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Stay-Home Sat


Hello peeps! Im back for more updates. Let’s start with work life related happenings first. One of my close colleague at work left for another better prospect in another company. Last heard from a close friend that she is surviving well in the new company. Hope she can cope well with the new workload and all the best to her! 🙂

At work without her voice and presence, it seems like some time is amiss. She will be missed deeply. 🙂 But well, life continues… Work is as usual nothing much happened.. Except that the workload for the rest of us add on a few more task. There is lots of mailers to be sent out for the respective salesman since the mid year is rounding up on us all!! 🙂 Im also looking forward to the company dinner event which will be falling on 18 April this year to celebrate our company reaching a new age of 44th years old 🙂

As your can see from the photo above that I have repainted my nails.. Today decided to try out something new, so choose polka dots design by yours truely! 🙂 Selfie is a must for each updates (ya know right?) !! The cousins finally bought tickets to go to Taiwan this year!! Totally cant wait for that to happen!! Wakakaka 🙂 I want to light a sky lantern when we are there ~~~ 


On Wednesday, I met this two cuties out!! The lady dressed in black polo wearing a spec is called Mary while the other cutie is called XueLi!! I came to know them when I joined the company they were working in before I came to joined my current company. We became good friends really quick, we shared good food, gossips and things with each other!! The relationship between us is a bit like sisters!! Anyway on Wed we all met out, had a simple dinner at subway and chatted for two hours before we went home separately! Life is good when I am with them!! I have decided to meet them out again soon to have a karaoke session soon! Let’s see when they will be free!! 🙂

So that will be all for my week!!

Goodbye for now, Till then,

BookwormMindy xoxo 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

4 thoughts on “Stay-Home Sat

  1. Hello my good friend Mindy!! You are looking wonderful!! Very nice job on your polka-dot nails! Show them off as you venture out shopping! When are you going to Taiwan? I can’t wait to see those photos!!

  2. Hihi James! How are you, its been some time since i last heard from you. 🙂 Hmm we will set off to Taiwan in Sept. Will definitely post more photos by then. Hope everything is good in life for you :))

  3. Yes, it has been some time since I replied to you but it entertains me each time I read your blogs 🙂 oh check out ycon app. You make stickers with your photos
    You are a wonderful friend that I can never leave you out of my thoughts & happiness! I am very happy with this route that I am on since January!! I’m always home Sunday evening to Wednesday!! With a good co driver too.

  4. That’s a great choice! Now you can spend more time with your family! I will definitely try out the app! But I am currently using an app called instasize! 🙂

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