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Company DND Pt 2

Hello!! It is once again Sat!! A happy day!! Actually i purposely come over here to post those dinner and dance photos that i promised to upload last week!!

SO! Here it goes~

This was taken before the night started!!! From left to right will be Michelle, Doreen, Celin and Jennifer!!! They are the famous four sisters in our company!! They are all nice people, who looks pretty and are all kind souls!!

The Six Shots of Mindy!! 😀 heehee, this was all taken when i got nothing better to do, in between the waiting time for my turn to make up and more make up and also while waiting for the night to start off!! 😀

Our magical number for the night would be 101. The first thought when i saw this no. was that wow we are gonna be like the building in Taiwan, Tai Pei 101 (tallest building in Taiwan)!!! Next i thought of Beijing 101, see isnt 101 a really magical number????? 😛 Our menu for the night was really golden in color, mysterious and gl0riously rich!!! 😀 hahaa, okay next will be the dishes, yummy, but i didnt took any photos of it, cos by the time they are willing to serve the food, im really damn hungry, so i didnt took any snapshots!! >.< But to make up to your, i did however snapped a picture of our drink of that day, Orange Juice. 😛

From left to right will be Mindy, Christina and Gigi. I really like Chrissy, cos she is really truly helpful to me in my work area. She goes to really the extra mile to help me when i need her help. She is really helpful and kind hearted. Pure kindness, she doesnt expect any kind of return from one. She really is a good worker that every employer hope to employ, a good friend everybody wants!! 🙂 This shot was taken in between of the night!! 😀 Gigi is same as me, we are both the blur girls at work, cos we started working in the company around the same time, although Gigi started working around a month or two before me. 🙂

All the pretty ladies you saw above all belongs to the nursing team. We operations team did took a group shot at the end of the night, but i didnt get to join in, cos i left early, couldnt afford to stay til midnight.. My dad will definitely skin me alive!! 😛 From left to right will be Josephine, Zhang Min, Ma Yan, Harbajah, Donna, Sherry, Everlyn, Selina, Esther, Yen Ching and last but not least Margaret!!

Of course i must have a group shot of all the dancers!! 😀 So shall i start introducing from the start?!!! Okay, so Row One (will be those sitting on the carpet): Alison, Dr David, Dr Richard and Dr Aditya. Row Two: Mindy, Julie, Donna, Doris, Gigi, Sherry, Zhang Min and Christina. Row Three: Doris, Eileen, Shu, Adeline, Ma Yan, Yen Ching, Selina and Everlyn. Well done to all the dancers in the above picture. Im sure we all enjoyed ourselves on the stage that night!!! 🙂





Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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