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Movie Review: Incredibles 2

Hello beautiful and handsome, I am back with another blog update. Today’s blog post will be a movie review on an animation blockbuster titled Incredibles 2!! 😉

This movie belongs to the genre of animation, comedy, superhero, adventure and action. The duration will be 2 hours and 5 minutes. Seriously speaking, this will be one of the must watch film in year 2018!!! 😉

The film started off with how the Incredibles partner with Frozone to save the city from harm’s way. Even though they managed to save all the citizen from dying, they failed to prevent the city from turning to ruins by the villian’s weapon. Not to mention they let the villian escaped too. 😦

The government decided to keep all superheros grounded. They became illegal to the population of the city. Which makes the Incredibles lost their job. They even moved to a motel to get through life. :/

But not for long, Frozone introduced the Incredibles to a business man named Winston whom strongly believed that superheros can save the world from all villians. He promised them to make the government unbanned superheros in the city. 😉

First of all, he wanted Elastic Girl to be his star model in his plan. After much discussion between Helen and Bob, Helen decided to go ahead with this once in a life time opportunity. While Bob promised to support Violet, Dash and Jack Jack in their daily affairs. 😉

While Elastic Girl make a great comeback in the city with all her fantastic work of stopping villians from their evil plot, Bob is home trying to get through each day peacefully. First of all, he got to understand the emotion of Violet from her crush on her school mate named Tony. 😉

Next, Bob got to help Dash with his maths homework. Finally, Bob got to put Jack Jack to sleep. But all hell broke loose when Bob realises that Jack Jack have a combination of super powers. It was a total enjoyment watching how Jack Jack surprises the Incredibles with his super power. 😉

Anyway, when Elastic Girl found out that the sister of Winston was a evil villian out to get all superheros to become her puppet. She tried to put a stop but was being forced to wear a pair of goggle which turn her into the sister’s puppet straightaway. 😦

Winston’s sister called Mr Incredibles to save Elastic Girl. When Bob arrived he was forced to wear the goggle too. He turned into a puppet without another thought. Meanwhile on the other hand, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack fend off those puppet that came to get them from Winston’s sister order. 😉

They decided to get to where their parents are and save the day. After much work on all three children, they managed to throw off their parent’s goggles. When their parents regained their own conscious, together the Incredibles combined forces with all the other superheros and put Winston’s sister behind the bars. 😉

The movie ended with how the Incredibles lead a happy life by continue beating all the villians to pulp. Not to mention that Violet scored a movie date with Tony. 😉

I love watching this movie. I have been waiting ages since the first Incredible movie back in those days. Finally Incredible 2 is out now in the cinema. I have to give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!! 😉

I seriously love all the part when Jack Jack was screened!! It was a total surprise when Jack Jack protrayed the appearance of Edna and swept her off her feet. Edna totally love Jack Jack after seeing the little tricks he put up for her. 😉

Not to mention the battle between Jack Jack and the badger that tried to steal food from his rubbish chute. It was totally hilarious how the badger loses almost instantly yet did not want to give up on the fight against Jack Jack!! 😉

Anyway for those of you whom have yet to watch this movie, it is a must to watch it. Totally adorable and exciting to watch for the whole two hours!! Hope you people love my movie review and enjoy the movie as much as I did!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Drama Review: I Want To Be A Star

Hello everybody!! I am back again, this time round this blog update will be a drama review on an original Toggle serial named I Want To Be A Star. 😉

There will be a total of 12 episodes. Each episode will be an estimate of 23 minutes. This short drama belongs to the category of musical, acting, drama, romance and comedy. 😉

The main character named Di Long (played by actor Shawn Pow) is the son of Da Tian (played by Chow Chor Meng). DT is a successful part time actor whom also have his own business to sub contract part timers for serial drama. 😉

DT accepted one drama contract, from there he forced DL to be a part timer actor in the drama serial to earn his own pocket money. The other part timer actors includes Gao Mei (played by Ya Hui), Mei Yi (played by Hong Ling), Edgar (played by Dennis Chew) and a few others. 😉

Together the group slowly bonded their friendship as they film the drama as extra characters. As the drama films on, Edgar realised his feelings for GM and decided to make a confession on the day of her birthday with the help of DL and MY. 😉

