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Drama Review: Bring It On, Ghost! 

Hi readers! I am back with a korean drama review titled Bring It On, Ghost!! The main cast is Ok Taec Yeon as Park Bong Pal, Kim So Hyun as Kim Hyun Ji and Kwon Yul as Ju Hye Sung!! It was originally a webtoon which was being translated into an idol drama in Korea!! 🙂 

I spent a week catching up on this awesome korean drama!! I am finally here to share with you all about the stories in this drama. Hopefully I can interest you to watch this idol drama too. 🙂

This drama is about a guy named Park Bong Pal having the ability to see ghosts wherever he goes. There is an evil spirit gathering around him and wanted to take over his body. Bong Pal’s parents made a ritual tool which is a bracelet for him. The family close friend which is a monk helps to force the evil spirit to leave Bong Pal alone. 🙂

After the ritual, Bong Pal’s mother made another braclet for him. But before she could pass him the bracelet she was being killed by the evil spirit right infront of Bong Pal’s eyes. It left Bong Pal a scar~ 😦

As the days goes by, Bong Pal is no longer afraid of all the ghosts he saw daily. He learned to fight off those ghosts that wanted to cause him harm and guide those lost ghosts to the peaceful ether world. 🙂

Until one day, the evil spirit found Bong Pal again. This time he came back in a human form as his professor in Bong Pal’s university. Professor Ju Hye Sung wanted to destroyed the bracelet but he was unable to locate it. He went after Bong Pal’s father, which was reluctant to reveal the location of the bracelet. Professor Ju killed him. 😦

In actual fact Bong Pal’s father have already passed the bracelet to a female student named Kim Hyun Ji. She was later knocked down by Professor Ju. He took her school bag but found nothing in regards to the bracelet. He was frustrated. But this “accident” causes Hyun Ji to be in a coma for five years. 😦

While Hyun Ji was a soul she met Bong Pal, she lost her memory and thought she was dead. As the days goes by the two fall in love. Just when there were about to have a sweet lovey dovey relationship, Hyun Ji woke up from the coma. Which in turns her soul went back to her physical body and she forgot about Bong Pal. 😦

Bong Pal got close to her and re-introduces himself to Hyun Ji as her boyfriend. Hyun Ji didnt believe him. But after a period of time, she developed feelings for him. But was being forced to go back to her hometown to study for her college. 😦

She promised Bong Pal she will meet him in university soon. At this time Professor Ju kidnapped Hyun Ji, Bong Pal and the monk found them. Together they killed the evil spirit in Professor Ju’s body. 🙂

After some time, Hyun Ji finally got into the university Bong Pal was in. They got together and was happy that they finally got to meet up in person after such a long time. The drama ended with a romantic note. 😉

This is a sixteen episode korean idol drama. I totally love the cast, all such hunks and beauties. When they are not hunks, at least there is humor to make up for their lack of appearance, an example is the monk and Bong Pal’s university friends!! 😛

For those whom are interested to watch the full drama you can go ahead and google for Bring It On, Ghost! 🙂

Personally I will give it a high rating of 9.9 out of 10 stars!! I seriously love the chemistry between Bong Pal and Hyun Ji. They are seriously such a cute couple!! 😉

At the start of the drama there will be a theme for each episode with how Bong Pal and Hyun Ji defeat the ghosts together. I like how the writer of this drama plot this story, there is always a morale behind each episode!! 😉

Hope you people will enjoy this drama as much as I do. Hope you like my drama review too!! 😀


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