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Movie Review: Table 19

Hello people!! Today’s blog update will be on a movie review!! This movie will be starring Anna Kendrick as the main lead, title of the movie will be Table 19!! 😉

The movie duration would be 1 hour and 27 minutes, blast full with problematic situations and troubled people sitting at the Table 19 in a wedding!! 😉

The movie was a drama plus comedy with a huge blast of romance complication added together. It was a fun watch and time flew by while watching it. It does not required the need for using too much brain cells in understanding and enjoying this simple film. 😉

It was actually about Anna Kendrick’s character named Eloise who was actually the ex-maid of honor having the courage to attend the wedding of her oldest friend. Even though she was being dumped by the best man through a text message. 🙂

When she attended the wedding, she did not predicted that it would be a day filled full with surprises! First of all she met a stranger whom self introduced to Eloise as Hawk. They had a sweet and enjoyable dance together! They even exchanged a heated kiss. 😉

Next Eloise find herself in a table seated at the end of the ballroom being forgotten by everyone who attended the same wedding. Eloise was seated together with a bunch of strangers, whom should have chosen to decline the invitation to this wedding instead of showing up as undesirable guests!! 😦

As the movie continues, Eloise find herself getting along quite well with those strangers. They includes a nanny named Jo, a couple filled with negative energy named Jerry and Bani, a young man named Rezno whom wanted to find romantic interests at this wedding and last but not least an ex-con named Walter. 😉

Although it sounds strange that they were being put together under one table at a wedding, but overall they got together well and enjoyed each other company at the end of the day. Eloise found out that Hawk was actually a groom in another ballroom instead of a guest at the wedding of her oldest friend. 😉

Her table mates encouraged her to get back together with the best man named Teddy. After giving it some thought she decided to buck up the courage and speak her mind to Teddy. In exchange, Teddy shared with Eloise how he felt about their relationship and would love to give it another try. The couple decided to get back together for good. 😉

The movie ended with how the couple was sending out their wedding invitation to those seated at Table 19 after giving birth to their baby boy named Joe! The name was being named after nanny Jo. 😉

By the way, the negative couple Jerry and Bani got back together happily after discussing their different opinions with each other and got their problems solved. Meanwhile Rezno got hitched with a girlfriend after attending the wedding as he became a happier person. Walter was working towards his better tomorrow each day. He smiled happily upon receiving Eloise and Teddy’s wedding invitation. 😉

Personally speaking I did enjoyed the movie very much! It was laughable with a hint of sadness being throw into the mix (at the start of the movie, it got better nearing the end)!! Therefore I would be giving it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. 😉

I love to watch Anna Kendrick acting and potraying the characters. This was why I chose to watch this film. She look so cute and filled with energy that it hurts to see Teddy initially dumping her for such a cheesy act of Nikki. Luckily he made the right choice of loving Eloise before the movie ended, else the rating given would be a low new. 😉

Anyway, for those of you whom would love to watch the full film for yourself, go ahead and google for Table 19. Hope you people will enjoy watching this drama plus comedy as much as I did. 🙂


BookwormMindy 🙂

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Movie Review: 三生三世十里桃花/Once Upon A Time

Hello to you people!! Today’s blog post will be another movie review, this time round it will be a Chinese movie titled 三生三世十里桃花/Once Upon A Time!! It was actually a Chinese novel, which later been directed as a Chinese drama. Last but not least, it was being directed into the above movie. 😉

This movie will have a duration of 1 hour and 49 minutes. The main cast of this movie will be Crystal Liu Yi Fei potraying the female lead character named Bai Qian and Yang Yang starring the role of Ye Hua as the male lead character! 😉

The movie was actually screened around August 2017 in China. I finally got around to watching it a few days ago, which was a bit confusing as the plot would be similar to the drama version. I saw lots of reviews recommending to watched the drama first before watching this movie. Reason due to it only have a short one hour plus to share a full 58 episodes of the drama  story. 😉

The movie was filled with lots of special effect. At first it was interesting enough to watch, but soon it got boring as the same effect was being used a few times too much. I enjoyed the chemistry between BQ and YH, not to forget their little baby boy Ah Li / Tuan Zi. 🙂

