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Grateful For All Love Shower On Me!!

Hi everybody!! First of all, let me wish everyone a big HAPPY FRIDAY!! 😀 Hooray!! It is finally Friday!! Being counting down to you since Monday!! 😛

Today is a happy day. Firstly, simply because today is Friday (I am in a hyper mood since this morning)!! Secondly, because it is Friday we get to leave workplace half an hour earlier than other weekdays!! Simple blessing that make my day so much happier!! Thirdly, today lots of people shower me with their love (different forms of love but it is the thoughts that counts, and action speaks louder than words)!!! 😀

Although it has been raining since morning with only a short break in the afternoon, it did not affect my mood at all!! 😉

Work load for this week is managable. What with we have the best team members all present for every day and the amount of orders coming in at a slower pace!! 🙂

The opportunity present itself for me to realise that my colleagues all love me deep deep (as deep as the sea and as high as the sky) is when the time arrive for us to go home~ 

When I am boarding the company transport and one of my best team mates (GH) asked me if the shoe (in this case is my favorite red slipper with many white little hearts decorating it) I am wearing will be slippery when walking in this weather (super heavy down pour). I told her that it can be super slippery when walking at wet places. It will be as if I am learning how to skate on snow. 😦

She asked me to be careful and dont walk so fast. People who know me well knew that I am a super fast walker. I always power walk to save time and speed up extra fast when I am in a rush to get back home after my working hours!! 😛

I thanked her for her concerns and promised her I will walk carefully and much more slowly. I cant even speed up even if my heart wish to. 😦 Anyway when we reached our destinations, my other two colleagues from another department told me the same thing, telling me to walk slowly and refrain from running and speed walking in this bad weather condition!! 🙂

I felt so love and bless to know these people. To have them as my colleagues and came across them in my life!! It is a happy event to have them enter my life. 😀

Today at around 4pm my manager (Daniel) came to our department and told us that he will be fetching another manager to the airport as he have to get back to the States. 

He then came to my desk and the conversation is as follows:-

Daniel: Have a great weekend! I have to go now. Miss me during the weekend, will you.

Mindy: You too have a great weekend ahead! Byes! Arhm, no.

D: You wont miss me during the weekend?

M: Nope!

D: But you have to!

M: I dont want!

D: I am not important enough to you?!!

M: Yup!

D: *Chuckle* Alright bye!

M: Byes~~~~~

He went off after that. After having his fun of messing with me!! 😛 Why do I have such a cheeky manager??? 😀

Anyway back to the present moment on hand… I just finished my work out for the day. I am finally at my day 21 of my exercise regime!! I am glad my results for the day comes up to a whooping 10,912 steps!! My ranking meanwhile drop to 35th place out of 2,575 people!! 😦 Although it still gives me a high percentage of 1.35%!!! Which can be consider as a happy ending for the day!! 😀

Lastly, please enjoy looking at yours truly’s selfies!! 😀 

Hope you all have a happy day ahead!! Look out for my updates tomorrow!! 😛


BookwormMindy 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

4 thoughts on “Grateful For All Love Shower On Me!!

  1. Will you miss me?😳. Hahaha I liked your response to keep D on his toes. Lol. If you wear your favorite slippers, then you can’t power walk. Maybe pack your red slippers in your backpack and wear your walking shoes, then swap again during working😃. You are looking very energetic too!! I’m looking just lazy😏😂. I’m taking a short break from driving. Oh…. I’m designing a new LV Bag for you this week! You inspired me👍🏽😁👍🏽

  2. Yeah, he always like to mess with me. Then my other team mates will have a field day laughing themselves silly!! 😮 No packing in backpack, I love my red slippers!! 👠 (Emoji dont have slippers 😖). Looking excited for the long awaited weekend!! 😝 You rest well!! And have fun designing my LV bag!! 🙃 I am such a great inspirational person!! 😆😆

  3. Can you power-walk in slippers🌬👠? 😳 lol. That was a wonderful blog dedication to your favorite Dad!! 👍🏽. Did you know, Medina, means the best dad? M.E.D.I.N.A Most Excellent Dad In North America 👍🏽😁👍🏽

  4. I can defintely power walk in slippers, just not when the floor is wet. Thanks! Happy Father’s Day to you too!! Thanks for sharing a fun fact!! 😉😉

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