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Drama Review: My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week

Hi people!! Today I am here to share with you a drama review on a Korean drama which I spent a week finish watching. The title of this adult based drama is called My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week.

This drama is actually more for the adults since the whole drama revolves around the main cast of Lee Sun Kyun (the guy in tears in the above picture) trying to stop his wife from cheating on him on a weekend! Song Ji Hyo (the lady with the moustach) is his wife, she went for the meeting at a hotel lying to her husband that she was there for a business meeting. 😦 

Her husband saw through her lies as he accidentally saw a guy named Michael sending cheesy texts to his wife. The texts is something along the lies of cant wait to meet her at a specific hotel on a weekend with the timing attached. 😦

In the end the wife was being caught in the act of entering the room with the cheater, her husband was pissed off and asked for a divorced without meaning for it. The drama continue to drags on for around 9 episodes on how the couple came to a decision of actually going through with the divorce. But in their heart they still cares deeply for each other!! 🙂

Meanwhile at the other side, Lee Sang Yeob (the guy with a cross on his mouth in the picture above) was trying real hard to date BoA (the lady who is smiling in the picture above) but to no avail since BoA always rejected his proposal. 😉

Not to forget there is another married couple in this drama which is Kim Hee Won (the guy with the devil horn in the picture above) and Ye Ji Won (the lady with the thick eyebrows). Kim Hee Won always have the ability to have affair with different sorts of pretty woman behind his wife’s back. 😦

All along Ye Ji Won knew that her husband cheating behaviour, but simply because she love him too much, she bear with his affairs. Until one day she could no longer take it, she divorced with him. Took revenge against his affair partners and made him a penniless beggar. 🙂

The drama came to an ending with Lee Sun Kyun decided to get back together with his ex-wife; Song Ji Hyo. I guess they will continue to be there for each other and see their only son grow up into a young man. 🙂

As for Lee Sang Yeob and BoA, the two decided to move in and live together. Although BoA seems nervous with Lee Sang Yeob’s affectionate gestures, she seems quite enjoying the process of being together with him. 🙂

Last but not least, Ye Ji Won actually took a rifle and shot Kim Hee Won since he refused to leave her property. In the face of rifle aiming at him, he ran for his life. The next day he returned to her property begging for her mercy and love. Ye Ji Won casually throw a brick at his direction. The scene ended with tricklets of blood dripping on his face. The lousy excuse of a man!! Serves him right for his state of existance. 🙂

I guess at the start of the drama it was kind of boring for me. Since the male lead is always in a nervous state that his wife is going to cheat on him on that particular weekend!! :/

But after a few episodes, the story moved on and it was getting more realistic, I mean this drama exist for a very realistic reason and that is there are getting much more divorce couples in the world every seconds. 😦

Couples break up or married couple divorced for a reason! Most reasons is cheating on their partners. This is the main reason and topic this drama keep emphasing!! :/ 

Personally I like the ending episode very much. It wrapped up the whole drama in a clean cut manner. Those that deserves to be happy, continue their happily ever after. Those that deserves revenge, gotten it and survived it. I will give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!! 🙂

Since a viewer seldom have a chance to come across a drama with such depth!! I guess if you give this drama a chance of your time, it will be able to make you think that there is much more happening between a couple than it seems. 🙂

Hope you will be able to enjoy this adult drama as much as me. 🙂


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