Siblings Love

Hello! WE meet again. Today just wanna come over here and write down some of my random thoughts. Still feeling kinda tried now, even though i did slept for eight hours straight!! Whats wrong?? >.< Had finished teaching my niece her spelling for both chinese and english!! 🙂 Tonight her mother will be here to fetch her home, hopefully that will be the last i get to see her for some time!! 😛

Ten more hours and counting before it will be another new day, and i will need to report for work. This week is gonna be an exciting week, cos i was being assign new task to accomplish!! Hopefully i could overcome it with ease!! 🙂 Gotta believe in myself that i have the ability to do it. Or else my senior also wont assign me to do this complicated task, right? 🙂

Like the picture above said, I may fight with my siblings, and it stops there. Dont even think of laying a dirty finger on my siblings, or you can consider yourself dead!!! 🙂 I will definitely kill you til you stop your last breathe before i stopped. Dont cross the line~


BookwormMindy 😀


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