Movie Review: Boss Baby

Hello to everyone out there!! Today’s blog post will be on a movie that I have just watched. Title of this movie is Boss Baby!! Even before the movie was out, I wanted to watch this movie, the trailer is totally amazing and capture my interest in the famous Boss Baby!! 🙂

Anyway this movie is about a Boss Baby in a company called Baby Corp somewhere above (Heaven maybe?) was being pass on a mission to stop a human (Francis) from producing more puppies to overtake the population of babies on Earth!! 🙂

It was cool that Boss Baby arrived in Tim’s home through a taxi from Baby Corp. His attire was interesting as well, imagine a baby wearing a suit and carrying a brief case by his side… 😉

In the beginning of the movie, Boss Baby and Tim hated each other at first sight upon their first meeting! But as the days went by, Boss Baby was being pressured to stop the Francis from this evil project, therefore he combine forced with Tim to put an end to Francis’ plan to end the baby’s population on Earth. In return, Tim will get rid of Boss Baby for good once the mission have been accomplished, for the Boss Baby will return back to Baby Corp!! 🙂

Being a DreamWorks movie, of course the siblings managed to put an end to the evil Francis’ project of producing puppies that will never grow up to replaced babies. Once this mission was accomplished, it was time to say goodbye between Boss Baby and Tim (both was reluctant to bid goodbye to each other, but they still did so nevertheless)!! 😦

Boss Baby was being brought back to Baby Corp and he was being promoted to the King Boss Baby, having his own office and golden potty!! But he felt miserable, since he was missing Tim and his parents deeply. In the other end on Earth, Tim was feeling depressed on Boss Baby’s departure as well. 😦

One day, Tim decided to write a letter to Baby Corp in attention to Boss Baby. Tim promised him that he will always love him and will always be by his side at all times. Last but not least, he can’t forget about Boss Baby and Time loves him. Tim’s wish for Boss Baby to be his real brother succeeded. 😉

Boss Baby pass on his duties to the next best candidate in line and went on to come on to Earth. This time round both Tim and Boss Baby see eye to eye and love blossoms!! 😉

The two got along real well. This was when the movie comes to an end!! I love the way the Boss Baby’s personality, so demanding yet adorable without any extra effort being put in!! 🙂

I would give a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars for this movie titled Boss Baby!! I always love happy endings, not to mention how can a person not love this movie when the main character is such a cutie baby!! (BookwormMindy is melting in process) 😛

I strongly encouraged all of you whom is reading this blog post now to give this movie a go of your precious 1 hour and 38 mins!! It will be totally worthy of your time!! Such cute characters with interesting storyline will be the death of us!! 😉

For those whom are interested, go ahead and google for this movie: Boss Baby!! I recommend to watch it online at 123movies!! Hope you people will love this movie as much as I did!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

Movie Review: 我的少女时代/Our Times

Hi people!! Today blog post will be on a movie which I just finish watching minutes ago! 😉

Title of the movie is called 我的少女时代/Our Times!! It is about an ordinary office worker called Truely Lin recalls about her high school life 20 years back from now. She recalls the guy whom she had a puppy love with back then… Dai Yu!! 🙂

Actually in the start of the movie they both had a crush with the high school most handsome guy and beautiful girl. One day the two of them think of a plan to get their own crush for themselves. 🙂

As the days goes by, they finally had their individual crush on their arms. But they have already given their hearts to each other in the process. At this time Dai Yu need to go overseas to further his studies. Truely Lin lost contact with him and never got to say goodbye to him. Neither did she ever got to tell Dai Yu that her heart have already given to him instead of her previous crush!! 😦

20 years from then meaning present time, Truely Lin resigned from her exhausting job and got herself un-engaged from her unloving soon to be husband. 🙂

One day on the road she met her idol; Andy Liu De Hua. She snapped photos with him, got him to signed but unable to attend his concert due to all tickets being sold out. Therefore Andy gave him a number to call that night at the location of the concert. 🙂

She called the number on that night at the entrance of the concert location and guess what she saw? Her puppy lover.. Dai Yu!! 😀

The two of them have a tiny chat about their high school times. Before they went in to enjoy Andy’s concert!! The movie ends here with a sweet romantic note!! 🙂

Personally I will give this movie a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! I super love the acting skills of all the cast!! Especially Joe Chen’s acting skills, always have the ability to move me to tears whenever she cried on screen!! 🙂

