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Date with Mom


Hihi people!! Im back for more updates!! Today went out with a date with my mom!! Gave her a treat to the local restaurant called Genkki Sushi, both of us having a craving for it since last weekend!! Heehee :)) Finally solved our hunger pangs and cravings today!!

After that we went to shop around town and happened to saw three tweety bird chinese new year cards.. Of course I bought all three!! Now i have additional three more tweety cards to add to my already piling up collection 🙂 *i’m not complaining here 😀

This week at work there happen to be lots of office politics. Just a simple reason, one particular person just happens to want to take control if too much things. Of course, so far there doesnt seems to be a solution to overcome this problem.. Or maybe just this solution i just doesnt have the power to execute it.. So maybe i will just continue to see each day pass and we continue to give me to him first..

Thank God i have a close knitted team of colleagues (sitting close to me and they are my team mates), i guess without them and with this person that wanna take control of too much things, i may already give up!! But with them there for me, i will continue to strive harder and travel further together with them. Im sure together us as a team we can definitely overcome him!! 😀 Cheers to marketing team first 🙂

Next week will be a new month!! I think Feb 2015 will definitely be a busy month. I already have a few things / outings planned out!! We shall see what Feb can bring for me. Hopefully all will be good stuffs 🙂 God bless me!!

Let me share a good joke with your here before i forgot about it.

Joke 1 :
Salesman JK: Hey Mindy, there is a cockroach here leh..
Mindy: Isit isit, i see i see (walking there to see). Why not stomp on it and let it die?
JK: Dont want lah, later the blood splatter on the carpet Lily (cleaner) will have a hard time taking out the stain. You have tissue paper?
Mindy: Yup i have.. Give you (passing him the tissue) then i saw him pick it and i told him hey JK, another salesman NI scard of it leh, put to his desk and show him lah…
JK: Isit he scare ah.. Then continue to burst out laughing!! (While walking to the gents to flush off the cockroach)

Joke 2 :
On friday the salesman NI drove the marketing team out for lunch. While queueing for our turn to purchased our food, we were chatting away…
KL: Hey NI, you know oh, Mindy liked to eat fried food leh..
NI: Isit why leh? What food?
KL: Fried chicken, Fried french fries, Fried wanton…
NI: Oh isit?
Mindy: Ya lah ya lah, as long as fried food mostly i will like.
NI: Then you like to eat 炸弹 (蛋)? The chinese words mean fried egg, the pronounciation is close to bomb.
Mindy: Without thinking too much i told him yup, it is very yummy de leh (cos not too long ago my sister did brought me to a place for their famous fried egg).
NI: But you cannot eat a bomb, you will explode de leh.
Mindy: Okay, very good, dont forget there is a quotation pending on my hands from you oh, your quotation will be sent out last minute today before i left for work.
NI: Oops, dont like that lah.. I know Mindy you very good one, wont like that one right?
Mindy: Gave him a cool smile. Hahaha 🙂

Okay i shall end the post here already. Update more soon.




Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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