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Passed 8 Months

Hi people!! I am back for my weekly updates for my life happenings!! 😀

The above cartoon character was from the Disney movie: Inside Out. I have yet to watch this movie although I will make it a point to catch it this weekend!! 🙂

My senior sales engineer was trying to cheer us all up for the Friday mood and spend some time doing this up. She made everyone in our Sales Team burst out laughing (like literally) at the expense of yours truly (although to be really honest, I dont mind, I had tons of fun laughing along with them)!! 😛

The above college was part one. Have you done reading? Have you started laughing along with me now?? What?!! Not yet??!! Nevermind!! Continue to read the college below… 😀

Now now now~ Are you literally laughing out loud already?? Actually there was quite a few emails that we exchanges among our team members which was confidential to outsiders (wink wink)!! 😀

But since you people are my lovely blog readers, I will share just a small part wit you all. Jo m(my fellow colleague) said she will print out this email and stick it to my cubicle. My sales manager / Daniel replied that she need to print and paste all over the warehouse!! 🙂

And I am like “Why like that?!! No, dont do that. This is confidential business, need to keep it that way… Shhhhh”.. And that happens to make everyone replied the email all at one go ~ 😀

Although today at work was at a considerably normal pace it was still kinda exhausting at the end of the day!! 🙂 But well on s happier note, I will get to rest well for my coming long weekend!! 😀

Time to catch up on all my dramas, variety shows, movies, books and updating this private space of mine!! Be prepared to check in once per day (may be more updates than that per day for the next few days, hope I wont be getting on your nerves)!!! 😛

Anyway the last few days at work was crazily hectic. With tons of things to be done and not enough time at all!! 🙂

As my colleague GH seems to be a bit too stressed up doing the delivery list to one of out biggest customer and kept making unnecessary mistakes that Daniel was kind of running low and practically at the brink of melt down with the customers’ complaint emails!! 😦

Therefore the responsibility was being placed back on to me!! Seriously I dont know to be happy or sad!! As doing this delivery list can be really a challenging case!! But well on a happy note, it can keep my brain cells active!! 😀

Daniel also mentioned that the customers seem to like the twins (Jo and me) much better as compare to GH. He shared this realization with us privately. I asked him if I should be elated or sadden by this news. His response was depend on which perspective I am viewing this issue!! -.-|||

I am currently feeling great with all the positive energy rotating around my surroundings!! 😀 I am feeligg chill out and relaxation ~.~

Happy that I actually managed to do two book reviews on a weekday. Happy that I am facing the prospect of a long weekend literally lying right infront of me!! Happy for surviving well in the adult world and getting along great with all my colleagues, bosses and customers!! 😀

Feeling thankful and blessful and pure bliss for all good things that have befall on me and please continue to do so!! 😀

Without realising it, time literally fly by so fast that I have just passed eight months working in this company!! And to be honest, I am still enjoying every minute and seconds I am working in this fantastic environment!! 😀

I love all my colleagues, superiors, bosses and customers!! Hope they love me back and continue to treat me well and better than before by a million folds!! 😀

Hope everyone have an awesome weekend!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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