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Mood to Blog

Just having the mood to blog. Can’t think of any interesting title for this blog entry therefore resort to the most “original” way of saying it and it is… (Drum Roll insert) MOOD TO BLOG!! 🙂

Recently I have not been blogging much. Due to huge stress at work. As our boss decided not to fly back to the US and wanna continue to stick with us and base in Singapore (for good I suppose)! Yay and nay!! 😛

Yay because we already know his way of working style and also because he is a good boss. Nay because recently he have been getting on our nerves (just a bit but enough to add on to the stress I am having). :\ 

He is trying to train my colleague and I how to write out sales order and enter it without any assistance from our sales engineer!! It is kinda working out for us, just that sometimes we seriously do not have enough time to write out and enter all at one go as the purchase orders can be kind of overwhelming! :^

But well, we definitely can work it out. Just that we need more time and hands on for writing out the sales order! We can do it!! Fighting!!! 😀 

On Thursday, our Quality Manager (QMCY) came to our office to look for me. While I was speaking work related matters with my another colleague GH, I heard footsteps coming towards me. But because I have my back to him, I don’t know who it was. Once I finished speaking with GH and I turn my body I nearly knock onto his chest. That cheeky guy was standing so close to me he nearly gave me a heart attack!! 😦

QMCY: Hi! Did I scare you? 😀 Oh ya regards to that work matter.. He continue to explain to us the situation..

Mindy: Listen patiently to his explaination and ways to make the work matters be able to resolved. After getting his point on how to work out the problem we resume chatting. Nope you didn’t scare me cause I heard your footsteps even though you try to walk so softly. 😀

Q: Ai yah, I thought I managed to scare you. Anyway I heard from Boss you looking for me? 🙂

M: ??? Giving him a blank look. No leh, I never say anything of that sort to Boss leh. I also don’t have any questions for you. 🙂

Q: Oh ok lor, nothing else then I will go back to my office le.

M: Ok, byes!

Morale of the story, stay away from this cheeky guy. Must try to stay 500 feet away from him as a safety distance if not he will try to scare me again!! Why people in this company like to mess around with me?!! :^ Don’t believe me, read on to the conversation I had with my boss yesterday.

Boss H: Called my office line and ask me to go into his office.

M: Went to his office, greeted him and we went straight to the point to discuss work matters. 

B: So I don’t need to ask Daniel to come back to work anymore? Daniel is my manager and is currently on holiday, will be back to office on coming Tuesday.

M: Yup. We got it all covered at work.

B: Really?! Then I will now give Daniel a call and tell him that Mindy says that he won’t be needed in the office and he can continue to stay in the states!

M: Feeling shock, as I think I misunderstood my boss meaning. I thought he meant that we will not call Daniel back to office urgently when he is on his holiday and not meant that we don’t need his presence in the company anymore. I quickly told my boss that no, I didn’t meant it that way. I didn’t say that.

B: But you just said that!

M: I didn’t.

B: You just said it.

M: Fake cry with the back of my hand covering my eyes and walk away from his office quickly! ~.~

B: Laughing loudly and happily~

M: In my heart I was like why I have such a naughty and cheeky boss that always mess with me?!! 😛

There goes my week at work! My weekend is gonna spend together with my family celebrating Mother’s Day!! 😀

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is a mom / to your mom out there who is reading my blog!! 🙂

Happy Saturday,

BookwormMindy 😛



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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