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Book Review:- A Demon’s Desire

Hello everybody, today’s blog post will be a book review on an English novel titled A Demon’s Desire!! There will be a total of 6 chapters, each with an estimate of 66 pages. It was written by a Wattpad author named Lizzy Ford. It belongs to the category of romance, paranormal and magical. 😉

The story started off with how the female main character named Emma was seeking help at a place called Demon Alley to cure her cursed niece named Sissy. It was near to night time before she approached the last shop and met the male main character named Tristan. 😉

At first glance she felt intimidated by Tristan, but after some discussion on her problem, she felt much more comfortable in his presence. Emma left out some important point of her problem and still managed to get Tristan to agreed to help her. They exchanged a deal that Emma will sleep with Tristan once he managed to lift the curse from the dying Sissy. :/

Tristan set off to Sissy’s house the next day and met the sick girl along with her mother named Amber and granny which preferred to be called MaMa. Both Amber and MaMa treated Tristan like any normal guy even after feeling his darkness first hand. MaMa even referred to him as Emma’s dark angel. Tristan felt at ease with Emma’s family. 🙂

It took some time before Tristan managed to finally lifted the curse from Sissy. It was another two days before Sissy returned to her normal bubbly self. Everyone was relieved to see a healthy and cheerful Sissy. At this point of time, Tristan came to realised that Emma had a love triange with a black witch named Olivia and a sorry excuse of a man named Adam. 😦

It was Olivia whom placed the curse on Emma through Adam’s gift for her, but because Emma left the object in Sissy’s bedroom that causes the curse to be transferred to Sissy. Anyway, Emma was guilty for causing Sissy to go through so much discomfort. Emma came clean with Tristan about her bad romance with Adam and it was Olivia seeking revenge on Emma because Adam killed himself after breaking up with Emma. Olivia blamed Emma for Adam’s death. 😦

At this time, Tristan’s twin named Jeffrey abducted Emma and brought her to Olivia. Jeffrey tried to get Emma to choose him over Tristan. Emma rejected instantly because she saw through Jeffrey’s act. Tristan managed to rescued Emma from the evil cooperation of Jeffrey and Olivia. The two managed to escaped before the building exploded and became ash. 🙂

The story ended with how Jeffrey and Olivia went to where they belong and that will be hell. Meanwhile Tristan and Emma decided to start all over again. The couple managed to get the blessings from Emma’s family. 😉

I enjoy reading this story alot, cause it has tons of magical action in it. Especially during the last two chapters of this novel. Personally I will give this novel a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I like how the story unfolds and the chemistry between Emma and Tristan was cute. For those of you whom would love to read the full story, go ahead and goggle for the title A Demon’s Desire!! Hope you will enjoy reading it!! 😀


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