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Awesome Weekend

Hello people. I shall use this extra time to write something. Before my system burst with tiredness and happiness! Okay let me start the story from Sunday. SO on Sunday i went out with my family. Had an awesome day with them, although it was a short one. Had dim sum together which was paid by yours truely!! Happiness max!! 😀

My sister felt guilty that she let me paid the whole meal, so she insist of treating me nom on a famous ice cream called Gelato (or something spelling like that), we all choose to eat a mint ice cream with a great name of Midnight Mint / After Eight! While my mom who is the odd one out choose to eat an alcohol ice cream, later she complained that the ice cream didnt have much alcohol in it!! -.-“

The story will now proceed to Monday. Yesterday had a busy day at work. I was so damn freaking tired! To the extend that i WISHED that i had a massaging chair at my home for me to lie on and for it to work it magic on my tired body and bones!! 😦 However i dont have such priviledge, YET!! SO i depended on my mom’s secret recipe and also sleep earlier. Yesterday was so crazy at my workplace, so many clients!! We can barely cope with the flow of people!! LIKE  A TSUNAMI. Luckily the sky see us so badly tired, it decided to give us a heavy rain!! And that indeed help us to reduce the flow of people. Seriously thank GOD for it!! 😀

Everything is so well planned. So yesterday rested earlier, and then today morning woke up with a new charge of force / energy!! Heehee 😛 Today is gonna be a new day of this week, gonna do my best in work today again. Then after work will need to go to the nearby sports hall and follow the instructer and do a mass aerobics class with all my cute colleagues!! Cant wait, although i will only be changing my shoes!! 😛 (Lazy Mindy) 😛

Tomorrow i can be back to my original desk at work. Will be put back to my place where im best at. Tomorrow hopefully i wouldnt suffer from a mass bodyach from the mass aerobics this evening!! God bless me!! 🙂

Gonna go start work soon. Hope everyone will have an exciting and full of challenges week!! Stay happy and thankful for everything that happened to you, cause GOD always planned before letting it happen to us!! 😀 Goodbye!! 🙂



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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