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Movie Review: What A Man Wants

Hello ladies and gentleman, today’s blog update will be a movie review titled What A Man Wants. This is a korean movie with a duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes. 😬

It belongs to the category of romance and comedy. It was initially released in April 2018!! The main reason that made me want to watch this movie is because Song Ji Hyo is the main lead. 😉

The movie started off with how Mi Young (potrayed by Song Ji Hyo) and her husband named Bong Soo (played by Shin Ha Kyun) was married for eight years and have a bland relationship. 😑

Meanwhile Mi Young’s elder brother named Seok Geun (played by Lee Sung Min) is a womaniser and have lots of affairs behind his wife back. Dam Deok (potrayed by Jang Young Nam) actually knew about her husband dirty secret all along. But because she love him deeply, she endured his unfaithfulness. ☹️

On the other hand, SG kept luring BS to have an affair as well. He shared that with an affair it will be able to keep his marriage alive and fill with excitement instead of a living hell of boredom. It got BS thinking and debating until he met a gorgeous lady named Jenny (played by Lee El) at a club. He got attracted by her at first sight. 😉

They hit it off at their second encounter, they went straight to bed after BS cooked up a fabulous meal for Jenny. The problem came after BS was caught by MY with Jenny’s panties in his coat pocket. At this time, BS decided to push the blame to SG. DD was upset and push SG out of their house. 😑

What they all did not expect was DD got into a fatal accident the next day. After her death did SG knew that DD actually had an affair with her massager for a full 10 years. Yet the massager knew about DD’s preferences and personality more than SG. SG spent his days in his house and think of all the good times before his wife died. ☹️

While BS contine to full around with Jenny. Jenny got bold and stayed in SG house after gotten a job as his housekeeper. At this time, BS was afraid of Jenny’s plan for their relationship. While MY gave him a surprise that she was 5 weeks pregnant. 😑

But SG knew that MY previously was having an affair with her chef, but decided to keep mum since BS was having an affair with Jenny. Therefore the couples call it quit, but both did not know the other was being unfaithful to them. 😑

The movie ended with how BS and MY decided to put their heart into loving each other and anticipate their baby to come into this world. While SG managed to convince Jenny to start a relationship with him. 😉

Together the four of them managed to form a mix and match family. I guess it ended on a pretty good note for such a mess up movie. I don’t really understand why this movie was being categorize as comedy since I do not see the funny part of this film from start to end. 😑

Personally I would give this movie a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. This rating is already because Song Ji Hyo was the main lead, imagine the rating I will give if she is not in this film. After watching this movie, it sets me thinking if all married couple will have marital affairs behind their love ones’ back?!! ☹️

Please be prepared that there may be a few scenes with sexual references or actions, for those whom are underage, you may want to avoid watching this film. The rest of the movie seems okay, nothing much to anticipate as a viewer. There is nothing loss if you did not watch this movie. 😉

For those of you whom would love to watch this movie for yourselves, go ahead and google for the titled: What A Man Wants. Hope you enjoy watching this movie! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: Incredibles 2

Hello beautiful and handsome, I am back with another blog update. Today’s blog post will be a movie review on an animation blockbuster titled Incredibles 2!! 😉

This movie belongs to the genre of animation, comedy, superhero, adventure and action. The duration will be 2 hours and 5 minutes. Seriously speaking, this will be one of the must watch film in year 2018!!! 😉

The film started off with how the Incredibles partner with Frozone to save the city from harm’s way. Even though they managed to save all the citizen from dying, they failed to prevent the city from turning to ruins by the villian’s weapon. Not to mention they let the villian escaped too. 😦

The government decided to keep all superheros grounded. They became illegal to the population of the city. Which makes the Incredibles lost their job. They even moved to a motel to get through life. :/

But not for long, Frozone introduced the Incredibles to a business man named Winston whom strongly believed that superheros can save the world from all villians. He promised them to make the government unbanned superheros in the city. 😉

First of all, he wanted Elastic Girl to be his star model in his plan. After much discussion between Helen and Bob, Helen decided to go ahead with this once in a life time opportunity. While Bob promised to support Violet, Dash and Jack Jack in their daily affairs. 😉

While Elastic Girl make a great comeback in the city with all her fantastic work of stopping villians from their evil plot, Bob is home trying to get through each day peacefully. First of all, he got to understand the emotion of Violet from her crush on her school mate named Tony. 😉

Next, Bob got to help Dash with his maths homework. Finally, Bob got to put Jack Jack to sleep. But all hell broke loose when Bob realises that Jack Jack have a combination of super powers. It was a total enjoyment watching how Jack Jack surprises the Incredibles with his super power. 😉

Anyway, when Elastic Girl found out that the sister of Winston was a evil villian out to get all superheros to become her puppet. She tried to put a stop but was being forced to wear a pair of goggle which turn her into the sister’s puppet straightaway. 😦

