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Drama Review: W – Two Worlds

Hihi there again!! This is gonna be today’s second blog update. This time round it will be about a drama review on a korean drama titled W – Two Worlds which I just watched the finale epidode a hour ago!! 😉

This drama is a romance comedy with a hint of thriller suspense, it consists of 16 episodes!! The main cast is Lee Jong Suk potraying a comic character coming to life called Kang Chul and Han Hyo Joo potraying a doctor in reality but being able to travelled into the comic, her character is called Oh Yeon Joo. 🙂

This is an amazing drama to watch. It just seems to have the ability to cause the viewer to catch all 16 episodes in one sitting!! 😀

Anyway let me introduce the story to you now before I share more of my thoughts on this drama with you!! Oh Yeon Joo’s dad is a comic artist and he created a comic named W which main character is Kang Chul. One day, he wanted to end Kang Chul’s life in the comic but Kang Chul resisted and grabbed Yeon Joo into the comic world. 🙂

Yeon Joo was surprised to see Kang Chul as a living human. She recovered from the shock and proceed to save Kang Chul. After succeeding in saving him, she was being pull back to reality. After some time she was being called back into the comic world and after a few times of doing so, she developed feelings for Kang Chul. 🙂

But she was being suspected as a suspect for hurting Kang Chul (when in actual fact she is the saviour), she was being put into prison and to save her from this situation, Kang Chul thought of a plan to marry her by forging documents that the both of them was married for some time. 🙂

Slowly as the days went by, Kang Chul really love Yeon Joo and wanted to know how she can vanish right infront of his eyes. Yeon Joo disclose that he is actually a main character in a comic book. Kang Chul was shocked and once again Yeon Joo vanised then and there!! :O

After a series of events the couple finally managed to come back to reality and live happily ever after. 🙂

It was sweet looking at how those two always tried to protect each other from harm’s way. The thriller and suspence was there when the killer in the comic book always have his own ways and means to tracked down Kang Chul and causes him to be in a dangerous situation!! 😦

Overall I would definitely recommend this awesome drama to everyone that I know to watch it. W is a wonderfully created drama, it was based on a real comic book. 😉

I would give it a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, since it was my first time coming across such a new concept of story plot. Not to mention the cast of this drama is totally hunks and beauties!! 🙂

It is always a joy to look at pretty things (well and good looking people)!! 😛

Therefore to those whom have yet to come across or watch it, do go ahead and look for this korean drama W-Two Worlds!! You definitely will enjoy this drama as much as I do!! 🙂


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