The plot was about how a God was being hurt by his rival during a battle and was found in the mortal world by a beautiful lady. They became a couple in no time and even gave birth to a baby boy. When the God YH recovered from his injuries, he bought the beautiful human BQ along with him back to the Heaven. 😉

There was another God who had a crush for YH who saw how much YH love BQ, she felt envious and jealous. She came up with a plan to make BQ blind and even push her to her death. 😦

YH was devastated when he knew that he had lost his love. He was elated when he knew that his love have been reincarnated into BQ again. He went to the fairy world where she was residing in this lifetime. Both YH and AL stayed together in BQ’s home for a period of time. 😉

Slowly BQ developed feelings for both father and son. When she came to this realization she followed YH back to the Heaven again. History tried to repeat itself. The God whom held a crush for YH tried to get rid of BQ but failed and was being confiscated her identity of being a God. 🙂

The couple proceeded to overcome a few dangerous situations together. It causes their love for each other to increase. The movie ended with how the couple lead a happy life together. 😉

In my opinion, I think this movie deserve a 3 out of 5 stars. As my previous comment above I think there were a few parts which can be kind of confusing. I think the director can have a better way of presenting this movie to the public. It would be a through success if the audience watched the movie without knowing any details from the drama or novel and was able to understand the movie perfectly. 😉

Anyway, those of you who would love to watch the full movie for yourself, go google for 三生三世十里桃花/Once Upon A Time!! Have a great time! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: 所以……和黑粉结婚了/So I married an Anti-fan

Hello everyone, today’s blog post will be on a movie that I have watched last weekend as well. The title of the movie will be 所以……和黑粉结婚了/So I married an Anti-fan. 🙂

The duration of this movie will be exactly two hours long. It belongs to the catergory of romantic and comedy. It was a collaboration between China and Korea entertainment industry. To be honest I did not exactly spend the full two hours sitting still and finish watching this movie. But I did watched those inportant parts. 😉

Anyway, this movie would be about how a Chinese reporter named Fang Miao Miao played by Yuan Shan Shan was being fired by her company as she was trying to revealed a famous star secret relationship. The popular Korean star will be Hou Zhun played by Chan Yeol and his girlfriend will be Irene starred by Seo Hyun (psst Girls Generation)!! 😉

The movie proceeded to explain the series of funny events with how MM was always trying to get close to HZ. At first she wanted his forgiveness for nearly beaten him up and return the favor by returning her job to her. When all nice words failed to bring HZ to his senses, MM resorted to became his anti-fan. She started to spread bad rumors, spray paint his car and even went as far as punching his assistant. 😀

Due to some reasons, they started to get real close and as days went by, they started to developed feelings for each other. There was a red carpet event which HZ brought MM along as his plus one, since he had already broken up with Irene some time ago. Before the event, HZ requested his assistant to purchase a beautiful necklace that suits MM. 😉

While choosing a necklace for MM, he met Irene and she saw which necklace the assistant bought. Irene knew that the necklace was a gift for MM, therefore she bought one exactly the same design for herself. During the event, when MM saw that Irene was wearing an identical necklace as well, she exploded into a live vocalno. 😦

MM threw a fit of rage and refused to listen to HZ’s explaination. She left the scene in a hurry. At this point of time HZ’s rival in showbiz started his plan of revenge by spreading a report written up by MM ages ago. It tarnished HZ’s reputation as the report insisted that HZ was a two faced entertainer whom had a relationship with another star named Irene. 😦

HZ’s fans and the public could not accept this piece of news. MM was shocked that this news was published in the public, she remembered that she deleted the soft copy a long time ago. She rushed to HZ’s apartment wanted to explained the truth, only to see Irene coming out from his room dressed in his shirt. She apologised to HZ profusely stating she deleted the report and had no idea why it was being published. 😦

MM made a bold move by writing an apology letter online and proceeded to explain that every words in her report was fake. After doing so, she left the country and hid herself away from everyone. 🙂

She was later being found by HZ and after explaining to each other their heart felt feelings, they decided to get hitched officially. The movie came to an ending showing how the couple smiled happily into all the reporter’s cameras upon reaching the airport. 😀

Personally I would give this movie a rating of 3 out of 5 stars as the plot was kind of over used. Although I have to admit there may be a few scenes which made me erupted in laughter, but it only deserves so many points. 😉

