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Deep In Thoughts

Hi everyone!! Today’s blog post will be just my random rambling on my recent happenings. 😉

For those of you whom are looking forward to another book review or drama review need to wait for the next update. Since I have yet to finish reading my current novel (another 65 chapters to go before I am at the ending of the book). Stay tuned for it. 🙂

Anyway back to the topic at hand, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog post purely to share with everyone my feelings and thoughts. Recently or more accurately on Thursday my boss at work called up everyone in the company to gathered together for a short announcement. :/

It was an announcement to let everyone know that a retrenchment is just round the corner. My first reaction was wow this is my first time facing this type of situation, hopefully it will be the last time in this lifetime to be in such a situation. My boss also shared that the list of employees who got retrench will be notified latest at the end of this month. 😦

He also shared that there will be a “goodbye” to at least one person in every department. After giving some thoughts and eliminating, I am guessing that I will be the one to say “goodbye” in our team!! 😦

Of course everything is not yet confirmed or disclosed at the moment being. But well, me being me, I always prepare myself for the worst and hope for the best!! 🙂

I spend my free time thinking of all the pros and cons of leaving this company vs staying and continue working here!! It seems that the cons is winning the battle. Seems like there isnt any real good reasons I should continue working in this place. 🙂

Main reason is the old saying goes “better working for a good boss with a shitty job than working a great job with a shitty boss”!! You get the drift dont you?! 😉

I am definitely not saying my boss is shitty. Just not as capable as the ones that choosen to left this company behind them!! :/

Therefore moral of the story is even if I am given the green light to leave, I guess I wouldnt be too shocked or sad. Since everything happens for a reason and God will always be there to look out for me and plan an awesome path out for my future route!! 🙂

I shall continue to go to work everyday with a prepared mentality to leave the workplace in the next second but also continue to give my best to my work. Not to forget to strive for the best always!! 😉

Let’s all continue to work hard and play harder!! Fighting!! I felt so much better and less troubled after sharing my feelings and thoughts with whoever are reading this blog post now!! Cheer on for me yeah?!! 😛

Goodbye (For the day),

BookwormMindy 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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