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Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets

Hi ladies and gentleman!! I am back for another movie review!! I have finally just watch the hot movie in town. It started screening just on 1st September 2016 in Singapore! 🙂

Imagine my hyper-ness when I saw the movie poster being posted all around town’s MRT station. Whenever I walk there is sure to be a tiny reminder to show the public that this cute animation movie is up and for all to go into the cinema to enjoy!! 🙂

Anyway I just watch finish this cute movie and wanted to write up a movie review and share with everyone!! 🙂 This movie is about a group of animals living in a building in Manhattan. It shows everyone what their daily routine consists of when respective owner left the flat for their work or school time. 🙂

I fall in love with Snowball (all cute and fluffy white) at first sight and more so while watching the movie. I become totally crazily in love with Snowball when the movie ended and he was being kept as a pet by a little girl living in the same building as Max!! 😉

Snowball is seriously all cute and can be quite cunning and scary when he squint his eyes (but cute all the same)!! One day Max’s owner named Katie brought home another big dog name Duke and the two dogs do not get along well at first sight! 😦

Over some misunderstanding, both was caught by the animal pound workers and nearly end up at the pound. Lucky for them, Snowball wind up at the scene and saved them upon hearing the fake reason due to why they were being caught. The two doggy lied to Snowball telling him they killed their owner therefore they were on their way being sent to the animal pound. :/

Snowball believed them and brought them back to his underground sewer headquarter. At there he found out that Max and Duke actually lied to him. He was really mad at them. Shouted out commands to get these two killed but failed miserably and also losing a viper as a consequences!! 🙂

At the other hand other animals (birdy, grey cat Chole, black dog, bull dog and guine pig) all come together to save Max…. and Duke, all at Chole’s insistence (Chole fall in love with Max a long time ago)!! 🙂

Of course being an animation film it have a wonderful ending of Max and Duke being saved by SNOWBALL!! My little white fluffy hero!! 😀

They all went back to their house and enjoy the night with their respective owners!! 🙂

I will give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!! Totally love all the animals in this film!! Totally worth spending 1hr and 30mins to enjoy this cute movie on a Saturday afternoon!! If you have yet to watch it, quick hop by to the nearest cinema or hop online and watch it!! You wont regret such a cute and witty animation. 😀

Especially before the start of this movie there is a cute clip of the minions appearing helping the old folks to do gardening to earn money to buy a blender to blend their favorite (Banana)!! 😀

Hope everyone have a great Saturday ahead!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😛



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets

  1. I haven’t seen anything about this movie coming to our area yet, I do enjoy those animated movies too!!! Great review!!👍🏽😊👍🏽

  2. Thanks James! It is a must to watch this movie all credit goes to the bunny Snowball! Such a cutie pie!! 😁

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