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Book Review: A Daydream Away

Hi all fellow bookworms!! I am back for an update about a book review for the latest book I have just finish reading!! 🙂 

This time round it is titled A Daydream Away. Just the title of the books makes it such a romantic dream!! It can be considered as a short story for only fifteen chapters in it!! 🙂

The storyline for this book may be look down upon for people that may be seeking thrilling or new factors for a romance novel. But for those of you whom are seeking for a comfy novel to read while having a cup of tea (or any beverage of your choices) at your side, planting your behind on your favorite couch on a great relaxing weekend… A Daydream Away will be your choice!! 🙂

This book is nothing fancy, storyline can be at times kind of cheesy and your normal teenager relationship style of writing. But it is also because of such factors as mention above that brings the feel of nostalgic to you (or me) at times that makes reading it a very comfortable feeling!! 🙂

We can relate to it easily and remember those old good times when similar situations have happened to us (ten thousands years ago, just kidding about the number of years part, did I get a chuckle out of you?). Ohhh I just realize that I have yet to introduce to you all the book main storyline~ (Blushing madly like a rip tomato)

The male and female lead get to know each other since 5 years old. The place they got to know each other was at kindergarten. The male lead named Ethan James (Toto nickname by female lead) walked up to the female lead named Avery Nicole Parks (Ace nickname by Ethan) and asked her if he could join her in playing with Legos. Avery agreed and from then on they became the best of friends!! 😀

For the next sixteen years they stayed by each other sides. Stand up for each other and supported the other whenever they needed it. They each had been into a few relationship throughout those years, but none of them lasted for good.

Until one day Avery was being asked out by a guy named Austin Matthews she like in her public speaking class. They hit it off well and went into a stable relationship for about six months. In that few months of dating they had a few fights here and there and it always started with Ethan being the cause. 😦

Due to Austin always wanting to get into the pants of Avery and being denied the access. Another part of the reason for those unnecessary fight will be because Austin was jealous that Avery gave most of her attention to Ethan instead of himself. Austin argued that as her boyfriend he got to spent too little time together with Avery. It managed to make Avery feel both annoyance and frustration!! It pissed her off to no ends!! 😦

One day Avery and Ethan went on a family trip to Bermuda. They both felt the pull of attraction there. When they got back home they even avoided each other for a few weeks to have both their head cleared. 

Until one fine day Ethan cant stand the loneliness and quietness from Avery and decided to ask her out to hang out together as best friend. Avery agreed. They went to a local pub and have a few alcoholic drinks, a few dances and shared a harmless kiss then Avery drive both back to Ethan’s apartment.

At Ethan’s place, he managed to convinced Avery to stay the night. Both ended up cuddling and falling asleep with their clothes on (what were you thinking har? 😉 ) The next morning when they woke up from their sweet cuddling and well rested bodies, they decided to get together for good!! 😀

Avery broke off with Austin. The story then continued with a great happy ending whereby Avery got married to Ethan. Their wedding took place after 19 years of getting to know each other!! 🙂

It is so sweet that they pass through the process of being classmates, friends, best friends, lovers and finally husband and wife!! 🙂

Quick go to wattpad to look for this cute book if you want to read the full story of their falling in love process!! Titled A Daydream Away written by youXfoundXme. 🙂

Personally I love how this cute book’s ending. It ended beautifully!! 🙂 I will give it a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars!! 😉

Wish you all have fun reading this cute short story! Have a great weekend while you are at it!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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