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Movie Review: Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

Hello everyone, this time round my blog update will be on a movie review titled Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates!! This movie was screen in year 2016 with a romance comedy tag with adventure catergory!! 🙂

The movie was an enjoyable experience to go crazy along side the four main characters named Mike, Tatiana, Dave and Alice!! The movie started with how Mike and Dave always screwing up every family gathering or relative’s wedding celebration with their screw up ways!! 😉

Therefore their parents and little sister (Jeanie) decided to warned them to get dates in order for them to allowed into Jeanie’s wedding. The brothers decided to post an advertisement on the internet for dates to bring along to their beloved little sister’s wedding. Tons of woman applied for these two vacancies but failed. 😉

Until one day, Tatiana and Alice made themselves look like respectable good girls and come upon Mike and Dave to introduced themselves to the brothers. After some time spend together, both Mike and Dave decided to bring these girls along to Hawaii for Jeanie’s wedding!! 🙂

Upon their arrival at Hawaii, the girls went around having fun while the brothers felt defeated at having met upon these two girls that always out done them at everything!! Among all the chaos created by these four troublemakers, Jeanie was faced with a decision that cost her future. She cannot make up her mind if she should marry her fiance; Eric. Jeanie thinks that Eric is just too boring for her liking… :/

The four troublemakers help Jeanie to come face to face with her heart and show her love to Eric. In the end these two lovebirds managed to get the wedding bells ringing right on time!! Meanwhile Tatiana still prefer getting to know Mike on a professional basis with her working under Mike’s alcoholic selling business. 😀

While Dave and Alice was getting to know more about each other. The more they got to know of the other, the more they fall in love. They decided to become a couple themselves!! I love how the movie ended with how the brothers still managed to shoot fireworks into the sky… But in the end turned out to shoot fire in all directons around the group of guests~ 😛

Personally I will give these movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars! I love all movies starring Anna Kendrick!! Love her acting skills and personality, such bubbly and hyper active vibe!! 🙂

The only thing I don’t really like about this movie was there were tons of vulgarities spewing out of the character’s mouth. It was kind of spoiling the movie… -.-

But well, other than that everything about this movie was kind of great. It was especially funny how Mike was always bawling his eyes out, yet no tears to be seen!! Love the chemistry between Dave and Alice!! Tatiana was a fun personality for this movie as well!! 😛

For those of whom are interested to watched this full movie, go ahead and google for the movie Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates!! 😀



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