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Hello peeps! Its very unusual for me to write a post at this time of the week. I seldom (only once in a blue moon) do i write a blog entry on a wednesday. But i just wanna share some photos and feelings of my work week with you guys today. 😀

So as you can see in the photos above that im having a yummy week! Today my manager Jen brought fruit tarts for us.. It was so delicious and then later during lunch time she shared with us her chocolate muffin (mmmm yum yum). 😛

Then due to some confusion with the food vendor (we have to order our food in today), i didnt get my wanton noodles with additional noodle (today i order that), instead the food vendor gave me only plain tom yum beehoon (bleh, i dont even take spicy food, and the taste and look of the beehoon is really a turn off for my tummy, suddenly no longer that hungry). But becos is my other colleague communicating with the food vendor and it is technically not er fault as well, so i just suck it up and tried to finished the packet of tom yum beehoon (and failed, but at least i forced myself to finished half a packet)!!

And these is the part whereby i felt so touched by their actions. They started asking if i want to share their food… Aww why are my colleagues aka the lunch kakkis (our lunch group nickname) so sweet!!!!! Although i decline their kind offer, but i really appreaciate their kind efforts of making me feel better. 🙂

Then Jen keep insisting that i take a chocolate muffin as dessert and then later in the afternoon to take another mini fruit tart so that i wont feel hungry. Feel so blessed and loved by my colleagues!! What more can a girl asked for in work life???? 🙂

The three reindeer with my company logo is designed by yours truely. Which one does your like? Personally i like the one with the white and red stripe scarf reindeer, it just looks so adorable!! Makes me wanna pinch its cheek!! While my boss prefer the one with a super bring red nose all by itself reindeer (the super bright red nose also super duper cute, dont ya think so?).

The reaction of my colleagues when i sent the logo to them was “wow, its so cute leh, i like the reindeer”!! So when i said “of course the reindeer is cute, see it is design / founded by whom and you will know”. Then they all pretended not to hear me, hmpf!!! 😦

Okay lets all hang in there. Two more days till the mark of a weekend!! We can all do it!! Happy wednesday!! Im gonna hit the sack now, goody night to all. See ya again soon!! 🙂

BookwormMindy 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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