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Book Review:- 天才萌宝:亿万爹地好闷骚

Hello ladies and gentleman, today’s blog post will be a Chinese novel titled 天才萌宝:亿万爹地好闷骚. There will be a total of 313 chapters in this book, each chapter with an estimate of 17 pages. This book belongs to the category of romance, action and adventure. 😉

The story started off with how the main female character named Ye Yu escaped from her martial art home and arrived to a nearby city. Upon her arrival at a new environment, she saw a couple getting married. YY saved the bride from a bullet, the groom admitted to attempting killing his bride and with YY’s interference, the groom’s plan failed miserably. 😦

YY was shocked at the groom named Tang Ling’s confession. She fled the scene at the next minute. The two met at night at a local popular club, YY’s drink was being spiked by someone and causes her to get drugged. During her drugged haze, she managed to come face to face with TL but failed to recognised him at all. 😉

YY decided to bed TL and yet TL did not reject her tempting body. The two had a great time enjoying each other’s company and fell asleep once the deed was done. YY woke up first and was shocked to find a man on her bed, she left some bill by the bedside and fled off into the night. 😉

When TL woke up, he felt like a boy escort when he saw those dollar bills, he was livid and wanted to tracked down YY. The story continues with how TL’s bride named Su Yun tracked down YY and managed to get YY to follow her to a particular mountain. Upon arrival, SY pushed YY to her death. 😦

YY was being saved by a doctor and brought back to her martial art home. Because YY was the descendents of a particular special family, she possessed a blood that could revived her even after she died. Meaning, YY will never die. Anyway, after a period of time YY was revived and realised that she was pregnant. She decided to give birth and a few months later she became a mother of a boy and girl. 😉

Baby boy was named Ye Xuan while the baby girl was named Ye Zi. The story fast forward to five years later when YY and YZ came back to the nearby city to travel. Upon arrival, they met TL and he was shocked to see the YZ having a similar face to his. At this point, YY lost her memory and could not recognised TL while TL totally forgotten about YY. :/

After a few encounters, TL realises that he was the father of YX and YZ. He also fallen in love with YY all over again, therefore he went to great length to get her to fall in love with him too. Of course being the main male character, TL succeeded in starting a relationship with YY. The couple went through a series of difficult and dangerous situations before they would finally enjoy a happy ending. 😉

At the end of the story, YY realises her family background and managed to successfully seek revenge and kill off her enemy. The couple even managed to finish off all the bad guys in this story and enjoy a great time with their family and friends. This will be a long story and will definitely need the reader to have lots of patient to read finish this novel. 😉

Personally I will give this novel a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I totally enjoy reading the interaction between YY and TL, not to mention their adorable and smart children called YX and YZ. Whenever the family get together, they will always managed to bring a smile to my lips. 😉

The readers can also look out for quite a few chapters with martial arts involved and how the couple bashed their enemies up. It was always a fun read when YY was being involved in beating her enemies to a pulp. For those of you whom would love to read the full story, go ahead and goggle for the title of this novel 天才萌宝:亿万爹地好闷骚. Hope you people enjoy reading it too. 😉


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