I love how the movie plays out about an ordinary office lady thinking back to her school life and puppy love with the school top boss / gangster!! 🙂

The sweet happenings and little acts of love and care and concern between the main leads is sooooo lovable!! 🙂

Those of you whom have yet to watch can quicky go google for this awesome film and enjoy it. It totally made me cry away a box of tissues!! 😉

Have fun watching!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

Movie Review: 赏金猎人/Bounty Hunters

Hi readers, today’s blog post will be on a movie review of a movie called 赏金猎人 / Bounty Hunters!! This is a 2016 film starring Lee Min Ho and Tiffany Tang as the main characters. Their side kicks includes Wallace Chung, Karena Ng and Louis Fan!! 🙂

This movie is an action packed with drama and comedy awesome combination!! Definitely worthy of the 1hour and 45minutes!! 🙂

It is all about a group of handsome guys and pretty ladies being accuse of planting bombs in an A Hotel all over the world. They was being wanted by all police internationally. The story continue to explain how these bunch of wonderfully smart and good looking people escape each dangerous situation those cruel and evil villians throw at their way!! 😉

Lee Min Ho potray the character called Lee Shan who is an excellent fighter. He happens to have an amazing brain as well. It can be proven as truth when he always manages to save Tiffany’s character in the movie!! 😉

Tiffany Tang’s character is called Cat. She is another amazing fighter with her favorite weapon of an electric gun in her hand. She loves her side kicks’ Karena Ng’s character of Swan and Louis Fan’s character of Bo Bo. 🙂

Swan is specialize of hacking into all security systems. She is always bubbly and cheerful to spice up the atmosphere!! While Bao Bao is Cat’s house keeper and security guard. 🙂

Last but not least is Lee Shan’s side kick of Ah You potray by Wallace Chung!! I simply love to watch the appearance of Ah You in the film. With him around there is always a promise of handsome dude to gawk at and comedy throw in the act!! 🙂 

Overall I will give this wonderful movie a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!! 🙂 Reason simply being the cast is just awesome and the plot of the movie is fantastically written. Not to mention the directors captured the cast in such an amazing way that they literally shine brightly on the screen with their great acting skills!! 😀

Alright, enough of my introduction of this film and it’s cast. Time for you to head over to the internet and search for this movie and watch it for youself and you will know all the rave I am creating here!! 😉

Enjoy the movie, you will not regret spending the mere 1hour and 45minutes watching this wonderfully created movie!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

Movie Review: 我的极品女神 / IGIRL

Hi people!! Happy Friday!! 🙂

Today’s blog post will be a movie review on a movie I just finish watching. It is starring Chrissie Chau and Ekin Cheng!! 😉

The movie is about three best friends being dumped by their individual girlfriends on the same day. Being all upset and lonely, they went online and order a robotic girlfriend for themselves!! Their is a total of three types of robot girlfriend. Code 001 is specialise in predicting. Code 002 is powerful in mind control. Code 003 possess inhuman strength. 😉

As the days goes by, the guys fell in love with their respective robotic girlfriend. But being a romance comedy film of course there will be a part whereby some dumb ex-girlfriends will spoil the happy romantic vibe!! 😦

Anyway the ex-girlfriends of these three guys came together to plot a mission to patch back their relationship with the guys. In doing so, first they will need to break up the three love birds. 😦

One of the ex-girlfriends realizes that those three girls possess inhuman abilities. She in turn think of ways to kill those robotic girls… Sadly, the group of crazy ex-girlfriends succeeded. The three guys lose their love for good… 😦 Of course they did not accept their ex-girlfriends. 😉

One day, the three guys met those three robotic girls again!! Just that this time round they are real human!! The love birds fell in love with each other at first sight!! 🙂

Happy ending!! I love happy endings!! Personally I will give this movie a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! I love most of the movies starring Chrissie Chau. I love her acting skills, some may think she gets those roles just by her looks or boobs!! But I like her way of presenting the characters she is playing. Since this is my blog, I get the final say in things!! 😛

Another reason why I like this movie is because the concept is kind of new what with robotic girlfriends. Those comedy parts is quite hilarious!! 😛

Last but not least, simply because this movie have a happy ending and that is super important in watching a romance plus comedy movie!! 😛

Those who are interested in this movie can go ahead and google for IGIRL which was a 2016 film!! 😀

Have fun watching and hope you people enjoy the movie as much as I do!! 🙂

Happily Smiling,

BookwormMindy 😀

Movie Review: Trolls

Hi all pretty ladies and handsome gentleman reading this movie review it is time for an recommendation to watch Trolls!! 😀