Winston’s sister called Mr Incredibles to save Elastic Girl. When Bob arrived he was forced to wear the goggle too. He turned into a puppet without another thought. Meanwhile on the other hand, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack fend off those puppet that came to get them from Winston’s sister order. 😉

They decided to get to where their parents are and save the day. After much work on all three children, they managed to throw off their parent’s goggles. When their parents regained their own conscious, together the Incredibles combined forces with all the other superheros and put Winston’s sister behind the bars. 😉

The movie ended with how the Incredibles lead a happy life by continue beating all the villians to pulp. Not to mention that Violet scored a movie date with Tony. 😉

I love watching this movie. I have been waiting ages since the first Incredible movie back in those days. Finally Incredible 2 is out now in the cinema. I have to give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!! 😉

I seriously love all the part when Jack Jack was screened!! It was a total surprise when Jack Jack protrayed the appearance of Edna and swept her off her feet. Edna totally love Jack Jack after seeing the little tricks he put up for her. 😉

Not to mention the battle between Jack Jack and the badger that tried to steal food from his rubbish chute. It was totally hilarious how the badger loses almost instantly yet did not want to give up on the fight against Jack Jack!! 😉

Anyway for those of you whom have yet to watch this movie, it is a must to watch it. Totally adorable and exciting to watch for the whole two hours!! Hope you people love my movie review and enjoy the movie as much as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

Hello people, hope everyone having a great start to this new week. I am here with a movie review in tow. Yes that’s right, today blog update will be a movie review on Despicable Me 3!! 😉

The film first screened in cinemas on June 2017, the duration of this movie will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. It belongs to the category of action, comedy and animation. 😉

The movie started off with how Gru and Lucy was being fired from being an agent in Anti Villian League because Gru failed to captured Bratt whom stole the biggest diamond in the world. Even though Gru managed to return the diamond to the League, it is of no use. The couple lost their job. 😦

Gru was devastated after breaking the news to his girls; Margo, Edith and Agnes. The girls uses their own way to show Gru that they love him and even prepared a little honeymoon for Gru and Lucy to try cheer them up. 😉

Meanwhile, Gru’s brother named Dru sent an invitation to invite Gru and his family to his home. After much thinking, Gru decided to accept his invitation. The family was in awe when they meet Dru. He lived in a luxurious mansion with lots of branded vehicles and secret powerful equipment. 😉

Dru explained to Gru that their father was a successful and popular villian before his death. Dru wanted Gru to teach him how to be a villian and together the brothers can conquer the world. Gru refused to return being a villian, he rejected Dru’s proposal. Mel the minion found out that Gru wanted to be a superhero instead of super villian and was upset. 😦

Mel instructed all minions to left Gru. Together the minions went off and find a better boss. While trying to find a new boss, they accidentally all landed in jail instead. One day, Mel remember all the sweet memories he shared with Gru. Together the minions uses their own way to left jail and in search of Gru. 😉

On the other hand, Gru and Dru decided to use their own super vehicle to get to Bratt’s property. The twins tried to steal back the diamond, after much incidents they succeeded. Luckily Lucy the savior came to their rescue and brought them back to safety. Gru even got a spanking lesson from Lucy for doing things behind her back. 😉

At this time the brothers got into an arguement. Because Dru wanted to share the diamond with Gru as he see the diamond as their prize throphy. Meanwhile Gru wanted to return the diamond to the Anti Villian League in return for both Lucy and his job as agents. 😦

The brothers finally put aside their differences to save the girls when they were being captured by Bratt. He wanted to seek for revenge against Hollywood for rejecting him back in the 1980s. Of course being the main characters in this movie, Gru and crew went to save the day. 😉

The twins combined forces and managed to bring down Bratt. They beat him hands down. Meanwhile Lucy went to saved the girls from harms way. While the minions came in time to uses their little effort to bring maximise results in this whole fight against Bratt. 😀

They all proceeded to went back to Gru’s place and rest for the day. The movie ended with how Dru plotted together with the minions to continue their evil ways. Gru and Lucy found out and decided to give Dru a five minute headstart before giving chase. 😉

I seriously love this movie to the moon and back. I will give this movie a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!! I seriously love the harmony in Gru’s family. Not to mention Agnes cute little doll eyes when speaking about unicorns!! 😉

I love the brotherly love between Gru and Dru. They love each other deeply yet at times they seems to despise each other. Lucy would always look up to Gru and go all high and excited when the girls give her girly hugs!! 😉

Overall, I love this movie. For those of you whom have yet to watch it. Go ahead and watch it now. No regrets at all!! Go google for the title of this movie: Despicable Me 3!!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Movie Review: Monster Hunt 2

