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Goodbye 2017!!!

Hello people!! I am back with another blog post in tow!! In just another two more hours year 2017 will be in history!! Therefore this blog post will be dedicated to year 2017!! 😉

Let me summarize my year 2017 for everyone, all in short I guess it have been a roller coaster type of journey! In year 2017, I experienced both failure and success, I guess they could come as a pair!! I quitted my job and found a brand new one in a just few months time. 😀

I ended my friendship with a so called childhood friend (or so I thought, read the post dated on 29/12/2017 to know the full story) and braced through life. I made a few new friends, which now turned into ex-colleagues!! 🙂

I have a healthy body, which I thanked my parents for, they went to great length to keep me in good health by providing me delicious and healthy meals daily!! 😉

I have enough wealth to last me for some time. Although I can never say NO to more money. I mean who could say NO to money in the first place? But I will make sure to earn loads more money in year 2018!! 😉

I guess that should be about it. My simple and ordinary life as an adult. I do not fancy have a love life anytime soon, so I got that out of the way. 🙂

In short, my year 2017 was spent together with awesome group of people which includes family, colleagues and friends. Always surrounded by good and positive people to cultivate a better environment!! 😉

A great shout out to everyone whom are currently reading this blog post, THANK YOU for coming to read my blog entry every time. I hope you enjoy the way I write and share my thoughts. I will definitely continue my this hobby of writing and recording my thoughts and feelings here to share with you awesome folks!! 😀

Hopefully year 2018 will be an even amazing year!! Definitely will be better than year 2017!! I will always look forward to a brand new year, brand new day and a brand new start!! Together we shall all work towards a better tomorrow!! Fighting!! 😉

As the college in this blog post mention, year 2017 was being a spoilt child towards me. It never failed to make my life difficult, trying to make me fall. Yet I managed to overcome it and made each second worthwhile. Now, I emerged as a proud warrior that won the battle against it!! 😉

Goodbye 2017, I will miss all the traps you set up for me and thanked you from the deepest of my heart!! Cheers to a better 2018!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀

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Door Closed

Hello people!! Today’s blog update will be my personal thoughts and feelings on a childhood friendship. Yesterday I met my childhood friend named KH out for dinner. We had fast food and in the eyes of outsider we enjoyed ourselves. 😉

But in reality, I am feeling uncomfortable being next to her. I felt that our friendship have reached it’s end. I guess now will be a great time to closed the door on her. What with now is year end and I need to clear off all the unwanted, be it objects or people. 😉

Gone were the bad and unwanted to clear space for the new and better things or people!! I guess I kind of miss out the part what actually tick me off and force me to made the decision to finally get rid of her from my life. :/

When I met KH yesterday everything seems normal in the beginning, until we finally settled down and have our meal. She started to rambled on about her new job then proceeded to asked about my current salary. She literally forced the digits out of me!! 😦

When I politely asked the same question to her, she gave a very general answer and moved on to the next question. On the surface, I remained unaffected and tried to hide my annoyance. Half way through our meal she decided to wanted to have a bite of my food. 😦

These were all petty stuff, what actually causes the bomb to explode was the christmas “gifts” that she gave me as per attached photo above. She gave them to me through “Part one will be a body lotin, part two will be some mismatched post it notes and finally part three will be a packet of mismatched snacks!”… Those were her words!! :/

I felt like an unwanted friend. I treated you well, therefore I expected the feeling to be mutual. Especially when we had many years of friendship behind us. But I guess it was all my imagination that we were great childhood friends. 😦

I always pick out her gifts with thoughts. Yet the gifts she presented to me yesterday seems like unprepared and just throw together some stuff that she did not want in the beginning. I felt upset and unappreaciated. 😦

This year I put together a beauty and health gift set for her. It consisted of an adorable massager, a cute minnie mouse lip gloss that I bought from Taiwan during my trip there in Sept 2017 and an exotic hand cream!! 🙂

