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Ending Soon

meet again if meant to be

We will meet again on the street, if we are meant to be.

Hello!! Good day everyone!! Let me start sharing my week with you people (if only you are interested) 😛

This week at work, I learned to key invoices / orders on my own!!! Oops, made quite a few mistakes, but can be forgive. At least not those deadly mistakes, there are still space for improvement. And I will indeed improve, only when given the opportunity. 🙂 The admin manager have yet spoken to me regarding my prospect with the company. Hopefully she will come to me on Monday, if she didn’t then it means my stake of staying will be so low.. Then I will need to buck up the courage to look for her on Tuesday, which is a must!! Cos in that way will I know if I need to report work on Thursday!! God bless me!! 🙂

My colleagues are really kind souls, all of them. I already had a few of them coming to me secretly and asking me what’s the outcome or chances of me staying longer in the company (as perm staff), they even asked my feelings regarding to being perm staff (if I can). I would so love to stay as perm but that cant be decided by me now, can it? I am sure everything will turn out the right way for me at the end of the year (not day mind you hahaa) 🙂

My family members are getting real nervous and anxious, keep asking me everyday the same question; “did the admin manager spoken to you already?” I know they care about me, but seriously everyday asking the same question!! haha I just told them if I have any news will share with them straightaway and that satisfied them. But in their actions I can tell they are anxious for me.. The more the people around me feel that anxious, the more calm I feel. I don’t know why. But I just do. Its not that im confident that I can succeed in grabbing hold of this position. Is more like I totally give up hope in doing so already? Therefore no more anxiousness no more nervousness. haha and what’s more I believe that Heaven have already planned the routh / path that I should walked. If I am destined to stay, in the end I will. If I am destined to leave, I will be able to find another place to accept me in. That’s life I guess! 🙂

Lets hope everyone in this world will be able to have a fantastic future. Okay enough said about career department, now I should talk a little bit about my family. My niece came for a stay over for the weekend last night. She is now out and around with the oldies (my parents) shopping and trying to get her hands on her favorite toy aka Piglet.

Recently I started reading back novels.. Hmmm actually I have always been doing so, just that I was reading English novels in the past few months. And only recently like this week I started reading back Chinese novels. That’s why I have been getting the nickname of bookwormmindy right? haha I guess I shall end the post here, it is enough said (much more than necessary actually).


BookwormMindy 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

One thought on “Ending Soon

  1. Mel ah Mel. I hope you become permanent staff!!!! How’s work, meet you soon ok? I having my last exams now, omg! Hahaha see you soon Mel! 🙂

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