Meanwhile DL and MY managed to express their romantical feelings to each other. After much consideration on MY’s part, the two decided to become an official item. 😉

MY even become braver and reach out for the position of singing the theme song for the drama. While everything is going on as per usual, Edgar felt excited and nervous in facing GM. 😉

When everything was set in place, Edgar make his love confession to GM in one go. GM rejected his confession because she lack of confidence due to his wealthy status. Edgar went to speak to her in private and share his feelings to her again. He promised her that he is willing to become her best friend until GM managed to find her true love. 😉

After much consideration, GM decided to accept Edgar’s love. They become another official item in the group of part timer actors. The drama ended with how Edgar sponsered the group of part timers as main characters in a movie. 😉

Everyone have their own happy endings. The moral value of this drama should be never give up on your own dreams. Of course, at times when you need to face reality and know your position, you have to do it. But once you overcome all the obstacles reality throws at you, you will become the brightest star of them all. You will shine brighter than the diamond!! 😉

Personally I would give this drama a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. I enjoy watching this drama quite alot. It always manages to force a chuckle out of me. I just wish there would be more comedy parts being added into it. 😉

Not to mention that the some extras character in the drama was seriously getting on my nerves. She was a nobody in reality, yet in the drama she was an A lister, whom acting skills seriously should be sent back to the acting academy for futhur lessons. :/

Anyway, for those of you whom would love to watch this cute little drama for yourselves, go ahead and google for Toggle. From there you can search for the title of this drama named I Want To Be A Star. 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

Hello people, hope everyone having a great start to this new week. I am here with a movie review in tow. Yes that’s right, today blog update will be a movie review on Despicable Me 3!! 😉

The film first screened in cinemas on June 2017, the duration of this movie will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. It belongs to the category of action, comedy and animation. 😉

The movie started off with how Gru and Lucy was being fired from being an agent in Anti Villian League because Gru failed to captured Bratt whom stole the biggest diamond in the world. Even though Gru managed to return the diamond to the League, it is of no use. The couple lost their job. 😦

Gru was devastated after breaking the news to his girls; Margo, Edith and Agnes. The girls uses their own way to show Gru that they love him and even prepared a little honeymoon for Gru and Lucy to try cheer them up. 😉

Meanwhile, Gru’s brother named Dru sent an invitation to invite Gru and his family to his home. After much thinking, Gru decided to accept his invitation. The family was in awe when they meet Dru. He lived in a luxurious mansion with lots of branded vehicles and secret powerful equipment. 😉

Dru explained to Gru that their father was a successful and popular villian before his death. Dru wanted Gru to teach him how to be a villian and together the brothers can conquer the world. Gru refused to return being a villian, he rejected Dru’s proposal. Mel the minion found out that Gru wanted to be a superhero instead of super villian and was upset. 😦

Mel instructed all minions to left Gru. Together the minions went off and find a better boss. While trying to find a new boss, they accidentally all landed in jail instead. One day, Mel remember all the sweet memories he shared with Gru. Together the minions uses their own way to left jail and in search of Gru. 😉

On the other hand, Gru and Dru decided to use their own super vehicle to get to Bratt’s property. The twins tried to steal back the diamond, after much incidents they succeeded. Luckily Lucy the savior came to their rescue and brought them back to safety. Gru even got a spanking lesson from Lucy for doing things behind her back. 😉

At this time the brothers got into an arguement. Because Dru wanted to share the diamond with Gru as he see the diamond as their prize throphy. Meanwhile Gru wanted to return the diamond to the Anti Villian League in return for both Lucy and his job as agents. 😦

The brothers finally put aside their differences to save the girls when they were being captured by Bratt. He wanted to seek for revenge against Hollywood for rejecting him back in the 1980s. Of course being the main characters in this movie, Gru and crew went to save the day. 😉

The twins combined forces and managed to bring down Bratt. They beat him hands down. Meanwhile Lucy went to saved the girls from harms way. While the minions came in time to uses their little effort to bring maximise results in this whole fight against Bratt. 😀

