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Makan Girls


Hello peeps!! Im back for more updates!! Let me introduce the members of the Makan Ladies Team!! From Left to Right: PeiWen (Pei the gentle girl), KaiLing (Kai the Panda), Franilyn (Fran the Hiao Bo), Jenny (Jen the Naughty lady), BookwormMindy (Parang Girl) and last but not least is Susan (Hamster MaMa)!!! 😀

Yesterday the makan ladies strike again!! For food!! We went to a colleague dad’s seafood stall!! The sweeties asked me along but because i cant eat seafood (due to allergies) they ordered some hot plate toufu, king pork ribs and veggies specially for me!!

While the rest of them enjoyed their seafood spree!! They had cereal prawn, two black pepper crabs and two chilli crabs!! Total bill adds up to a little bit over $160/- !! Overall it was a satisfying meal!! The company for yesterday was awesome!! We chatted and tease around with each other!! Had a great laugh, the laughter never ends there!! 🙂

This week at work was kinda quiet. Not much thing happening although lots of jobs or errands are pending! Not enough time to settle finish all the task with the limited time. But we shall all survive the day!! 🙂

Now my niece just reach my house. Gonna bring her for her tuition tomorrow. No special arrangement for tomorrow. I guess tomorrow it will be a single ladies day for me! 🙂 As quoted by my colleagues; “my prince charming have yet to appear”!! 🙂

Let me share a joke of the day.. Here goes…

Salesman Anthony (AK): Okay im going off now, wish ya girls a happy valentine!
The Marketing Ladies: Saying “goodbyes, you too happy valentine” in a chorus.
Jenny: So how are you gonna celebrate valentine with your wife?
AK: Im gonna give my wife a mop and a bucket to do spring cleaning.
BookwormMindy: Wow, AK you very bad leh, let her do all the work.
AK: Next time you will also meet a guy then you will also do all the housework de.
BookwormMindy: Nope, if he ask me do all housework everyday i will parang him!! 🙂
All Colleagues: Wow!! Mindy very scary leh!!

Hahahahaa, hope your enjoy this little joke! 🙂

Anyway, BookwormMindy hereby wish everyone out there who is reading this blog a Happy Valentine Day in advance!! Enjoy this special day!! 🙂

BookwormMindy 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

2 thoughts on “Makan Girls

  1. Hello! I enjoyed your recent update smiling So much delicious food. Happy valentines to you beautiful Mindy. Tell AK a family who makes the mess together also cleans together smiling

  2. Hihi James, happy valentine to you, enjoy this special day with Amanda 🙂 I guess AK will help his wife clean too lah, if not i bet there will be no food for him on the dinner table! 🙂

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