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Feeling Blissful

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Hello Everybody!! Im back for more sharing!! I am supposed to blog last week too, but well heehee last week I was too busy accompanying my family to spend time blogging here! Sorry!! 😦 You all will forgive me right???? Pretty please?? >.*

Let me start this post by thanking the marketing ladies at my current company! Thank you Franily and Jenny!! You two are my best support at work, your are one of the huge reasons why I look forward to coming in to work every morning. Thank you Daniel Lim for always making the effort to make me feel comfortable at work and always spare us time to fetch us to work. 🙂 These are some of the great people that I happen to have this good luck to meet in this company. I really thanked God for planning my life so well for me. Although I am still on a one year contract with this company, but I shall not think too far into the future. The HR manager even speak to me that I have nothing to worry about as due to certain circumstances I will have a good chance to be transfer to permanent staff after that one year contract when the company system is stable enough. Anyway more on that in the future, cause currently I am not so sure of whats their thoughts on this matter, I will fill you guys in when I am inform of more details.

This week at work was totally crazy! Cause there was tons and tons of quotations for me to key. And the worst part of it was that the company system and computer was always in error and screwing up all the time. Which of course tends to make me slow down my speed at work and keying in those quotations. And it makes me so stress. There was one day in the week when I really have so damn many quotations to key in that when it was lunch time I totally have no appetite to eat. I just ate a few mouthful of rice and tried my very best to finished off all the ingredients and I called it a meal. And the most amazing thing was I don’t even feel hungry at all… All the way until I reached home at night to take my dinner. For those that know me well, you will know I can be quite a food lover and for me to totally lose my appetite is a very difficult thing. So there, luckily I managed to finished all the quotations for the day and the week to round up this subject.

I just wish and hope and pray that the company computer / system doesn’t go all screw up again, if not I will be in deep shit cause I cant be everyday also cannot finished all my work. God bless me in that area! 😀 Anyway although it was a bit stressful at work, but I still enjoy working in this company very much. All the salesman have lots of patience towards me and I can really feel that they are very helpful, kind and really very patient towards me, they tend to try to help me with my work (keying in quotations for them) as much as they can. So as not to disappoint them, I also tried my very best at work everyday. GOD bless me.

Okay I have said enough about my work. Time to talked a little about my private life out of work areas. Mostly on the weekend I normally spend it with my family, yes it is reserved for family only. Therefore when my colleagues asked about how about my boyfriend and I am like “nope I don’t have such thing”. From then onwards those kind (?) souls always try to introduce guys to me (I am having a headache about that)!!! Anyway today went shopping and saw a cute Tigger with nighties on, it looks so cute that I just have to get it and my mommy rewards me with it!! Heehee so now I have another baby friend to accompany to sleep every night!! Hooray!! The little baby tigger dresses in blue pajamas and a night cap!! It looks so cute and adorable and sweetie baby!! heehee

Okay I am now gonna end the post here and hug my baby tigger.

Goodbye, I will try my best to update here every week.

Till then, Goodbye,




Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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