They all proceeded to went back to Gru’s place and rest for the day. The movie ended with how Dru plotted together with the minions to continue their evil ways. Gru and Lucy found out and decided to give Dru a five minute headstart before giving chase. 😉

I seriously love this movie to the moon and back. I will give this movie a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!! I seriously love the harmony in Gru’s family. Not to mention Agnes cute little doll eyes when speaking about unicorns!! 😉

I love the brotherly love between Gru and Dru. They love each other deeply yet at times they seems to despise each other. Lucy would always look up to Gru and go all high and excited when the girls give her girly hugs!! 😉

Overall, I love this movie. For those of you whom have yet to watch it. Go ahead and watch it now. No regrets at all!! Go google for the title of this movie: Despicable Me 3!!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀

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Movie Review: Monster Hunt 2

Hello everybody! I am back with another movie review in tow. This movie will be titled Monster Hunt 2, initally released in February 2018! 😉

This movie belongs to the category of fantasy film with a duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes!! The main cast will be Tony Leung, Bai Bai He, Jing Bo Ran and Tony Yang. 😉

The movie started off with how the characters named Huo Xiao Lan (played by Bai Bai He) and Song Tian Yin (played by Jing Bo Ran) went in search for their kiddo named Hu Ba (the white carrot look alike monster in the movie poster as attached). 😉

While the couple killed those bad monsters whom tried to hurt human kind, they met Hu Ba and got attached with him. They even acknowledged him as their child. But due to some misunderstandings between these two parties, they got seperated and now Hu Ba actually landed into the hands of Tu Si Gu (played by Tony Leung). 🙂

TSG landed himself with a huge pile of debts, meanwhile he came to knew about that everybody was looking for HB. He had a pet whom befriend HB, when he saw HB, he plotted to bring HB to his debtor to write off his debts. His pet plead him to reconsider, as he will land HB in a dangerous situation. 😦

After giving it some thought, TSG still went ahead with his initial plan and sold HB to his debtor. While on his way, HB saw his parents. The family finally reunited with each other, but was stopped by TSG. He demanded XL and TY to paid to get back HB. 😦

The couple was penniless and decided to lead TSG to their senior’s place to collect the money he requested. The couple senior named Yun Qing (played by Tony Yang). YQ paid TSG as per his request, but held captive of HB and refused to return him to his parents. It angered the couple and together with the help of TSG, the trio combined forces and tried to rescued HB from YQ. 😉

After a series of fighting and multiples of funny remarks thrown around, the trio managed to kick ass on YQ’s butt. He had a pitiful death and HB was rescued and returned back to the couple’s warm embrace. The movie ended with how HB had a happy flight back to a place he called home together with XL and TY!! 😉

In my opinion, I will give this movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Although I enjoy watching this movie, but it was kind of predictable. When I was watching the start of the movie, I can already predict the plot and ending. There seems to be a lack of some surprises. 🙂

If there is a twist of events, it may be able to surprise me and earn a higher score rating. But well, it is indeed a great movie to pass time by. For those of you whom will love to watch the full movie for yourself, go ahead and google for Monster Hunt 2. 😉


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: 恶魔宝宝笨妈咪/Devil Baby Silly Mommy

Hello people!! Today’s blog update will be a book review on a chinese novel which I have just finish reading moments ago. The title of this chinese novel is called 恶魔宝宝笨妈咪/Devil Baby Silly Mommy!! 😉

This book belongs to the romance, comedy and baby category. I spend just one week finish reading this awesome novel. There will be a total of 188 chapters, with a range of 7 to 15 pages each. I totally enjoy myself very much while reading this book!! 😀

The story actually started off with a girl named Tong Hua; at the age of 19 went to look for a man online to take care of her. The man will take up the responsibilities of a partner or lover but TH will only call him as owner. 🙂

After a series of funny situations, TH found the man to be her owner. He would be the main male character for this novel, his name will be Mu You. He accepted TH and let her moved into his apartment. From that day onwards, they behaved like a couple and slowly but surely started to developed romantic feelings for each other. 😉

All the good news came to a stop when TH found out that she was pregnant and MY refused to married her. She was devastated and decided to leave behind her life with MY. TH went back home only to faced with her unloving parents. They insisted TH to abort the baby, it was unsuccessful as TH love MY and would love to give birth to their baby. 😦

