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Ladies Eating Day

kawaii doggy

Hello. Im back for the weekly update! This week im seriously so contented that I could fly to the sky!! 🙂 Although I can always be like the cute little puppy in the picture, lying like that on the bed instead of the hard wood floor~ Next week I will be based at cashiering counters again.. The late cashier, pro is going in to work late, con is leaving the workplace late too! >.<

On Wednesday, one of my senior taught me something new! She started teaching me how to do stock… Packing stock, issuing them to the respective rooms and passing the forms for the respective person to fill up the form to “order” stock from us. She said once I get used to the routine of doing the above, she will let me learn how to order the stock from the company. Excited and looking forward to it. I always feel so excited at able to learn new things, although it is also mean that my workload is gonna be heavier and heavier! *.*

Tomorrow I will be going out with my family to have a feast! Celebration of Father Day. Happy Father Day to all Fathers on Earth, you are the greatest man I adore. Without you, I will be nothing. Thank you for bringing me up, you are the best daddy in the world. Although there are times whereby you really irritate me, but deep in my heart I always knew that you love me no matter what happen. Happy Father Day to you, my beloved daddy! ❤

I guess that comes to the end of the weekly update. Stay tuned for next week update! 🙂


BookwormMindy ^.^v



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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