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Fun Convo on Friday


Hihi people! Today is going to be a short post too!! Just wanna share the funny conversation I had with my cute bunch of colleagues on Friday.. (Before my memory fails me and I forget all these funny things)

Conversation One :
KaiKai – K
BookwormMindy – M

K: Minz did you realise that his nose (pointing at the back of one of the salesman in our company) is always red?
M: Like a Santa? Or maybe he is actually Papa Smurf!!
K: hahahahaha.. How did you thought of that?
M: He just need the red hat, pants and white beard to complete the act of being Papa Smurf!!

And we had a good laugh over that!! We mean no harm though, just trying to make our Friday more happier and merrier than it was originally already is!! ^^v And now lets move to conversation two of the day.

Conversation Two :
KaiKai – K
BookwormMindy – M
Anthony – A

A: Okay K you should take this picture as the cover page for the brochure. This image is around 18 years ago. Before my time.
K: So you joined the company 18 years ago?
A: Yup.
K: Minz where were you 18 years ago???
M: If im not wrong, I should be drinking my milk bottle while watching TV.
A: Huh!! You got so young meh?!!!!
M: Why I look very old meh?!!! *fake anger outburst*
A: No lah, I was thinking back when I was 18 years ago and cant imagine it!
K: Ok thats very young, *take calculator and calculating what age she was 18 years back*, found out that she was actually getting ready to get into Primary School.
A: Can change topic already? I admit that im old.
K and M: *burst out laughing*

Okay thats my happy friday! They make my working day so much happier each and everyday!! Haix, i love this cute company!! Cant wait for this coming wednesday food gathering!! Yums!! Have a happy weekend to everyone who is reading this random blog post. ^^v

BookwormMindy 😋



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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