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Movie Review: Girl Missing (2015)

Hi people!! This time round I am back with a movie review on Girl Missing, a movie which first released in year 2015!! I have spent a good 1 hour and 29 mins watching this triller packed with full of mystery. I enjoy spending a good part of the movie guessing who the bad guy is in this movie. Although I have to say it was kind of a dead giveaway once the main character named Jane saw their family photo in her father’s study room!! 😉

The movie is about how a girl went missing when she was young. 15 years later, she grew up into a young lady whom wanted to dig more about her childhood and family (if she still have any). One day, she received news that a lady claiming to be her mother wanted to meet up with her. 🙂

Although they already went for a DNA test, they can’t wait for the results to be out… Jane’s mother named Sylvia invited Jane to their family estate located out of town surrounded by woods. Jane being touched that she finally come into contact with her family, agreed to visit her childhood home on the spot. 🙂

When Jane reached the estate she saw a little girl standing at a spot and looking at her. When she gave chase to her, the little girl was gone in a blink of an eye. Feeling weird and curious, she proceeded to knocked on the door, the family’s estate keeper named Theresa open the door and introduced herself to Jane. Sylvia was estatic that Jane was finally by her side again after all these years. 🙂

Sylvia then introduced to Jane her new husband named Carlo. Jane was curious about her father’s whereabouts. After checking with Sylvia, she came to realized that her father named Robert was dead after a few months of her gone missing!! Sylvia then married to Carlo and lived together in the family estate. :/

Sylvia later shared with Jane that Robert shot himself in his study room. She proceed to show her daughter the location of the study room and Jane saw the family photo. It gave her a vibe that her parents are not as lovely and happily married to each other as Sylvia was trying to potray to her. Since her parents was having a forced smile on their faces when the picture was being taken. 😦

She got a feeling that Sylvia didn’t really love her as a daughter when she was young as well. As in the photo, young Jane or I should say Savannah (Jane’s original childhood name) was standing a distance away from Sylvia, yet Sylvia was holding onto Savannah’s upper arms trying to get her to stand closer to potray a happy family vibe in the photo and failed. The photo gave off a strange vibe and an unhappy family feeling instead. 😦
At night, Jane always dreamt of Savannah running around the house. Savannah even hide inside a cellar located her the kitchen. Upon her waking up, she proceeded to follow Savannah’s footsteps in her dream and found the cellar. Jane also happened to got back some of her memory of being Savannah when she was young inside the same cellar. 🙂

Jane located the stack of drawings she drew about her feelings when she was young. The drawings indicated that Carlo was already in the picture when she was young, he had a affair with her mother behind Robert’s back. Carlo was always being mean to Savannah. 😦

The movie continued with how it was Carlo burying Savannah all those years ago. The bad thing was, Carlo was about to do it all over again. He overheard the conversation between Sylvia with Jane saying the family estate still belows to Jane instead of Sylvia. Sylvia wanted Jane to signed the legal documents to give a share of the family estate to her as well. Jane informed that she will give it some thoughts. 🙂

Carlo proceeded to give Jane a drink, which she drank and went unconcious after. Carlo brought Jane to the cellar and locked her there. Informing Jane the only way to get out was to signed those legal documents to transfer the rights of all her assets (I forgot to mention that Robert was a billionaire in New York City and after his death he left all his assets to Savannah) to Carlo!! Jane refused to signed those documents, Carlo left her locked in the cellar. 😦

Theresa being the life saver rescued Jane from the cellar. Jane wanted to contact the police but was stopped by Sylvia claiming that Carlo was mentally unstable and meant no harm. Theresa went ahead to contact the police but was being stabbed in the chest by Sylvia. Theresa fainted right after. 😦

Panicked Jane ran off, but was being stopped by Carlo. Jane tried to barge her way through Carlo’s defence but failed miserably. She was being thrown across the house and knocked unconcious. By the time she gained her conciousness, she was being brought into the woods which Carlo dumped her into the hole digged solely for Jane. He proceeded to filled the hole with the dirt and finished off his dirty deed in a matter of seconds. The crazy mad man!! 😦

At this crucial timing, Jane’s mobile phone went off, ringing off the hook. Carlo uses his dirty fingers and dig through the earth locating for her phone and took out the battery. Meanwhile Jane was up and trying to strangle Carlo with the ropes he uses to tie her hands. Carlo was too strong for Jane, being a determinded young woman Jane climbs up the hole and uses her head to knocked Carlo back into the hole. 😀

Jane proceeded to used the shovel that Carlo just used to dig her grave (like literally) and swing with all her might in Carlo’s direction. It took the third swing before Carlo was knocked off dead. I was cheering for Jane while watching this part!! Great swing you have there Jane, bombastic job!! 😛

After finishing off Carlo, she drove her way back to the family estate and a deranged Sylvia awaits her. Sylvia was the one mentally unstable. Jane called the police and awaited their arrival to bring Sylvia to the physiatrist home. Jane finally have the rights to the family estate all to herself and Theresa (yeah, it was awesome that she survived that stab from Sylvia)!! 😀

Personally I seriously enjoyed this movie. It was fun guessing along to the story line and clues being given every second the movie screened. I would give it a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars!! Definitely more room for improvements, a more suave baddie for example? 😛

Today’s movie review is definitely a long post. Anyway, for those of you whom are interested to watch this great movie with your own eyes, go ahead and google for Girl Missing (2015). Hope you enjoy watching it as much as me!! 😛


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