Of course it was only my humble opinion, you can go google 所以……和黑粉结婚了/So I married an Anti-fan and watched the full movie for yourself!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: 傲娇与偏见/Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice

Hello people!! It has been ages since I wrote a blog post on a movie review. So, today’s post will be a movie review on a China movie I watched on last Sunday with my family. The title of the movie will be  傲娇与偏见/Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice!! 😉

Main character starred Dilraba Dilmurat potray Tang Nan Nan, Leon Zhang acted as Zhu Hou and Vengo Gao playing as Xiao Jian Jun. The movie was 1 hour and 48 mins long, catergorize in the romance or comedy genre. The movie aired in China around April 2017!! 😉

The movie started off with how ZH arranged an extravagant proposal for his crush. Due to some pretty coincidence, instead of his dream crush attending his proposal, it was NN whom came to his event hall. The series of misunderstandings causes laughter to erupted in the air as we continue to enjoyed the movie. 😀

ZH was hurt and admitted to the hospital where NN appeared and tried to claim back the money ZH owed her (for destroying her brand new dress and causing her allergic reaction towards flowers which in turn worsen her facial features)!! :O

The movie continued with how ZH refused to compensate her while losing his wallent in the process. Because of his lousy memory which unable to remember for more than three digits, he could not contact his family or best friend to seek for assistance. Therefore he went ahead and started to become NN’s roommate. 😛

It was hilarious when the movie started showing the series of events happening after they started to live together under one roof! Of course being an usual plot when romance playing the main lead, they started to fall for each other after a month of staying together. ZH refused to admit to himself that he actually love NN until JJ came into the picture. 😀

ZH compete against JJ (his best friend) to fight for NN’s attention and love. Being the main lead in this movie gave ZH a bonus of getting NN’s heart presented to him willingly. The movie ended with the new born couple enjoying a moment of romantic kissing session while Juliet and Romeo’s theme song playing in the background. 😉

Personally I would be giving this awesome movie a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! I totally enjoyed myself while spending nearly two hours sitting down and watching finish this movie from start to end. 😀

For those of you whom are interested to watched the full movie for yourself, go ahead and google for the title of this movie 傲娇与偏见/Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice!! Enjoy~ 😛


BookwormMindy 😀

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Movie Review: Girl Missing (2015)

Hi people!! This time round I am back with a movie review on Girl Missing, a movie which first released in year 2015!! I have spent a good 1 hour and 29 mins watching this triller packed with full of mystery. I enjoy spending a good part of the movie guessing who the bad guy is in this movie. Although I have to say it was kind of a dead giveaway once the main character named Jane saw their family photo in her father’s study room!! 😉

The movie is about how a girl went missing when she was young. 15 years later, she grew up into a young lady whom wanted to dig more about her childhood and family (if she still have any). One day, she received news that a lady claiming to be her mother wanted to meet up with her. 🙂

Although they already went for a DNA test, they can’t wait for the results to be out… Jane’s mother named Sylvia invited Jane to their family estate located out of town surrounded by woods. Jane being touched that she finally come into contact with her family, agreed to visit her childhood home on the spot. 🙂

When Jane reached the estate she saw a little girl standing at a spot and looking at her. When she gave chase to her, the little girl was gone in a blink of an eye. Feeling weird and curious, she proceeded to knocked on the door, the family’s estate keeper named Theresa open the door and introduced herself to Jane. Sylvia was estatic that Jane was finally by her side again after all these years. 🙂

Sylvia then introduced to Jane her new husband named Carlo. Jane was curious about her father’s whereabouts. After checking with Sylvia, she came to realized that her father named Robert was dead after a few months of her gone missing!! Sylvia then married to Carlo and lived together in the family estate. :/

Sylvia later shared with Jane that Robert shot himself in his study room. She proceed to show her daughter the location of the study room and Jane saw the family photo. It gave her a vibe that her parents are not as lovely and happily married to each other as Sylvia was trying to potray to her. Since her parents was having a forced smile on their faces when the picture was being taken. 😦

