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Goodbye 2015 !!!

Today is the last day of year 2015!! Spend the day in office working my ass off as usual, just that today is super duper busy as compared with other days. Cant finish off my work for the day, guess will have to finish them on Monday. 🙂

As today work ended earlier than usual due to New Year’s Eve, meet up with old childhood friend; Kerri. Had an early dinner with her, after which we spend a good few hours chatting and updating each other of our current happenings in life. This girl still left like 1.5 years before she will be able to graduate with her degree, while I have been working in the society for a few good years. 🙂

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you out there which are reading this blog entry now. Hope everyone will be having an awesome 2016!! 😀

Let us all say goodbye to year 2015. You have treated me good at the start of the year, letting me meet some people which let me grow to be smarter and stronger. Thankful that you have taught me how to trust certain people but not others. Thankful that in 2015 I have learnt a few precious lessons that money cant buy. 🙂 At the middle of the year, I have learnt how to overcome some obstacles in life and managed to made the right choice of throwing away what’s in my comfort zone and making the first step out of it. Indeed after making this correct decision I was being rewarded with an even better opportunity. Which comes to now the end of year 2015, I can say I landed on my dream job. Everyone I met so far in this company is great people. Hope all the good things continue to happen to me and to all those that’s around me too. 🙂

Thankful that 2015 have been an eventful year. Bountiful year that I have gained many amazing friends and colleagues, not to mention landed on a wonderful job and all those that I love are in good health and are by my side. 😀

Year 2016, please be an awesome year filled with happiness and all good things involving me and those all around me!! 🙂

Happy New Year 2016 to all of you out there once again !! Have a happy count down session people !! 😀


BookwormMindy 😛



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015 !!!

  1. Every year brings a smile because I have been your friend, team mate and tough opponent 😳. Lol I welcome 2016 with my marriage to Amanda 😘 my parents are with us and happy.

    I did get this week off too, it was good but then I realized my motorcycle is broken😩. The battery is dead. I will rent a car to go home with Amanda then make arrangements to bring motorcycle back to get fixed 🤕. Happy News Year Mindy and your wonderful family!!

    Oh by the way, did you eat two sundaes? Lol

  2. Hi James, this have been the longest comment you have ever left in my blog, let’s see if you can ever exceed this length… 😝 I am glad that I can make you smile happily regardless of the roles I played to make that smile happen. Hope you have an amazing year in 2016 together with you family!! Your motorcycle need a break from you keep using it and not letting it rest and recharge it’s battery, so it uses this opportunity to rest well before ferrying you to your next destination. 😁😁😁

  3. Oh James, I didnt eat two chocolate sundaes!! 😳😳😳 One for me and one for my old childhood friend !! 🤔🤔

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