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Loved Week at Work


Hello people!! Happy Friday!! Happy happy week at work, especially so when we only worked for four days this week!! Super duper happy!! On Wednesday (8.10.14) my cutie pie (she insisted that i called her cutie pie, cos she wanna be cute) colleague named Kailing also known as Kai Kai gave us each a bag of chocolates and a love letter (literally, awww so sweet and cute at the same time)!! Feeling so loved by her (okie im not lesbo, my colleagues always said that i am when i profuse my love to them, hmpf)!!

This week have been like a food week, my other vain pot but still pretty colleague also known as Fran gave us each a slice of durian pastry (tasted awesome, although i only tried a little bit, the rest is for my parents to get fat at those calories wakakakakaka)!! Then other colleague Susan gave us each a packet of Orea Ice Cream (due to my allergies, i cant eat that but nevermind i still received her love for me heehee)!! So to reciprocrate all their love for me, i return my love by buying them each a packet of TOMATO biscuit (im known between the little group that im a total tomato fan)!!! 😀

See!! This is how much love i get at work!! Cant believe that God actually let me met them and create such great harmony between the five of us!! Thank you God for bringing them into my life!! Thank you Jenny, Fran, Kailing and Susan for being fantastic friends plus awesome colleagues with me!! So super duper blessed to get to know them, and work together with them!! Hope we can continue our friendship and partnership in a long long time to come!! Heehee… 😀

Meanwhile let me share a joke while i still can remember the story.. It happened when i was printing the quotation and walked to the printer to collect my document when one of the salesman (AK) happened to walk across the path, but he stopped immediately and waited to me to walked back to my seat before he resume his walking while smiling..

So i asked him why was he smiling.. His replied was “you walk like you are at an expressway, while i am walking like im at my house garden”!!! He speaks like that is becos im also being known for walking super duper duper fast (thats according to Kai Kai’s comment)!!!

Okie i guess i shall stopped here, hope you enjoy reading my humble little blog!! Have a happy weekend!! Till next time…

BookwormMindy 😁



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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