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Happy Mid-Week (Or Not)!!!

Hi ladies and gentleman!! I am so mad today. Although this morning when I went to work I was totally in a happy mood. Those of you whom are interested to know the whole story, do read on to find out. Those of you whom are not interested to know what I am gonna complain and rant and vent my frustration… Please avoid reading further ~

My volcano erupted when my colleagues from the Operations and Quality team being very unhelpful and irritating!! Not on a personal level but more on the way they push all the work to us (Sales team)!!! 😦

Luckily I have great team mates!! I seriously and very sincerely thank the Lord and God for blessing me and putting such a bunch of great team mates to help me through each and every day at work!! They are totally the motivation I need to get my butt to work each day!! 🙂

At the end of each and every day I always felt so thankful and grateful for their existance in my life!! Without their morale support and kind compliments throwing at me randomly at different time of the day, I dont think I will be able to enjoy working so much!! 😉

Anyway back to why my temper flared up at work. It happened near to the end of my working day. Quality team gave me a call and inform that certain documents was not in the sales order that I have enter and released just a moment ago. I informed them that I dont have access to the particular document they are looking for. If they need me to attached into the system, do they know where I can get it from? :/

They informed me that they have no idea, and most important point of this conversation is that I have to find out. They asked me to find out from a manager which is here to solved any issues with the new system we are currently using. 😦

At this point of time I dont find any point in pro-longing what is the inevitable.. I answered them ok fine I will get to the bottom of this issue. Straight away without any further delay, I drop an email to the manager and checked with him is it Sale team’s responsibility to get that particular document uploaded into the system. If it is Sale team responsibility, where can I search for this document internally. Why cant the new system be able to detect this document that Quality team required. :/

He (the manager) replied me within a twenty minutes time frame and attached the document in the email asking me to upload it into the system for this case. He informed that for other times normally the system will be able to capture the details and automatically pull the document into the respective sales order. 😦

After I have added the document into the sales order I replied his email thanking him for his kind advice and also copying the Quality team asking them to review the necessary document to their heart’s content!! 😛

What makes me mad is that they already know that we as in the Sale team do not know that we need to attached manually the report they wanted and we also have no idea where in the hell hole we can get our claws on the document… 😦

Yet being unkind and very bad souls, they pushed the task to us (particularly me in this case) and solve the problem. Why cant they just drop the manager an email and get it settled?!! 😦

No, they simply cant be bother to do such a simple task at all!! They have to give me a call, then get me to drop an email to the manager and ask me need to put them in the email as cc too!! Arghhh!!! Unhelpful souls!! 😦 Such a waste of time to everybody and getting on my nerves as well!! Tsk tsk!! 😦

Alright that is enough raging mad rant for one blog entry!! Time for some happy news!! 😉

On a happier note, today is finally Wednesday!! Happy mid week to you all!! 😀

I have finally reach Day 19 of my exercise regime!! Today I walked a total of 9095 steps!! Already consider very good results on a weekday!! Weekend results will definitely be better!! 😉

Well it is already mid June, although I have no vacation planned out but today I decided that I want to apply for my annual leave for a few day in the month of July. 🙂 And I did applied, now I am just waiting for my sales manager’s approval on my annual leave!! 😀

Cheer on for me!! I definitely need a good long rest to recuperate my energy!! Not to forget I also need a strong recharge of positive vibe!! With those bad souls at work being unhelpful and difficult.. I am running low on my positivity!!! 😦

Counting down to my weekend’s arrival!! 😛


BookwormMindy 🙂



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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