TH felt that since her parents never gave her any sort of love since she was young, they have no right whatsoever to lead her towards a path she do not wanted to be. She do not want to abort the baby. She left home and went to stayed with her granny. Her granny accepted her with open hands and later doted on the baby boy named Tong Huan Ye. 😉

After five years, TH brought HY back to the city where MY was living. It was all to attend the baby birthday party of her best friend named Yi Ying. At the party, TH came face to face with MY. MY was upset that TH actually gotten married and even have a child by her side. He wanted to seek revenge against TH. 😦

The revenge went through successfully when TH was being recruited into his company. She took up the role of his private secretary. They started to work along side each other and developed their long lost feelings. HY was curious about their development but he accepted MY unconditionally. He felt there was a connection between them. 😉

After a series of uneventful happenings, TH finally come clean with MY and told him HY was actually his child. The couple decided to hold a romantic wedding with all their love ones and family giving them their blessings. 🙂

The story started to be heart wrenching at this part when HY was being diagnosed with a serious illness. After some good soul willing to donate their bone marrow to HY, he managed to survived and recovered from his illness. The family started to lead a happy ever after life. The story ended with how TH actually gave birth to a baby girl twins for MY. 😉

I would give this story a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. I enjoy myself very much while reading every sentence of this book. I love the chemistry between the main characters. I love how HY would always try to bully TH but would always surrendered when TH was closed to tears!! 😉

For those of you whom would love to read the story for yourselves, go ahead and goggle for the title of this novel called 恶魔宝宝笨妈咪!! It was such an enjoyment to read this book!! It would totally be worthy of your precious time, therefore I highly recommend you people to read the full story. 😉

Hope you people love this book review and would hop on to the internet to look for this book and read it for yourselves!! Have fun, have a great Friday ahead!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛

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Book Review: 家有狐仙/A Fox Fairy

Hello people!! Today’s blog post will be a chinese novel book review!! The title of this chinese novel will be 家有狐仙/A Fox Fairy!! There will be a total of 238 chapters in this book, with a range of 7 to 50 pages in each chapter!! 😉

This book actually belongs to comedy, romance and super natural!! I actually just spent 13 days finish reading this funny and interesting novel!! 😉

The story actually started off with how the main male character called Su Hao Yin was being killed. The reason that causes his death was because there was a Fox Fairy that ran away from Heaven and literally drop from the sky. The Fox Fairy called Zi Er actually killed HY by dropping on him and causes his immediate death. 😀

ZE uses her fairy’s skills to revived HY, in exchange HY will allowed ZE to always be by his side and provide for all her needs. As the days went by, ZE decided to teach HY some of the fairy’s skills, this is to improve his self protection. 🙂

While learning those powerful skills, HY came into contact with Yang Yi and Chen Hao Hao. These two girls would always seek HY’s help to rescue them from dangerous situations. As the level of HY’s kung fu or fairy skills improved, he became much more powerful than the two girls and ordinary humans!! 😀

The story continue to unfold the birth origin of HY and shared about how he actually was a God in his previous life time. He proceeded to uncovered lots of truth, in regards to all people close to him actually all held a part of his past. Being a carefree soul, he did not held all the secrets being hide from him to heart. 😉

As the days went by, his kungfu increased profusely. The people from all walks of life started to came into contact with him. They wanted to steal his kungfu and named it as their own after killing HY. With the three girls (ZE, HH, YY) help, HY managed to fight off all attacks easily. 🙂

The story continue to unfold how HY actually fight his way up to Heaven and all his way down to Hell to rescued ZE. This will be one of the main highlights of this novel. I totally enjoyed myself while reading this part, amazingly well written!! 😀

I shall not share anymore about this part. You people will need to read it for yourselves to have the thrilling and captivating feeling!! In the end the story ended with how HY and all the girls continue their ordinary university student’s lifestyles!! 😉

Personally I would totally give this story a 4.9 out of 5 stars!! I really enjoyed myself very much while reading this chinese novel. I only spent 13 days finish this novel as the story was really interesting and a total page turner!! 😉