Hello everybody! I am back with another movie review in tow. This movie will be titled Monster Hunt 2, initally released in February 2018! 😉

This movie belongs to the category of fantasy film with a duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes!! The main cast will be Tony Leung, Bai Bai He, Jing Bo Ran and Tony Yang. 😉

The movie started off with how the characters named Huo Xiao Lan (played by Bai Bai He) and Song Tian Yin (played by Jing Bo Ran) went in search for their kiddo named Hu Ba (the white carrot look alike monster in the movie poster as attached). 😉

While the couple killed those bad monsters whom tried to hurt human kind, they met Hu Ba and got attached with him. They even acknowledged him as their child. But due to some misunderstandings between these two parties, they got seperated and now Hu Ba actually landed into the hands of Tu Si Gu (played by Tony Leung). 🙂

TSG landed himself with a huge pile of debts, meanwhile he came to knew about that everybody was looking for HB. He had a pet whom befriend HB, when he saw HB, he plotted to bring HB to his debtor to write off his debts. His pet plead him to reconsider, as he will land HB in a dangerous situation. 😦

After giving it some thought, TSG still went ahead with his initial plan and sold HB to his debtor. While on his way, HB saw his parents. The family finally reunited with each other, but was stopped by TSG. He demanded XL and TY to paid to get back HB. 😦

The couple was penniless and decided to lead TSG to their senior’s place to collect the money he requested. The couple senior named Yun Qing (played by Tony Yang). YQ paid TSG as per his request, but held captive of HB and refused to return him to his parents. It angered the couple and together with the help of TSG, the trio combined forces and tried to rescued HB from YQ. 😉

After a series of fighting and multiples of funny remarks thrown around, the trio managed to kick ass on YQ’s butt. He had a pitiful death and HB was rescued and returned back to the couple’s warm embrace. The movie ended with how HB had a happy flight back to a place he called home together with XL and TY!! 😉

In my opinion, I will give this movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Although I enjoy watching this movie, but it was kind of predictable. When I was watching the start of the movie, I can already predict the plot and ending. There seems to be a lack of some surprises. 🙂

If there is a twist of events, it may be able to surprise me and earn a higher score rating. But well, it is indeed a great movie to pass time by. For those of you whom will love to watch the full movie for yourself, go ahead and google for Monster Hunt 2. 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: Bleeding Steel

Hello ladies and gentleman! I am back with another blog update, this time round will be a movie review. This movie titled Bleeding Steel, main cast will be Jackie Chan, Show Luo and Ou Yang NaNa. 😉

This movie belongs to the science fiction, fantasy and action film. It was first screened in year 2017, with a duration of 1 hour and 50 mins!! 😉

The movie started off with a gun shot scene, making the audience nervous and excited of the verdict of this round of fierce firing bullets. This battle was between Lin Dong (played by Jackie Chan) and Andrew (played by Callan Mulvey). Lin Dong was a Hong Kong police man leading a team to protect a sciencetist whom had transplanted an electronic heart into Andrew. :/

Andrew was out to get hold of this clever sciencetist as he wanted him to produce more of thos electronic heart. He wanted to create a team of robotic man to lead against human kind. During the battle against these two, LD’s daughter named Nancy (played by Ou Yang NaNa) died in the hospital. Meanwhile all personnel involved in this battle was either hurt badly or dead. 😦

A few years later, LD found out that his daughter was alived and managed to locate her in an overseas’ university. While he was tracking down Nancy, he met a smart geek named Leeson (played by Show Luo). Together the two of them managed to cooperate to kick ass on Andrew and his man. 😉

There were a few action scenes carried out awesomely by LD and Andrew’s man. It was a total nerve wreaking scene to watch. It totally keeps the audience excited and anticipating for LD’s victory. Of course in the end LD would emerged as the winner since he was the main lead of this movie!! 😉

The movie continues with how both LD and Leeson managed to come together and put all their wits to find out Andrew’s location. Meanwhile Andrew managed to get his hands on Nancy and kidnapped her. Both LD and Leeson combined forces to beat the shit out of Andrew. 😉

The movie ended with how Andrew cease to exist on Earth. LD found out that the sciencetist managed to help Nancy transplated an electronic heart before his own death. Therefore Nancy managed to survived till date. 🙂

I enjoy watching this movie very much. I am a hardcore Jackie Chan’s fan. I would always keep a look out for all his new films, he is totally a professional and famous actor/ producer and director. He is a successful entertainer!! 😉

I would give this movie a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Although I enjoy watching this movie, I believe there is surely places where there is room for improvement. An example would be adding more battle scenes between the main leads and more interaction between Nancy and Li Dong. 😉

Hope you all enjoy reading my movie review for Bleeding Steel. For those whom would love to watch the full movie, go ahead and search for it online. Hope you have fun watching it as much as I did yesterday!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 3

