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Exhausting Monday


Thanked God that my day at work finally ended! The morning was still normal and able to cope with. But in the afternoon my manager decided to show me the ropes on how to serve a walk-in customer and everythings starts to get hectic!!

My afternoon was spend standing beside my manager and look at how she push the sales, introducing products one after another to customize to the needs of the customers. After spending around2-3 hours, she finally closed the deal, before she can show me the whole process of the sales, there comes another uncle who want to buy cleaning supplies! There is no one to serve him, so before I can finish one lesson from my manager, im pronouced graduated and have to serve this uncle all by myself!!

Thanked God the uncle know what he wants. Closed the deal fast and successfully!! Thanks to all the colleagues at accounts department that made the job an easy one! I totally breeze through the process when selling the cleaning tool to the uncle!! Thanks Jenny Chan for teaching me the ropes, where some things are not done properly or good enough Im sorry and I will definitely improve on them once given the chance to try out a few more times (albeit maybe not so soon again lah). Thanks to Vivien and PeiWen that I can get the change required and the sales invoice! 🙂

Overall everything was great!! The experience was a fantastic one!! Although I kept panicking but things went on smoothly! Thank God for all that!! Although by the time I closed the deal and went back to my desk, the quotations that requested to by typed are all piling up!! As high as the sky!! Even a few of the salesman called to chase after it, but well Im super sorry cos I can only finish them by tomorrow morning!!

I can already predict tomorrow morning is gonna be another busy day. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I managed to finish all the quotations that’s supppose to be finished off by today!! God bless me!!

Morale of the post, work have ended for the day!! Hooray hooray hooray!! Okie I have finish rambling! Till next time I post again~~~~


BookwormMindy 🙂



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

3 thoughts on “Exhausting Monday

  1. Mindy!!! That was amazing! You given a very tough situation and you stayed strong & tall!! I was smiling reading your blog all the way to the end!! I bet you’re going to wake up in the morning & shout “give me another tough day”!! (Maybe not) Hahaha I still remember the first work place you were in, with the rude customers & you handled them wonderful (although those customer were upsetting too) lol. You are an amazing young lady!! Smiling

  2. Thanks James for all the compliments and encouraging words!! Now im the one smiling while typing this reply to you 🙂 Hmmm about the tough day part maybe just challenging not tough lah 😛 Thinking about those rude patients makes me feel like paranging (strangling and killing) them!! *chuckle* Hope you have an awesome trip, have lots of fun with Amanda!! 😀

  3. Paranging is a very good (bad) word Hahaha strangling & killing I will see Amanda in 12 hours from

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