I purposely wrapped in a pretty wrapping and hope she love the gifts. Yet what she returned was of true dissapointment, no wrapping and no thoughts put into her gifts. This situation have occurred many times for the past years of our friendship. Therefore I have decided that the door will literally closed on you, KH. :/

I will no longer be your friend. We will remained as strangers. My family supported my decision to end my friendship with her. Therefore I wish her the best and goodbye KH!! I will continue to work hard and strive towards a better tomorrow alone. To a better 2018!! 😀

Hope I did not bored you people to tears!! Hope everyone have a great Friday ahead!! TGIF!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Happy Birthday BookwormMindy! (FY2017)

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog post will be my birthday post!! Just a normal ordinary day like any other day on my birthday!! 🙂

Nothing really special happened, just that my sister cooked me a fabulous meal filled full to the brim with her love towards me!! Thankful for all the love she ever shower upon me since I was young like a baby!! 🙂

Always felt thankful for the love my family gave me since young. Although they can be kind of control freak at times, I understand that they are coming from the perspective of trying to protect me from harm’s way, as much as they can. I thanked them that they gave me as much freedom as I could possibly get, their trust in me and for always having patience and understanding in me. 😀

They are my strongest support in this world, they are my everything! Just wanted to shout out to them that I love them with all my heart and thankful for their love towards me and always believeing in me!! 😀

The actual day of my birthday, we spent the day lazing around in my sister’s lovely home. We catch up on as much episodes of Taiwan idol drama as we can, gossip about the actors and had a heart to heart talk among ourselves!! It was an ordinary day filled with comfortable moments and lovely atmosphere!! 😀

Yesterday (Friday, 4 August) my colleagues celebrated my birthday for me at my workplace!! Just a tiny adorable panda cake for me, with a present wrapped in self designed tweety bird wrapper and not to forget a tweety bird birthday card all designed by them!! 😀

I playfully asked my colleague why get me a panda cake instead of a tweety cake? Her response was because she couldn’t find a adorable tweety cake plus she knew that one of my hobby is sleeping (I love to sleep early)! 😛

In the end they got me a a tweety bird t-shirt and a woodstock t-shirt!! Thankful for all their effort in creating the tweety bird card and writing their best wishes for me! We had a busy week at work, I knew that they created this world surprise for me within a short span of two hours, as we were so filled to the brim with our work!! Still thankful for all their effort and time, no matter how little it was being put into this little surprise!! 😀

After work, I met up with my childhood friend! We went for dinner and she passed me my present with a carefully handwritten birthday card! Thankful for the well written card with all her best wishes to me! 🙂

She even insisted to treat me to dinner, therefore I return the favor my treating her to our favorite dessert: ice cream!! We spent a good part of the short amount of time we got together to exchange our current situations with each other!! I gave her whatever advice which I deem useful and hope it helps her to make a decision which is suitable to her!  😛 
Last but not least, happy belated birthday to bookwormmindy! For year 2017, hope it continues to treat me even better than it is already treating me! Hope everything will go on even smoother, hoping that I will continue to be more bless and blissful each and every day!! 😀

To many more years to come in the near future!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀

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Aussie’s Cuties

Hihi everybody, today’s blog post will be on a team of Aussie’s Cuties!! One of my colleague just came back from his trip to Australia with his family. The sweet guy bought a little softie for each of his team mates. Which includes yours truely, I am so blessed!! 😀

Felt so thankful and bless when the moment my eyes landed on my little softie kangaroo!! I always wanted a kangaroo softie, but my family didnt get a chance to visit Australia yet. The last time this colleage of mine went to Australia he didnt got us any softie, since he didnt went to their local farm and couldnt find any cute soft toy animals over there… 🙂

The softie above kind of symbolises each of us in this Sales Team!! The kangaroos represents Jo, GH and me. The koalas represents Daphne and WY!! Eugene didnt got any soft toys for himself, although he did informed us that he got extra koalas and kangaroos for his children!! His daughter even help to pick out these Aussie cuties for us!! 😀

Alright I guess that shall be all for the day. Just wanted to share with everyone how cute they look and I really really really love kangaroos!!! It is a challenge to find any kangaroos related merchadise in Singapore since it is not a icon of Singapore, therefore it is always my pleasure to own a kangeroo related stuff!! 😀

Hope everyone have a great day ahead!! TGIF!! Happy Friday to all of you!! 😀

Bless XOXO,

BookwormMindy 😛

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Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017!!!

