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My Week

Hi ladies and gentleman, I am finally back with another update in tow. This time round it will just be a simple update on my current happenings in life for the past one week. The Sunday before yesterday, I managed to meet up with my favourite second sister and her family. Maggie, Thomas, Miko and I went out to have lunch. Basically, I just accompany them while they intake calories. 😉

After their meals, we went shopping at Vivo City, one of the largest shopping mall in Singapore. Around 6pm, we went on our separate ways to a place call home. Although it was only a few short hours together, but at least we spent some precious time with each other. Managed to catch up on each other’s latest happenings in life. Not to mention gossips and laughter at all random stuff. 😊

As per usual on Monday when I went back to work, there were literally a ton of stuff waiting for my action. For the rest of the week while at work, I was being chased by all parties for orders, PO, proforma invoices and stock availability and so on and so for. It was a total havoc at work, luckily every day after work I came home to a good and satisfying home cooked meal. 😛

I spent my Saturday packing part of my room. At least now a small corner of my room looks pleasing to the eye. I guess it will gonna take at least another few Saturdays to make my whole room looks similar to a show room. It needs to at least looks 10% like the show room, otherwise I am gonna get nagged at by my parents till my ear dropped off. 😛

Sunday was spent at home, exercising and bonding with my family. Nothing much was done, except that I managed to played a role of “Standard Patient” for my eldest sister whom currently undergoing medical studies for a higher education certification. Anyway it was fun playing her patient, at least she was gentle with me. 😉

Therefore, the above will be how I spent my last week. I guess I forgot to mentioned that I also read some books whenever I managed to squeeze some time out from the above schedules. I also managed to watched a few episodes of China variety shows during the weekend to relieve some stress from work. 😉

I guess I will end the blog post here before all of you out there whom are reading it finds me naggy. Hope everyone have a happy and productive week ahead. Smile always and brace through all obstacles in life with a toothy grin. 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Precious Sunday

Hello everybody!! Today’s blog post will be my famous sharing of weekly dosage of Mindy Vitamin!! Are you ready for your dosage of happiness? Read on to look for your happiness and bring a smile on your face!! 😉

Basically this week at work was a busy one, what with all urgent orders and rushing of quotations and offers for potential customers. But at least everyday flew by in a blink of an eye (literally)!! 😉

Whenever I finished my dinner, I would report on time with my phone for a walk (in my room). This was the only time I was able to squeeze out of my tight schedule to do some minor exercise. On the bright side, at least I got to hit my daily target of 10,000 steps per day!! 😉

Although to be really honest, so far my weighing scale have not been showing me great results. I guess I have to continue work harder to shed off those irritating and persistent fats in my system!! Fighting Mindy!! 😀

Alright it will be time to head back to the topic on hand which will be today. My precious Sunday was spent together with my mommy. We went to have lunch at my favorite korean stall. 😛

You can refer to the meal as per attached college… Have you sweetie drool just by looking at the photo? The meal was totally mouth-watering and tummy satisfying!! I burped non stop after finishing the whole set all by myself. It was actually a fried chicken hot plate with a sunny egg, seaweed soup, kimchi with rice and sauce!! 😛

After the yummy meal, the two of us head to shopping spree. You can see our happy faces at the start of the trip as per attached college. The rest of the day we did not take photo as we were too busy shopping to our heart’s content therefore we have totally no time to take wefie!! 😉

Hope you cutie pies out there are having a great weekend too. Anyway I guess I shall end the blog post here!! Wish everyone have a great week ahead!! Remember to come back for your weekly dose of Mindy Vitamin next week!! See you!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Sunday Family Dating

Hello hello!! I am back with another blog post, this time round the topic will be about my family dating yesterday!! 🙂

It has been some time since the five of us gathered together to have a meal and exchange information on our current life happenings!! 😉

Since my sister was yearning for some steamboat, we decided to satisfy her cravings. We went to have Beauty Pot at town area. Spent a good few hours stuffing all our tummies full to the max with all food in above college!! 😛

Miko was excited for the sour plum ice blend per college (it was the picture with those cups that look like shot)!! My niece even pretended to drink the dessert like shots in a club, which makes all of the adults laughed out loud uncontrollably!! 😉

Upon finishing all the food and the desserts, we decided to move on to window shopping. After around an hour of walking around aimlessly, we decided to find a cafe to enjoy the fragrance of coffee and most importantly to rest our tired legs!! 😉

We chance upon a relatively new cafe (at least it was a first try for all of us) named CoffeeSmith. My sister and I decided to try their frappe iced chocolate, mom decided to have their hot caramel cappuccino while my brother in law tried out their iced vanilla coffee. 😛

Verdict was excellent. Take note that  their drinks was on the pricey side of the scale, as their cold drinks were priced $8 sgd each while the hot drinks were priced $7 sgd (accordingly to what we drank yesterday)!! But it was totally worthy of the high price, the drinks was totally delicious and mouth-watering!!! 😛

The iced chocolate frappe was thick and creamy with a rich chocolate fragrance. Mom commented that her hot caramel cappuccino was yummy with a hint of sweet caramel partnering with her favorite coffee beans!! Although my brother in law was kind of upset with his iced vanilla coffee was not quite up to his standards. He personally felt that it tasted kind of bitter and lack of the vanilla fragrance!! 😉

