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Tough Day at Work

Look at the bright side! Indeed, i should look on the bright side of things more often!

HELLO! Hope you guys all have a good day! Its saturday night at where im located now. Today i had to work like any other past saturdays, but today i meet a really nasty customer, he scolded me for something i did (which is the correct thing)!! Which also means that i actually got scolded / shouted at for nothing at all. NOTHING!! na dah!! haix! some time i really wonder, how long can i stand this job? how long can i survive in this company?

He scolded because i helped another auntie book appointment, and he waited for sooo long (he claims), but it was all worth it, cos the auntie was being real grateful that i helped her to book her appointment and she dont have to re-queue all over again. so at least the auntie was being grateful and appreaciate for my efforts for her. i told myself that i should forget this man scolded me for some thing i did right. but i cant, at least not today. i told myself that this will not affect my precious saturday. but it did, however small it affected my day, i still feel very sad and hurt! haix! i dont really know how to explain that feeling, all i can say is it sucks!

It really sucks to get scolded / shouted at for some thing you didnt do! Accusing is very irritating action. Nasty man i meet today!! haix! today is a tough day at work, kept having to meet difficult people (customers), and need to deal with each and everyone very carefully, not to mention that my seniors are all keeping a close eye at us. Today i heard colleagues bad-mouthing another colleague… haix, thats life i guess~

But when i saw / heard those gossip, i actually felt scared. Scared that next time will they also bad-mouth me when i turn my back to them? Scary people are all around. Some times in those show when their lines said that “The living is so much more scarier than the dead!” may not be untrue. At least the dead dont lie to you. They dont act like friends with you, but when you turn your back to them, they back-stabbed you!! 😦

Really i promise myself that i will try, really try to look at the bright side of things. Next week i will also be doing cashiering duties, hope that next week would be a better week for me. Hope tat all the nasty customers leave me far far away!! God Bless Me!




Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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