Hi people!! Two blog post in a day!! 😛

This blog post is mainly to thank everyone whom have read my blog for the past years and continue to come back to read more about my humble daily affairs!! 🙂

Thank you everyone!! Just feeling thankful for all that had ever happened in 2016 which turn me into a better person and made me who I am today!! 🙂

I welcome 2017 with open hands and hope that 2017 will be an even better year ahead!! 2017 please continue to treat me well and if can, treat me even better than 2016 did!! 😉

In 2016 I continue to brace myself for all the obstacles being thrown my way at my workplace!! I guess I did a good job overcoming them, gave myself a good pat on the shoulder (can’t reach my back, normally people will give themselves a pat on the back :P) after each day at work!! 🙂

Although I always felt super tired after each day at work, but with the happy faces of my colleagues (my sales team colleagues only) I always have a way to cheer myself up and drag my tired soul and body to work day after each day!! Continue to “fight” the other departments and customers with them by my side!! Together the sales department is invincible!! 😀

2016 in short have treat me well. In 2016, I had a healthy lifestyle of exercising more freqently (like 6 days per week, not inclusive of my usual walking of 10,000 steps per day routine)!! I enjoyed my reading hobby, managed to achieve a record of at least one to two books per month (those with at least a few hundreds of chapters)!! 😛

Spent lots of time with my family and bonding with my favorite sisters. Chatting on the phone with her was always such a happy affair that either of us wanted the phone call to end even though it was late into the night! 😛

Although all that was stated above was such simple tasks or ordinary happenings… yet I appreaciate all that has ever happened!! 🙂

Will continue to strive on to be a better person in 2017!! Together let’s all fight for a better tomorrow… Last but not least, thank you all of you whom have stand by my side, regardless of how little or much you did to help me (reading my blog post and giving me likes help too). You gave me the much needed strength to continue to write (or type) out my feelings and thoughts in this little space!! 🙂

Happy New Year 2017 to all of you out there!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😉

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Merry Xmas 2016

Hi readers!! I am here to share with you all about my meet up with my childhood friend; Kerri!! 🙂

Meet up with her again since our last meet up on August to celebrate my birthday!! This time round we meet up to exchange xmas pressies and had a great time catching up with each other’s recent happenings!! 🙂

Always enjoyed my time spending with her.. Always have reasons to laugh at any and every tiny things happening around us!! 😀

Although everytime we meet up is just for dinner which is kind of a short time but it brightens my day (especially after a tiring day at work)!! 😀

To many more year of friendship between Kerri & Mindy down the road of future!! 🙂

See Kerri next time will be about June 2017 to celebrate her birthday!! Till then we shall have an exciting time each and everyday to share with each other once we meet up!! 🙂

Merry belated xmas and happy new year 2017 in advance to everyone!! Hope everyone is having a great time spending the last day of 2016 with your loved ones!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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One Year Old~

Hi everyone!! I am back for another updates~ I am already one year old in my current company!! 🙂

Recently the business pick up and I am sooooo super duper busy that I totally have no time to even go for a toilet break!! 😛

But at the end of each day I am still feeling super re-charged!! All thanks to my bunch of super awesome colleagues!! Really thankful to have them as my colleagues!! 🙂

We are such an awesome team!! Whenever one is down with medical leave or annual leave the others will always be able to cover for his or her duty (without any hesitation and compliants)!! 🙂

Although business and workload have been building up these two weeks, everyday have been really resourceful. Been living every single day with happiness and thankfulness!! 🙂

I just wanted to share my heartfelt feelings to all of you out there that I am super duper happy each day!! 🙂 Hope all of you are also having an awesome day ahead!! 😀

Happy one year old / anniversary at my current workplace to myself!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