The main attraction for me to watch this movie is because Anna Kendrick. I am her fan ever since I watched Pitch Perfect!! Anna potray the princess of troll village called Poppy. She is the happiest troll in the village!! 🙂

Her polar opposite have to be Branch voiced by Justin Timberlake. Branch is always sulking away and no matter how Poppy or other trolls try to cheer him up he always maintain his usual sulking expression. 😉

He actually have a valid reason for doing so. While he was singing a happy song one day, the villians tried to capture him but failed. Due to Branch being too focus on his singing he did not realize he was in danger. In the end his granny took his place upon the villians appearance!! He lost his granny forever. From then on he turn sulky!! 😦

All the trolls love to sing, dance and hug all day long!! They even have an allocated time for them to hug, how amazing is that?!!! 😀

Anyway the story of this movie is how happy the trolls are and how they teach those villians how to be happy without eating trolls!! 🙂

In the end everyone in the village turns happy by doing what?? Of course is singing, dancing and hugging!!! 😀

I super love this movie!! I will give it a high rating of 4.9 stars out of 5!!! The 0.1 star is for it to have space for improvement!! 🙂

All those of you whom have yet to watch it. Quick go watch it, you will not regret spending 1hr 33mins to watch this wonderful fantasty and adventurous film!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀

Movie Review: Ghostbusters

Hi hi everyone!! I am here to update another movie review!! This time round it will be Ghostbusters!! 😀

Delayed till today then watch it interesting movie!! Like how the chemistry sparks between Melissa’s character named Abby and Kristen’s character named Erin!! 🙂

I totally enjoyed myself for the whole duration of 2hr and 14mins for this movie!! I find the plot quite interesting and new, totally different from all other similar genre of movies!! 🙂

Ghostbusters actually was being catergorize in the science fiction and fantasy instead of paranormal, since it is totally not a scary film at all!! Although to be honest I hated how the ghosts always burst into a whole of gallop of goo and chuck all over the ghostbusters!! 😦

Anyway Patty and Jillian brings so much attitude to this awesome ghostbusters team!! 😉 

To be honest I was kinda curious to Chris’ worth in this movie as he played a kinda not important role!! Acting all silly and just showing his muscles whenever he got a chance!! I guess I wanted to see him act as a charming man instead of a dorky guy!! :/

Overall I will gonna give a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars for Ghostbusters. There is definitely a ton of room for improvement!! If there is gonna be a season two, I will definitely keep a look out for it!! 🙂

For those of you whom have yet to catch this movie, quick go watch it and have some laughter over their jokes and funny interactions!! ;D


BookwormMindy 😛

Movie Review: Frozen

Hi people!! I am gonna write up a movie review on Frozen for this blog entry!! 😉
This movie was been first released back in December 2013. Yet being a bookworm and called Mindy I simply have the ability to drag till today then finish watching this cute movie!! 🙂

I love how the story started with Elsa and Anna being cute little kiddos playing around the palace and enjoying their sisterhoods every minute. It touched me that Elsa started to distance herself from Anna due to her magical ability of freezing all things she touched one day. 😦

From then on Anna will always knock on Elsa’s door and ask her to build a snowman (Olaf) with her. Yet Anna will always leave Elsa’s door alone at the end of each day without hearing any sorts of response from Elsa. 😦

It breaks my heart to see such a scene!! 😦 Luckily at the end of the movie the sisters got back together with their sisterhoods intact. 🙂 I am super happy that Anna ended up with Kristoff instead of Hans the evil prince!! 🙂

I always giggle while watching this movie when I see Kristoff and his sidekick reindeer chatting!! These two get along real well and super duper adorable!! 🙂

Not to forget that the snowman; Olaf and the reindeer’s lovely encounter and their get along process is simply just too unresistable. Especially when a carrot is at a stake. 😀

Overall I will give a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. I love this movie and will definitely wait eagerly for the season two of it!! Can’t wait!! 😀

For those whom have yet to catch this adorable animation you can either watch it online like I do or you can go purchase the dvd and watch it for as many times as you like!! You will definitely enjoy the whole 1hr and 30mins plus!! 🙂 

Morale of the story, sisterhoods can solve all problems and obstacles thrown upon you. Love is the power to dissolve all unhappiness!! 🙂

Stay Happy,

BookwormMindy 😛