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Happy Working Lady

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Good afternoon everybody. Today is a sunny Sunday!! Are you all hopping around on the busy streets of your country? Enjoying the humid weather? Summer is here!! Woohoo!!! Okay let me start sharing with everyone my week in the office. New environment, new colleagues and happy relationship bonding! 🙂

And so. . . . . This is the part (of life) where you (will) find out who you are! 🙂 Anyway my manager (Jenny Chan) and colleague (Franilyn Sendiong) treated me real well. They taught me lots of new things and with patient. They keep encouraging me and they seems to like my speed of working. Well I guess I will never ever learn how to control my fast speed at work. Therefore the two of them treated me with lots of love, care and concern. The two sweeties keep dropping by my desk and asked me if I was learning / coping well with the workload. Which I honestly told them that I could cope with the load.

Although on Monday and Friday it can tend to be a little more stressful. As on these two days, the quotations (which I am hired to key in for the salesman) tends to build up to a huge pile very quickly (even with my fast speed of working). Therefore on these two days I will need to have extra full breakfast to deal with those huge piles of quotations. They keep helping me shout out “Fighting Mindy!! You can do it!” so I told them that I will continue to jiayou and fighting!! 😀

The people in this company are great people. I am blissful in this company. Hopefully they will renew my contract after a year time. Cause I am now with a one year contract bond with them. Okay I shall not think too far away. Although it will be good to be far-sighted, I should not try to make myself think too much with those unnecessary thoughts, that will make my brain suffer hahahahahaha 😀

In this company, I met lots of lovely people. I was invited to lunch with Jenny, Fran and Susan from the first day onwards and from there on we had lunch together everyday. We share work tactics, chatted about everything under the sun and gossiping. 😀 Those usual things ladies get together chatted about. Then on Wednesday there was a huge group of ladies gather together and walked two bus stops away food court to had lunch together, we even had to occupy two tables. There was nine of us ladies and I joked with them that we were the company version of Girls Generation. That comment makes everyone cracked up laughing all happily. hahahahaha 😀 The ladies includes: Jenny, Fran, Mindy, Susan, Yvonne, HuiLing, Huan Huan, Yu Yun and Pei Wen. We had fun together.

I am very ultra happy in this company. And I hope and wish to God that the happiness can continue for a long long time to come. God bless me. On this coming Tuesday I will need to stay back together with all marketing and sales department colleagues for a meeting. Jenny told me that the meeting should be able to end at 7.30pm, but lets pray and cross our fingers that it can end earlier than that. God bless me. Okay enough talking for the week already. Lets be happy and full of energy to overcome next week. Stay cheerful and fighting everyone.


BookwormMindy 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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