She got a feeling that Sylvia didn’t really love her as a daughter when she was young as well. As in the photo, young Jane or I should say Savannah (Jane’s original childhood name) was standing a distance away from Sylvia, yet Sylvia was holding onto Savannah’s upper arms trying to get her to stand closer to potray a happy family vibe in the photo and failed. The photo gave off a strange vibe and an unhappy family feeling instead. 😦
At night, Jane always dreamt of Savannah running around the house. Savannah even hide inside a cellar located her the kitchen. Upon her waking up, she proceeded to follow Savannah’s footsteps in her dream and found the cellar. Jane also happened to got back some of her memory of being Savannah when she was young inside the same cellar. 🙂

Jane located the stack of drawings she drew about her feelings when she was young. The drawings indicated that Carlo was already in the picture when she was young, he had a affair with her mother behind Robert’s back. Carlo was always being mean to Savannah. 😦

The movie continued with how it was Carlo burying Savannah all those years ago. The bad thing was, Carlo was about to do it all over again. He overheard the conversation between Sylvia with Jane saying the family estate still belows to Jane instead of Sylvia. Sylvia wanted Jane to signed the legal documents to give a share of the family estate to her as well. Jane informed that she will give it some thoughts. 🙂

Carlo proceeded to give Jane a drink, which she drank and went unconcious after. Carlo brought Jane to the cellar and locked her there. Informing Jane the only way to get out was to signed those legal documents to transfer the rights of all her assets (I forgot to mention that Robert was a billionaire in New York City and after his death he left all his assets to Savannah) to Carlo!! Jane refused to signed those documents, Carlo left her locked in the cellar. 😦

Theresa being the life saver rescued Jane from the cellar. Jane wanted to contact the police but was stopped by Sylvia claiming that Carlo was mentally unstable and meant no harm. Theresa went ahead to contact the police but was being stabbed in the chest by Sylvia. Theresa fainted right after. 😦

Panicked Jane ran off, but was being stopped by Carlo. Jane tried to barge her way through Carlo’s defence but failed miserably. She was being thrown across the house and knocked unconcious. By the time she gained her conciousness, she was being brought into the woods which Carlo dumped her into the hole digged solely for Jane. He proceeded to filled the hole with the dirt and finished off his dirty deed in a matter of seconds. The crazy mad man!! 😦

At this crucial timing, Jane’s mobile phone went off, ringing off the hook. Carlo uses his dirty fingers and dig through the earth locating for her phone and took out the battery. Meanwhile Jane was up and trying to strangle Carlo with the ropes he uses to tie her hands. Carlo was too strong for Jane, being a determinded young woman Jane climbs up the hole and uses her head to knocked Carlo back into the hole. 😀

Jane proceeded to used the shovel that Carlo just used to dig her grave (like literally) and swing with all her might in Carlo’s direction. It took the third swing before Carlo was knocked off dead. I was cheering for Jane while watching this part!! Great swing you have there Jane, bombastic job!! 😛

After finishing off Carlo, she drove her way back to the family estate and a deranged Sylvia awaits her. Sylvia was the one mentally unstable. Jane called the police and awaited their arrival to bring Sylvia to the physiatrist home. Jane finally have the rights to the family estate all to herself and Theresa (yeah, it was awesome that she survived that stab from Sylvia)!! 😀

Personally I seriously enjoyed this movie. It was fun guessing along to the story line and clues being given every second the movie screened. I would give it a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars!! Definitely more room for improvements, a more suave baddie for example? 😛

Today’s movie review is definitely a long post. Anyway, for those of you whom are interested to watch this great movie with your own eyes, go ahead and google for Girl Missing (2015). Hope you enjoy watching it as much as me!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀

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Movie Review: Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

Hello everyone, this time round my blog update will be on a movie review titled Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates!! This movie was screen in year 2016 with a romance comedy tag with adventure catergory!! 🙂

The movie was an enjoyable experience to go crazy along side the four main characters named Mike, Tatiana, Dave and Alice!! The movie started with how Mike and Dave always screwing up every family gathering or relative’s wedding celebration with their screw up ways!! 😉

Therefore their parents and little sister (Jeanie) decided to warned them to get dates in order for them to allowed into Jeanie’s wedding. The brothers decided to post an advertisement on the internet for dates to bring along to their beloved little sister’s wedding. Tons of woman applied for these two vacancies but failed. 😉

Until one day, Tatiana and Alice made themselves look like respectable good girls and come upon Mike and Dave to introduced themselves to the brothers. After some time spend together, both Mike and Dave decided to bring these girls along to Hawaii for Jeanie’s wedding!! 🙂

