🙂 

Can’t wait to see their reactions!! For those colleagues that don’t below to the sales team will also get a small gift, just a tiny appreaciation of their presence in my life in this new company! I will be giving them a small tin of chocolates each as shown in the last photo in the college above!! 🙂

This week at work was great, learn new things, get along fantastically well with the team members, everyone have their own space (freedom) !!! 😀 Not like previously, where people keep setting foot into my territory and bossing me around like no one’s business! I enjoy the freedom and space i am having, everyone is respecting each other!! 🙂

Hope everyone have a great weekend! Have you all done your xmas shopping yet? I have and i even wrapped up all the presents for them too!! Cards are written too, now only waiting for that day to arrive and give the gift to the respective people!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