After the coffee break, we decided to head home separately as it was getting late. I totally enjoyed spending my sunday with all those that I love!! Had a wonderful time with my family, gossipping and laughing at each other!! 😉

Hope everyone had a great day ahead!! Beat those Monday Blues to bit and pieces!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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BookwormMindy’s Sunday

Hello everyone! It is a Monday again!! Let me help you cuties fight off the famous monday blue with my happiness and positivity vibes!! 😀

Today blog post I will share more with you all how I typically spend my Sunday!! Let’s take an example from yesterday, I enjoyed taking the local bus services to our destinations with my mummy!! 🙂

I love to take photos of Mother Nature’s handiwork whenever it suits my hyper mood. Yesterday’s cloud was totally amazing, pretty and captivating for an individual’s attention!! You can see for yourself on the college above!! 😉

Upon reaching our destinations, we would normally went in search for food stalls and enjoyed our desired meal. Menu for yesterday was vegetarian food!! Yummy and mouth watering was the only words I can think up for the food we ate yesterday!! 😛

After satisfying our meal, we would go shopping around the place. I would say yesterday was a great day for us. We bought tons of things, including what I always wanted; a good material travel bag!! 😉

After shopping for a good few hours, we decided to hop into the public library nearby to fight off those heat waves!! My mummy managed to read a few copies of newspaper and magazines, while I enjoyed reading a few good chapters from both my Chinese and English novels!! 😉

Next on the schedule would be to head over to the store nearby to purchased whatever necessaties we came to buy!! Upon finishing all our mission, it was time to head home!! Psst, did I mentioned that the dinner for last night was totally finger licking good??? Gotten the hint??!! 😛

Yup, dinner for the night was KFC’s Zinger Double Down meal!! Love the spicy chicken, with cheese and bacon strips!! Not to mention those potatoe bites that came along the meal, totally delicious and satisfying for my tummy, can’t say the same for yours until you tried it out for yourself!! Wink wink!! 😉

Alright, that would be normally how I spend my weekend especially Sunday!! I love spending it with my family, I totally encouraged you all to squeeze more time out to accompany your family. The time spend together with family is totally worthy over all other things!! 😉

Since now is still early, enjoy my selfie and my wefie with my mummy in the college above!! Stay happy and always smile upon all obstacles being thrown in your way!! There isn’t anything on Earth that cannot be solved, it is just a matter of your decision and determination to solve it or not!! Smile and brace through the storm if you have one, otherwise just smile and be a pretty lady or handsome gentleman!! 🙂

Hope you people have a great Monday out there, wherever you may be on the globe!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Happy Vesak Day (21 May 16)

Hello everyone!! Spend yesterday with my favorite sister, her boyfriend, niece and my mommy!! Celebrate Vesak Day in our own way. Went to the temple to pray after having brunch of dim sum (my treat). For more food photos please go to my facebook and salivate there!! Hahahaha 😛

After that we went for shopping spree (mainly my sister buying non stop)!! Anyway I managed to buy two cute handphone cases for my precious iphone 5!! One is a colour of yellow case with a cute yellow pompompurin there. Another is a cotton pink case with lots of yellow duckie and five little diamonds decorating it!! 🙂

After shopping we went to Bugis dessert shop to have dessert!! My sister finally had her craving satisfied!! She ordered Durian Sago while Miko and I had Strawberry Aloe Vera Drink, my sister’s boyfriend had Lychee Mango Drink while my mommy had Almond Drink!! 😀

After that we went home and rest for the day!! Had fun with my family!! 🙂

Happy Vesak Day to all (albeit belated)!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛

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April 2016

Spend the last day of the month of April in year 2016 with just my mommy. 🙂

Did a makeover for my mommy and made her the beauty that she originally look like!! Of course I need to join in the makeover session for myself!! And we will have the two individual shots of ourselves after our “makeover session” as per attached college!!! 😀

In the college shows two of today’s best wefie of my mommy and I !! 😛 Today we spend the day going to the local supermart to buy our gocceries (just the normal routine)! Best part is I got to satisfied my cravings for KFC’s cheezy bbq meltz meal!! Big super duper yums yums yums!! Seriously finger licking good!! 😛

Mommy also bought me my favorite drink of all time: Yakult Green Tea mix from the best bubble tea shop near our house!! Delicious food day!! My tummy is so happy today!! Filled it with all good good food! 😛

Hopefully May 2016 will treat me well as well!! God bless me!! 😀


BookwormMindy 🙂

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Daebak Sunday

Hi peeps!! Spend a good part of my sunday catching up on those time to exercise and work off those extra fats in my body!! Am satisfied with the results!! Currently am based at top 10.3%!!! 🙂

Walked 16,160 steps in an hour!! A total of 3.717km and minus 146kcal from my body!! Feeling positive and I can do it type of attitude!! Fighting Mindy!! 😀

Cheer me on for my slimming program!! 🙂 Took some wefie with my mommy when we left home to visit the shopping centre for grocery shopping for the week!! 🙂

That will be all for the day. Nothing much to update. See ya all again soon!! Have a happy day ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