Hello everybody!! First of all let me wish everyone out there a happy Mid Week!! It’s Wednesday after all, half of the work week have been gone!! Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for the great job done!! 😉

Anyway today’s blog update will be on a movie review titled Pitch Perfect 3!! It was initially released in Dec 2017, but I only got round to watching it this afternoon. It was a great show, but not as many jokes or entertainment as the first two movie under this series. ;/

Alright, let me get down to the details of this movie for you people to decide if you wanna watch it for yourselves!! The movie actually started off with how Beca played by Anna Kendrick was fed up with her job and quitted it the next second. She went home to Fat Amy played by Rebel Wilson and they remember they actually had a reunion with the acapella girls!! 😉

Together the girls met up and exchanged about their lives happenings. The next second one of them got an invitation to go on a world tour competition. During this competition, all the girls was met with different issues. The movie proceeded to share how each of the girls solve their separate issues. 😉

Beca was being chosen as the lead for opening up the session of the competition. She initially rejected the opportunity, but was later being encouraged by the rest of the girls to seize this once in a life time chance!! She decided to buck up her courage and go for it head first!! Beca came up well and gotten herself a new job in no time. 😉

While two of the other girls gotten a man for themselves after this world tour ends. Meanwhile Fat Amy’s father found her and wanted to tricked her into giving up her assets to him. Of course he would failed in his mission. Therefore the cunning old man decided to keep the girls hostage. 😦

Fat Amy recruited the help of Beca and together the two of them kick ass and successfully rescued all their friends!! The movie actually ended with how Fat Amy’s father was being sent to the jailed to serve his sentence. While the girls proceeded with their daily lifestyle. 😉

It was a really heart warming ending. I enjoyed myself during this movie. It was 1 hour and 34 minutes. It actually belongs to the comedy and action movie. Although to be really honest, it was not exactly as funny as the two other movies in this series. Not to mention that the only action filled part was when Fat Amy rescued her friends with Beca in tow!! :/

Therefore in my opinion, I would only give this movie a rating of 3 out of 5 stars!! If you are a hardcore Pitch Perfect movie fans like myself, you may want to sit still for the 1 hour and 34 minutes to watch finish this movie! Otherwise you may want to consider giving this movie a miss!! 😉

Hope you people enjoy reading my movie review on this movie titled Pitch Perfect 3!! Have a happy day ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: 健忘村/The Village of No Return

Hello ladies and gentleman, today’s blog update will be a movie review. It has been ages since I last watched a movie, much less than write one movie review. Therefore here it is today, I just spent my afternoon catching up on this two hours long of movie titled 健忘村/The Village of No Return!! 😉

This movie belongs to the category of action and comedy. It was initially released in January of 2017. Did I mentioned the powerful cast of it actually includes the beautiful and talented actress named Shu Qi? 😀

Other actors includes Tong Yang, Joseph Chang and Wang Qian Yuan. The story is actually about a village forgotten by people that survives solely on their own in the deep mountains area. 😉

Autumn played by Shu Qi was being forced to marry one of the villager whom sold pork for a living. The marriage was against her will as she love the Cheif’s son whom left the village for higher studies but promised to come back for her upon his graduation. :/

It was another three years when the Cheif’s son named Ding Yuan came back as a bandit to destory this village. It was played by Tony Yang. But before his return, the story proceeded to share how Autumn accidentally killed her husband and was super guilty of it. While she was mulling over if she should end her life, a mysterious taoist appeared out of nowhere. 😉

This taoist self-introduced as Tian Fu was played my Wang Qian Yuan. He had a super equipment which could help the villagers forgot their unhappiness. Slowly, day by day he managed to erased all the villagers’ memories. They became his villagers, he upgraded his own status to the Cheif of this village. He even made Autumn to become his wife. Of course he did so by erasing her memory as well!! 😉

As the days went by, there were a group of bandits trying to head into the village to destroyed it for the purpose of building a train track in it’s place. While the TF was trying to get the villagers to search for a treasure box which contain another equipment which could return a person’s memory. 🙂

The story ended with how the villagers found the secret equipment and Autumn helped to return all their memories to them. Not to mention that Autumn even erased all of TF’s memories as a revenge. Autumn managed to marry the man of her dreams, the ex-cheif’s son!! 😀

I guess the plot of this story is quite new, as I did not came across any similar story or movies before. I enjoy watching this movie very much!! I will strongly recommend this movie to all of you cuties out there!! 😉

In my opinion I would give it a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars!! The missing 0.3 stars would be a result in the long story line of two hours. Why drag the movie to two hours when it could be finish off half an hour shorter (like any other movies)?!! 😉

Anyway to all cuties out there if interested to watch this full movie for yourselves, go ahead and google for the title of this movie 健忘村/The Village of No Return!! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