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Movie Review: Spy

Hi people!! I am here to share more about my views on a movie I watched it afternoon. It is titled Spy, released back in year 2015!! 😉

Starring Jude Law (screams, although I am not his fan in the first place, I fall for his charm in this movie)!! The main lead of the movie is Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham!! Totally love how these two banter!! 🙂

Anyway look at those two movie posters above. I simply love the one on the right!! I guess it was being created by a creative fan!! Such great detail and awesome skills!! In comparison the one on the left seems a bit dull and same old boring!! ;/

Of course the movie poster does not determine how good or bad the movie is until you have watched it and rate it yourself!! Yours truly will give a high rating of 4 out of 5 stars for this awesome Spy movie!! Love all the action scenes in the movie, especially how Melissa fight all the bad guys in the movies!!! 😀

Not to forget there is always some romance being thrown into movies. In this case, the spark between Melissa and Jason seems good enough!! It is cute how those two end up together, too bad for Jude realising Melissa’s existance too late!! Well, better luck next time, dude!! 😛

I laughed so hard at how the director make Melissa into different yet laughable characters example is Penny Morgan with 10 cats!! Wakakaka !! 😛 Yet Melissa did an amazing job of acing the difficult task of potraying different weird characters the director threw at her!! Great job well done!!! 🙂

Yet, without the above great characters acting as side-kick the movie will definitely be losing points!! 🙂

One of the great side-kick in this movie definitely is Rose Byrne (The one with the lots of curls in her hair)!! 🙂 In the movie, she acts as a daughter of a deceased Bulgarian arms dealer, later she became one and have lots of scenes with Melissa. Whenever the two comes in contact on screen it just have so much firework exploding everywhere!! 😉

Next best side-kick belongs to Miranda Hart!! Her acting skills is definitely wonderful, so fantastic that she nearly exceed Melissa!! 😉 She acts as Nancy whom is Susan (Melissa’s character) best friend and together they make the most funny combo!!! 😀

Last but not the least is Nargis Fakhri acting as Lia who is a bad girl dealing with Rayna (Rose’s character) to want to get her hands on a neuclear bomb!! There was a scene whereby she fight against Susan and it was a real close fight to watch. It had me totally holding my breathe the whole way till I know that Susan won the fight!! 😀

Closing statement of the review will be I will continue to follow Melissa’s next movie when it hits the street!! 🙂 I enjoy myself watching this movie although it is seriously a long movie with 119 minutes!! 🙂 But every minute is worthy of spending to watch Spy!! 😀


BookwormMindy 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

8 thoughts on “Movie Review: Spy

  1. Wow!! I never seen the previews for this movie!! We are definitely going to watch it!! Thank you for your reviews Ms. Mindy, awesome reviewer 🏆 📝Best review journalist.

  2. Thanks James!! Heehee!! I like this movie quite a lot. It have some similarities with another movie also released in 2015 called Hot Pursuit! Had tons of laughter watching it too!! 🙂

  3. Hi there!! If you like this movie, did you happen to watch Hot Pursuit. In my opinion there is a hint of similarities between the two. You will sure enjoy Hot Pursuit too!! 🙂

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