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A Happy Note

Hello everyone! I had a happy day working and attending training / meeting / workshop!! 😀 To sum up my day in short the day ended on a happy note!! Managed to reached home before 5.30pm!! Cause the training or workshop ended before six!! Heehee, so lucky that we managed to finished playing all our parts and ending the day earlier than expected!! 😀

We all had to go in pairs, so i partner with Gigi, cute Gigi kept laughing when we were acting our specific roles!! Lol, she kept giggling, no wonder her name is Gigi, it did ryhme with giggling!! Lol!! 😛 In the end Celin (senior) asked me to help everyone buy lunch, there was 16 packets of food in total, so i said i cant carried all!! So Celin asked Gigi to accompany me, in the end we went together and chatted~

Lunch was at 2pm which consist of fried rice and chrysanthemum tea. Dinner was at 6pm which consist of hong kong mee and red bull!! LOL!! I felt like a pig!! But a happy one!! heehee 😛

Actually today my eldest sister is supposed to come over and let us play with the two boys. But in the end today had a big rain at where we stayed, so she was thinking of dropping by tomorrow, so she asked me if i am at home tomorrow… the answer is NO!! Cause tomorrow is shopping day for us ladies (my mother, sister and niece)!!! HOHOHOHOHOHO!!! 😀

Next week i will be situated at the desk that helped clients to prepare letter, and also help to serve their other needs. Haiz im such a busy lady! Lol!! Hopefully all my colleagues will help me!! Which in no doubt they will!! They are all a helpful bunch of people. So thankful that i had them to teach me and guide me along in my workplace. Thank you GOD!! 🙂

Today i wrote alot.. Right? Hope you guys are not tired reading this~~ Just wanna share all my thoughts with your…. Heehee, trying to be as happy as possible everyday!! Trying to live my life to the fullest since we only get to live this second once, why not make it the best as we can?? 🙂 Hope everyone enjoyed chilling off your day!! Am gonna go catch up on my variety show!! =)

Goodbye =D



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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