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Great Weekend

Hi All! It’s me again!! Hope your dont think that I am pushing my limits to force your to read soo much words on my blog!! What with me posting two blog entries on the same day with a few minutes apart!! 😛

Anyway I am here using this entry to update about my life. Today marks the eight day of my slimming program!! I have manage to walk a total of 22,320 steps in an hour and 30 minutes just today!! 🙂 Currently my ranking is 51 out of 1065 people!! I will definitely continue to work hard and climb up higher in the ranking!! Cheer on for me!! 🙂

This week at work have been a tough week. What with the system that we use to enter our sales order having under going a great change, orders (purchase orders) keep coming in but we just cant cope with the speed of everything!! 😦 

It becomes quite the stress week at work!! Thankfully I have a great team, they are made up of all kind souls and understanding colleagues that help each other out when we know that the other person needed help the most at the particular time!! 🙂 We all totally give our best it everything we do, this is what I call TEAMWORK!!! 🙂

This is just the starting stage of the system under going a change. We shall continue to work hard at fine tuning it to the best it can be!! Fighting Mindy !! 🙂

Outside of work, this Friday I met my childhood friend to celebrate her birthday in advance and also to catch up with her how everything is going on in her life!! Realise that her bad eye condition is back to visit her again, felt worried for her but she inform that it is healing well which is a great relieve news to heard!! 😉

She is in such a happy mood since she is enjoying her holiday from her university days. And mind you, her vacation will end in August!! Thats is simply unacceptable (it just makes me hate her, just kidding, cause she can sleep in everyday and dont have to wake up real early and get to school)!! 😛

Spend a few good hours yesterday after my work to have dinner with her and have a good long chat with her. Sharing about our current events in life and cheering her up in regards to some of her unhappiness situation in school. 🙂

Meanwhile today I manage to tick off exercising off my to-do list, which is an important task that needs to be done each and everyday in order for me to return to my satisfied weight!! 😉 Cheer on for me!! 🙂

I got to catch at least one film (The Good Dinosaur, look at my previous blog entry for the movie  review), watch the China variety show of Couple Love starring Chen Bo Lin and Song Ji Hyo 😉 , and last but not least the 301 episode of Running Man!! 😉

The above is more or less kind of sum up how I normally spend my weekend if I am home!! 🙂

Hope everyone reading this blog entry have a great weekend ahead!! 🙂


BookwormMindy 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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