I love the banter between HY and the girls. Especially how ZE always tried to molest HH or YY, whenever she was being caught red handed, she would always push the blame to HY!! In the end HY would always got beaten to a pulp by the two ladies!! It never fails to bring a smile to my lips whenever I read this part!! 😀

For those of you whom would love to read it for youselves, go ahead and google for the title 家有狐仙!! Hope you people will enjoy this novel as much as I did!! 😛


BookwormMindy 🙂

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Book Review: 厨娘嫁到/Arrival of Best Chef

Hello everyone!! Today’s blog post will be on a book review for a chinese novel titled 厨娘嫁到/Arrival of Best Chef. This book belongs to the comedy, romance and time travel category! 😉

There will be a total of 142 chapters with each chapter consisting of a range from 12 to 50 pages. I literally spent a good three weeks to finish reading this book. It was kind of cute and sweet to read, the interaction between the main lead was totally heart warming!! 😉

The story started off with how a world famous lady cook named Li Wan Ru was being invited to a party at her new workplace. She dressed elegantly and attended the party happily without knowing it would literally changed her life (for the better)!! At the party she was being introduced to her new boss named Mr Mu. 😉

A situation occured and WR was being unconcious at the embrance of Mr Mu. The moment she open her eyes, all her surroundings changed to ancient items and people dressed differently. She felt mortified, after she spoke to the locals, she came to the realization that she actually travelled back to the ancient times. 😀

While she was wandering the streets, she met a little girl whom happened to be a princess. They became good friends, they shared their food and spend lots of time together. WR would always cooked delicious food for the little girl named Qian Gu. One day, while WR was window shopping on the streets, she met a little boy named Cheng Ling Long. 😉

LL would always act harmless and make WR pity him. WR decided to keep LL and QG by her side and take good care of them. The two kiddos lied to WR that they were lost and do not have parents. As the days blend together, LL came to the realization that he had fallen in love with WR and wanted to marry her. 😉

LL forced QG to cooperate with him to make WR married him. Their mission was a huge success, although WR was kind of upset that she would not have any sex life (what with LL being a little boy)!! WR did love LL though, as the days went by, they enjoy their married life very well. 😉

Until one day when the family and friends of LL visited, WR realised that LL was actually a grown up man. The reason why he became a little boy was because he suffered some poison which causes him to turn into a little boy at the same day each year. He continued to appeared in the form of a little boy so as to make WR abid to all his whims!! 😛

When WR found out, she was livid!! She forced and threatened LL to promised never to lie to her again. Of course, LL would agree whole heartedly. The family and friends of LL all love WR, as they find her cute and kind hearted. Not to mention she could cooked up a storm of delicious and mouth watering food!! 🙂

The couple was overjoyed when they found out that WR was pregnant. When WR gave birth to a boy named Cheng Jing Yang, LL felt both joyful and heart pain. Joyful for having a gift from God which signify that JY was the outcome from his love with WR. Heart pain was because WR suffered a difficult labour while giving birth to JY!! 😉

When JY was three months old, WR was being striked by lightning and died. LL was devastated and stayed by her body for a whole year before he decided to end his own life to follow her path. 😦

The story proceeded to share that WR woke up into the modern times. She saw Mr Mu by her side, she realised that he had a lot of similarities with LL. After confirming with him, she realised that there were the same person. After some time, the couple got married in modern times too. The story shared that they lived a happy life after their wedding!! 😀

You would think the story ended right here? Nope, you were in the wrong. The author continue to write how the couple’s child; JY grew up to be such a handsome and independent man in the ancient times. He met his true love, a modern girl whom also happened to travelled back to the ancient times. 😉

It took both of them to spend a period of time together before they realised that they were love at first sight. The couple decided to seek the emperor’s blessing before they held their wedding!! In the end, the couple had a super lavished wedding with all their love ones by their side!! 😉

Personally I would give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!! It was really touching and heart warming to read the love story between WR and LL. The chemistry between the main characters and their friends was both funny and interesting!! 😉

Anyway I really enjoyed reading this story. For those of you whom would love to read the full story for youself, go ahead and google for the title 厨娘嫁到/Arrival of Best Chef!! 😉


BookwormMindy 😀