Upon their arrival at Hawaii, the girls went around having fun while the brothers felt defeated at having met upon these two girls that always out done them at everything!! Among all the chaos created by these four troublemakers, Jeanie was faced with a decision that cost her future. She cannot make up her mind if she should marry her fiance; Eric. Jeanie thinks that Eric is just too boring for her liking… :/

The four troublemakers help Jeanie to come face to face with her heart and show her love to Eric. In the end these two lovebirds managed to get the wedding bells ringing right on time!! Meanwhile Tatiana still prefer getting to know Mike on a professional basis with her working under Mike’s alcoholic selling business. 😀

While Dave and Alice was getting to know more about each other. The more they got to know of the other, the more they fall in love. They decided to become a couple themselves!! I love how the movie ended with how the brothers still managed to shoot fireworks into the sky… But in the end turned out to shoot fire in all directons around the group of guests~ 😛

Personally I will give these movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars! I love all movies starring Anna Kendrick!! Love her acting skills and personality, such bubbly and hyper active vibe!! 🙂

The only thing I don’t really like about this movie was there were tons of vulgarities spewing out of the character’s mouth. It was kind of spoiling the movie… -.-

But well, other than that everything about this movie was kind of great. It was especially funny how Mike was always bawling his eyes out, yet no tears to be seen!! Love the chemistry between Dave and Alice!! Tatiana was a fun personality for this movie as well!! 😛

For those of whom are interested to watched this full movie, go ahead and google for the movie Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates!! 😀

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Movie Review: Boss Baby

Hello to everyone out there!! Today’s blog post will be on a movie that I have just watched. Title of this movie is Boss Baby!! Even before the movie was out, I wanted to watch this movie, the trailer is totally amazing and capture my interest in the famous Boss Baby!! 🙂

Anyway this movie is about a Boss Baby in a company called Baby Corp somewhere above (Heaven maybe?) was being pass on a mission to stop a human (Francis) from producing more puppies to overtake the population of babies on Earth!! 🙂

It was cool that Boss Baby arrived in Tim’s home through a taxi from Baby Corp. His attire was interesting as well, imagine a baby wearing a suit and carrying a brief case by his side… 😉

In the beginning of the movie, Boss Baby and Tim hated each other at first sight upon their first meeting! But as the days went by, Boss Baby was being pressured to stop the Francis from this evil project, therefore he combine forced with Tim to put an end to Francis’ plan to end the baby’s population on Earth. In return, Tim will get rid of Boss Baby for good once the mission have been accomplished, for the Boss Baby will return back to Baby Corp!! 🙂

Being a DreamWorks movie, of course the siblings managed to put an end to the evil Francis’ project of producing puppies that will never grow up to replaced babies. Once this mission was accomplished, it was time to say goodbye between Boss Baby and Tim (both was reluctant to bid goodbye to each other, but they still did so nevertheless)!! 😦

Boss Baby was being brought back to Baby Corp and he was being promoted to the King Boss Baby, having his own office and golden potty!! But he felt miserable, since he was missing Tim and his parents deeply. In the other end on Earth, Tim was feeling depressed on Boss Baby’s departure as well. 😦

One day, Tim decided to write a letter to Baby Corp in attention to Boss Baby. Tim promised him that he will always love him and will always be by his side at all times. Last but not least, he can’t forget about Boss Baby and Time loves him. Tim’s wish for Boss Baby to be his real brother succeeded. 😉

Boss Baby pass on his duties to the next best candidate in line and went on to come on to Earth. This time round both Tim and Boss Baby see eye to eye and love blossoms!! 😉

The two got along real well. This was when the movie comes to an end!! I love the way the Boss Baby’s personality, so demanding yet adorable without any extra effort being put in!! 🙂

I would give a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars for this movie titled Boss Baby!! I always love happy endings, not to mention how can a person not love this movie when the main character is such a cutie baby!! (BookwormMindy is melting in process) 😛

I strongly encouraged all of you whom is reading this blog post now to give this movie a go of your precious 1 hour and 38 mins!! It will be totally worthy of your time!! Such cute characters with interesting storyline will be the death of us!! 😉

For those whom are interested, go ahead and google for this movie: Boss Baby!! I recommend to watch it online at 123movies!! Hope you people will love this movie as much as I did!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